Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 425

Episode 425: Those Who Walk the Night (1)


A fortress located on a high plateau in the Rocky Mountains of the North Continent.

The high and solid walls, the deep moat, and the overlapping cliffs surrounding it made this old castle a natural fortress.


This fortress, which is said to be able to defend against a hundred soldiers with one girl, was now abandoned without an owner in Muju Gongsan.

Of course, another name for this strongest iron castle, Tochka, is ‘Castle of Eupcham’.

This name, which means ‘crying and beheading’, comes from a long time ago in the Warring States Period, a long time ago, a military commander was defeated by the enemy’s army while holding a sit-in in this fortress.

The young and competent general at the time believed only in his skills and the theory of strategy and held a siege in Tochka, a heavenly fortress, but the result was a disastrous defeat.

Fortress Tochka was a huge fortress boasting defense power like an iron wall, but it had only one drawback. It was located on a plateau full of rocks in the dry climate unique to the northern alpine region, so there was no drinking water nearby. It was just that there was no.

The longevity, suffering from starvation due to lack of water, opened the city gates and fled, and eventually the country entered the path of destruction.

Therefore, the king had no choice but to decapitate the longevity he cherished according to the military law.

A barren environment where drinking water is almost impossible to find, and an ominous legend full of bitterness.

So this magnificent and solid fortress has become a dreary place where no one pays attention and is slowly forgotten as the years go by.

… … but.

There were people who operated from this abandoned fortress that no one paid attention to.

Night walkers. It was ‘The Night Walkers’.

malevolent malevolent-

Tochka, which was just a fortress on a desolate highland not too long ago, was now bustling with countless crowds.

Extensions and renovations are taking place all over the place.

Embankments and watchtowers rose high, and holes in the walls were being filled.

Numerous goats bring carts loaded with food and drinking water.

Refugees from all over the continent gathered at the place where the simple tents were placed.

These are all those who have gathered here at the ‘Ark’ following those who walk the night.

They are people who have lost their original habitat due to famine, drought, forest fires, and monster outbreaks.

The sick receive medical treatment and the hungry receive food rations.

It wasn’t plentiful to the point of overflowing, but it was enough that I didn’t have to watch my offspring grabbing their hungry stomachs anymore.

All the refugees who settled here looked tired and tired, but there was a little hope in their eyes.

A place where unbelievers are left behind.

Despite the ridicule, ridicule, and contempt, the results of the long journey following the thread of faith were bright.

At least here, I was able to receive blessings from the priests and receive rations of food and water.

Compared to the old home where people had to worry about daily food shortages or attacks by robbers or monsters, it was a paradise.


Dozens of priests were busily walking around in the tent where the wounded or sick were lying.

A priest is seen treating a refugee who was seriously injured after being crushed by a boulder while helping to repair the wall.

She took a deep breath and murmured.

“Calm down Lolita. This is just a simple baptism of restoration. There’s nothing to be afraid of. So don’t be afraid.”

“Sister. My name is not Lolita.”

“i know. Lolita is my name.”

“… … ?”

When a young nun, seemingly inexperienced, lends a blessing with trembling hands.


There was a hand gently holding her hand from behind.

“Our lord Lun will gladly extend his hand to the lamb who is groaning in pain before his eyes.”

Sister Lolita turned her head in surprise at the experienced and benevolent voice.

Standing there with a smile on her face was Dolores, the ‘Saint of the Night’, the leader of the ‘Night Walkers’.

‘… … Nu, dazzling!’

Seeing that solemn, benevolent, pious, and beautiful appearance, Lolita, an apprentice nun, hesitated for a moment as if she was intimidated.

Then Dolores’s expression changed into a mischievous one in an instant.

She whispered in a low voice that no one could hear, only Lolita could hear.

“Don’t be burdened, use the divine power as much as you can. Even if you draw as much as you can, He will repay you. In times of crisis like this, interest is cheap.”

I learned good things from the Old Testament priests.

Lolita’s eyes widened at Dolores’s approaching tone.

“Sir, do you think the saintess can say something like that?”

“of course.”

When Dolores grinned and raised her fists to express her encouragement, Sister Lolita’s expression brightened.

As if encouraged, she began to pray. Of course, she did a great job treating her patients.

Dolores smiled heartily as she watched the young nuns who believed in her and followed her grow into full-fledged nuns.

As expected, the flower of faith blooms most beautifully in the fiercest place on the front line.

at that time.

There was a voice calling out to Dolores.

“’The Saint of the Night’! Long time no see!”

A man who can be seen far below the highlands, beyond a herd of goats grazing.

A tall man with a handsome face.

Black armor and blonde hair blowing in the wind showed what the ideal wandering knight was.

