Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 412

Chapter 412: End game (4)


The warrior tribes of the Red and Black Mountains.

Along with Baskerville, the iron-blooded swordsman, beings who wielded a mighty influence throughout the Dark Red Sea.

Ayen is such a tribal chief of Balak and a warrior who had no one to follow among his peers.

The daughter of Aquila, the chieftain, and a young blood following her, she has the talent and qualities to reach the level of a graduate at just 17 years old.

Originally, she was destined to disappear when the red death swept through the sea, but the future changed due to the butterfly effect created by Vikir.

‘… … But even so, I never thought I’d see you here again.’

Bikir’s mouth was half-open at the completely unexpected result.

Then Iyen grinned and tapped Bikir’s side with his elbow.

“I thought you would be here.”

“… … .”

“I didn’t know you were still wearing the leash.”

She smiled mischievously at the old choker hanging around Bikir’s neck.

Meanwhile, Bikir asked while looking back at Suware, who was tumbling to the floor with rocks.

Obviously, it was Iyen who had just kicked Suware in the head.

“What happened?”

“what? Are you asking why I’m here? Or are you asking how you were able to become so strong in such a short period of time?”

“… … both.”

Bikir asked, and Iyen pointed backwards with his thumb.

“I’ll tell you the details as we go. Aren’t you in a hurry right now?”

“… … .”

Ayen was right.

Bikir quickly assessed the situation and left.

Ayen knocked down two guards who stood in his way and took their bows and arrows from them.

Then, following Bikir, he spoke briefly.

“I too went into Naraksu.”

“… … !”

Vikir remembered fighting Amdusias long ago.

There were clearly marks left by arrows on the tips of its horns.

And Aheul, whom I met in Naraksu, said the same thing.

‘I’m worried about what happened to the other tribe members. Especially my older brother and the chief… … We were at least able to survive here by falling here. if… … If the people who couldn’t come here had a more miserable situation… … ‘

Amdusias, the worldview absorber, raided Balak’s territory and imprisoned them in the Naraksu.

If so, did Ayen also be in the same place as the Naraksu Tower that Vikir entered?

But Iyen shook his head.

“The Naraksu I was in was a different entity. He called it ‘Prototype’.”

Bikir immediately understood what that meant.

The Naraksu that Bikir experienced is an improved version so that the challengers in the tower can survive a little more easily.

However, Iyen ended up entering the Naraksu of the previous version.

The survival rate of those who challenge the tower is too low, so into the discarded object, alone!

“I survived by killing fairies and monsters and eating candy. It’s probably because it’s an object with many errors, so it’s impossible to clear it. He said he would just have to live locked up in that tower forever. That’s what the dragon horse you defeated on the top floor said.”

Bikir looked genuinely surprised.

No matter how different the version of Naraksu is, if it’s a Dragon Demon, it’s not usually a strong monster.

After challenging the tower several times, Iyen succeeded in hunting such a dragon horse.

“There must be a reason why you became a warrior of reversal while I couldn’t see you.”

“Whoops-but the reason I was able to get out of the tower was because the West defeated Amdusias in the end.”

Iyen, who was frustrated because she couldn’t go outside no matter how much she cleared the tower, was suddenly able to go out of the tower one day.

It was a fact that I learned later, but it was because Vikir cleared the Naraksu in the Imperial Academy and defeated Amdusias, the tower owner.

“After that, I left the West Continent and came over to the Central Continent. But the place has already become a mess?”

Iyen’s testimony was astonishing.

One day, countless gates that suddenly appeared in the night sky poured out fire and monsters.

Demonic spirits ran rampant everywhere and fireballs fell.

The Hell Gate has opened.

Four ominous signs were occurring that signaled the end of the world was approaching.

“… … for a moment. 4 things? Aren’t there 10?”

When Bikir asked, Iyen nodded.

“There is endless darkness over the world, hailstones of fire, and swarms of flies and frogs seething. 4 right?”

“… … Hmm. The number of disasters has also been reduced to four, perhaps because six of them have been eliminated.”

Bikir nodded.

Originally, six more disasters were supposed to happen on the ground.

Water turns to blood, herds boil, cattle and beasts die, locust storms dry up all food, and the firstborn of the year die.

But none of this happened.

This is because Bikir has already eliminated the culprits of this disaster.

‘But the four remaining tens are enough to destroy the world.’

Ultimately, it’s just a matter of time. It would take a little longer for the world to be completely destroyed, but the four great devils were steadily descending destruction on the ground.

Even at this moment.

‘Perhaps sooner or later the door to destruction will be fully opened. Before that, we need to get rid of them completely as soon as possible… … .’

As if reading Vikir’s thoughts, Iyen spoke in a voice of resentment.

“So, as soon as I went to the ecliptic, I went to see Xindi Wendy.”

“… … !”

Bikir’s eyes were young.

Sindi Wendy is one of Vikir’s henchmen, someone she can trust no matter what happens.

Bikir gave her several instructions before entering Newvag, and if Iyen met her, things would go smoothly.

“Sindy Wendy was a person who had been trading with Balak for a long time, so I could trust him. There he heard stories of the West. That he was framed and imprisoned.”

“It’s not a false name. Well, go ahead.”

“So I tried to take care of things that the West couldn’t do.”

Blue light emanated from Iyen’s eyes.

“Pedro from the Donquixote family, Isselred from the Usher family, and Thomas from the Leviathan family. And their owners, Pasamonte from the Don Quixote family, Madeline from the Usher family, and Hobbes from the Leviathan family. I was going to assassinate them all.”

