Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 394

Episode 394: The Worst Torture (5)

“… … ?”

As if he didn’t understand why, only his eyeballs were rolling back and forth.

Bikir said one more time.

“The timing for the Queen to save you. Did you nail it to your ear?”

“D, I’m listening. I heard you.”

Shigeuk reacted hastily.

Bikir clicked his tongue intentionally as he saw it.

“I’m glad you heard. stupid guy.”

“You child… … I can’t believe I’m playing nonsense with something I’ve been looking for for the queen… … .”

“Shut up, you idiot. The Queen is still working outside to get you out of here. That is why I am here.”

Bikir went out at his own pace, scolding the squeamish.

“The moment when the blue sphere exploded in the center of the depths of the Rebel Ten construction area was the timing. The original plan was to activate it and get you out of here. If it hadn’t been for your nonsense, things would have gone on.”

“You want me to believe that? Maybe you made it up after hearing what I usually say… … .”

“You don’t want to go out? You’ve been uncooperative ever since.”

“… … Not that.”

“Then stop talking. Close your mouth and open your ears.”

“… … .”

He kept his mouth shut with a sad expression on his face.

And in front of him, Bikir untied his collar a little.

“I’m not going to ask you to believe me unconditionally.”

At the same time, Vikir showed Sizzle an item he had taken out of Andromalius’ barrier.

The lower part of the blade is white, the middle part is black, and the upper part is red.

This one that looks like a unicorn’s horn is a fragment of Orwell’s Sword of Winter.

It is a legendary sword that allows its handle only to those who have risen to the highest level.

Seeing this, both of his eyes widened.

“That, that’s the key to the front door of New Wave… … ! no way!?”

Bikir nodded quietly.

The ‘Queen’ who sent Shigeuk this way.

And the thing she was looking for so much, ‘Orwell’.

A long time ago, during the 47-person unrest, Orca and Winston imprisoned this place deep in the New Wave.

Bikir opened his mouth by combining several keywords in his head.

“Miss Ouroboros sent me here. to help you.”

“Oh oh… … Ohhh! queen! You didn’t abandon me! You remembered me… … !”

“Shut up, you idiot. I will listen to the guards.”

Bikir put on his hat deeply and lifted the brim slightly.

Then, Bikir’s face can be seen on the exposed bare face.


As soon as he swallowed the empty wind, Bikir continued his words.

“Did I tell you? I thought I had a good look at you.”

Hearing Bikir’s words, he suddenly opened his mouth.

It reminded me of a conversation we had before.

‘Are you going to break out of the New Wave? What ‘He’ couldn’t do in the end was jailbreak. What’s up with you… … .’

‘Why do you think jailbreak is impossible?’

‘… … what?’

‘Does your mind go all the way there? You think you are abandoned, but in fact you are not. It’s because I like you.’

‘… … ?’

‘I’ve been watching you for the past two years. He has no strength and weak spirit, but I like his recklessness and his ability to act. Loyalty is also quite strong.’

‘What kind of nonsense are you talking about?’

‘You’ll find out soon. After I break out of here.’

After reminiscing, he opened his mouth with a stunned expression.

“Well, from the beginning… … ?”

“Yes. The Queen has sent me to test you. And you were loyal in your own way and did not divulge any information about the queen. That’s why I gave it a passing grade.”

Of course, it was a lie from one to ten.

It was because of Dekarabia’s testimony that Bikir found out the connection between Sikjit and Saadi.

[I wondered where I smelled it, and now I know. His blood smells like sadi. Perhaps the two are related in some way.]

Bikir, too, was convinced after smoking a cigarette with the blood on it.

They were enough clues to guess who the ‘Queen’ was who had sent her subordinates down here to Nouvelle Vague to save ‘Him’.

Bikir growled.

“I tried to take it out at the right time, but to have such a stupid accident. Besides, do you even sell me out to the guards?”

“Pa, sell it! It doesn’t matter!”

“I already know that Suware reported me. If you lie again, I will make you rot here forever.”

“omg!? Sin, sorry. Well, I didn’t know the identity of the night hound at all, so stop… … .”

Shigeuk recalled the past before he was imprisoned here.

Come to think of it, it seems that the queen she used to serve talked about wanting to meet the ‘Night Hound’ quite often.

“At the time, I thought it was just a word looking for a minion or partner… … I-I had a short thought.”

I was completely overwhelmed by Bikir’s clear eyes.

At the same time, his eyes sparkled with infinite trust and relief.

“Then can I live? Can we get out of here?”

“There is still a chance.”

“Uh, what should I do?”

“Didn’t I tell you? After activating the Blue Orb of Level Ten, I have to save ‘him’ and get out.”

“Give me a lesson!”

“Then, from now on, faithfully do as I tell you. Considering that I almost missed my lines because of today’s work, I want to get rid of the members of the Great Prison Break… … .”

