Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 410

Episode 410: End game (2)

level nine. Prisoners imprisoned in the pit on the ninth floor have been released.

As the BDSM restraints, the only means to control the Lv.

Dangerous elements confined here after being sentenced to more than 1,000 life sentences in a row while each one was on the ground.

They are monsters whose very existence has a great adverse effect on the security of the empire.

Not only did they possess mighty weapons, but they also had demonic brains.

When the prisoners of Rebel Nine joined the riot, the charter changed in an instant.

“Hey, these bastards are so strong!”

“Even other prisoners are affected!”

“Shit! Aren’t those scums in formation!?”

“Don’t be pushed! If you get pushed even once, it’s the end!”

“Kill mainly summoners and warlocks!”

The guards gritted their teeth and fought, but it was impossible to even hold on in place.

Aside from being strong, Level 9 also had many people who were good at mercenary skills and military strategy, so the guards’ siege was breaking down in real time.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille shouted.

“Mr. Orca! Where is Orca-sama!”

“You haven’t returned yet!”

At the report of his subordinate, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille bit his lip hard enough to bleed.

The only hope at this point was the two wardens, Colonel Dordium and Colonel Suware.

Quaggie Geek-

Dordium, who killed a prisoner in front of him with an ax blade, moved forward, tearing the battlefield apart without hesitation.

“Don’t be intimidated! After all, it’s just chaff that has become weak and insolvent over the years… … !?”

However, Dordium’s words did not carry on to the end.

… chin!

The ax blade, which had been slicing and crushing everything around it, stopped spinning.

I could see the prisoner’s face holding the hot knife with his bare hands.

Seeing that face, Dordium also groaned quietly.

“… … megidio. Is it a level 9 beast?”

The red-haired female prisoner grinned, red flames emanating from her eyes.

As if he had a debt to repay Dordium.

Quaang- Patter-

Dordium’s face, which had been hit by the fist, turned sideways and was sprayed with blood.

“Damn it. Didn’t the troubled bastards escape from prison? What the hell happened to BDSM… … !”

Taking a few steps back, Dordium growled, spatting out blood and broken teeth.

Suware, who was watching it from the side, clicked her tongue.

“You go around being beaten by prisoners. It sucks.”

But even she was not in a position to laugh at Dordium.

A snow-white girl lifted her fingernails and slashed her cheeks.

Behind her, seven large wolf shadows swayed.

“Oh my, it’s Snow White from Killer World. Yeah, I thought you’d come out first. Of course, he will come to find me first.”

Suware lifted up her bloody face and smiled lazily.

The thick cigar in his mouth burns tightly and puffs out thick smoke.

Around these two wardens, the prisoners of Level Nine were gathering one by one.

Each of them were villains who had a terrifying notoriety when they were on earth.

Monsters who could have destroyed at least a small country by themselves if it had been the Age of Warring States.

The expressions of Dordium and Suware looking at such aspects were getting more and more complicated.

The two stood back to back in the middle of the encirclement and opened their mouths.

“… … This is where I will die.”

“It’s not too bad. the weather is good too. It’s fine as long as you can leave a corpse in good shape. I shaved today.”

“Still, I will die later than four years. I must die to see that hateful face crushed.”

“Ho-ho-ho-a moodless man. Is this the only last comment between the two of you who have been fighting for almost 30 years since your youth as a low-level guard?”

“Hung, then did you think you would confess?”

“Maybe you expected a little bit?”

“… … ?”

“Ho ho ho- joke~ talk~”

After the conversation, Dordium and Suware raised their full strength.

Wood deok! Wood deok! Awesome!

Dordium’s entire body was covered with black ironclad scales.

Blade-like teeth hang down under the elongated snout.

Dordium, which was already large, grows several times larger, revealing its true face as a ferocious saltwater crocodile-type beastman.

Suware also expressed the blood of both dwarves and elves flowing through his body.

My ears are pointed and my senses are sharp.

At the same time, her body temperature began to rise to the point where she could melt metal and sleep.

The demons of Level 9 also started rampaging like fish out of water.

“Oh oh! Dordium! I’ve been waiting for the day I kill you!”

