Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 400

Episode 400: Black Tongue (2)

“Whoop whoop whoop-what are you doing right now?”

A thick, muddy bass sound is laid out.

Bikir faced the man in front of him with his eyes narrowed.

The entire skin visible from under the uniform was black, and there was not a single strand of hair on the smooth skin.

The tightly bulging muscles were subtly different from those of humans.

The face lacked eyelids, nose, and lips, revealing the eyeballs and sharp teeth under the torn eye sockets.

bubbling bubbling… …

The muscle fibers that made up his body were moving strand by strand, bubbling like boiling tar.

Black tongue lieutenant colonel.

He is the lowest in rank among the five chiefs of wardens, but in fact, in terms of seniority, he is the highest in rank except for Brigadier Plubber.

‘… … Dordium and Suware have been lieutenant colonels ever since they were second lieutenants.’

Bikir ran the whole body of the black tongue.

The seasoned hound quickly squeezed out an estimate of the prey.

However, even if you can roughly grasp how much power it possesses, it is still unknown how evil it is or what schemes it is plotting.

Therefore, Bikir faced the black tongue as the most acceptable and common sense response.

“I’m sorry for hurting the leech carelessly. Stop being so surprised… … My heart is still pounding.”

Bikir made a fuss while stealing a cold sweat.

Like a hero from the Warring States Period who pretended to be frightened by the sound of lightning and hid under a desk in order to hide his extraordinaryness from enemies in the past.

Bikir’s strategy of lowering himself must have had some effect.

The unpleasant and ominous aura that the black tongue exhaled faded, albeit just a little bit.

“Hee hee hee- Are you Captain Garreum or Major? You don’t seem to have as much guts as rumors do.”

“It is burdensome because it seems that the situation is being highly evaluated because it is the situation.”

“no. Rumors aside, you are a complete monster. Rather, it’s nice to see a human side, but what?”

“… … .”

“ah! Sit down, wherever you are comfortable. Never mind the leeches. These are the things I threw away because it was annoying to raise them anyway. It has no advantages other than being soft, so I often use it as a cushion~”

The black tongue turned away with an eerie laugh.

Every time he moved, he could see the muscles in his back twitching, but if you look closely, they are all leeches.

These small, tough leeches were tightly attached to the black tongue’s entire body, as if each were a single muscle fiber.

In other words, he had leeches all over his body. Just like a suit-type body armor!

‘… … The Black Tongue Lieutenant Colonel is a human being, but I heard that even though he is a human being, he is not treated as a human being. I can see why.’

Who would consider a human being who wears leeches all over his body 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

The evaluation of humanoids was rather generous.

“okay. Did you come sooner than expected? I guess Bastille was in a bit of a hurry?”

The black tongue was naturally inferior to Bastille, who had the same rank as a lieutenant colonel.

No wonder. In the interim, he would have already risen to the rank of brigadier general or major general.

Bikir nodded, and the black tongue smiled.

It was an unpleasant smile, one that was smiling but didn’t show much of a smile.

“okay. Bastille How is he? Is he still acting like a pet dog that is powerless without its owner?”

“… … That is a difficult question to answer.”

“Hehehehehehehe, hahaha, from the point of view of a subordinate, it must be so. As for the Bastille guy, he often rebelled against my orders in the presence of Dor Dum and Suwa Les, but since those two bastards aren’t there, he’ll be compliant right away. What is it? It’s funny, so I often get into trouble with it. The reaction is fun~”

Bikir looked at Black Tongue’s face for a moment.

The Black Tongue is not on good terms with all of the guards in New Wave, but I heard that it is only at odds with Dordium and Suware.

Dordium dislikes the black tongue because it interferes with every detail while embezzling various items of New Wave, and Suware has a deep evil relationship with the black tongue from the ground?

‘I’ve heard rumors that it was the black tongue that blew off half of Suware’s face.’

There was a record in Gareum’s diary that they met each other as hostiles and fought several times in famous naval battles while they were both on the ground.

… … Well, it wasn’t really something Vikir knew.

Meanwhile, the black tongue perched on the leech in front of Bikir.


He sat on the leech, and the leech vomited yellow and blue juice from its mouth.

I could hear people moaning inside.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Bikir and Kirko kept their mouths shut as if they had promised.

It wasn’t to hide something secret, it was just that the atmosphere was so shady and unpleasant.

‘There must be people inside the leech that acts as a cushion, right?’

‘I guess so. Let’s sit down as well. Sit on the floor if you feel uncomfortable.’

‘… … no. It’s not uncomfortable.’

