Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 411

Episode 411: End game (3)


A heavy aftershock shook the entire cavity.

The body of a huge crocodile sank to the ground.

… … And that too in one hit!

Colonel Dordium. A candidate for the prison warden who was aiming for the next presidency.

One of the 5 wardens of Nouvelle Vague and one of the twin walls that were in charge of actual military force was sunk so quickly.

Everyone froze with their mouths wide open in front of this situation that was so absurd and shocking.

… … .

A short silence hung over the battlefield, where the chaos of quarrels had just occurred.

In particular, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was in Dordium’s direct line, was so surprised that he wondered if his heart might have jumped out of his throat.

“Do, Dor, Colonel Dordium?”

But Dordium, with her head on the ground, is speechless.

From the long tongue sticking out over the corner of the overhanging pit, it was certain that he had fainted or died.

… … From the point of view of the guards watching, we can only hope that it is not the latter.


Bikir took off his hat, revealing his face once more in the New Wave.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the New Wave.”

The Night Hound, who is officially believed to have escaped from prison and met miserable death in the middle of the deep, has reappeared.

Even the key to open the ‘Door of Good and Evil’, a symbol of Orwell’s Sword of Winter and New Wave, was held in the hands of this reckless prisoner.

It is now clear who is the main culprit who caused great confusion at the entrance ceremony earlier.

Seeing this, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s face once again turned into astonishment.

“Um, why is that thing over there! Surely Sir Winston, the headmaster of the Colosseo Academy, must have a god why!?”

It was more shocking that Orwell, the sword of winter, was here than the night hound, which was thought to have died after escaping from prison, was alive.

However, no matter how much he questions, Bikir does not give an answer.

at that time.


Huge shadows were cast over the flames and vapors.

Prisoners from Level 9 and Level 8 were gathering towards Bikir before they knew it.

“Sorry. Dordium was my prey.”

“Little boy. It hit me a bit. What is that jailer uniform?”

“Do you know anything about Orca? When will the old man come?”

“I can lay Dordium in one shot. If you eat well… … .”

Prisoners of various shapes surrounded Bikir.

All of their eyes were on the key in Vikir’s hand.

Bikir said briefly.

“friends. I have no intention of monopolizing this key.”

If he had, he wouldn’t have thrown his key in the middle of this mess before.

Bikir tossed the key away once more.

The key flew far away in a parabolic arc and landed exactly in the center of the place where the prisoners and the guards were confronting each other.

Bikir had no intention of picking up the key again.

It could be seen that the usefulness of the key was exhausted by drawing attention twice in this urgent situation.

“Oh oh! A real key!”

“Open the door of good and evil!”

“I’m going out to the nostalgic land!”

“for a moment! Shouldn’t we steal the balloon eel before that?”

The prisoners rushed out to pick up the keys.

Looking at it, Bikir sensed that it was time to let go.

When everyone was looking up, the night hound was looking down deeper than anywhere else.

‘… … Now is the right time to go to Level 10.’

There, a sphere surrounded by blue lava, ‘Poseidon’, who will be the final weapon of mankind, is asleep.

When everyone’s eyes were on the ‘Door of Good and Evil’ on the 1st floor, those who said they used their brains were paying attention to the ‘Balloon Eel Breeding Ground’ on the 5th floor, and the regressor who penetrated everything was aiming for ‘Poseidon’ on the 10th floor.

Bikir threw away the key and ran back at the same time.

All the eyes of the prisoner and the prison guard are directed to the door and the key of good and evil.

It was clear that a cloud of blood would rage once more at the place where the key fell.

‘… … It was also good to bring the key. There can be nothing else like this to divert attention.’

For guards and prisoners, what could be more interesting than the key to the prison lock?

Bikir recalled the face of Professor Saadi, who briefly held hands with Winston at the academy.

In any case, this operation was possible thanks to her stealing Winston’s sword, Orwell, so if we meet in the future, it would be okay to say hello.

‘… … As long as he’s alive.’

Acting under the name of Miss Ouroboros, she completely disappeared after Winston and Naraksu incident, and her whereabouts were unknown after that.

However, the words Sadie said when handing over Orwell, the Sword of Winter, to her were still clearly lingering in her mind.

‘Hand it over.’

‘Yes~ I’ll give it to you~ I really need the ‘key to the front door’, but… … There must be another way.’

‘… … .’

‘Could you promise me one more thing instead? … … If the opportunity arises… … Please bring it out with me.’

‘… … i get it. if there is a chance.’

‘Be cool.’

