Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 376

Episode 376: Poseidon (2)

“What’s going on?”

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who is in charge of the entire workhouse, hurriedly came running.

Guards wearing captain’s ranks pointed to the depths of the pit and said,

“There was a mysterious explosion in the center of the Level 9 area.”

“The scale is different from previous accidents. It seems like an unusual sign.”

“There is still a risk of further collapse due to lava and gas, so we have not been able to investigate it.”

Upon receiving the report from his subordinates, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille spoke coldly.

“Send some prisoners to investigate.”

“yes? Ha, but if you go down there now, there’s room for further collapse… … .”

“That means sending prisoners. Those who would volunteer if I offered them a day’s labor exemption and a few crumbs of bread would be strong.”

At Colonel Bastille’s words, the guards fell silent.

Even if they were prisoners, they were willing to sacrifice their lives for a day’s rest and a few loaves of bread.

But surprisingly, there were applicants.

“I go.”

Bikir took a step forward.

Then Lieutenant Colonel Bastille also flinched.

“You guys? What are you up to?”

“Nothing. I want to eat bread.”

“… … Hmm.”

Colonel Bastille pondered for a moment.

However, Bikir has been active as an exemplary prisoner without any accidents for the past two years since he caused a riot just once when he first entered the prison.

Colonel Bastille immediately nodded.

“good night. Can you get down through the fire and gas?”

“If you release the BDSM restraints, it will be possible.”

“Don’t make a fuss… … .”

“It is a joke. come back.”

Bikir stepped into the pit with a dry jock.


The fierce gas storm, flames, and lava that spewed out from inside the surface were difficult even for Bikir to handle.

At this time, the physical resistance and magic resistance stats that he had accumulated to the limit in Naraksu were of great help.

“Hey, Dekarabia. Can you open the shield?”

[I can only use a little because I don’t have mana.]

“That is enough.”

At Bikir’s words, Dekaravia set up a small barrier and wrapped around it for several meters.

Hiding behind a curtain of fire and gas, Bikir stepped forward, shaking off the knee-deep lava.

‘… … I can’t stand it for long.’

If you continue to stay in a place like this without mana, your legs will burn without a trace.

Bikir teased his steps to find the cause of the explosion as quickly as possible.

Before long, a huge shadow was revealed beyond the thick sulfur gas, the rolling flames, and the brilliant red aurora emitted by the lava.

“… … !”

Bikir could tell at a glance. That it was the existence he had been searching for all along.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen it with the naked eye.”

But nonetheless there is no doubt about it.

In the middle of Nouvelle Vague, the deepest part of Level Nine.

Are there other ‘blue lava spheres’ that exist here?

Bikir quietly raised his head and admired what was in front of him.

An elliptical sphere with a diameter of about 5 meters, covered with blue flames and rolling around, looked like an ‘egg’ of something.

“found. Poseidon.”

Bikir reached out and stroked its outer surface once.

Beneath the sphere were aura-like roots extending beneath the ground, which resisted even the slightest shock.

Kwak! Kurleung! Wooreung!

Because of that resistance, it seemed that an extension explosion was taking place in the surroundings.

… puck!

Bikir stretched out his fist and struck the outside of ‘Poseidon’.

Then an amazing thing happened.


Poseidon absorbed the shock from Vikir’s fist.


Then, the blue flames that had been swirling grew, albeit very weakly.

The surrounding light also seemed to become a little brighter.

“also. It grows by absorbing external shocks.”

Bikir nodded.

The discovery of this Poseidon is not the end. In the future, you will have to give a lot of shocks to grow.

‘… … It’s not for nothing that the saying, ‘Jul-tak-dong-si’ exists.’

Bikir stroked his chin.

Like the discovery of Poseidon, getting this to work was not something one could do alone.

‘But 90% of what I’ve found is the same as having done it. The rest is a matter of time.’

Of course, Bikir had plans for the future.

… Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack!

Bikir turned and headed back through the lava swamp.

Eventually, everyone who saw Bikir climbing up the bedrock had to be frightened.

“Oh, are you not dead?”

“How did you get to the inside of that hell?”

“Didn’t you just come back from the beginning?”

The people around him whispered, but Bikir didn’t care.

“There is a strangely shaped lump of lava inside. It seems to absorb shock.”

“… … Absorb the shock?”

Colonel Bastille made an impression.

I’d rather have something that exploded, but something that absorbs shock isn’t very nice.

That is, from the point of view of digging down a tunnel.

Eventually, as the gas and vapors dissipated, the blue orb that Vikir had spoken of became more and more evident.

Black-blue flames, the roots of the aura below the ground, an unknown being that causes a loud explosion at the slightest touch.

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille raised a large greatsword and slashed it.


The blue sphere received even the aura of a senior graduate without difficulty.

“Really! I absorbed all of Colonel Bastille’s attacks!”

