Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 402

Episode 402: Black Tongue (4)

Bikir carried the fallen Kirko to her room.


When I pull the doorknob, there is only a loud noise, but the door does not open well.

It’s because the hinges are salty and rusty.

‘… … You live in a poor room.’

Bikir clicked his tongue. Hey, that’s the way all the rooms where the lower guards live are like that.

Bikir also lived in a room used by low-ranking guards below the lieutenant not too long ago.

When I open the door to the stone room without a single window, I see a simple landscape with only one desk and one bed.

Kirko groaned as she lay on the hard, clean bed.

The side effect of releasing too much mana at once was the result of the blow from the black tongue overlapping.

“… … .”

Bikir looked down at her.

Suddenly, I remembered what Lieutenant Colonel Bastille had said when Kirko was promoted to captain.

‘What a strange fate. really weird In the end, do children resemble their parents?’

He had muttered about Kirko, who was going to the Black Tongue.

Perhaps it was because he knew her past.

Kirko’s parents, who were used as a tool to dig deeper into the emotional gap between the prisoner and the guard, and the black tongue who took the lead in that work.

‘… … I can see why the name Kirko wasn’t known.’

Kirko clearly has outstanding talents and qualities.

In the future, he will be able to grow into a great hero who will be as famous as Camus and Dolores.

But despite this, the reason why I had never heard of her name in the world before Bikir’s return was simple.

‘It must be because he is killed before he becomes a hero. To the black tongue.’

Kirko was born and raised in the worst place called Newbagra.

And he made an enemy of a psycho called the black tongue.

Perhaps these two factors will prevent her from making a name for herself in the future.

Bikir looked back and looked down at Kirko, who lay moaning on the bed.

“… … . … … . … … .”

Even in the midst of losing consciousness, Kirko bit her lips tightly and held back her moans.

I was sweating so much that the whole bed was wet.

Bikir let out a small sigh.

… widely

Bikir’s hand rested on Kirko’s stomach.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

Mana is transmitted from body to body.

Vikir transferred her mana little by little to Kirko through her hands.

I could see the expression on Kirko’s face, which had been moaning in pain, loosen up a little.

‘You’ve made such a sudden leap to a higher level. That’s why it’s not good to wake up pushed by emotions like anger.’

Kirko became a graduate out of anger at the black tongue.

This kind of awakening was actually not very good for the body.

Just as muscles rupture when lifting unbearable weight or falling from a high position, so does Mana.

Awakening due to an explosion of anger is like forcibly widening the veins through which mana flows and bursting them.

It can exert strong power momentarily, but the side effects that follow are very similar to the symptoms of mana runaway.

Kirko’s rise to a higher level without becoming a disabled person could only be explained as a fluke or a miracle.

It’s like a chimpanzee who doesn’t know anything sits in front of a piano and presses any key at random, and the sequence coincides well, so it’s a rare enough probability that a classic symphony will be completed.

‘I’m glad though. I turned bad luck into heavenly luck, so the next thing is up to you.’

Kirko, who should have been killed by the Black Tongue, survived thanks to Vikir.

It is unknown what kind of variable this will act in the future.

Bikir stabilized Kirko’s qi and blood, and at the same time aligned Mana’s veins.

It was a kindness that was difficult to extend to others, and if Vikir hadn’t been a sword master, it wouldn’t have even been attempted.

at that time.

“… … !”

Bikir found a strange phenomenon while searching inside Kirko’s body.

Mana flowing from Bikir’s body into Kirko’s body.

It fills the wounds and holes in Kirko’s energy and gradually fills up mana.

However, there was just one hole that wasn’t filled even with Bikir’s mana.

Mana and stamina, which were supposed to rise at best, flowed out again through the hole.


Bikir felt uncomfortable. Then, he began to trace back the flow of mana leaking out.

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

As Bikir’s mana goes out to find a leak, Kirko’s expression becomes more and more frowning.

The cold sweat didn’t stop, and the moans of pain grew louder.

Kirko bent over while holding the bed sheet tightly, but Bikir didn’t care and used mana.

Eventually, they found where the leak was.


Bikir tore Kirko upright and tore the hem of his uniform.

