Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 395

Episode 395: The Worst Torture (6)

Four months have passed since then.

“Today is a happy day! Now that I can welcome a large number of new and competent subordinates!”

While Lieutenant Colonel Bastille was shedding tears of emotion, a small event in Nouvelle Vague was underway.

It is a ‘promotional meal’.

Although it was not a formal promotion ceremony held once every quarter, it had everything that a simple promotion ceremony would have.

Amid applause from everyone, the candidates for this promotion step forward to the podium.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was in charge of the promotion ceremony, shed tears and hugged each and every one of them.

And among them, the subject that Lieutenant Colonel Bastille hugged most strongly and for a long time was Garm, no, Bikir.

“Congratulations, Captain Garm Nord!”

Originally a second lieutenant, Garm Nord advanced two ranks to become a captain.

It was an unconventional greeting, almost unheard of among lower-level guards.

But what is even more surprising than that is that despite Gareum’s rapid promotion from second lieutenant to captain, no one considered it unreasonable.

“Anyway, Lieutenant Gareum always overfilled his work quota. It was only natural for him to be promoted to lieutenant based on his merits alone.”

“On top of that, his ability was proven as he subdued the rampage of a level 8 prisoner four months ago. I think he has had enough to be promoted to captain.”

“Anyway, as time passed, it would have been natural to be promoted to two ranks… … Colonel Bastille seems to be condescending at this point.”

“I don’t know. Originally, in principle, for the special promotion for the two classes, a background check and a complete enumeration of the life in the past should be conducted first. Not only does that alone take several months, but it’s incredibly detailed. Colonel Bastille took good care of that young friend and skipped those steps.”

Everyone is welcomed by Captain Garm Nord, a new mid-level jailer.

It is because there were a lot of people who escaped disciplinary action or demotion due to the riot.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille personally placed a captain’s badge with three diamonds on Bikir’s chest and said,

“After your performance, the prisoner was put in solitary confinement for three months. And since he came out, he has been working very diligently.”

“Good job. I think this is the result of everyone’s courageous efforts.”

“You are humble. The bravest of them all was you. but… … .”

Colonel Bastille continued in a calm voice.

“How the hell did you do that? Is that rude person dying like that?”

“I didn’t say anything. I was just logically convinced. They say there’s nothing good to be done by making a fuss.”

“Hmm, is that so? Whoops- yeah good. It’s not something to share here. Well, there will be a chance to hear more later.”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who is generally regarded as a good person, smiled broadly as if the standard answers were not bad.

Eventually, Bikir came downstairs, receiving reinforced weapons and a letter of appointment given only to those with the rank of captain or higher.

… good!

The weapon Gareum chose was, of course, a three-pole stick.

‘It’s nice that it’s wrapped around my hand.’

It was the weapon that the real Gareum used during his lifetime, but it worked well for Vikir as well.

Bikir, who has lived his entire life as an assassin or a swordsman, had little chance to use a weapon such as a three-barreled baton designed for beating and suppression, not murder.

‘But the more I use it, the more it subtly gets better?’

The cold touch in the palm of your hand, the sharp feel of the handle, and the lengthening tip with two cheerful noises when you swing once.

It was a weapon that went well in many ways. Does it feel like you’ve found your second aptitude?

[human. Have you opened your eyes to that?]

“hmm. Do you mean non-killing rather than killing? If so, I guess I can.”

[no. Not that.]


Decaravia again speaks incomprehensible words.

Bikir got Dekarabia to shut up before stepping down from the stage.

Having obtained the rank of captain he wanted, it was a satisfactory result.

* * *


Bikir closed the door.

As he was promoted to captain, the newly assigned private room was much more comfortable than the one he had previously used.

Goodbye to the caves, which used to be crowded like ants in a narrow and dirty place.

The inside of the 15-pyeong stone chamber was neatly organized.

It was still damp and salty, but it had a window through which you could see outside and a separate shower facility, so it was nothing compared to the rooms of the lower guards.

Bikir went to the window and looked outside.

Behind the thin bubble film created by the mysterious mucus substance Flubber lies the dark depths of the sea.

However, there was a coral reef area and a colony of luminous jellyfish that shed dim luminous light at the bottom, so the view was pretty good.

In the distance, I saw a huge shadow slowly swimming away.

“… … .”

Bikir stood by the window and watched the nameless deep-sea fish swim for a long time.

at that time.


A knock was heard at the door.

“Captain. May I come in?”

A cold, solid voice.

As Bikir said nothing, the door was soon opened.

A woman in uniform standing outside the threshold. She was Lieutenant Kirko.

After Bikir received the rank of Captain, Lieutenant Kirko became his lieutenant.

Kirko himself said that it was the result of a personnel appointment, but Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s testimony was a little different.

‘For some reason, Lieutenant Kirko, who has always refused to serve as an adjutant to someone, didn’t particularly refuse an administrative order to go to your adjutant. whoop whoop-‘

I remember seeing Lieutenant Colonel Bastille staring at me with an inexplicably happy look.

