Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 375

Episode 375: Poseidon (1)

Boo Woo-wook-

A sound like tough leather tearing.

One day, suddenly the sky was torn apart.

A red rim of fire blazed around the torn fissure, and huge snakes of fire thrust their heads toward the ground.

Patter- Patter- Patter-

Red raindrops fall all over the world.

The showers of fire were nowhere to be found.

The grass and trees of the mountains were burned and the forest turned into a desert of ashes.

Seas and lakes boiled and turned into wastelands, and all living things were scorched or parched.

Skeletons clamored even when they were dead, and those who hadn’t died were embarrassed to even take a single breath.

The time has come when you can neither promise nor be certain.

The words to protect and preserve have been reduced to vulgar jokes, and the notion of yesterday or tomorrow has disappeared.

The showers of fire became floods of flame that flooded the continent for 150 days.

The whole world was engulfed in fire due to the heavy rain that fell without a moment’s rest for five months.

Mountains of burned and withered bodies formed, and red flames soared across the horizon, blazing like tongues licking the sky.

‘Rainy season of fire.’

Rain of fire, wind of fire, lightning of fire, flood of fire that fell endlessly.

The long monsoon season has arrived, announcing the end of mankind.

It was the final weapon of the demons that caused the greatest and most terrible damage to the human allies by annihilating 98% of the modern human race.

* * *

three thirty in the morning.


‘It’s hot! hot! It’s hot!’

‘Help me!’

In the quiet stone chamber, out of nowhere, screams rain down.

The agony of people being burned alive screaming at their throats.

“… … ! … … ! … … !”

Bikir opened his eyes in a cold sweat.

I had a nightmare. It’s been a long time since I’ve been dreaming about ‘those days’.

“… … fire showers. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a nightmare.”

Who said that trauma caused by fire cannot be washed away even after a lifetime?

The traces of the burn-in phenomenon engraved on the retina of the old hound were still clearly visible.

A few minutes had passed since waking from the dream, but the bristly hair was still stiff.

The goose bumps on his forearms hadn’t gone away either.

Cheolpeok- Cheolpeok- Cheak!

Bikir washed her face in salt water dripping from the ceiling.

The dream was separated from reality only when the ice-cold water penetrated and soaked the hair.

The rainy season of scare. The terrible season that caused the greatest damage to mankind among the era of destruction has been revived like a nightmare.

The time when countless fireballs falling from the sky burned the whole world.

The turning point of the day when most of the faces Bikir met, knew, and remembered burned to black.

“… … I don’t know if you’ve completed what Sindi Wendy asked you to do.”

Bikir sat down on the floor and murmured.

Anticipating this terrible rainy season, Bikir had warned Sindiwendi beforehand.

‘A great flood will happen soon, so prepare an ‘ark’.’

Bikir crouched in the corner of the stone chamber, thinking about the future.

About two years had passed since I was trapped here in the New Wave.

‘… … It seems like yesterday that I was confined to solitary confinement for a hundred days, but time flies.’

In the meantime, a lot has happened in this New Wave.

First of all, the level ten construction work has progressed a lot.

The crater, which was originally deep, became even deeper and is now called the Great Crater.

Existing prisoners died and new ones came in.

Prisoners who had held the power two years ago had gradually weakened due to high-intensity labor and poor diet, and either died or retired from the power, and were replaced by relatively young prisoners who had not been in prison for long.

A handful of new guards have also been appointed.

Most of them did not last long and died because of the conspiracy of the prisoners, the territorial attitude of the original guards, the harsh working environment, and unknown endemic diseases.

Meanwhile, Vikir has generally been able to get most of what he wants.

The construction of the Level Ten area has also progressed a lot, and at the end of working hard without causing problems, he gained the trust of other prisoners and guards.

… … but only one. There was one thing even Bikir couldn’t get, and that was the ‘newspaper’.

‘It should be accurately called news from the ground.’

What happened on the ground while Bikir spent close to two years in the New Wave?

Bikir tried hard to find out, but to no avail.