“uh? that lump… … Doesn’t it look a bit bigger than before?”

“It looks bad because it looks like an egg.”

Even the guards were agitated gossip and gossip.

Since that unknown sphere was standing in the middle of the workshop, it became difficult to do the labor.

Even if you want to dig further into the surrounding area, there is no way because it absorbs all the shocks from work tools such as pickaxes and shovels.

In addition, it was even more difficult because a huge explosion would occur without exception if the aura’s veins, which were spread like small roots, were accidentally touched.

Colonel Bastille grunted.

“If an explosion like this happens even if you just touch that tiny root-like vein… … If that mass body exploded, there would be a lot of uproar.”

Perhaps the entire fortress of New Wave was blown away.

In the worst case, there was even room for extinct volcanoes that were thought dead to come back to life and start volcanic activity.

“Damn it. Wasn’t the New Wave a completely extinct volcano?”

However, the blood veins of the aura rooted around Colonel Bastille, the sulfur gas and oil vapor bursting out in real time, and the boiling magma are unusual even at a glance.

In the meantime, I thought it was an eruption of old geothermal heat trapped in the ground, but it seemed like I needed to revise my thoughts a bit.

“Call the geologists. We need to start with a complete investigation on whether the New Wave is really an extinct volcano… … .”

However, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s order was not yet completed.

“What nonsense.”

A tall man in a black uniform walked out from behind.

Colonel Dordium. When he appeared, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille immediately stood at attention and saluted.

Dordium waved his hand, received a rough salute, and immediately got to the point.

“Repeat what you said earlier. What about an extinct volcano? Are you going to do a full enumeration again?”

“yes! It’s no different, an unidentified object found in the labor yard of Level 9… … .”

Dordium frowned at Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s words.

“Where can I see you?”

Dordium was guided by Lieutenant Colonel Bastille and descended to the blue sphere.

“If you give it a shock, it absorbs it as it is. And if you touch the veins of the aura underneath, a loud explosion occurs, and the impact is also absorbed into the sphere. If you touch it carelessly, the energy accumulated in the sphere may be released all at once. If New Wave is not an extinct volcano, but a dormant one… … .”

“Sounds useless. The New Wave is definitely an extinct volcano.”

Dordium dismissed Colonel Bastille’s words.

And then he spoke again.

“Don’t prolong the construction period because of vague worries. Do you know how many years it will take to do a full enumeration again? At least ten years.”

“Ha, but… … .”

“If the construction period is extended, what is the astronomical budget that will go into it? Will you take responsibility?”

“… … .”

As Lieutenant Colonel Bastille kept his mouth shut, Dordium drove a wedge.

“The work is proceeding as scheduled. Whatever the means, meet the project deadline.”

“… … .”

“This is all for you. Level 10 should be completed as soon as possible so that I can get ahead of Suware, the damn bitch in the performance evaluation? Shouldn’t I be the prison warden so that you can quickly get promoted and become the warden?”

At Dordium’s words, Lieutenant Colonel Bastille immediately nodded.

“The colonel is right.”

“okay. After all, if an explosion happens, only the garbage-like prisoners will die. If you’re really worried, the guards tell you to stay out of that area as much as possible.”

After speaking, Dordium emitted black light from his eyes.

“The personnel evaluation season is coming soon.”

“… … .”

“Suware, that bitch is putting old Angajumão in solitary confinement. A bitch who doesn’t do much is always getting close to perfect score for that alone.”

“… … .”

“On the other hand, what about me? I take the lead in suppressing the riots of the prisoners, go out to procure food, and always do my job as the prison director’s closest aide.”

“… … .”

“If I and Suware’s quarterly performance scores are similar, is that really fair? Why should I be nominated for the next prison warden with that bitch?”

It was the first time even Colonel Bastille had experienced Dordium talk so much.

With a grunt and the grinding of teeth, Dordium finished his speech.

“So, the Rebel Ten project I undertook must be completed within the deadline no matter what. That’s the only way to outrun Suware. When I become the next warden, you will be the next warden. Do you know what I mean?”

“I am just accepting it.”

Dordium nodded in satisfaction at Colonel Bastille’s polite reply and disappeared across the hallway.

And Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who was left alone behind, sighed in worry.

‘For some reason, I feel ominous. Once that explodes, it’s not just a matter of the Nouvelle Vague flying away. Maybe even affect the climate on the ground… … .’

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille thought for a long time by himself.

But he soon shook his head.

‘okay. It would be a useless worry. Too much worry is my weakness.’

Lieutenant Colonel Bastille decided to resume normal work from tomorrow.

Dordium, who is considered the next prison warden among the 5 chief wardens, and Suware, had no time to argue with each other since they were involved in a political fight.

… … and.

‘It’s a good thing for me in many ways.’

Vikir, standing behind a stone pillar and overhearing their conversation, quietly melts into the darkness.

With the bag of bread he received as a prize in his hand.

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