Bikir looked away from the scenery outside the window and turned his head.

“What is going on?”

It was as if the relationship between a superior and a subordinate was natural from the beginning.

However, Kirko also took this change for granted.

“Citt des Leviathan, an inmate on level 8, has another seizure.”

“Is this your first time since solitary confinement?”

“yes. That’s right.”

Receiving Kirko’s report, Bikir nodded.

Before long, Bikir took the 3d stick and left the room.

at that time.

“… … ah.”

Vikir turned around as if he had forgotten something.


Kirko tilted her head.

What Bikir turned around and carried out of the room was a thick rune bible.

Seeing that, Kirko opened her mouth with a strange expression.



“Do you believe in religion?”

“To some extent.”

“I’ve never been to the ground, so I don’t know what religion is like on the ground… … I’ve heard that there is a lot of corruption. They said they would forgive sins in exchange for money.”

“What do you mean?”

“So I mean, I wanted to ask if it would help calm the prisoner down. the book.”

At Kirko’s question, Bikir put on a dry smile.


The answer was short.

Eventually, Bikir descended the steep spiral staircase and reached the 8th floor.

From the entrance of the prison, you can feel the stone walls and floor humming.

“I am the executioner! Where is that! After solitary confinement, you worked hard! The blue lump in the Level 10 construction area has also swelled up tremendously! That’s not all the result of my pickaxe! Aaaaaa!”

A shrill voice echoed throughout the corridor.

It seemed to be a protest against the death sentence.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille is, at best, a good man, at worst, a safe and secure person.

He is a person who wants to have as few variables as possible when he is promoted soon.

To such Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, he was no different from a thorn in his eyes.

It was a variable risk molecule that did not know when another accident would occur.

‘… … It deserves to be quietly and informally executed.’

Bikir clicked his tongue inwardly.

One thing that brings one’s name forward on one’s own is a masterpiece.

Meanwhile, Shigeuk continued to rampage.

Sprinkling poison made from a combination of water mold, sulfur, and several types of soil.

“I finally met ‘him’ in solitary confinement! How long do you think I’ll be stuck here!? I’m leaving here soon! But what a punishment! Cancel right away, you bastards! I worked hard, so what’s the problem! It’s rumbling!”

Crab foam and frolicking Shikkeok.

Right then.

“… … !”

The riot suddenly became calm.

Because of this, the guards, who were at a loss as they pulled the BDSM chains, also turned their heads in the direction of staring at them in surprise.

Bikir was standing there.

“Seniors. Could you give up your seat for a moment?”

At Bikir’s polite request, all the guards nodded and stepped back.

But Kirko was still standing close to Vikir.

Bikir said to Kirko.

“You should also step back.”

“It’s not possible.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I am Captain Gareum’s adjutant. I have a duty to always be by your side.”

Kirko’s attitude of answering like a machine without changing his facial expression showed firm will and stubbornness.

Bikir shook his head once.

Before long, Bikir stood in front of the cage where he was imprisoned.

“You will be executed in a week.”

“… … .”

“It’s the result of reckless rampage, so please accept it sweetly.”

Vikir’s cold voice doesn’t answer anything and only notices.

The guards were fully prepared behind the scenes, not knowing when it might explode again.

at that time.

Bikir passed something through the bars.

It was a single rune bible.

“Write it or read it before the execution. And repent.”

“… … .”

I received the Bible with trembling hands.

Then, with his bloodshot eyes fixed on the book, he began to turn the pages.


“… … !”

Shigeot’s pupils dilated greatly.

On the middle page of the Bible, you see a small writing.

‘There’s not much time left. D-7’

Secretly hidden push.

Seeing this, he sat down in a calm manner and began to weep.

“I admit my guilt. I will accept everything sweetly.”

His words came as a shock to all the guards present.

“My God, how could that madman be so calm all of a sudden… … .”

“I can’t believe it even when I see it with my own eyes.”

“Gareum! What the hell did you do?”

The guards, who were destined to serve him for the next week, sighed in relief as if they had endured ten years.

And they came rushing in and started asking Bikir what kind of method he used.

Bikir answered in a dry voice.

“Nothing. It just gave me hope.”

Of course, that hope is false.

A week later, he is executed. There will be no change whatsoever.

‘… … Hope torture is the worst kind of torture.’

Bikir, like a human being who has gone through the age of destruction, knew this very well.

There is no such thing as salvation by the hands of others.

The only thing that can save you is yourself.

Bikir turned away from the well-behaved Shikkery.

While planning a ‘real’ jailbreak, not the fake jailbreak promised to Sick.

‘… … A prison break in New Wave is not a simple prison break.’

It was as Bikir said.

Many things in the world will change when the Night Hound is released from the New Wave.

It is a ‘representation mark’ for the world where demons have started appearing.

It will be a declaration of war for mankind, announcing the beginning of an era of full-scale destruction.

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