Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 418

Chapter 418: End game (10)

… Flash!

A storm broke out.

A huge crater was created, and the surrounding dust, dust, moisture, moisture, oil vapor, underground water, lava, smoke, sulfur gas, etc. … Everything else just disappeared.

The floor was swept so cleanly that it felt smooth.

The air was dry, without a single drop of moisture, and there was not the usual fire or gas.

And two men were kneeling on one knee right in the middle of the wasteland that had turned so clean.

Tattered clothes, blood flowing from their foreheads, weapons that protected their owners while deeply embedded in the ground.

They endured it all with their eyes wide open despite the blast of light and the heat.

The one who shows a truly terrifying will is Orca, the prison warden of New Wave.

The other was the Marquis de Sade, the worst prisoner of the New Wave.

“… … what was it?”

“Oops, it’s saksin. What if they suddenly interrupt?”

The strength of the two old men who survived the big explosion and its aftermath was the same, but the source of their strength was completely different.

The will to protect and protect Warden Orca.

The will to harm and destroy Marquis de Sade.

The will and purpose, which are starkly opposed to each other, unexpectedly produced the same result.

Even in the midst of confusion, the two old men who endured without collapsing to the end soon corrected their posture and were ready to fight again.


“… … !”

The two old people couldn’t help but be frightened by the scenery in front of them as soon as they opened their eyes.


Blue flames rising from the center of the crater.

A thick, gigantic pillar of fire rose up from the ground.

It pierces all the ceilings of all floors of Nouvelle Vague, that is, Lv. It stretched out all the way.

Deed deed deed deed-

door of evil.

This huge circular door, which serves as the lid of the New Vague, was blocking the blue pillar of fire, but the chains around it were breaking off one by one, which seemed quite dangerous.

Even when the surrounding pulleys are broken and the chains are broken, it is not unusual for anyone to see that the entire door is burning red.

At the same time as the flover slime faded, the water that began to flow in from the outside evaporated and disappeared before it even got close to this pillar of fire.

“What, what is that?”

Orca half-opened his mouth in amazement.

But no one knew anything about this strange phenomenon.

Dordium, Suware, Sadi, Iyen and the Marquis Sade all stared at the tip of the pillar of fire with a blank look on their faces.

… … only one person. Except for Bikir.


Bikir approached the spot where the pillar of fire sprouted, that is, where the blue egg was.

The hot wind and blue flames roared as if burning his whole body, but Bikir did not give in.

I thought I was used to the heat to some extent because I often burned my face while camouflaging it as Gareum’s face… … The heat I feel now is quite different.

The extremely high temperature of the blue flame, which was so hot that it was incomparable to the moderate amount of fire, was creating an enormous updraft.

‘It’s about getting fat now.’

Vikir pushed his way through the raging flames.

In the meantime, I had to stick to the ground with all my might so that my body wouldn’t float upwards and fly away.

Eventually, through the flames and haze, the figure of Poseidon is seen.

The round sphere had been split in half, and a blue pillar of fire was emanating from within.

I couldn’t even see the root of the pillar of fire below it.

However, judging from the intermittent explosions and earthquakes coming up from very deep beneath the ground, I can only guess that it is probably reaching the thermosphere of the deepest part of the Nouvelle Vague Volcano.

‘As expected, New Wave wasn’t an extinct volcano.’

This volcano is not dead.

It was just that he was secretly hoarding his strength in order to explode the loudest and most magnificently one day.

And it was this blue seed, ‘Poseidon’, that took root at the point where that power gathered and was sucking up the power.

Strictly speaking, it was an existence that was parasitic on the New Wave.

‘no. It may not be a parasite. Maybe this place called Newbagra itself is a space created by someone for the purpose of hatching Poseidon… … .’

… … But that wasn’t what mattered now.

Bikir reached into the flames and pulled away all the hot hems.

Surprisingly, the flames emitted fierce heat as if they were wary at first, but soon calmed down when Vikir touched them.

