Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 374

Episode 374 Sucker Shark (2)

A third way for prisoners to get food.

It was just ‘begging’.

Some of the guards were sitting on a rock and having lunch.

While the prisoners eat a piece of black bread with pickled sardines, the guards eat better food.

You get a piece of salted pork, a large boiled fish roe, fresh seaweed, a bottle of manatee’s milk, and, on rare occasions, carrots, spinach, or potatoes.

High-ranking guards above the rank of major were sometimes given fruits such as apples and oranges.

Compared to the food on earth, it was insignificant, but at least in the eyes of the prisoners, the guards’ meal was one of the best things in the world, the most delicious food.

So, guards sometimes used this food as bait to lure prisoners.

“Hey, sucker shark~”

As one of the guards playfully waved his hand, a prisoner waiting in the distance jumped to the point where his soles were sweaty.

“Get down.”

When the jailer said, the prisoner immediately fell to the ground and showed his stomach.

“wake up.”

“sit down.”

“Raise your legs.”

“Open your mouth.”


The prisoner performed all the movements that a pet dog would do, following the guard’s orders.

Then the guard finally giggled and threw the leftover piece of pork to the prisoner.

“Are you doing well in the future? Don’t cause trouble.”

“yes! Jailer! It is an honour!”

The prisoner waits drooling with his head on the ground.

Like the ‘sucker shark’ that eats up leftovers from large fish.

Eventually, the jailer gave permission to eat it.

“Enough. Eat.”

Then the prisoner picked up a piece of pork with trembling hands and sniffed it for a long time.

Then, he licked the white hardened fat on the outside of the pork with his tongue.

The prisoner savored the salty and bitter taste for a long time, even with tears in his eyes.

Bit by bit, bit by bit, you taste it with the tip of your tongue and nibble on the pieces of pork with the tips of your teeth.

The prisoner was eating the pieces of pork that he had put in his mouth, almost melting in his mouth like candy.

The other prisoners watching it just gulped their saliva.

“Now, if you guys finish your work this month, we’ll let you eat the leftovers!”

“Work to death! Then I’ll give you my stationary sucker shark!”

“Cheer up! I will take responsibility for the person with the most workload on the floor this time and let them eat ice cream!”

The guards threw leftover fish eggs, pieces of meat, and sea milk on the floor.

It was only natural that the eyes of the prisoners, who had been unable to eat because there were no rotten sardines and stone bread, would roll.

“Oohhh! Let’s work!”

“Did you hear? It’s called ice cream!”

“It’s mine! I will work the most!”

The morale of the prisoners soared. They were now confused whether they were human or not.

Hunger is such a scary thing, regardless of gender.

They were tamed to the bone like this.

… … but.

Not all prisoners dreamed of being suckers like this.


In some cases, the relationship between the guard and the prisoner was completely reversed.

Level 8 prisoner Shigeul. Aka ‘Plague leper’.

He was currently sitting on a rock and showing off his arrogance.

Other prisoners do not even go near him for fear of spreading the plague.

“Hey- can’t you hear me? Is the liver so swollen that it protrudes from the stomach?”

And it was not the prisoners who were calling out now, but the guards.

“… … .”

The one who hesitates after receiving the call of Sigkeut is a low-level guard with unkempt hair and a large burn scar on his face.

It was Lieutenant Garm Nord.

As if it was natural, he held out his palm toward Gareum.

“Give me your meal.”

“… … .”

Then, Gareum looked at the guards around her.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the fellow guards had no idea that Gareum was receiving such an insult.

This was possible because Gareum was in a position where he was not noticed at all by his colleagues in the first place, rather than that Sigkeot’s actions were secretive.

With a smile, he snatched the meal from Gareum’s hand.

“I said this knowing that none of the other guards see me, man. thank you?”

“… … .”

“I’m grateful that I can just get over it by dedicating a meal like this. okay?”

He threatened Gareum in a low voice.

“If I put my mind to it, you know? That Kiriko or whatever girl gets the plague. You will die a very miserable death.”

“… … .”

“You have a crush on that bitch. yes? Don’t you hate seeing a girl you love unrequitedly urinate on and then dry up like jerky?”

“… … .”

