Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 396

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Episode 396: Dead Man Walking (1)

A week passed quickly.

… Roaring!

Bikir burned all of Garum’s diaries.

After acquiring all the necessary information, I was able to follow the handwriting perfectly.

‘The font forgery I learned from Chihuahua is helpful again.’

Now, you can not hesitate in places where you need the number of strokes or handwriting.

It was fortunate.

‘I want to get out of here. with him.’

Vikir stared blankly at the pages in the diary that were burning to white.

Gareum’s wish to leave this place will never come true.

It just turns into black and white ash and sinks to the bottom of the dark abyss.

“… … .”

Bikir watched dozens of notebooks turn to ashes from beginning to end.

It was a small and shabby ending for a young man’s whole life.

‘Still, I was able to get a lot of information. Thank you.’

Bikir meditated silently, thinking of Garum. Until all the smoke from burning the diary is gone.

at that time.


There was a knock on the door.

When I opened the door, I saw Kirko standing there with an expressionless face.

“Three hours before the execution.”

“… … Why did you come so early?”

“I want to inform you in advance.”

“… … is it.”

Kirko stood motionless in front of the door, as if waiting for Bikir to come out.

Bikir put on clothes even though he thought the stare, which he couldn’t tell what he was thinking, was a little burdensome.

at that time.


Kirko opened her mouth.

When Bikir turned her head, she took a deep breath before opening her mouth.

“May I say a few words before we go to the execution?”

It was a bit of an odd request.

There was no particular reason for refusal, so Vikir nodded and indicated his intention to do so.

Kirko then continued with a serious tone.

“As you know, Captain, I was born in New Wave.”

“… … .”

“Once upon a time, there was an incident where a prisoner raped a guard, and I am the result of that.”

At Kirko’s direct words, Bikire stopped buttoning.

‘I warn you in advance, but it may be a summary execution. Because of the ‘unsavory incident’ between the guard and the prisoner 19 years ago, the misconduct is strictly controlled and punished.’

I still remembered what Colonel Dordium had said to me when Bikir refused to work for some reason.

Kirko continued speaking in a calm tone.

“Since then, both my biological father and mother have been referred to a disciplinary committee and have gone missing. I’m guessing he may have jailbroken… … Anyway, so I don’t know who the parents are. Of course, I have never been to the ground.”

“Why are you telling me that now?”

Bikir asked.

Then Kirko hesitated for a moment and then confessed her feelings.

“It’s because I hated you for the personal past I mentioned earlier.”

Kirko didn’t like Gareum. No, he hated it.

It was a different reason than being full of mistakes every time because he was dull and slow, and his nature was kind and fragile.

A classmate of the same age who has parents to miss and who has earth as their hometown.

However, Gareum had both of them that Kirko did not have.

“Captain has a hometown on earth and parents. When I first met him, he said that he came all the way here because he wanted to help his parents with their hardships, right? He also said that he misses the mountains and fields, streams and lakes of his hometown.”

“… … .”

“Maybe I was envious, I don’t know. No, inferiority complex is right. So, whenever Captain made a mistake, he looked at it pathetically and filled up his lack of self-esteem by contempt.”

Garm probably didn’t know until the very end that Kirko had such thoughts.

‘No, even if I knew, nothing would have changed.’

Bikir stared at Kirko.

His eyes seemed to ask what he wanted to say.

After taking a deep breath, Kirko opened her mouth.

“I wanted to be honest about this and apologize. You shouldn’t have these old feelings for the boss you’re supposed to serve in the future.”

“Is that why you decided to become my lieutenant?”

“… … I didn’t do it myself.”


Bikir nodded.

at that time.

Kirko opened her mouth even more hesitantly than before.

“Do you have anything to tell me, Captain?”

“… … ?”


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When Bikir raised his head, Kirko showed a rare stutter.

“That’s when he saved me from the level 8th floor prisoner’s rampage.”


“I don’t have ears to hear either!”

“… … ?”

Bikir frowned.

The attitude of not knowing the English language.

Then Kirko started breaking out in a cold sweat.

Her earlobes were already burning red to the limit.

“Note, the seniors around me are all saying a word.”


“At that time, in the rampage of the level 8 prisoner. As for why the captain took my place and became a hostage… … !”

Only then did Bikir know what Kirko wanted to say.

‘You guys. Do you like that bitch that much?’

‘A man risking his life for just one girl. Doesn’t he know what it means to be held hostage by me?’

