Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 426

Episode 426: Those Who Walk the Night (2)

Dolores, Tudor, Sancho, and Piggy entered the tent.

There, Xindi Wendy, the sponsor of Nightwalkers, was sitting with a serious expression on her face.

Sin D Wendy. Aide appointed by Vikir and lover of Osiris and Baskerville.

She unsparingly used her enormous assets to buy a huge amount of relief supplies.

Preserved food and drinking water bought from all over the empire are still arriving.

What is even more surprising is that Xindi Wendy has been working on this for several years.

Considering that Tochka Fort had enough supplies to feed the entire empire for several months, it could be seen that Vikir’s plan had been in effect for a very long time.

Even before Bikir appeared in the ecliptic under the alias of the night hound.

However, even Sindi Wendy in the world was not fully aware of Vikir’s intentions.

It was the same for Chihuahua and Minpin, who became Sindy Wendy’s left and right hands and was in charge of all tasks.

“Why did Bikir-nim ask us to gather refugees here in the highlands? It’s been years and I still don’t know.”

“Do you know them? No matter how close he is, he doesn’t give his side well, so I can’t fully understand his insides. Can’t we just do what we’re told to do?”

They were talking about this and that, and when Dolores and other Colosseo Academy graduates entered, they turned their heads and looked at Sindi Wendy.

Eventually, Cindy Wendy opened her closed eyes and asked Dolores.

“Is the Shinhwa production going well?”

Dolores nodded at her question.

“yes. I created a new concept called ‘ark’. We are preaching to the people that those who come to Tochika can be saved.”

However, Dolores’ expression was a bit dark as she spoke.

In fact, the fact that you can be saved by coming to Tochika is not something in the Book of Revelation or ancient texts.

This was the result of a myth artificially created and manipulated by several high-ranking priests of the Quo Vadis family, including Dolores and Martin Luther, to make it easier to bring refugees to Tochka.

‘… … I was honestly surprised. I never thought Pope Nabokov would allow this.’

When Dolores announced this plan, prepared to receive divine punishment, Pope Nabokov I laughed lightly and nodded.

‘If there is no such myth, we can create it. All myths did not exist from the beginning, but were created by humans. God respects man’s free will, my dear.’

When Nabokov finished speaking, he ended his speech by stroking Dolores’ head.

‘Your steps will soon become a myth and will be recorded in the scriptures.’

Nabokov I gave Dolores all the remaining powers other than those needed for civil war.

full trust.

That’s why the night walkers were able to safely roam across the continent with the secret support of the temples of Quo Vadis located throughout the empire.

… … Of course, Quo Vadis wasn’t the only one helping the night walkers.

morgue. bourgeois. And unexpectedly, secret support was coming from the Baskervilles as well.

Banshee from the Morgue family, Lovebad from the Bourgeois family, Mozgoose from the Quo Vadis family, and Isabella from the Baskerville family were the ones who helped the most.

Sending goods, dispatching personnel to protect the movement of goods, or various information about areas where battles are taking place or areas where monsters appear.

In this way, thanks to the supporters and helpers distributed in all walks of life, the night walkers can survive.

In addition to that, many other characters, such as Gordon and Underdog, who were entangled with Bikir in Naraksu, and Lovegood, whom he met in the college league, were already working for the Night Walkers.

Regardless of the civil war, vigilantes who only deal with the people, citizens, and the people.

This informal group, which uses force without hesitation in situations where force is required, is the Night Walkers.

Meanwhile, Xindi Wendy was examining the maps on the table.

Dolores asked.

“Is everything going well on the West Continent?”

“hmm? iced coffee. don’t worry. Because the Baskervilles are fully cooperating. The Balak tribes have also reappeared, so there is no problem with trade.”

At the end of the answer, Xindi Wendy added something as if she remembered something.

“Ah, I remembered it after hearing Balak… … It seems that a new guardian deity has appeared there recently. They say it’s quite a ‘strong friend’.”

strong friend?

Everyone tilted their heads at those words, but Xindi Wendy didn’t seem to know the details either.

Eventually, she finally got to the point.

“Ah, the request for today’s meeting is no different… … It is for food and drinking water.”

Even before Bikir entered the academy, he had ordered Sindi Wendy to fortify Tochka here.

Therefore, Xindi Wendy spent almost all of the money she earned so far on purchasing preserved food and drinking water.

The food and drinking water stockpiled in such a way could feed the entire refugee population for over three months.

But despite this, Xindi Wendy was impatient.

“Bikir is at least 150 days. He said to put together enough to last five months. I mean, it still lacks a lot.”

It is getting harder and harder to buy food and drinking water these days.

This is because the price of food and drinking water was skyrocketing due to a series of famine, drought, massive forest fires and monster outbreaks.

“I’m saving money to buy it, but it’s getting harder and harder.”

Dolores made a worried expression at Sindy Wendy’s words.

“Do it. Because Xindi Wendy’s wealth won’t be infinite. It is something I am very grateful for, but also very concerned about.”


Then Sindi Wendy looked at Dolores as if she was talking about something.

And laughed out loud.

“Ahahaha- what are you talking about, saintess. I’m Sindy Wendy. Aren’t you underestimating my wealth too much? Any amount of money is there. I haven’t even used 10% yet, so don’t worry.”

“yes? Then why… … ?”

Everyone, including Dolores, widened their eyes.

Xindi Wendy pointed to the map with a thoughtful expression and revealed the real reason.

