Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 419

Episode 419: Goodbye New Wave (1)

… Kwak! Rumble!

The whole Nouvelle Vague prison was shaking violently.

Vakir and Iyen rode on Vakira’s back and ran down the spiral staircase.

[Kong! kong! keong!]

Vakira, who became a phantom beast, ran faster than in his prime, significantly reducing the time it took to climb the floor.

Chow ah-

A huge tidal wave came in front of me.

“this! This looks like a flooded hallway!”

“This is the short cut. Break through!”

At Bikir’s words, Ayen nodded and loaded the arrow.


An arrow that flew in a straight trajectory pierced a huge hole in the waves.

As if in a circus, Vakira jumped through the ring of water, kicked off the floor beneath the waves that the arrow had cut through, and leaped again.

… Tuuk!

After passing through the flooded corridor and landing on the half-destroyed pier, Vakira continued running.

Beside it, a blue pillar of fire continued to rise, heating the gates of good and evil.

“It’s on the 5th floor now!”

“okay. There is a balloon eel farm on this floor.”

“Are there any eels left?”

“The last time I saw it, there were quite a few eels. Even if there were those who escaped first, I wouldn’t have been able to use all the eels.”

It was as Bikir expected.

There were still a few balloon eels left in the cage, where piles of stones and streams of water were pouring down from the ceiling.

The surrounding area is a mess as if a significant number of prisoners or guards have already escaped.

There was blood all around and corpses were floating around.

It was easy to guess that there were terrible fights to get the balloon eel first.

‘It’s good that they sent those who will escape first to the 5th floor in advance.’

In the meantime, Bikir had given orders to select as many people worthy of saving as possible and wait on the 5th floor before the admission ceremony.

They even forged the order, so there must have been quite a few people on the 5th floor.

Since they were already on the 5th floor at the time of the uproar, there was a high probability they got out of here safely.

“It’s a miracle that the eel remains.”

Iyan grabbed a fishing hook and rope, jumped into the fish farm, and caught a large inflatable eel.

Chow ah-

She said as she twisted open the mouth of the balloon eel that was flapping with a teary face.

“West. Are you ready?”


Bikir nodded.

Nevertheless, Iyan opened her mouth once again.

“The ground has changed a lot. This is no longer the world the West knew.”

“I know roughly.”

“… … ?”

Iyen tilted her head.

The world before and after Bikir was imprisoned in New Wave was completely different.

How could Bikir know that?

newspaper? Or a story from a new prisoner? Or the informant you kept aside?

Ayen looked back at Vikir with a puzzled expression, but Vikir didn’t give any particular answer.

However, Bikir was only thinking of the world before returning.

The memory of that day that always appears in nightmares when I fall asleep.

how can i forget The terrible season when 98% of humanity was wiped out.

One day, the sky was suddenly torn apart by a drum and red flames flowed from the crack.

Countless drops of fire that fell like snakes and showers.

The downpour-like rain that lasted for as long as 150 days, the monsoon season.

How can we not know about this terrible weather change that turned forests all over the world into deserts and lakes into bottomless pits?

Even after they closed their eyes, the dead wandered around the dried-up Netherland, howling, and those who couldn’t die yet gasped for their burning breath. Those sounds will be forgotten in my dreams.

A time when nothing could be promised or assured.

The long rainy season that declared the extinction of mankind.

‘… … It will begin soon.’

Vikir already knew that the Gates of Destruction would soon appear.

The changes taking place on the ground right now are just the blood of new feet, mere signs and symptoms.

It means that the demons are nothing more than warming up before entering the main game in earnest.

So Bikir arranged all these things in advance.

Step by step, without haste, thoroughly.

Now is the time to give the demons a shot.

“The volcano will explode soon.”

Now that Poseidon has hatched, he will begin his flight to the sky.

That was the beginning of the Great Eruption of the New Wave.

“We have to get out of here before then.”

“But why did you explode the New Wave?”

“Fire showers. It is to fight against the monsoon of catastrophe.”

“… … ?”

Iyen tilted her head.

But Bikir didn’t give any answer this time either.

However, the thought of the great flood of fire and the gate of destruction that lasted for 150 days was repeated over and over in my head.

“Now that Poseidon has hatched, the climate will change drastically. All that remains is to watch.”

With those words, Bikir dragged the balloon eel.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Rumble! … slam!

Earthquakes occurred everywhere and collapsed objects fell.