Kirko made a determined face and sat down on the leech ball in front of her.

It was a resolute attitude, as if not to be overpowered.


The leech under her buttocks trembles again and spurts thick bloody juice.

No human groaning could be heard.

‘thank god.’

Kirko thought it was fortunate out of misfortune.

If I could hear someone moaning from under my butt, I probably wouldn’t have kept my expression.

On the other hand, the black tongue, seeing that Kirko closed her eyes tightly, opened her mouth in a laughing voice.

“It looks like I’m farting~”

“… … .”

“Joke. joke. You seem nervous, so I’m going to loosen up~”

It was still a face that didn’t show a smile, but at least I could infer that a smile was in full bloom from the stretching of the leeches that replaced the muscles in his face.

“Okay, I’ll start interrogating you now. It’s simple, so don’t be too frozen. If the body is stiff, blood does not turn well, which is bad for blood circulation. The taste is gone.”

“… … .”

“Again, joke. joke. Young people these days are so serious. Because the joke doesn’t work at all~”

The black tongue winked and continued to speak in a friendly tone.

“Do it. I might be a bit reluctant~ Both the looks and the personality! In the first place, ordinary guards don’t have a chance to meet me, right? There are many guys who have never seen me in the New Wave for decades.”

“… … .”

“The guys I see are always the same guys. Corruption in military administration, violation of discipline, lax discipline, departure from duty, insult to superiors… … Are they all bad guys? If you’ve been living your life upright, you have no reason to be afraid of me. Calm down.”

After that, the black tongue trembled busily for a long time after sermons, such as saying that people should not be judged based on their first impression or appearance, and that people should not commit sins.

yet. He narrowed his eyes as he held in his hand the papers containing the results of the investigation into Bikir and Ani Garm.

“Let’s see. Garum… … Ingredients from the ground… … I had an ordinary lower-class family… … Was your career slightly below average? … By the way, have your grades soared recently? When is the starting point… … um, yes… … After the ‘Night Hound’ prison break, your grades have risen noticeably… … Did you get caught up in a big accident at this time and wake up as a result? Hmm… … Since then, it’s been a win-win… … It’s like being a different person… … After subduing the level 8 prisoner’s riot, it’s a special promotion… … Is it obvious that Lieutenant Colonel Bastille openly admired him and pushed him away? Could it be that they are distant relatives or something?”

The black tongue flicked out the purple-tinged tongue and interrogated Bikir with eyes like a poisonous snake.

I could sense the intention of sticking to the slightest gap and sucking out everything inside.

… … however.

“yes. I am from the ground. I recently received a telegram that my parents and siblings all died at once. I heard that all the people in my hometown village have been affected.”

“Ohh? I’m sorry about that. What happened?”

“The devil appeared on the ground and turned my hometown into a sea of ​​fire. I have only come across a few short sentences, so I don’t know the details.”

“Well, here in New Wave, communication with the outside is a bit difficult, right? ok, that would be very frustrating Anyway, did that make you feel like a different person?”

“It was a trigger.”

Bikir is a warrior who has passed through the age of destruction, and his ability to hide mana and power is superior to anyone in the present age.

Even Hugo, who was the owner of Baskerville, the iron-blooded sword, couldn’t see through what the black tongue hadn’t noticed in the first place.

“Whoop-whoop-yeah? Well, if I go through something like that, I’ll wake up too. They say that the ground has been very chaotic over the past few months.”

“Is that so?”

“huh. Well, demons or monsters appeared all over the place, opened a dungeon, opened a gate, and said something else? Anyway, I heard it was very upsetting. Because of that, that Orca man, Dordium, and Suware went up to the ground. To escort the exploding number of criminals here. Well, I’m only here, so I don’t really know.”

The black tongue muttered in a lively voice, checking various things on the paperwork.

And I closed the file.

“Then the interrogation is over. there’s nothing wrong with you It’s clean~ It’s clean~ It’s soft~”

“If you’re done with your business, I’ll go back now.”

“uh? Ay~ No matter how much it is, I never told you to go, so why don’t you say that first? I’m a lieutenant Are you very bold?”

“I have a lot of work. sorry.”

The moment Bikir stood up, the black tongue opened its mouth as if it were smiling.

“sit down.”

“… … .”

“No~ Why is your expression so scary? Loosen your face~ That’s not what you said.”

The black tongue waved its hand at Bikir as if to go out.

The place where his gaze is heading is the back of Bikir.

“Whoop whoop whoop. Ahh~ It seems like I haven’t seen you in a really long time?”

It was Kirko’s face.

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