Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 399

Episode 399: Black Tongue (1)





Two footsteps resound in the hallway where the salty, sticky moisture congeals.

The one walking ahead is Major Garm Nord, and the one following is Captain Kirko Grimm.

Bikir, who took on the identity of Gareum, was walking towards the hearing audit room, where the ‘Black Tongue’ lieutenant colonel was.

‘Finally, I got to meet all the 5 chiefs.’

Colonel Dordium, Colonel Suware, Brigadier General BDSM, Brigadier Plubber… … All the wardens I’ve met so far have been unique.

However, the dominant opinion was that the black tongue lieutenant colonel he was going to meet was a shady and unpleasant person to the extent that the other wardens mentioned earlier seemed ordinary.

‘How can I get fewer votes than Brigadier General Plubber in the popularity poll?’

The black-tongued lieutenant colonel was always in last place in the popularity polls of junior and middle guards.

This is despite the fact that it allows you to vote in duplicate.

Suddenly, Vikir started talking to Kirko, who was following him to see if he could get a clue.

“Hey, adjutant.”


Since it was the first time Vikir had talked to her since becoming her superior, Kirko’s face was a little bright.

However, the topic that followed was something that made her expression cold again.

“He seemed to hate the black tongue lieutenant colonel.”

“… … .”

“I heard this grinding earlier.”

At Bikir’s words, Kirko was silent for a moment.

And he opened his mouth.

“I don’t gossip about my superiors.”

“Just list the facts.”

Kirko then took a deep breath. What should I do, if it doesn’t matter.

“His real name and age are unknown. His rank is Lieutenant Colonel and his nickname is ‘Black Tongue’, or ‘Jailer Who Holds the Jailer’. I think he got that nickname because he has a black tongue and belongs to the Hearing Audit Team.”

“I hear you use a knife? I heard that you are very talented.”

“yes. There is a saying that if you simply put your skills alone, you are superior to Colonel Dordium or Colonel Suware. However, his personality is so psycho and his work reputation is the worst, so he is still a lieutenant colonel, even though he should have been promoted to brigadier general in terms of seniority and salary. … .”

“I heard you take charge of internal irregularities, military discipline hey, internal discipline and various audits by yourself?”

“Such things rarely happen within the New Wave. Unless it was driven by the whim of the black-tongued lieutenant colonel. like today.”

“You seem to have a lot of moodiness.”

“yes. The problem is that it is not only the capriciousness that is severe, but also the impulsive control disorder and sexual bias. They are notorious for molesting and torturing not only prisoners, but also their own jailers.”

Before long, Kirko listed the names of those who had been victimized by the Black Tongue lieutenant colonel.

Most of them are people who have been tortured to death, maimed, or missing.

“23 years ago, Ensign Valentine Grimm, Ensign Farren Farrendle… … 12 years ago, Lieutenant Yang Borz, Captain Gordik… … Seven years ago, Captain Aubu and Major Da-il Jang… … 3 years ago, Lieutenant Marson, Lieutenant Yodel… … A year ago, recently, one of my classmates, Lieutenant Virginia… … .”

Among them, there was the name of someone presumed to be Kirko’s mother.

‘So was it? What made me grind my teeth.’

Bikir looked away from Kirko’s cold face.

Meeting a person with a dark past requires great determination.

* * *

The hearing audit room where the black tongue lieutenant colonel was located in a shady limestone cave.

The narrow and steep slopes of the caves were meandering, and the caves twisted up and down from side to side were terribly complicated, but there was no fear of getting lost because they were single roads.

“It is twisted as it is twisted. There is no decent person to live in a place like this.”

“Unusually, I wouldn’t have inferred a person’s personality based on where they live, but… … I agree with you this time.”

At Bikir’s words, Kirko also nodded and expressed her affirmation.

Before long, they entered a fairly wide open cavity.

It is a space where the roads that have come so far have only expanded widely, and nothing has changed in particular.

Stalactites protruding like teeth from top to bottom, stinky sea water running down the walls, deep puddles on the floor, and… … .

“What is this?”

Kirko tilted her head at the black ball-like object lying on the floor.