“I can buy food and water. Just double or triple the price. There is no problem securing the stock… … The problem is distribution and distribution.”

distribution and dissemination. This too is an important issue.

Food and drinking water can be procured from afar.

The real big problem is how to transport them all the way to Tochika here in the North Continent.

It’s a long and tough journey, but if you encounter monsters, forest fires, or hordes of bandits along the way, there is no answer.

So Sindiwendi has been collecting food and drinking water with the help of powerful mercenaries, or knights dispatched from the Baskervilles and Morgues.

However, in recent years, the amount of food and drinking water reaching Tochka has decreased noticeably.

“Some of my underlings are just watching while hiding a huge amount of food and drinking water in the base. Because there are new guys blocking the supply route.”

Xindi Wendy pointed to the X-shaped marks marked on the map and said.

They were secret supply routes leading to Tochika Fortress here.

“Seeing that all of them are blocking the road leading to Tochika here, it is quite intentional. He probably wants to hold his breath after learning that we have a hideout here.”

“Who are they?”

Tudor asked impatiently.

If it was a horde of bandits or monsters, it would have already been destroyed by the mercenaries hired by Sindi Wendy.

However, even so, the fact that there is a setback in supply means that the level of obstacle is not normal.

Sindi Wendy stared at Tudor’s face without answering.

“… … .”

“… … ?”

“… … .”

“… … !”

At the end of the silence, a bleak shadow fell under Tudor’s eyes.

“Could it be the Donquixote family’s pursuit team?”

At Tudor’s question, Xindi Wendy nodded.

There was Tudor, who had left his family, and a group of people chasing him.

Don Quixote La Mancha Pasamonte.

The younger brother of Cervantes, the head of the Don Quixote family, and the uncle of Tudor.

He was a person frantic to completely eliminate Tudor and sit in the seat of the family head.

It seemed that he had noticed that Tudor had left his family and joined the Nightwalkers and was pursuing him.

Sindi Wendy said while stroking the owl’s head with a green-gold ribbon.

“I heard that the ‘Invincible Cavalry’ of the Don Quixote family is searching the area.”

“… … !”

“It’s only a matter of time before we find out if we trace the route of the refugee procession or food supply corps coming to Fort Tochika. Besides, there was also a myth created and distributed by the Quo Vadis family, so it’s a miracle that it hasn’t been discovered until now. Was it luck that nobody had time to pay attention to this place because they were so busy with the civil war?”

In fact, from the point of view of demons, there is no reason to pay attention to this place.

This is because it is self-evident that it is a place where only refugees gather and water is not available, so it will not last long.

Of course, they don’t know how much food and drinking water Sindi Wendy has stored in this fortress.

that’s the only variable.

But now that variable has been exposed.

Because of Tudor’s existence!

“… … In the end, it’s because of me.”

Tudor lowered his head with a sad expression.

“Because of me, this place shouldn’t be discovered early. I need to get out of here as soon as possible and divert their attention elsewhere… … .”

“no. Sindi Wendy probably didn’t call you to say that.”

Dolores interrupted Tudor.

Xindi Wendy also nodded.

It means trusting and trusting Dolores.

Dolores, who took over the right to speak from Sindi Wendy, opened her mouth in a calm voice.

“This means that the moment of decisive battle has arrived.”

“… … !”

Tudor raised his head. Dolores spoke again.

“You are our colleague, Tudor. We think of you as you think of us.”

“… … .”

Tudor’s eyes softened.

Dolores continued talking while looking around the crowd.

“The demons won’t leave this place alone anyway. Now that they’re finally starting to show their teeth, we must fight. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not. You can’t just sit back and take it.”

Sancho and Piggy also agreed with her.

“If Donquixote had sent a chase party… … The headquarters must be empty.”

“It might be an opportunity. Assassinate the key person!”

Living in a harsh and fiercely changed world, these two were also quite skilled.

Dolores said with firm determination.

“This time, instead of relying only on Vikir-nim, we’re going to do it ourselves. Let’s catch Don Quixote La Mancha Pasamonte, no, ‘Four Poems’!”

Those who have inherited Vikir’s will must go on a demon hunt.

None of the Nightwalkers objected to this.

Sindi Wendy opened her mouth.

“I’m talking about old age. Everyone remembers the case where they tried to assassinate the head of the Leviathan family and failed, right? Even ‘Night Fox’ and ‘Miss Ouroboros’, which were strong enough to rival ‘Night Hound’, were not successful.

It’s a fact that everyone knows, but the atmosphere suddenly becomes more cautious.

“Bikir did. They say demons get stronger as time goes by. They must be a lot stronger now that it’s been years since Vikir went demon hunting. So you have to be extremely careful… … .”

Right then.

There was someone who interrupted Sindi Wendy.

“It’s a big deal!”

A knight who came running from outside lifted the curtain with a contemplative face.

He was the one who stood guard on the wall.

“Outside, that is, several kilometers ahead, the cavalry of the Don Quixote has appeared!”

At those words, everyone’s faces hardened.

But the bad news didn’t end there.

“The ‘Night Sniper’ returning to the fort is surrounded by the cavalry!”

He is the only one among those who walk the night who wears the nickname ‘Sniper of the Night’.

Usher Po Bianca. She was attacked by the pursuers of the Don Quixote family.

“… … !”

While everyone hurriedly spurned their seats and got up toward the door.

… Kwak!

There was a person who broke down the wall and ran away early.

His name is Tudor.

He was a man without s*x.

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