Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 372

Episode 372: Solitary Confinement (2)

The old man who revealed his name as ‘Angajumang’ seemed bored and kept talking to Bikir.

“It seems like it’s been years since I’ve been confined in this solitary confinement. Let’s see, every time I count 60 seconds in my mind, I make a mark in my mind. It’s already crossed three million strokes… … .”

Hearing Engajument’s words, Bikir couldn’t help but stick his tongue out.

100 days in solitary confinement were difficult and daunting even for Bikir, who had gone through all of the prenatal battles.

‘But how many years have you been locked up here? I can’t believe it.’

These are the words of someone who has never seen their face and will never see them in the future, but since they are the words of a prisoner I met in solitary confinement, I cannot just distrust them.

“How did you not die of starvation after being imprisoned for several years?”

“Pussss- that’s right, they put black bread crumbs in the tube once every two days.”

“The amount of water you can take in will not be enough?”

“That’s right, you can drink the dew in the air.”

Bikir was silent for a moment. Is there dew? In this hot space?

However, the old man Angajumang calmly taught them how to survive here.

“Well, actually, you can survive without eating bread crumbs. It makes the metabolism in the body extremely slow and gradually decomposes the accumulated nutrients.”

“… … .”

“Pussss- these days, young people tend to live too hard. Excessive passion is poisonous. Rather than running without resting too much, it’s good to take a leisurely break like this from time to time and look back on life. A crab that lives like a stone, like water.”

It sounds like the nagging of an old man in a leisurely back room, but I care too much about the place to overhear it.

What a solitary confinement in New Wave.

Isn’t he a person who claims to have been imprisoned for years in a place even more terrible than Level 9?

‘If only I hadn’t gone mad just being stuck here…’ … He must have been a big-time criminal.’

Maybe that’s why I’ve already gone crazy.

Since then, Angajumang has been talking to Vikir about this and that.

“Listening to his voice, he seems like a young friend. Why are you imprisoned in this place?”

“Where is the old and young in sin?”

“Pusssss- that’s right. So, what were you imprisoned for? Answer the old man’s question.”

“Static assassination.”

Bikir answered briefly.

Then old Engajument chuckled.

“You did a good job, so why were you imprisoned? Did you get kicked out of the family?”

“Well, you could look at it that way.”

“That, that. I was a hunting dog. Originally, if a rabbit falls on a mountain, it is an eternal law to boil and eat a hunting dog.”

Old Engajument naturally added a word at the end.

“For some reason, I think I know where you are from. Are you going to Baskerville?”

Bikir was a little stingy.

And old Angajumão saw through Bikir’s agitation like a ghost and let out that eerie laugh.

“Pusssss- that’s right. Few families are heartless enough to send a dog that worked hard for the family to a place like this. At most, it would be about an iron-blooded swordsman or an extremely poisonous swordsman.”

“You seem to know a lot about the Baskervilles.”

“Everyone knows. Our family was once called the iron-blooded swordsmen.”

At the words of the old man Engajument, Bikir searched his mind for a while.

Now, the Baskervilles are regarded as the best swordsmen, but it wasn’t like before.

Before the Empire was unified into one, there were at least four more swordsman families that were more prestigious than the Baskervilles across the continent.

Bahamut. jizz. THAAD. Nibelungen.

Baskerville was a brand that was somewhat behind these four families.

In fact, until then, it was just a family-type mercenary group wandering around the continent without a single inferior territory.

anyway. There was a time when the Baskervilles were added to the four families above and were called the 5th iron-blooded swordsman.

Old Engajument chuckled as if he missed those days.

“At that time, our family was also known as a prestigious swordsman. However, since I had let go of the sword, the lifeline of the sword must have been cut off after that. … … Um, no. Did the family disappear at all?”

“Are there no descendants?”

“Hmm~ I did have a granddaughter. She said, but I don’t know if she’s dead or she’s alive. If she’s alive, she’ll probably be older than you. Like a mother… … not until She must be around the age of her youngest aunt or older sister.”

“You must have lived quite a long time.”

“then. she lived a long time I’ve spent my whole life on the battlefield.”

Old Engajument continued with a grin.

