Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 424

Episode 424: How to Live as a Wandering Knight (3)

… Fuck!

The hard bone box cracked and all the hot things inside poured out onto the floor.

Poison Knoll sprawled on the floor, spraying poison-filled brains, and after shaking his body for a while, he cooled down.

The swarm of gnolls that followed Poison Noll and invaded human territory also became corpses.

In the beginning, the corpses of gnolls, which had only one neat hole in their head or heart, piled up as they piled up, and the internal organs and heads exploded, turning into a gruesome and dirty look, which showed the fierceness of the battle.

night knight. Tudor, the wandering knight in black plate armor, sat over the bodies of the gnolls and gasped.

“… … It’s very difficult to adapt to having only one arm.”

Due to extremely little sleep, continuous forced marches, and always being exhausted and tired, the expression on the face gradually wears out and disappears.

Tudor muttered in a dry voice, and suddenly recalled that his tone and manner of speech resembled someone in his memory, and smiled.

“is it. Did that guy always live like this? Maybe that’s why his personality was so cold and insipid… … .”

Bikir. night hound.

Quite a bit of time has already passed, but the guy’s face and voice are still clearly in my memory.

Tudor remembered an old classmate who had been expelled from the academy long ago and was now imprisoned in a remote prison.


And every time I do that, I feel pain in my left arm that was cut off.

Tudor, the eldest son of the Don Quixote family, the next head of the family, and the legitimate heir, abandoned his family name and turned his back on the family.

The severed left arm was left at the family home at that time.

“… … .”

Tudor remembered the story he had heard at the tavern before fighting the gnolls.

‘Also, listening to the gossip in the world, the Don Quixote and Usher families are said to be very talkative even within the family right now? Rumor has it that the family head is currently ill. I heard that he is very seriously ill. See you tomorrow.’

‘They are superhuman! Master! These are not people who would succumb to disease!’

‘It’s already been several years since those two stopped working. From what I’ve heard, it seems that the younger brother of the head of the Don Quixote family and the sister of the head of the Usher family are acting as regents.’

‘Hmm, I heard that too. Well, originally, there weren’t many members of the Don Quixote family and the Usher family, so I heard that the collateral characters also use their strength, is that why?’

A thin sound flowed from Tudor’s mouth as he recalled the memory of that time.


Anger rises. A throbbing feeling in the missing left arm.

Tudor clearly remembered that night, the night he left the family.

… … His uncle Pasa Monte, who was involved in escorting Bikir to Newvague.

He was also the one who vehemently insisted that Bikir be sentenced to death at the Nakazanye Court of the Imperial Capital.

After the trial, Tudor visited Pasamonte several times to discuss the Mine controversy and the issue of Vikir’s punishment.

Even then, he had a half-doubt in his heart.

Is my uncle, whom I have always been friendly with since childhood, really related to Mine?

The uncle who taught me what chivalry and romance, broad aspirations and ambitions are?

Es la misión del verdadero caballero. Su deber his. ¡No! Su deber his no. Su privilegio his.

-That is the duty and duty of a true knight. no! It is not an obligation, it is a privilege.

Soñar lo imposible soñar.

– To dream the impossible.

Vencer al invicto rival,

– Overcome an invincible opponent,

Sufrir el dolor insuffrible,

– endure unbearable pain,

Morir por un noble ideal.

– To die for a noble ideal.

Saber enmendar el error,

-Know how to correct mistakes

Amar con pureza y bondad.

– To love with innocence and goodwill.

Querer, en un sueño imposible,

– Falling in love in an impossible dream,

Con fe, una estrella alcanzar.

-Have faith and reach for the stars.

When I closed my eyes, I could still hear my uncle’s voice as he sang and recited a passage from an epic poem.

… … But that didn’t mean I was suspicious of Bikir.

The Bikir Tudor knew had never said anything nonsense.

He was such a person.

Although they are of the same age, he is a reliable and trustworthy friend, like an older brother and sometimes a much older laughing adult.

It was unthinkable that such a Bikir would have claimed a lie.

And didn’t Professor Morgue Banshee, whom he had always seen at the Colosseo Academy, also make the same argument?

Although he has an unlucky personality and is a twisted old man, he is a thorough principled person and never raises his voice about things that are not certain.

Tudor, who had been studying at the academy for a long time, was well aware of that.

So it was decided to go face-to-face with Pasamonte and investigate the facts.

… … But Tudor couldn’t even get a good look at Pasamonte’s face in recent years.

Pasamonte, who began to act as regent after his father, who had collapsed from a sudden illness, thoroughly excluded Tudor from his position.

Power struggles are quite common in complex high-ranking families.

It is a common and banal staple that always appears in fairy tales and legends.

But if it is the story of my family, the story is different.

During the vacation right before Tudor graduated from the academy, a secret civil war broke out within the Don Quixote family.