There were more and more black balls that looked like eggs of some kind, and later they appeared to be sticking to each other, regardless of floor, wall, or ceiling.

Neither Vikir nor Kirko knew what this black sphere about a meter in diameter was.

When I poked it with my finger, I could only feel the soft texture, but I couldn’t tell what was inside.

at that time.


A black ball kicked by Bikir with his boot made a strange noise and twisted his body.

line by line… …

From the top of the black ball, a reddish yellow juice with an unpleasant odor began to leak.

“Ugh! What is this smell, it looks like rotting meat… … .”

It was such a disgusting stench that even Kirko, who had a strong stomach, frowned.

Before long, Bikir took out his triplet and hit the black ball.


The black ball distorted as if it were about to explode, and the contents inside began to spurt out through the narrow hole at the top.

“… … !”

In an instant, Kirko’s eyes widened as if they would tear.

What came out of the black ball was a corpse.

Bony skeletons and thick blood poured down the floor.

Bikir kicked the black balls close to him in succession.

… Fuck! gurgling! Knock!

Then, as expected, the unpleasant destructive sound exploded and nasty smells began to come out.

The black balls spewed out different things from within.

Skeletons with only bones remaining, blood coagulated like jelly, lumps of yellow fat and flesh, or mummies with only dried bones and skin remaining.

Only then did Vikir know the identity of this black ball.

“They were leeches.”

leech. A bloodsucking animal that attaches itself to the body of another and sucks its blood.

But here in New Wave, the leech is a little different.

Leeches sucking blood, leeches sucking bones, leeches sucking flesh, etc… … The leeches here had different things to suck.

If caught by a blood-sucking leech, a human would instantly become withered like a mummy, leaving only bones and skin.

When caught by a bone-sucking leech, all the bones in the body disappear, leaving only blood and intestines floating around in the skin, literally a living ‘blood bag’.

When caught by a flesh-sucking leech, only bones and blood remain.

All the leeches in this place were all large individuals, each swallowing a human in one bite, rolling their bodies into a ball and digesting them in their stomachs.

Surprisingly, some of those trapped in the leeches’ stomachs were still alive.

Kirko heard a faint voice calling her name.

“Key, Kirkoo… … .”

A voice that seemed to be cut off at any moment, not even the sound of a light breeze.

Upon hearing that voice, Kirko’s eyes widened as if they would tear.


Lieutenant Virginia. It was the motive of Kirko, who disappeared after being caught for violating military law and taken to the black tongue lieutenant colonel.

She was dragged into the audition room for the crime of embezzling a few bags of sugar that should have been returned to her birthday at most, having only helped Colonel Dordium steal munitions as a junior subordinate, and never returned again.

Virginia’s voice was coming from inside the black ball farther back.


Kirko immediately drew her sword and hit the black ball with all her might.

The leech’s tough skin slowly cuts away when it touches the aura.

Kirko finally scratched the leech’s hide and twisted it open.

Chow ah-

The leech’s bodily fluids poured out, and Lieutenant Virginia emerged from within.

“… … !?”

Kirko covered her mouth with both hands when she saw her classmate for the first time in a year.

Bikir approached Kirko, who was standing there blankly, unable to find anything to say.

“It must have been a bone-sucking leech.”

Spread across the floor, Virginia was in tears.

She desperately moved her mouth and conveyed her final will with the shape of her lips.

“porridge… … female… … give… … .”

Kirko stands in a daze, unable to close her eyes or mouth at such a terrible sight.

It was Vikir who used a hand on her behalf.


A skilled hound ended the victim’s breath as painlessly as possible.

“iced coffee… … Ahhh… … .”

Kirko knelt down with eyes moistened with tears, and held with both hands what had once been her motive.

at that time.

“Whoop whoop whoop-what are you doing right now?”

The voice that greeted Bikir and Kirko resonated in that deep cave.

I see a shadow hanging between the black ball and countless leeches.

It had an unrivaled black color that made it clearly visible even in the surrounding shadows and darkness.

“… … .”

Bikir narrowed his eyes.

Finally, the most shady and obnoxious author in New Wave has appeared.

Lieutenant Colonel ‘Black Tongue’.

He was the last 5 chief jailer.

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