After hearing her words, Bikir was able to understand what had been written on the newspaper fragments he had previously obtained from a prisoner.

[inside… ] … The palace guards attack… all

-The Usher family… Suspicious Attack… big damage… Investigators suspect… One specific… Victim Madeline… slander… There is no limit to life…

[Exclusive] Changhae… Oh, the damage from the successive attacks…

-Don Quixote… Another question… attack… Count of Pasamonte… minor injuries… Investigators suspect… One specific… Presumed to be the same…

[Exclusive] Extreme poisoning, arrest of assassination suspect…

– Leviathan… Gaju Hobbs attack… It’s because of the recent increase in monsters… All over the Leviathan family’s territory… Unidentified gates and strange dungeons appear in succession… Initiation of a full investigation at the empire level…

Usher, Don Quixote, and Leviathan were attacked in turn, and there was only one beast.

That was Iyen.

“You could have just waited and met me. Anyway, I was planning to leave here soon.”

“That’s what I believed, of course. What better reunion gift could there be than an enemy’s head or raw liver. I am also a woman with a mood.”

“… … .”

Iyen looked genuinely depressed at not being able to decapitate the rest of the crowd.

Bikir soothed her.

“The courage to attack alone is amazing. That alone is enough.”

“what. It was nothing compared to the dragon horse that fought in Naraksu. Or when I fought the entire colony of daylilies in the river of eminence.”

“So how did it go?”

“hmm. As a result, it failed. I tried to break into Leviathan and cut off the head of the family head… … He’s a lot stronger than I thought. So he was eventually captured and brought down here to New Wave.”

“I guess so. Its true identity is this poem, Flouros. It’s a demon with great power. You would have been incapable of doing it alone. Didn’t Xindi Wendy stop you?”

“I didn’t dry it. I was not alone.”

“… … ?”

Many things were omitted, but it was well conveyed how many things Ayen had prepared and prepared for revenge.


“Hmm. I just need to know. Be nice to me.”

at that time.

“These guys!”

There was a huge man standing in the way of Bikir and Ayen.

Colonel Bastille. He was wielding a toothless greatsword, blocking the way down.

“I don’t know what the plan is, but I can’t get past it!”

He knew very well that he could not stop the duo who had sent Dordium and Suware away with his own power.

So Lieutenant Colonel Bastille slammed his greatsword on the floor.

Kwak! so-so-

It was meant to cause an earthquake and collapse the passage. Even if it means sacrificing your own life.

“… … this.”

Bikir frowned at the unexpected obstacle.

Rocks fell from above and the floor was deeply cracked, so it was a difficult task.



Iyan just whistles with a meaningful smile.

Then, an amazing thing happened.

Ayen’s hair burned like flames, and soon a huge wolf was summoned with a body made of flames.

Seeing the wolf’s face, Bikir exclaimed with joy.


Wolf Vakira. The guy who once shared the joys and sorrows with Bikir in the sea of ​​water.

Ayen laughed bitterly.

“I am grateful to him for staying by my side and not going to the underworld even after his lifespan was over. He signed a return contract in Naraksu.”

The fire wolf summoned by Iyen struck Lieutenant Colonel Bastille with its front paw and threw it away.


With a loud shock wave, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s body was blown away.


Vakira jumped over the crack in the floor with Iyen and Vikir on her back.

“It’s at a tremendous speed.”

Bikir shuddered at Vakira’s speed.

I never thought that this guy who had lost his hind legs during Madame’s attack could run so fast.

At that time, Iyan asked as if he had suddenly remembered.

“But isn’t the fifth floor a breeding ground for balloon eels? Why don’t you go to the 5th floor and go to the 10th floor?”

“… … that.”

Bikir told Ayen’s ear about his future plans.

“… … amazing Could it be that this was all planned from the beginning? Even being imprisoned here?”

“Of course. So far, things are going according to plan.”

Vikir nodded at Iyen’s question.

Really, everything has been going well so far.

Dordium and Suware passed out, and even Colonel Bastille, who was supposed to lead the guards, collapsed.

With Level 9’s few unique prisoners at the forefront, prisoners on all floors were rampaging wildly, and the guards seemed helplessly pushed aside.

… … But life is always unpredictable. It doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.


A deafening roar hits the ceiling.

blah blah-

The door of good and evil, boasting an enormous size, suddenly began to open.

Ting- Tuong! Empty! Dduduk! Dudeuk! Quick!

The chains that supported the door broke with a loud noise, and the huge cast iron pulleys were crushed by unprecedented power.

“Who, who! Who opened the door of good and evil!?”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who had escaped from a crack in the ground, screamed in astonishment, but no answer came back.

Shoot Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Push sis sis-

The cold water that fell from above cools the hot battlefield.

All the prisoners and guards who had been fighting so hard looked up in amazement.

And there was only one old man there.

Having opened the door of good and evil with only the strength of his arms, he slowly pushed himself into the New Wave.

… thud!

The old man sat down on the ground.

And seeing the old man’s wrinkled face, tight lips, stiff white beard, and uniform wrinkled like a knife, the complexion of all the prisoners began to turn blue.

The symbol and supreme of New Wave.

A being who reigns as fear of all prisoners and holds the command of all guards.

The prison warden of ‘Orca Montreuil-sur-Mer Javert’ fell in the middle of the battlefield.

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