Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 420

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Episode 420: Goodbye New Wave (2)

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abyss. A distant void.

Because of the jet-black sight, the passage of a large amount of water bubbles can only be heard as a sound.

The inflatable eel on which Bikir and Iyen rode came out in the middle of the deep sea after being shaken violently.

Deed deed… …

I thought I might have been on the wrong current for a moment because of the turbulent currents swirling in all directions, but in fact, this was the only current that worked properly.

Compared to other currents that are stable only in the beginning, this current 3021 is severely shaken and unstable, but in the end it becomes the safest route.

Before long, the faint light produced by the balloon eel’s skin began to illuminate the surroundings.

As the pitch-black darkness brightened a little, he could see the outside of the deep sea through his transparent skin.

Rumble… …

The New Wave was completely submerged.

Covered with flames and steam from inside the volcano, the New Vague looks dangerous as if it will explode at any moment.

Perhaps it is because the Gate of Good and Evil in the ceiling of the New Wave is blocking the volcanic eruption.

Because of this, the New Wave had the appearance of a champagne bottle shaken and shaken to its current limit.

The moment the bottle cap at the top, the gate of good and evil, is destroyed, a tremendous explosion and rising current will occur.

The seawater that flows into the explosion and the resulting cavity is warmed up by geothermal heat and expands, creating a large-scale primary fire column and secondary water column.

It will start from the stratum of the abyss far below, penetrate the seabed, soar high, pass the water surface, pass through the sky, and rise very high.

“And it will create an anomaly powerful enough to create an abnormal climate on the ground.”

At Bikir’s words, Iyen nodded.

She was currently balancing the eel by pulling on the hook and rope caught in its lip.

In other words, it is the role of the coachman who drives the wagon.

When Bikir was also trying to hold the string, Iyen, who had good senses, felt something.

“Looks like something is stuck on the eel’s tail.”

“… … ?”

Bikir looked back.

Indeed, I saw something dangling dangling from the tip of the balloon eel’s tail.

It was dark and the current was so strong that I couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

… … But without paying close attention, the something began to move closer and closer to Vikir.

A figure pulling the eel’s tail and slowly approaching its body.

“… … !”

Bikir opened her eyes wide.

The man holding the tail of the balloon eel was Marquis de Sade!

He even had a sadi on his side.

Eventually, the Marquis de Sade grabbed the balloon eel by the body and crawled to the mouth and crawled inside.

“Puha! The water pressure almost crushed the whole bone. Pusssss… … However, after being in solitary confinement for a long time, I subtly got used to it.”

“Hello, Night Hound. I don’t mind, but I’ll take a free ride~”

The Marquis de Sade trembled and laughed.

Sadie, who has been demythified, also lies down and laughs like a mollusk.

In the first place, since the balloon eel was a large species that could accommodate dozens of people, nothing special would happen if the additional THAAD and THAAD were burned.

“I’ll give you a ride, if you’re quiet.”

“Oops. I feel sorry for my young friend. I don’t think I can stay quiet.”

At Bikir’s words, Marquis de Sade shook his head sadly.

Vikir also quickly noticed why he was saying this.

“… … !”

Something was fiercely pursuing the balloon eel as it slowly drifted along the current.


A terrifying sound began to be heard from beyond the pitch-black curtain.

At first glance, it sounded like a boat horn, but the range was too high to be considered.

Is this the strength of the siren in the legend?

Even the swimming eel twists its body as if in pain.

This mysterious sound wave that fills the vast void of the seabed.

Bikir felt that the being producing the sound was approaching.

“Looks like an orca is here.”

Marquis Sade grinned.

Before long, something gigantic appeared through the transparent meat wall inside the eel’s body.

A body with black luster, white spots that are clearly visible even beyond the darkness.

Muscles all over the body, powerful dorsal fin, forearms and legs exposed under a tattered fur coat.

Orca. Transformed into a heteromorphic body, he stood in front of Vikir again.

“… … Are you a killer whale type beast?”

Bikir spoke to himself in a low voice.

Just as Dordium changed into the shape of a saltwater crocodile the other day, Orca also had a similar constitution.

With his webbed hands he grasped the chain and club draped over the end of a long tail that had slipped out of his coat.

“Sad! You never go out!”

The roaring orca’s voice could be heard clearly even in this far-off deep sea.

In the end, in the middle of this open sea, he met Orca as an enemy.

The worst that everyone feared had come.

The Marquis de Sade chuckled.


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“It wouldn’t have been possible on land, but dealing with that old man in the water would be suicidal.”

“… … What are you thinking?”

“Well, don’t be afraid to ask what you think?”

Marquis de Sade implicitly hinted that he would follow Bikir’s words.