Bikir needed to go to Level 10 once again to keep his promise to Saadi.

Because her request was something that could have been granted to her while operating Poseidon.

Bikir rushed down the slope, feeling everyone’s eyes on him in the other direction.

at that time.

… Pacan!

A sharp rock protruding from the wall grazed Bikir’s cheek.

“… … !”

Bikir ducked his head back to avoid it.

If I was wrong, I could have exploded my head with that one shot because of the acceleration I was running.

When Bikir turned his head, he saw the entity that moved the boulder standing in front of him.

… … There was only one person. The one who didn’t pay attention to the key.

Colonel Suware. One of the two colonels who lead through the twin walls of the New Wave.

She blocked the entrance to the stairs leading downstairs, staring at Bikir with a cold gaze.

Suware asked, looking at Bikir and Dordium scattered behind him.

“You are the one I put into solitary confinement. If that’s the case, don’t you owe me too?”

“Ah, that’s right. Shall we pay it back together?”

“If you can.”

Bikir happily nodded at Suware’s words as he nodded.

“Of course not.”

At the same time, Suware’s hammer and Bikir’s sword clashed.

… Kwak!

The heavy shockwave spreads out in a winding way like countless snakes spreading.

Flames, oil vapor, gas and dust were pulsating, creating a terrifying sight.

Kwak! Kaang- Earth! Cranky! Kkong-kwak-kwak-kwak! Hard!

The demonic sword Baalzebub and the heavy sledgehammer were exchanging one step at an astonishing speed.

Suware was pushing hard enough that the sledgehammer was getting hotter and redder, but he couldn’t avoid being pushed back.

‘What kind of power… … !’

I understand why Dordium was destroyed in one blow.

The opponent is strength for strength, speed for speed, and a seasoned warrior who lacks nothing.

Suware, feeling that he had no chance of winning in a head-to-head fight, stepped back.

Puff puff puff!

Before long, a wave of lava rose from where she stomped and hit Bikir.

Bikir cut down the lava, but it soon hardened and crumbled into thick dust.

And after that, the second and third rock waves hit in succession.

“… … What a troublesome pattern.”

This was not an attack to injure Bikir, but an attack to waste time.

Suware saw through that Bikir was trying to go downstairs after causing confusion for some purpose.

“I don’t know what you’re aiming for, but give up. I’m good at defense.”

Suware grinned and blew out the smoke.

The twin walls of New Wave also have their own characteristics.

Dordium of attack, Suware of defense.

Dordium, who is good at one-sided slashing attacks, and Suware, who is good at pulling in surrounding rocks and minerals to create shields that overlap indefinitely.

The personalities of these two are very clear and distinct.

Bikir frowned as he looked at the rock and alloy defenses that Suware created by layering them on top of each other.

‘They’re not very compatible?’

After all, Suware is also one of the formidable enemies that must be defeated here.

It seemed that the time he had shortened by exerting all his might when catching Dordium would be wasted.

‘I can’t help it. It will take a lot of time, but I have to step on it surely… … .’

When Bikir was just thinking about this and that.


A tremendous roar erupted from the front.

The low-ranking guards standing around were shock waves so strong that their eardrums burst and blood spurted out.


Suware’s head turned as if it were being pulled out from between his shoulders.

She fell off the track parallel to the ground and crashed into the wall next to her, immediately rolling her eyes out and passing out.

It was the same ending as Dordium.

“… … ?”

Bikir looked up through the thick dust.

A thin shadow stood there, trampling on Suware’s face.

There was a muffled sound all around.

“Hee!? Hey, you’re a new prisoner!”

“Is it that year? Who is scheduled to enter Level 10?”

“I heard that he came in right away without going through a trial, so I never thought he would send Suware in one shot.”

“There must have been another monster.”

Vikir’s mind sparsely recalls information that had previously slipped without much thought.

‘Oh, did you hear? This time, a person scheduled to move to Level 10 is coming in. They said he was sentenced to Rebel Nine right away without a trial. but it’s a girl They even say it’s pretty.’

‘Are you crazy? It must be a monster among monsters to the point of being thrown into Level 9 right away without a trial. It doesn’t matter if it looks like a woman.’

The new prisoner who made a lot of noise this time.

Silver hair interspersed with black hair, triangular pointed ears, face black with ashes.

Big and clear eyes like a lake in fierce eyes.

She was smiling at Bikir.

“Long time no see, West.”

A new night fox has appeared to succeed Aquila, the night fox.

It was Iyen’s appearance.

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