“Then take care of yourself and bring me lunch like this every day. sigh… … .”

Muttering in a sullen voice, he tried to shove the pieces of pork and fish eggs into his mouth.

Right then.


A shrill cry echoed throughout the workshop.

It was such a loud shout that even Shigetsu, who was about to swallow the food, was startled and hiccupped.

A female guard was standing where she turned her gaze with wide-eyed eyes.

Ensign Kirko Grim. He was an elite junior guard who was about to be promoted to lieutenant.

She was staring back and forth with her eyes narrowed.

“Does the jailer give out food to the prisoners? Are you crazy?”

Kirko’s gaze, which boldly argues, does not dare to meet.

The prisoners who saw it clicked their tongues.

“Is that annoying couple again?”

“A smart woman and a stupid man.”

“I feel sorry for the woman.”

“Gig gigg kik- if you get the motive wrong, you’ll have a hard time.”

The reactions of the prisoners showed that this happened quite often.

Kirko strode forward and snatched the food from Shigeot’s hand.

And he said with a sharp gaze.

“If you covet food presumptuously as a prisoner one more time, you will be beheaded on the spot. I will report to my supervisor right away.”

“Kreurreu- Why is our pretty female guard being so picky today… … 100 million!?”

He tried to escape the situation with a smirk, but it was impossible because of Kirko’s footsteps that followed.


Kirko quickly drew a knife and cut off the tip of Sigkeot’s beard.

As she blinked her eyes with a fish-eyed expression, Kirko snorted once and looked at Gareum next to her.

“Disgraceful motivation… … No, don’t embarrass the jailer, idiot.”

“M-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t even say sorry. Are you really sick?”

There was even a slight sense of contempt in Kirko’s gaze as she glared at Gareum.

“… … If you can’t work, there are even gangs.”

Soon, a cold wind blew in and she left.

Gareum couldn’t answer any more and lowered his head, and the prisoners laughed at him.

“’Stupid Gareum’ is still stupid today.”

“He’s such a pathetic guy. How can a guy like that be a jailer?”

“If you join that kid’s group, you say you can steal his meal?”

“That bastard honey. They say they don’t even work and share meals.”

“To be able to eat delicious food without having to work. I want to work under him next month too.”

There were various nicknames that followed Gareum.

‘Stupid Gareum’, ‘Dog Eats Rain’, ‘Walking Bread’, ‘Stupid’, ‘Hogu’ etc… … Everything was just negative.

And surprisingly, the nickname was used much more frequently by fellow guards than by prisoners.

“Hey, did you lose your meal to the prisoner again? This kid is a real idiot.”

“It’s good to prevent trouble by giving meals as a bribe… … If you do that, even the other prisoners will be spoiled. Don’t harm your classmates.”

“Ugh, are you okay Kirko? Don’t worry about that guy. You’ll ruin your pretty face from being stressed for no reason.”

“You stupid child. See you later tonight after roll call.”

The motives intimidate Gareum with grim expressions.

The more he did, the deeper and deeper the face of Gareum, who was stained with burn scars on his unkempt hair.

Kirko, who glanced at it, completely turned around with a light sigh and soon left with her classmates.

“Kurrure… … Today I’ll watch it for that motherfucking bitch, but not from tomorrow. don’t forget I’m bringing my own lunch. Otherwise, as I said earlier, I will make that girl named Kirko into the second plague leper.”

He quietly whispered in Gareum’s ear once again and left.

While humming a song.

“… … .”

Gareum, who was left alone, was receiving the contemptuous glances and ridicule from the surrounding prisoners and guards with his whole body.

Even in the midst of this, his gaze is directed towards Kirko, who stands in the center of his comrades in the distance.

… … .

And there were eyes that silently watched all this series of events.

“… … Hmm.”

It was Bikir.

After much deliberation, he came up with a plan.

‘If I’m good at this, I might be able to use it?’

Garum. and Kirko.

Maybe the relationship between these two young men and women can help.

‘In the moment of the impending prison break.’

Vikir was now making plans to leave Newvag.

This plan will probably be put into action as soon as humanity finds ‘Poseidon’, the hope.

… … and.

‘That moment’ came much sooner than Bikir expected.

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