Like an animal that allowed its fur to be stroked.

As soon as the heat subsided, only warm warmth lingered.

Vikir moved forward, using the power of the basilisk to regenerate flesh.

Before long, Bikir was able to lift the curtains of fire and peer inside.

Inside it was a very narrow circular space.

And there was a pair of eyes looking up at Bikir.

[…] … !]

black scales. And the blue flames that blazed between them.

… … Is the size slightly smaller than palm size?

A strange creature that looks like a lizard but has wings on its back is staring at Bikir.

It was like a creature born from fire, eating fire, growing up, and returning to fire, its whole body wrapped in flames.

“… … .”

Bikir looked down at it.

It also looked up at Bikir.

Those who were born to each other and became the first existence they saw.



It hiccupped a little.

Small blue flames flew out of his small nostrils and then disappeared.

“pretty. Eggs can produce things like this. Is it like a Salamander?”

“… … no. It is a much, much higher existence than that.”

Vikir briefly replied to the words of admiration from Ayen, who had followed him before he knew it.

Bikir also doesn’t know exactly what this is.

They only know that they are the most prosperous and have the greatest potential among the ancient beings who oppose demons.

It could be guessed just by looking at Dekarabia’s reaction as he trembled between his chest.

[oh my god! I never thought this would still exist! I thought it was extinct a very, very long time ago! I’m sure I heard that the Emperor of Sorcery, T’Jersi, personally purged each one! Maybe this is the last entity left in this world… … !?]

After seeing Poseidon, Dekarabia began to tremble all the fuss he had been holding back.


Kuruk- Kuruk- Kuruk-

It moved its black and blue body and approached Bikir.

Then, he rubbed his cheek against the back of Bikir’s hand.

expression of friendliness. A movement that reveals unconditional liking and attachment to a being he has seen for the first time in his life.

But the time of that rapport was short-lived.


It spread its wings and prepared to leap into the sky.

It was greeted calmly, avoiding its gaze as if to say goodbye.

‘see you again.’

A message that resonates in your mind.

It wasn’t through the form of language, but that’s why the meaning touches the heart more accurately and resonates.

Bikir also responded to that meaning.

‘Human life is short. I won’t be in this world when you’re old enough to come see me. You’ll never see them again.’

It made a very sad expression at Bikir’s will as he closed his eyes and shook his head.

yet. It’s time.

It spread its little wings wide.

And beneath the ground, a pillar of blue fire bursting from the volcano’s deepest and hottest place gave strength to its wings.


The power of the volcano was condensed into its two tiny wings, creating a blinding blue light.

Right now, it is about to kick off the bottom of the abyss, penetrate the deep and dark abyss, and soar above the surface of the water and into the vast sky.

“done. it’s over.”

Bikir turned his attention away from all of this.

All the tasks that have been carried out so far have been completed.

He finally achieved his purpose after enduring all sorts of crises and hardships by going directly to the ghost castle in the deep sea.

“This is the end of our purpose in New Wave. Now that the egg has hatched, there is nothing more to see.”

“okay? So, can we get out of here now?”

“… … Now that is a new problem.”

Bikir shut his mouth.

In fact, I had this thought when I first came down to Nouvelle Vague.

If he could safely find this Poseidon and activate it a few years earlier, he would have done all his duty, and he would not mind dying after that.

However, after coming to this stage and making the plan a success, new greed arises.

want to live

I want to live longer.

So I wanted to see with my own eyes how the future of mankind would go, how this long and terrible war would come to an end, and how the final outcome, which I had not seen in my previous life, would come to a conclusion.

Many people will die.

And many will survive.

and will live

the future. A far future beyond what Bikir saw in his previous life!

… Tuuk!

Vikir reached out and grabbed Ayen’s wrist.


Bikir said briefly to Iyen, who was making a surprised expression.

“Let’s go.”

Now it’s really time to leave New Wave here.

Missing faces lingering in my head.

It was the moment to return to the ground, not knowing how much had changed in the meantime.

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