It certainly looked like a painting on a canvas, but his missing left arm showed that this was a harsh reality.

“’Night Knight’!”

Dolores smiled at her comrade in the distance.

Tudor is back.

Senior and junior at the Colosseo Academy, they were also getting along well within ‘The Night Walkers’.

“We brought in a lot of new people.”

“I graduated, but I just told you to let go.”

“Once a senior is a senior forever.”

Dolores and Tudor both graduated early from the academy.

Therefore, the period during which the two spent school life together was quite short, but Dolores nevertheless remembered Tudor’s school days clearly.

After Bikir was imprisoned in Newvag, Tudor became noticeably less talkative.

Cheerful, leadership, and romantic, Tudor became a reticent, conscientious, devoted student to training and study.

After that, Tudor went through terrible things in his family and came to this day.

There must be an unimaginable amount of sadness and worry hidden behind that cheerful smile that only comes out when you’re with fellow academy graduates such as ‘Night Warrior’ Sancho, ‘Night Gatekeeper’ Piggy, and ‘Night Sniper’ Bianca.

‘Perhaps, if I hadn’t met Vikir earlier, I might have been in the same position as Tudor.’

Dolores deeply sympathized with Tudor’s pain and sorrow, but was deeply grateful to Bikir for cutting out the darkness of the religious chant Quo Vadis early on.

It is clear that if Quilty and Humbert had been alive, the civil war would have been far more chaotic.

‘No, the civil war couldn’t have been established in the first place.’

Set, or Andromalius, where the iron-blooded sword was hiding in Baskerville.

Seere, who was hiding in Morgue, the head of the Madou clan.

Bartolomeo, no, Belial, who was hiding in the conglomerate bourgeois.

Had they seized each family and participated in the civil war, the human world would have turned into a terrible hell by now.

Dolores was reverent and sympathetic to the weight of the burden Bikir had carried and the length of the thorny path.

‘At times like this, we need to firmly follow his will.’

This takes precedence over helping him escape from prison in the New Wave.

If you move hastily, you may actually get in the way of Bikir, so you have to complete the assigned mission first.

at that time.

“Hey, Night Knight!”

In the distance, beyond the cart full of drinking water, two more men appeared.

It was Sancho and Piggy.

“Children, long time no see!”

Tudor, Sancho, and Piggy embraced each other and celebrated their reunion after months.

The Night Walkers were on a mission to travel all over the continent to tell the story of the ‘Ark’ to the refugees and bring them to Tochka.

‘Fire and water will only escape from this place, and true salvation will come true only here.’

All of this was also due to the message left by the ‘Night Hound’.

Sancho, who was standing next to Tudor, looked back at Fort Tochka, which was already crowded.

“This place has become quite crowded now. When we first made it our base, it was so dreary as if it were haunted.”

“that’s right. I’m glad everyone followed me well even though it was a high and barren place.”

Piggy also nodded.

However, Tudor, Sancho, and Piggy, who led the refugees to this place, also did not solve the fundamental question.

“But why did Bikir ask people to gather here?”

It was a mystery that not even Dolores, the leader of the Nightwalkers, could yet solve.

However, it was unavoidable because the situation was too urgent to hear much explanation from Vikir.

Also, as everyone knows, Bikir is a person who has never said anything nonsense.

“There must be a reason. I’ve never had a loss by listening to Vikir.”

“okay. There must have been a reason why they told us to gather as many people as possible to this abandoned castle in such a barren and remote place.”

“that’s right. So let’s do our best! Until we find a way to rescue Vikir, this is all we can do!”

Tudor, Sancho, and Piggy once again look determined.

Dolores was looking at such colleagues with trusting eyes.

Right then.

“Hey, officers. Would you like to do some assembly? I have something to discuss.”

In the distance, the curtains of the barracks were lifted and a man walked out.

“… … !”

“… … !”

“… … !”

“… … !”

Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, and Piggy turned their heads in unison.

He is a ‘Night Wealthy Man’, a sponsor who finances the Night Walkers.

He is also called ‘a friend with a lot of money’ by a small percentage of people.

Tochka, which was just an abandoned fortress on the outskirts, was enlarged and repaired into an iron fortress, and at the same time, the wealth that stored food and drinking water to handle countless refugees.

It is a supernova in the business world that once the funds are mobilized, the wealth is equivalent to that of the chaebol and the bourgeoisie.

And being an advisor to the investment club ‘Oracle’ of the Colosseo Academy.

‘Cindy Wendy Sen in Messinadna’.

No, now that she had become ‘Sindy Wendy Countess of Baskerville’, she was looking down this way.

“… … It’s an emergency.”

Rarely, with a serious expression on his face.

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