Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 401

Episode 401: Black Tongue (3)

The black tongue issued a congratulatory order without any sign of discomfort despite Bikir’s request to get up first.

“… … Enough then.”

Since the interrogation is over, there is no reason to remain in an uncomfortable place.

Bikir nodded to the black tongue and stood up.

“ah… … .”

Kirko tried to open her mouth, but she stopped immediately.

Because the black tongue opened its mouth first.

“You can leave first. I think your lieutenant’s interrogation won’t be very long.”

“yes. then.”

Bikir saluted, then turned around and left the chamber.

Kirko looked at Bikir’s back with a complicated expression, then looked forward again.

“… … !”

For a moment, she was startled.

Before I knew it, the face of the black tongue was right in front of me.

“Huh-Huh-Huh~ It seems like I haven’t seen you in a really long time.”

The black tongue held Kirko’s hand and stroked his shoulder, behaving kindly.

“… … ?”

Kirko frowned with a puzzled expression.

First of all, this is the first time she has seen a black tongue.

But more than that, this cold, resilient touch against my skin was so unpleasant.

So Kirko leaned back a little and avoided contact with the black tongue.

“I’m new to Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel.”

“Whoop whoop-yeah I remember. Every time we met, he said such a cold voice. No matter how hard I wooed you. It’s really too much~”

“… … What do you mean by that? I’m sure I’m seeing the lieutenant colonel for the first time today.”

“Ahh, again. Yeah, it’s been a while since I showed you my face, so I’ll put up with it. I missed you so much! Oh my, why have I been forgetting this pretty face for so long? I really missed you! I guess I’m not getting old, we… … .”

The black tongue pulled the leech muscles all over the face and continued with a smile.

“The so-called Valentine’s Picture.”

Moment. Kirko’s expression hardened.

She managed to part her lips that didn’t come off, and soon she was able to utter a short, trembling voice.

“… … My name is Kirko, Captain Kirko Grimm.”


Then, the black tongue made a blank expression for an instant.

Then he raised his fist and pretended to hit his head with a bean.

“Oh, look at my mind. Oh, you came as Major Gareum’s adjutant, right? I was mistaken because her face looked so alike. Hey, that was several years ago… … .”

The black tongue immediately began to scan the papers in his hand.

“that’s right. You got a surprise promotion to captain today. Was a captain such an easy rank?”

“… … .”

“It’s been a while since Dordium and Suware have seen a jailer with a captaincy so quickly. ah! Major Gareum, that friend is a bit of an exception.”

The black tongue continued to smile as it alternated between Kirko and the documents.

“I’m twenty-two, my hometown… … what? New Wave? are you from here? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa place Then it looks like your parents are jailers.”

He rolled his eyes and thought about something, then he patted his knee.

“I see! no wonder! I wanted to see a familiar face. You are the child of ‘those friends’!”

At that, Kirko bit her lip.

The very ‘incident’ 23 years ago from now. Kirko is the child born when the prisoner attacks the jailer.

The black tongue was referring to that very event.

… … but. The situation was going to turn out a little differently than Kirko had thought.

“Whoop whoop – that’s right. At that time, it was well-reputed around that there was a couple of good men and women in the Nouvelle Vague. It was to the extent that the upper management specifically considered parental leave.”

… … ?

Kirko tilted her head.

Obviously, he is a child born between a prisoner and a prison guard.

An ominous existence whose birth itself touches an unspeakable taboo.

A heretic whose origins are rooted in the lower world, who are not welcomed anywhere.

But what Black Tongue was recalling was completely different from what she knew.

“that’s right. I remember the two of us holding hands while we were secretly dating. Both the man and the woman were exemplary low-level guards. To the point of jealousy.”

The black tongue was hot and sticky like molten asphalt, and it contained desire in the voice.

“Just looking at it made me feel like I couldn’t stand it because something was swelling in my stomach. So I immediately arrested him for violating military discipline. It was also the time when Dordium and Suware were holding prisoners very strictly, so we had to be strict with the guards.”

Kirko’s pupils tremble mercilessly.

Before she could say anything, the black tongue spoke in a wide smile.

“So I decided to quickly fake a rather shocking case of an accident. That’s right, that’s right~ Those were your parents.”

The love between a male guard and a female guard, and secret love between insignificant low-level guards.

It was forged in a catastrophic incident in which a prisoner attacked a jailer.

It was necessary to have as shocking a story as possible in order to make the guards despise and dislike the prisoners.

Kirko muttered with a blank expression.

“Dad… … You weren’t a prisoner? Mom… … Didn’t you get hurt?”

In the meantime, I thought of the parents I didn’t even know their faces countless times.

He hated his father, whom he did not know his name or face, and sympathized with his mother, the only one who knew his name.

And now, Kirko knew two things.

That the mother and father had a loving relationship with each other, and that the mother’s face was very similar to his own.

“… … Maybe I could have been loved by both mom and dad.”

Kirko closed her eyes.

This feeling welling up in my heart was definitely relief.

“… … thank god. Because my dad isn’t a bad person, and because my mom isn’t a pitiful person. Because I am the only bad boy.”

You no longer have to hate your father.

You don’t have to sympathize with your mother.

This alone seemed to lighten her heart, which had been imprisoned by nature.

… … But still unresolved questions remain.

“so. What did you do to my parents?”

Kirko asked while glaring at her black tongue.

The way he spoke suddenly changed to a sharp, short-spoken language, but he didn’t seem to pay much attention to his black tongue.

“Why are you looking for your parents in me?”

“You dragged it. He disappeared after that.”

“okay? Did I? uh huh?”