Uncle’s rebellion to take over the household.

Tudor had to run away from the family to avoid countless assassins.

It wasn’t until the knife came to his throat that Tudor knew for sure.

That the Don Quixote family had already been eaten by Pasamonte.

That his father, who was called the king of spears, suddenly fell seriously ill and was bedridden with a terrible scheme behind him.

… … And in the end, Bikir, the old friend was right.

Tudor fled in tears of sorrow. He went through the pain and humiliation of having his arm cut off along the way.

He clearly remembered what Pasamonte, who was at the forefront of the pursuit, said to Tudor, who was trying to escape by boat.

‘Are you going to abandon your father and run away? Are you still the son of the Lion King?’

Enraged by this, Tudor threw himself into a final battle that cost his life.

… … If it hadn’t been for Bianca, who had just arrived, it would have been.

Bianca responded coldly to Tudor’s insistence on not leaving his father behind.

‘To withdraw is not to flee, and when danger outweighs hope, it is not sensible to simply wait. A wise man knows how to forgo today for tomorrow, and he does not risk everything in one day.’

How can I forget these words? These were the last words Bikir had left at the Nakazanye court in the center of the ecliptic.

Tudor left the family in the wake of Bianca, who said he was in the same situation and turned away from the family.

The heads of the Donquixote family and the Usher family, who tried to declare neutrality in the face of signs of civil war, stopped appearing in the world after that.

The actual head of the Don Quixote family became Don Quixote La Mancha Pasamonte and Usher for Madeline.

They searched all over the continent under the pretext of finding small households that had disappeared from their families, and Tudor and Bianca had to go on an arduous escape.

A rugged and dangerous journey in which you have to break through several layers of vast siege nets and break through countless guard posts.

And those who helped and accepted such Tudor and Bianca are the ‘Night Walkers’, a group of followers and vigilantes who inherit the will of the ‘Night Hound’.

“… … .”

and present.

Tudor, who succeeded the Night Hound as the Night Knight, was looking down on the village from above the corpses of the Gnolls.

The world has changed a lot.

A great famine, a long drought, huge forest fires flooding across the empire, and hordes of monsters.

The hardened lives of humans due to this were things that could not be learned from textbooks.

A large man pushes the slender girl and takes a chunk of meat from the corpse.

The strong extorted and robbed the weak, and did not treat them as human beings.

-The truly strong are strong with the strong and weak with the weak.

-The strong do not bully others because they can afford it, but the weak bully others to hide the fact that they are weak.

Words appearing in the autobiography of ‘Don Quixote La Mancha Alonso Quixano’, who can be said to be the true ancestor of Don Quixote, a figure from the distant past.

However, the romance and reality learned from chivalry literature were completely opposite.

The stronger you are, the more you harass others, and the weaker you are, the more unfair things you experience.

However, the weak were not always good and kind.

The reality was very different from what I learned at the academy or within the family.

It is not the strong who survive, but the survivor who is strong.

It has become such a world.

Prior to the fierce battlefield, Tudor had experienced countless human groups like this, and the more he did, the more he could feel his character becoming dull and cold.

It was a series of processes from a dreaming hero aspirant to becoming a battlefield veteran.

And why?

The more that happened, the more Tudor’s personality, way of speaking, and voice became more and more similar to Bikir’s.

“Hahaha- I shouldn’t have even resembled his tone. That’s because it’s too hard.”

Tudor smiled mischievously and then stood up.

Right then.

“… … me, over there.”

Someone crouches and approaches you.

A girl stood where Tudor turned.

This is the child who was able to save his life from the attack of the gnolls earlier.

“Eat this!”

What the girl offered was clear water in a large cup and toasted bread sprinkled with herbs.

Water and herbs in this city. Tudor felt his throat choke.

“Can I accept something so valuable?”

“… … Sure!”

Worried that her gift might not be accepted, the girl replied with a broad smile.

Tudor ate water and bread.

In order to return to the hideout where night walkers gather, they have to go a long way.

When Tudor got up after eating, he saw that there were quite a few people gathered around him.

“Bar, Knight of the Night! Please take us too!”

“I heard that if you follow the night walkers, you can go to a place where there is water, food, and God’s blessing!”

“Please have mercy… … .”

The people gathered are people who no longer have a place to live due to the raids of gnolls, famine, and forest fires.

At first glance, it was a crowd that seemed to be about 10% of the village’s population.

And Tudor nodded happily.

“Follow me.”

This is the reason why the night knight came this far in the first place.

A secret but not secret place where nightwalkers gather.

‘Fire and water will only escape from this place, and true salvation will come true only here.’

That is where the land of salvation in the New Revelation exists.

It was to do the ministry of moving as many people as possible to the ark built by the ‘Saint of the Night’.

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