Other guards and prisoners also did not know the news from the outside, and in the first place, such things were known only to very few guards in the highest positions.

But only once did Bikir get a clue to the news on the ground, which, in fact, was not very reliable.

‘… … damn. Why was this magazine discontinued? It was good.’

A third-rate pornographic magazine that Lieutenant Colonel Bastille threw away grumblingly.

This magazine, which was popular among the guards because it was extremely provocative and had many other sexual controversies, stopped coming in at some point.

At what point did the porn magazine, which was always a steady seller, suddenly go out of print? It could be, but there were definitely things that made me think it was suspicious.

‘Is there a problem with the supply of magazines? Have the trees to make paper disappeared? Or that the magazine building collapsed. Or is it that no one on earth can afford to subscribe to magazines anymore?’

Bikir thought with his chin on his chin.

It may be that one of those third-rate porn magazines is making an overestimation with the fact that subscriptions have been cut off unilaterally.

However, there is nothing wrong with being prepared for everything.

Bikir thought.

There was no way to hear the news from the ground, so I don’t know, but there was a high possibility that the demons were also preparing for the final war by now.

No, they would have started right from the day Bikir was imprisoned in New Wave.

‘… … Now is the time for me to make tangible results.’

Bikir felt a rare feeling of impatience.

Woo woo woo woo-

At 4:00 in the morning, the sound of hornets announcing wake-up echoed like a knife.

Bikir, who always wakes up 30 minutes before the wake-up call sounds and finishes his preparations, went to the bar first today.

The BDSM bars become mushy like blades of grass, and when you lie on your side, a hole is created through which you can exit the room.

What the alternative material was, it was a truly mysterious material.

“It’s the beginning of labor, you trash!”

Under the shouts of Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who manages the workhouse, prisoners crawl out to the workhouse today as well.

Prisoners are becoming more and more emaciated from miserable meals and poor rest.

During the two years Bikir spent here, countless faces disappeared and reappeared.

Almost all of the prisoners gathered at the workhouse, almost crawling on the floor, looking haggard as if they were about to collapse and die at any moment.

Every day was the same as yesterday. And tomorrow will be the same as today.

The hot air, the bursting steam, the terrible sulfur gas, the roaring fire, the hot ground, the heavy load, the lack of sleep, the flowing sweat, the hungry body.

In the race toward death day by day, the prisoners were living the same life as the dead without past, present, or future.

Their thoughts at the workhouse were always the same.

Before entering labor, ‘I want to die like this’, after entering labor, ‘Please save my life’, and after labor is over, ‘today safely’.

It was always the same pattern.

… … But not Bikir.

‘Today is a must!’

Every day was a new challenge, every moment was the first exploration, and each race was a race with a clear destination.

Unlike the other prisoners, Bikir came down here voluntarily and was clear about what he wanted.

So, for the past two years, they have worked without a single day off to carve stones, scrape soil, and dig deep into the crater.

… … and today. Right now, this moment!

Bikir faced a completely different day from the 700 or so days he had spent in Nouvelle Vague so far.


A mysterious explosion heard from the center of Level 9’s workhouse.

Explosions were as commonplace as death and starvation here in the New Wave, but this time something was different.

Heavy and loud explosions like never before, and an earthquake that lasted an exceptionally long time.

“Ugh, uhhh! run away! A tsunami of lava is coming!”

“omg!? Isn’t this explosion unusual?”

“Everyone out of the zone!”

Both the guards and the prisoners step back in a panic.

Falling rocks and turbulent waves of lava were a sign that something could happen right now, so it was natural.

However, even in this situation, there was someone who did not back down but rather moved forward.


While everyone was panicking, Bikir was staring at the blue light shining through the waves of lava and collapsing bedrock.

You can see lava that is so hot that it emits a bluish glow.

It was shaped like a round sphere.

Bikir, the existence that shook the earth with a roar, muttered in a low voice to this blue lava ball.

“… … found. Poseidon.”

The hope of humanity, the Allied Counterattack.

It was a splendid discovery after about two years of being imprisoned in the New Wave.

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