The black tongue started rolling its eyeballs.

It seemed like he was working hard on his own.

And then

“… … ah!”

He pats his knee as if he suddenly remembered something.

The black tongue shouted brightly, like a boy who remembered a forgotten time capsule.

“that’s right! I dragged your parents! I remember shouting loudly, saying no, no, unfair, unfair. … … But is it just missing? didn’t you come back? weird? Could it be that you deserted as is?”

He put his chin on his chin and pondered for a while longer.

“right! right! I forgot and didn’t release it! I forgot about being interrogated after being locked up for a few days because I was busy. Where would they be now then… … ?”

Heoyeon’s eyeballs spin left and right separately.

And soon, the black tongue raised a finger.

“I remembered! It’s over there!”

Where the black tongue extended its index finger and pointed.

That’s where Kirko is sitting right now.

It was a black ball under her buttocks.

“Whoop whoop – you are sitting right now. on your mother.”

Upon hearing the words of the black tongue, Kirko’s expression relaxed for a moment.

In an instant, a flashback flashed through her mind.

It was a conversation we had when we had just entered the stone chamber.

‘There must be people inside the leech that acts as a cushion, right?’

‘I guess so. Let’s sit down as well. Sit on the floor if you feel uncomfortable.’

‘… … no. It’s not uncomfortable.’

The black ball, which did not want to be pushed by the force of the black tongue, stood firm and sat there.

Kirko immediately felt the strength in her legs loosen.

As her weight added up.


The leech under her buttocks trembles again and spurts thick bloody juice.

And the black tongue grinned as before.

“It looks like I’m farting~”

He rose from his seat with an exaggerated gesture and went behind Kirko’s back.

Then he said while stroking the black ball.

“Joke. joke. I’m going to release you because you seem nervous~ If you’re so stiff, your mother will be sad too. oh wow, this is it I’m sorry about your parents. I really meant to lock him up for a few days and then release him, but he must have forgotten and put it in a corner. You completely forgot what?”

The black tongue brushed off the dust accumulated in the black ball.

Then he kicked his side with his boots, causing everything inside to pour out.

Chow ah-

A thick liquid spread to the floor. It smelled disgusting.

Black Tongue held out both hands and said.

“Greetings. your mom and dad Because of my forgetfulness, the meeting has been delayed. Still, I’m so glad I met you even now. feel good… … ?”

However, he couldn’t finish his speech.


It was because the tip of the knife that flew like a darting grazed his forehead.

“Oops! what’s this? Bottom line?”

The black tongue, which quickly tilted its head back and avoided it, looked at Kirko with a smile on its face.

Kirko, who pulled out her longsword from her waist, was facing the black tongue with a terrifying force.

Joo Woo-wook-

The black tongue stretched his neck like rubber.

“That’s a nice expression. Are you the same as your mother? That’s why I like kids who gossip.”

He didn’t seem to have any intention of provoking, but in fact, each of his actions was a huge provocation to Kirko.

Even just laughing, even breathing.


Once again, Kirko’s longsword sprayed the edged light.


Joo Woo-wook-

The palm of the black tongue stretched like rubber hit Kirko’s abdomen.


She flew like a broken kite and crashed into the wall behind the chamber.

“Ouch… … .”

A few ribs appeared to be broken.

Perhaps sharp bone fragments were lodged deep in the intestines.

“Whoop whoop whoop – the eyes are still alive. It must hurt a lot.”

“… … .”

Kirko ground his teeth.

Even if I die, I must kill him and die.

Determined to die, she squeezed all her strength into the sword.


Soon, a sticky and dense aura like honey shines at the tip of the knife.

The black tongue clapped its hands in surprise when it saw it.

“wow! A graduate at that age? did that happen? It’s really amazing. are you talented It’s too good to die here. Are you thinking of getting pregnant? Like your mother, I might give you another year to live… … .”

“shut up!”

Kirko’s eyes finally returned.

Her sword slashed the air with a deadly will.

Of course, it was not enough to erase the dark smile on the corner of his mouth.

… … however.

A somewhat unexpected result occurred.

Kirko’s sword failed to kill Black Tongue. It was natural.

But there was one thing she succeeded in.

It wiped out the sincere smile on the corner of the black tongue’s mouth.

… … Of course, it was not an achievement Kirko achieved alone.


Bikir. No, Major Garm Nord.

He had appeared before he knew it and was caught between Kirko and the black tongue.

Ttuk- Ttududuk- Patter-

Dark red blood drips from Bikir’s hand, which is holding onto Kirko’s blade.

“… … sorry. You forgot about your adjutant.”

Bikir said, turning her head halfway toward the black tongue behind her back.

“My adjutant has severe dependence, and without me, he has such intense anxiety.”

But Black Tongue wasn’t listening to Bikir at all.

He just stared intently at the drops of blood dripping from Bikir on the floor.

‘okay. Get caught.’

Bikir nodded as he watched the black tongue’s eyes slowly turn to greed and madness.

“Then let’s go. If the anxiety kicks in, my lieutenant might start a blind knife fight anywhere. It’s not a hypocrisy.”

“uh. that, yes Go ahead.”

For some reason, the black tongue was distracted by Vikir’s blood on the floor, and just waved his hand.

Bikir hugged Kirko as it was.

“Now, wait a minute… … Whoa!”

Kirko pushed Bikir’s chest and tried to deny it, but the pain in her lower abdomen prevented her from speaking.


Bikir left the space of the black tongue with Kirko still in his arms.

‘It’s a black tongue… … I will see you again soon.’

The eyes of the hunting dog, which temporarily moves away from the prey with the bait, are just as calm as usual.

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