When Bikir showed his discomfort, he shrank with a look of bewilderment.

Before long, Bikir noticed a procession of guards stealthily approaching from behind.

“Even if things are going to happen from now on, if I can manage them smoothly, I’ll let them go. You will have to live as a model prisoner until the next ‘disaster’. Got it?”

“No, of course. I will camouflage it with my life.”

“I will try to believe this one more time. If you make a fuss again, know that it will not be a joke.”


“good. Then calmly get arrested by the guards approaching from your rear. Just doing a moderately rampaging performance.”

“yes! But if I get caught, won’t I be taken to solitary confinement? maybe even executed… … .”

“Embrace solitary confinement. can’t stop that That’s what you need to do to escape. But don’t worry, if a sentence of execution is handed down, it will speed up the escape period.”

Hearing Bikir’s words, he nodded his head with bright eyes.

right at that moment.

“Now! Run over!”

From behind came Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s thunderous roar.

At the same time, field-level guards, including Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, rushed behind him.

“Huh!? What is this! When to here! sah, I couldn’t imagine! Aaaagh!”

He collapsed to the floor with a performance that made even the heart of Bikir, who was watching him, nervous.

But fortunately, the atmosphere was so tense that no one suspected anything.

… puck! … Fuck! Dduduk! Wood deok! … Chunk! … Crunches!

Heavy BDSM restraints were piled up on his limbs.

At that time, the eyes of the subdued Sikkuk and Bikir met.


He smiled and winked at the dazed Bikir.

Vikir also nodded with a dry expression.

Before I knew it, the face had returned to Gareum’s.

Before long, lower-ranking guards also flocked to Gareum.

“Gareum! Are you okay!?”

“Wow, smoking cigarettes was really cool, you!”

“what? Why is your face so bloody again? When did you get hit?”

Bikir had already recreated the burn marks on his face with hot dirt picked up from the floor.

The locations of the scars, which were subtly changed, were not visible due to dust, sulfur powder, and bloodstains.

The lower guards swarmed around Gareum and chattered louder for a while.

at that time.

“… … !”

The low-ranking guards who were chattering around Bikir all at once opened the way to the side.

A person came into Bikir’s eyes as he turned his head to find something.

It was Kirko.

“… … I.”

Kirko approached with slow steps and stood in front of Vikir.

and asked in a low voice.

“are you okay?”

“… … .”

“face… … I think you’re hurt a lot… … .”

She hesitated, but couldn’t take her eyes off Bikir’s face.

“done. It gets better if you leave it alone.”

It’s true. With the power of a basilisk, this amount of burns could be regenerated in less than a second.

But Kirko, unaware of that fact, did not leave Bikir’s presence.

“Now, wait a minute.”

“… … ?”

Before Vikir had time to stop, Kirko took something out of her front pocket.

It was an ointment for burns.

“… … It must have hurt.”

Kirko unconsciously uttered a word.

And from then on, he kept his mouth shut and started applying burn ointment to Bikir’s face.

Considering her cold and calm image, it was quite an unexpected scene, so the lower guards around her reacted in surprise.

Meanwhile, Bikir tried to say he didn’t need it, but left it alone.

Because there were more important things than that.

Where Bikir turned his gaze, he could clearly see the high-ranking guards holding him and dragging him far away.

“Listen! You are in solitary confinement for three months!”

“It won’t end in solitary confinement! When the solitary confinement is over, I’ll make you work like crazy!”

“After that, I will execute you! okay!?”

“I swear by my name! I will definitely put you on the scaffold!”

All of the high-ranking guards couldn’t hide their anger at having been fooled by Sigkeut’s bluff.

Private return (事必歸正). It was a natural result.

‘… … I can’t stand it for long.’

Bikir clicked his tongue and thought.

Ever since I found out that he was the culprit that caused the ‘Red Death’ to spread among the natives of the Flood Sea long ago, I had no intention of leaving him alone.

Even if he endured the torture and solitary confinement without hesitation, it didn’t matter because he had also thought about the steps that followed.

Decarabia could be heard giggling from his chest.

[Chuckling- Calming down a damned prisoner with the vain hope of breaking out. Lies are good too. To walk step by step toward death without knowing that he is being deceived—isn’t this the cruelest torture! I don’t know who is the devil and who is the demon hunter.]

“Be quite.”

Bikir pretended to be frustrated and punched his chest with his fist.

‘anyway. Is this the end of the situation?’

A level 8 prisoner’s riot.

This commotion, which could have turned into a major disaster, was settled surprisingly quickly thanks to the performance of a low-ranking guard.


“hey. bittern.”

From behind, I heard Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was in charge of this suppression, calling for Bikir.

“Good job. You did really well. I never thought there would be such a great subordinate under me. Why have I not recognized this talent until now?”

From the words of Colonel Bastille, who patted him on the shoulder and praised him, Bikir could foresee what was about to happen.

The time for Nongonghaengsang has come.

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