The incoming sea water floods the ancient castle every moment.

Between the roar and roar of the crashing waves was the faint clamor of the prisoners and guards upstairs.

Iyan dragged the balloon eel and stood in front of the faintly remaining flover door.

“Let’s go!”

“… … .”

Bikir took a step forward.

… … Right then.

“for a moment.”

There was a voice that stopped Bikir and Ayen.

“… … ?”

“… … !”

Iyen moved one eyebrow.

Bikir’s expression also hardened slightly.

Captain Kirko Grimm. She was standing in a corner of her kennel.

The entire uniform was in tatters, revealing his bare, scarred body.

It caught my eye that her beloved sword, which she had always sharpened, was broken in half.

Red blood flowed from all over her body, dyeing the sea water around her red.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Bikir and Kirko stood facing each other.

It was the first bare face to be revealed.

The blade stood in Kirko’s gaze.

she questioned Bikir.

“Are you a prisoner?”

“… … .”

Bikir didn’t answer.

It is unknown why she has not escaped here yet.

However, if you interfere with the escape, you have no choice but to suppress it with force.

… … however.

“If you ride on any current, you will die without being able to escape. Go back through the door on the left and take current 3021.”

Kirko showed an unexpected reaction.

The number of ocean currents that can carry inflatable eels on the 5th floor exceeds thousands.

Among them, there is only one circulating ocean current that connects to the land.

All the rest were trap currents that drifted at the bottom of the deep sea for hundreds of years.

Bikir asked.

“Why are you giving me this information?”

“… … .”

Kirko opened her mouth after silence.

“I saw you kill the black tongue.”

“… … !”

Kirko took off the jailer’s cap he was wearing.

And asked in a dry, clear voice.

“What happened to the real hair?”

A cold, sharp question as if stabbing the lungs.

To this, Bikir replied in a calm tone.


“… … when.”

“Two years ago, during the riots of the city. Rescuing you who fainted.”

“… … What about the corpse?”


“… … .”

Kirko was still watching Bikir with emotionless eyes and an unwavering gaze.

Her lips softened again.

“Did he have any last words?”

In an instant, the end of Garreum passed through Bikir’s mind.

He muttered these words before he died.

‘that… … to the kid… … the outside world… … show me… … I wanted… … .’

That was Gareum’s last will.

Bikir confided in meekly.

“He wanted to show you the outside world.”


“… … !”

Kirko’s pupils, which hadn’t even budged until now, shook violently.

Bikir recalled Gareum’s diary, which had been burned for a long time.

At the end of the diary, there was always a phrase written about wanting to leave this place with Kirko.

Although Garreum has now become a body that cannot leave New Wave for ever.

at that time.


The sound of Kirko’s footsteps broke Bikir’s thoughts.

she turned around

and walks forward

It was not in the direction of the escape route.

Kwakwang- Rumble…

A place of death with huge piles of stones and waterfalls.

“Aren’t you going out?”

When Bikir asked, Kirko answered without looking back.

“I am not going out. Because this is where I was born and raised.”

After she finished speaking, she hesitated for a moment.

And after a long silence, he slightly turned his head to the side and spoke in a whisper.

“… … live well.”

It was a very small sound, and I couldn’t hear it well because it was drowned out by the roar of the raging tidal wave beside me.

In a situation where time could not be delayed any longer, Bikir had no choice but to enter the eel’s mouth.

Eventually, Ayen cuts the rope and the balloon eel rides the current out of the castle.

A balloon eel that is pushed away by the current and quickly moves away.

Bikir and Ayen left New Wave and headed to the surface.

“… … .”

A fortress where everything is crumbling and collapsing. Seawater rushing in from everywhere.

Only Kirko was left there.

She had a man’s face in her mind.

that came from the ground.

They were all siblings and pretended to be friendly.

But no matter how you look at it, it didn’t suit the jailer.

… … And he seemed to one day return to the earth from which he came.

That’s why I didn’t want to attach more.

That kind of weak guy.

But what is it?

The guy who seemed like he would return to the ground at any moment couldn’t return to the ground in the end.


She took off and threw the hat she was holding onto the waterlogged floor.

And finally, he lowered his stinging eyes and said.

“… … stupid hair. You are such an idiot.”

That was the end.

Before long, a huge amount of seawater rushed in and completely filled the fortress.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam! rumble… …

The New Wave was buried under such black water.


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