‘joy. but. I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t even care about that, so I must have smoked a cigarette with my blood on it. He’s crazy.’

‘Did Gareum like Kirko?’

‘Didn’t you know? That bastard always looked at Kirko so much every time he called.’

‘But still, isn’t that too reckless?’

‘He’s a real man. To risk his life for the woman he loves unrequitedly.’

The words he said in a sarcastic way passed through his mind.

The whispers of the other guards, too,

“My, I want to make it clear that the fact that I became the captain’s adjutant was just the result of a natural personnel appointment, and it was never like that. And, public and private should be separated, but if the relationship between the boss and the subordinate is just like that, how to say, there may be setbacks in public work… … also… … uh?”

But Kirko couldn’t finish talking.

It was because Bikir, who had finished wearing his uniform, left the room before he knew it.

* * *


An underground passage leading like the throat of a giant monster.

Salty water droplets fall from the creased ceiling.


The sound of Bikir’s boots is heavy.

Dada da da-

The sound of quick steps following Bikir from behind was also loud.

“Why is it that the adjutant goes away so quickly when he is talking?”

It was Kirko.

He raised his index finger and placed it on her lips at Kirko, who grumbled at her.

“Shh. There are a lot of people now.”

“… … .”

Vikir and Kirko had come down to the 5th floor to attend the execution ceremony.

Numerous guards and prisoners were gathered there, and in the center stood the hero of the day clearly tied up.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was on top of the podium, said to Mr.

“This is not an official execution. You will be recorded forever as living in the ledger.”

In a ghastly voice, he bullied Sikkeot and many other prisoners.

However, Shigek did not show any reaction.

He only scans the guards with a slightly anxious, trembling gaze.

at that time.

“… … !”

Seeing Bikir among the group of guards, Shikkut’s expression brightened noticeably.

Before long, the guards who oversaw the execution came forward.

Main was Bikir.

Bikir dragged the bag and headed for the cliff ahead.

At the end of the cliff there was a sharp protruding rock, which stood precariously at its edge.

“Don’t be shaken until the end.”

Vikir, who was standing behind Sikkeut, spoke in a low voice.

“The moment you fall off a cliff, the rescue operation is launched. Got it?”

“All right.”

He replied with a calm face.

It is the ‘unofficial execution ceremony’ of Nouvelle Vague that is thrown down this far-off cliff.

Whoop whoop… …

Bikir noticed that Sitt’s legs were trembling slightly.

“You pitiful bastard. Are you scared?”

“Is that possible?”

“Don’t worry. See the guards and prisoners over there? All of them are subsumed characters.”

Bikir pointed to the left and right of the cliff with a chin gesture.

I turned around in the direction Bikir pointed.

Indeed, among the guards and prisoners, I see those whose posture is subtly rigid or loose.

It looks suspicious to anyone.

“They are the insiders to help you. As soon as my order is given, they will come running.”

“Yeah, too. You are great too. When did you enlist so many people?”

“… … .”

Vikir didn’t bother to answer.

In fact, the guards Bikir pointed out were just ordinary guards and prisoners.

It was nothing more than taking advantage of the psychology that a person who is driven into a corner sees what he wants to see.

With unfounded hope, Shigeuk stood at the end of the hundred-cheok-gandu (百尺竿頭).

“Kreurreuk! no more regrets in life Do what you want, motherF*ckers!”

After shouting triumphantly at the guards around him, he turned his head and winked in Bikir’s direction.

And soon, he jumped down the steep cliff.


A prisoner falling towards the deep, deep abyss, the center of pitch darkness.


The guards’ expressions were still unresolved.

Because jumping off a cliff does not mean that the execution is over.

… … yet.


The ‘real’ execution ceremony began.


What even the innocent who was being executed did not know.

And it was also the first time seeing Bikir in person.


A long arc was drawn in the dark.

It opened its huge and wide mouth as if it were alive, revealing the unpleasant-looking deformities sprouting from it.

Drawing a long arc, the mouth opened endlessly.

A huge face, grinning with bared teeth, was looking up this way.

“Oh, what a hundred!? What is that!?”

The sage’s face turns pale.

At the same time, Bikir also swallowed a saliva.

Among the five chief jailers representing New Wave, his identity is the most veiled.

‘… … I heard they weren’t human, but I never thought they would look like that.’

It was the appearance of Brigadier General Fluver.

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