The flesh of the lower abdomen, where the palm of the black tongue last touched, was dying black.

And a black sphere appears in the middle.

A round, black egg-like object was sticking to Kirko’s belly and trying to take root.

“It’s a leech.”

Bikir immediately recognized what it was.

It was similar to the things that were piled up in the stone chamber where the black tongues were.

Surprisingly, these leech larvae grew larger each time they sucked Kirko’s blood and mana.

procrastinate… …

Hands, feet, and a head were created, and soon, features were formed on the face.

Its appearance resembles a small version of Kirko.

As it sucked mana and blood, it grew bigger and bigger in shape and size reminiscent of Kirko as a child.

Except for the fact that everything was black from head to toe, it was enough to believe that he was human.

If this continues, a black monster with the same appearance as Kirko might be born.

… … but.

“It’s a leech with mysterious powers.”

Bikir removed the leech attached to Kirko’s stomach with force and sealed the part as if it were going to die with the power of starvation.


The leech, thrown to the ground, was soon crushed to death by Bikir’s boots.

“… … .”

Only then does Kirko’s complexion become calm.

The cold sweat stopped, and the irregular panting and moaning also subsided.

Bikir murmured quietly.

“It is a leech larva that sucks blood and mana and transforms into its own form… … Have you ever heard of it?”

[no. I’m seeing it for the first time.]

Dekarabia, which was attached to his chest, answered while rolling his eyes.

A monster that even Bikir, who has gone through the age of destruction and has gone through, does not know.

Even Dekaravia, who has lived a long time, has never seen or heard of it.

‘… … The Black Tongue is probably a new monster developed here in New Wave.’

Even on the ground, there are unusual monsters such as ‘bone-sucking mosquitoes’, but there are no outlandish monsters that steal the opponent’s strength and appearance.

[Whoop whoop… … If this monster is known on the ground, there will be an uproar. The uses are endless. Even demons will covet it.]

This is a completely new type of monster that even demons don’t know about.

If Dekarabia, a former native of Tensang City, said this far, it would be certain.

Bikir’s eyes sparkled.

‘This is a bit coveted.’

Ever since he heard that the leeches he met at the entrance ceremony were the pets of the Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel, Vikir had this thought.

For the first time since coming to Nouvelle Vague, I had something I wanted.

Bikir began plotting to acquire the eggs of these leeches, which Black Tongue developed and raised.

It was a private desire separate from the public work of jailbreak.

‘Let’s plan a jailbreak route to obtain leech eggs as much as possible.’

To do so, he must deal with the black tongue jailer who may be an obstacle to his escape.

Anyway, since he was a dangerous element whose identity, status, and affiliation were unclear, there was no reason to keep him alive.

Bikir hoped that it would have a positive impact on Kirko’s future as well.

It was the result of a slight debt consciousness.

After all, she was the first and last love of Gareum, who lent her identity to Bikir.


Just as Bikir is about to get out of bed.

… … .

Suddenly, Kirko grabbed Bikir by the collar.

She was sending a faint gaze with narrowed eyes.

“… … Garum.”

Judging from the fact that he is speaking half-heartedly, it seems that he has not fully recovered his mind yet.

It seemed clear that he was floating in dreams and reality.

“thank you.”

She pursed her dry lips at Bikir.

“… … It was nothing.”

Bikir tried to turn his head with a dry reply.


“Can I not go?”

Kirko said as if vomiting something inside.

A ghost castle in the deep sea. A child born and raised here. She is a woman with nowhere to turn.

“… … I don’t like being alone.”

Bikir looked down at Kirko.

‘I want to leave this place.’

Suddenly, I remembered the last line that was always written on every page of Gareum’s diary.

‘With him.’

But Bikir shook his head.

he is not a garum This place, New Wave, was also only a temporary stop, and there was still a long way to go until the final stage.

“You will not be alone.”

So all I could say was this.

“… … maybe.”

By the time Bikir finished his last words, Kirko’s hand, which was already holding on to his collar, had fallen under the bed.

… … . … … . … … .

Kirko closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Bikir made sure once more that her complexion and breathing were completely stable before leaving for the visit.


The door that had been open for a moment closed.

The hinges were much looser than when I first opened them.

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