Bikir said clearly.

“You owe me. How can I repay this?”

“Pusssss… … .”

The Marquis de Sade, who had been silently laughing, soon raised three fingers.

“The people of Sadgah will repay the favor threefold, and the enemy three thousandfold. I owe you one life, so I should pay you with three lives, right?”

“… … .”

“Tell me the names of three people you want to kill. Whoever it is, I will kill you instead.”

At the end, the Marquis of Sade said, ‘If I can get out safely to the ground’, he winked one eye.

Bikir nodded quietly.


Before long, Bikir tied Sadhi’s whip to his waist.

And the other end was tied around the waist of the Marquis de Sade.

“Hold on to this.”

Vikir put the middle part of the whip into Iyen’s hand.

Sadie, who was unable to move due to the aftereffects of the magicalization, asked.

“You want to leave?”

“There is no other way.”

Bikir looked into Iyen’s eyes and said.

Ayen was looking at Vikir with anxious eyes.

“I’d rather go to the West.”

“You drive the eels. It’s safer that way.”

“I don’t want to break up again. How did we meet again… … .”

“Holding the line is also important.”

When Bikir spoke in a serious tone, Iyen lowered his head.

Finally, she raised her head, biting her lip until it bled.

“never. I will never let go.”

“That’s enough.”

Bikir stood up from his seat.

Then, he squeezed the balloon eel’s mouth and threw himself into the deep sea.

To cross the final gateway to the surface.

* * *

The water pressure at 10,000 meters deep was beyond imagination.

The protection of the River Styx, Naraksu’s stats, and even Vikir’s body, which entered the supreme realm, could not withstand it.

‘I can see why the demons couldn’t cross this place until the latter half of the War of Extinction.’

Just by existing, the pressure felt like my whole body would be crushed.

It looks like hundreds of elephants riding on eggs.

‘This is why the Marquis of Sade asked for help.’

Bikir glanced aside.

I could see the Marquis de Sade, with a whip tied around his waist, suffocating.

Right then.

Woo Woo Woo-

An invisible pressure began to distort the front.

Tsunami. If it had been above the water, it would have soared to a tremendous height, but it was in the sea and was not visible at all.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A sight that roars with a roar.

An orca in the form of a killer whale passed in front of me.

Ssack- Boom!

For an instant, her vision turned red.

Bikir’s eyes widened, but that didn’t stop his face from being crushed.

The shock felt as if the skull would be shattered like grains of sand, and the nose, cheekbones, and front teeth were all shattered.

It was a shock as if the face was hit in the center of the face by a warhammer swinging in full swing.

‘… … Is it water droplets?’

The orca grabbed the water with its wide, webbed hands and was throwing it at it from afar.

Condensed water drops! It flies like a cannonball and targets Bikir and Marquis de Sade.



Bikir stretched out his sword and cut diagonally at the shotgun of flying water droplets.

In addition, the location of the orca was also sensed by the direction and angle at which the water droplets flew.

… Flash!

The Dekaravia on the chest widened its eyes and sent out a red light.

In an instant, the surroundings lit up.

“oh. Did you know you could do something like that?”

[You look down on me too much.]

Dekaravia’s condescending eyes lit up a radius of dozens of meters.

Then, the figure of Orca in the front was clearly visible.

Wearing a prisoner’s uniform and coat, holding a club in his hand.

It was like a mixture of half a killer whale and half a human.

“Get lost!”

Orca swung the club in his hand.

A huge earthquake tsunami occurs, contorting the surrounding space.

But Bikir was confident.

“If you know the direction, blocking is no problem.”

As the mana drained away like the ebb tide, Dekarabia revealed its true form.

red inverted pentagram. wailing wall.

Although it consumes a lot of mana, one defense is a sure shield.

It was defending against all Orca’s ranged attacks.

Koo Goo Goo!

Rather, Orca’s attack made the balloon eel driven by Iyen even faster.

Bikir and Marquis de Sade, who are connected by a whiplash, also rise faster and faster.

“… … these guys.”

Orca eventually changed its attack method.

close combat. The most primitive and surest way to attack is to attack with a club and beat.

And that was what Bikir and Marquis de Sade also wanted.

A monster whale that rips through the raging current and rushes at it.

Bikir confronted Orca with the demonic sword Baalzebub, a sword that Marquis Sadd also picked up from nowhere.

The power of the three gathered in one place again.

The black sun created by Bikir, the snake-like aura created by Marquis Sade, and the tsunami created by Orca’s club were fiercely entangled in one place.


A huge whirlpool was formed in the sea.

The trail of the sword created by Bikir and Marquis Sade forms the upper layer of the vortex, and the tsunami created by Orca’s club forms the lower layer of the vortex and meets in the center.