“Suware! I will cut off the leg that trampled on me!”

“Orca! Call the Orca, you guys!”

The guards also desperately covered Dordium and Suware, the keys that could decide victory or defeat on the battlefield.

“You two, support the guards!”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille came with his senior guards.

He swung a large two-handed greatsword and drove the prisoners of Level Nine to one place.

“Well done, Bastille! Buy me a little time!”

Dordium, who had just decapitated a prisoner from Revelnine, shouted through gnashing of teeth.

Covered in the blood of the prisoners, he was like a gigantic demon.


As Dordium swung his tail, all the stalactites around him were shattered.

Heavy boulders fluttering in all directions hit the prisoners hard.


Dordium stretched the ax blade on his forearm to its limit.

A black saltwater crocodile armed with an ax blade all over its body.

Even the hard, sharp scales that covered its entire body bristled up, and its appearance changed to that of an evil god descending to the ground to slaughter.

“Get rid of it, you scumbags!”

With a thunderous roar, Dordium began to rotate its body.

Death roll.

A typical hunting method of crocodiles.

It is a technique that bites the opponent and rotates the whole body to remove the flesh.

However, when Dordium used it, its destructive power was extraordinary.


The scales sprouting all over Dordium’s body and six pairs of huge ax blades.

The aura coated on the ends of the blades also elongates, creating a shape like a guillotine.

A black whirlpool swallowed everything.

Everything that was sucked in was broken and crushed.

The huge whirlwind of slashing swept the ground lying horizontally, bobbing around like a snake thrown onto a fire.

Serious injuries that cause the body to be cut off just by brushing against it, if hit properly, it is unconditionally fatal.

“Aaaaaagh! Colonel Dordium used the Death Roll!”

“damage! When you’re in that state, even your allies won’t recognize you!”

“Push the prisoners in! Just harden your defenses!”

“If you stay in place, you won’t be dragged away!”

Dordium’s special move was a threat not only to the prisoners, but even to the jailers.

Even the vicious prisoners of Level 9 escaped to the side without being hit, as if the whirlwind of slashing created by Dordium was burdensome.


The black whirlpool cut away all the stalactites and rocks that blocked the path and smashed them into flat land.

Stalactites that were hit by the aura storm from the front were shattered and turned into sand and fluttered, and large and thick rocks had shattered marks on their sides.

All the prisoners stepped back and sideways at the majesty so strong that the terrain inside it changed drastically.

… … however.

Among the prisoners who had fallen to either side was a man standing alone.

A man in a tattered jailer uniform.

A silver rose of Sharon, which means major, can be seen blooming on the chest.

An unidentified major with the brim of his hat pressed down deeply.

He stood still, not moving even when he saw Dordium’s death roll coming from the front.

“hey! Are you out of your mind!? Major, what are you doing with a naughty subject! Come out quickly!”

“Hot ha! Are you killing the same jailer as well? Dordium!”

Shoutings from prisoners and guards rain down in the crowd as the tide ebbs away.

However, he was still standing still, watching the storm of slashing attacks coming right in front of his eyes.


Before long, a silver rose of Sharon that fell off rolls on the floor.

He wanted to remove the rank insignia from his chest.

… Flash!

from top to bottom. Arms are lowered vertically.


An arm that only moved once. And a small blade protruding from his wrist.

However, it fell like a thunderbolt and stuck Dordium’s body straight to the floor.

Woo support!

Dordium’s head, which had been smashed into the ground, bounced off the ground again.

thud… …

That was the end.

blow. With just one knife cut, Dordium fell to the floor covered in blood.

For a moment, silence settled over Nouvelle Bagh, which had become a disaster.

Whoops- Whoops- whoops-

Only the sound of a man wiping the blood from his sword with the collar of his uniform could be heard in the terrifyingly cold and chilling silence.


The aura that emanated from him was devouring everything on the battlefield.

In front of this black and red charisma in the shape of a large monster dog, all living things in the New Wave had to hold their breath with stunned faces.

Before long, the man took a step with his boots on and stepped on the sunken Dordium’s head.

“… … I’m the type of person who always pays off debts.”

It was the moment when the night hounds once again appeared in the New Wave.

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