… Kwak! Whoops!

With the sound of thunder, shockwaves spread out in all directions and tore the surrounding sea apart.

In the process of water and air refilling the empty space created by the tearing of the waves, a violent current was created, crushing the surrounding space.

The pressure rampaging in all directions crushes and pulverizes all cliffs and rocks.

“… … !”

A thick vein sprouted from Bikir’s forehead.

Instincts sharpened by crossing countless lines of fire were coldly judging the current situation.


never win

As long as they are in the sea, an orca is like a god.

They can breathe underwater and move much faster with more powerful muscles.

It could shoot sonic waves to see everything from miles away, and even without moving, it could create a tsunami to intercept enemies at a distance.

Furthermore, to oppose him in this harsh seabed, where everything is unstable, is literally like a bug attacking a beast.

The Marquis of Sade also grinned as if he felt it.

‘Is this going to die?’

‘… … .’

Even before Bikir returns, Marquis Sade tries to break out of Nouvelle Vague, but is eventually stopped and killed by Orca.

Even though Vikir was with her now, it seemed difficult to overturn her destiny.

The wheel of causality was rolling every moment.

Bikir is just standing in front of him as a praying mantis.


“… … .”

“… … .”

The gazes of Bikir and Marquis Sade stayed together.

As if they had promised, the two moved their hands and cut off the whip from their waist.


Ayen, who was driving a balloon eel in the distance, shouted, but it was already too late.

The current raged even more violently, pushing the balloon eel upward.

Those who go go and those who stay must stay.

at the same time.

“… … !”

Orca felt something.

Two people who chose to remain in the deep sea.

The momentum of Bikir and Marquis de Sade had completely changed.

The spirit that I will never let go of this in the future. It was sharp enough to make even the world’s orcas break into a cold sweat.

… … right at that moment.


The balance between the three men who were confronting each other in the vast space of the deep sea was broken.

A strange thing that is difficult to explain rationally.

… … What is it like, luck? It could only be explained that way.

For Bikir, who had never benefited from luck in his entire life, he had no choice but to be a bit dumbfounded.

… … To properly explain this phenomenon, we have to go back a few seconds.

Kurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Cood de deuk!

A pillar of fire spewed out when Poseidon was activated.

It was like a small root that spewed out in the process of condensing the power of a volcano.

The hot heat soared up like an explosion, but it was blocked by the ‘Gate of Good and Evil’, the final gateway of New Wave, and has not been able to erupt until now and has been trapped.

But now.

The chains and pulleys that fasten the door were broken and destroyed one by one, and a change occurred in the door of good and evil, which had been heated to the limit.

… Ting! … Tae-aeng! … Tuong!

The moment when all the chains connected to the New Wave are broken.


The door of good and evil bounced off into the air like the cap of a bottle of champagne shaken to its limit.

The door of good and evil that has been shot up by ignorant pressure.

Diameter 70m. 5 m thick. Weight 6535 tons. Made of an alloy of mithril and adamantium, it flew like a bottle cap on the end of an exploding champagne stem.

And somehow, by chance, this huge and heavy mass of alloy that flew away was headed for Orca, who was confronting it with its back against the nature of New Wave.

The direction in which the wheel of fortune rolls cannot be predicted.

… F*ck!

Orca was knocked forward by this huge object that passed through his head out of nowhere.

Red blood spurts out.

Hit on the head by an unexpected shock, the monster whale was helplessly caught up in the current and sank like garbage.

“… … uh?”

The Marquis of Sade opened his mouth as if it were absurd.

But that wasn’t the reaction Orca showed.

… Kwak!

The gate of good and evil flew far away, broke a corner of the cliff, and tumbled down again.


With the door of good and evil pierced, New Wave began to walk the path of full-scale downfall.

Citadel submerged in water.

The space between the black bricks and bricks began to glow red.

In the first place, the castle was built by digging into the interior of an extinct volcano, and now that the volcano has started volcanic activity again, everything is over.

The impregnable castle of long history, which had never shown a single crack, has now become like a cork stoppering a champagne bottle on the verge of bursting.

It was also corroded and crumbled here and there.

The huge pillar of fire that soared through the gate of good and evil was just the beginning.

The red-hot pillar of fire seemed to be dyed blue from the lower part, and then it expanded to a second and third size, and the scale was instantly blown out.

… … ! … … ! … … ! … … !

There was a huge explosion, far beyond the range of human hearing, so much so that I wondered if the entire sea would be blown away.

It was the beginning of a major eruption that would lightly leap 10,000 meters into the deep sea and extend over tens of kilometers into the sky.

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