“For such an old man to adapt to a peaceful world out of the blue. that was a bunch Fights and wars were my life.”

“You are still fiercely living in solitary confinement in New Wave. It is a consistent life.”

“Pussss- Is it fierce? here? you’re welcome. This place is like a resort. Right now, I’m taking a leisurely rest like this to get rid of the travel poison I fought in the past… … I’m thinking of leaving soon when the moth hurts.”

He was no ordinary old man, judging by his courage to consider the solitary confinement of Nouvelle Vague a resting place.

Bikir became a little curious about how long the old man next to him must have been through, and how intense his life must have been.

At that time, it seemed that old Engajument had the same thought.

“Looks like you can talk to me. Do you know how to do a non-sword?”

Nonsense (論劍). Just as advanced Go players close their eyes and play the game verbally, swordsmen who have reached the highest level can engage in verbal sparring with their eyes closed.

It is impossible unless each other masters each other’s sword and herbivore skills.

Bikir readily accepted the request of the old man Angajumang to perform a non-geom dance.

“Do you know the Baskerville family’s swordsmanship?”

“I know roughly. Now, let’s begin.”

Old Engajument opened his mouth and began to develop herbivores.

Bikir also developed virtual sparring by releasing the bar power he had.

Baskerville Type 1. Teeth that stab the opponent deeply.

Baskerville Type 2. Teeth that pierce the opponent’s body one more time to fix it.

Baskerville Type 3. Teeth that bite and weigh the opponent’s body.

Baskerville Type 4. A tooth that cuts through the opponent’s body.



Bikir developed the Baskerville meal 1 through 4 as a way to warm up.

Surprisingly, old man Engajument saw through Vikir’s accumulated four-type proficiency.

“Amazing! To think that a young man who is not even in the contract can use 4 meals so perfectly. Isn’t it like watching a middle-aged man who has lived his whole life rolling on the battlefield!”

However, after he finished speaking, he added in a humorous tone.

“… … Well, compared to this old man, he’s still a young kid.”

Before long, old Angajumang developed a herbivore.

Bikir did not know anything about the swordsmanship that old man Angajumang used, but old man Angajumang developed his own based on the swordsmanship theory that Bikir had.

Even though he did not know the old man’s swordsmanship, Bikir, who was quick with his own swordsmanship, could naturally know how the old man’s swordsmanship was breaking down.

A sight as if drawn to the eye.

Bikir’s first meal was devoured by the gentle swordsmanship of old Angajuman.

And the second expression that followed was just a reminder of where his body was.

The 3rd and 4th meals, which had not yet been shot out, were immediately eaten by the attack of the old Angajumang, and Bikir’s body was in danger of being split into pieces.

‘… … what? Aren’t you a normal serpent?’

Bikir was forced to stop what he had been trying to do for a while.

Before long, all of Bikir’s powers are revealed.

Baskerville Type 5. Teeth that tear apart the opponent’s body.

Baskerville Type 6. Teeth that crush the opponent’s body.

Baskerville Type 7. Teeth that crush the opponent’s body.

Baskerville Type 8. A tooth that holds all teeth together.

The ultimate level of swordsmanship that Baskerville could achieve. limits of the living.

It counterattacked the old Angagement with tremendous momentum.

black sheep.

The very ultimate that killed Amdusias in Auburn City shook the entire virtual world of Nongeombimu.


“Pusssss- this really surprises me. I can’t believe it. How is it possible to reach this level at such an age?”

Old Engajument was surprised, but showed no sign of fear or shrinking.

Before long, the power of old Angajumang collides with that of Bikir.

The level of ferocity and aggression that could never be thought of as an old man who was dying, and his reckless counterattack, even contained a terrible madness.

A madman who has spent his entire life fighting and fighting, like a warlord.

Even Bikir had no choice but to give in to that reckless attitude.

‘… … I can’t believe that such a madman existed in the world.’

Bikir also had to suffer an unfamiliar shock due to the discussion with the old man Angajumang.

A product that was put into the world only for fighting, slaughter, and conflict.

It is truly a war madness itself.

Every breath you take, every step you take, every hand you reach out is full of murderous intent and desire for destruction.

Aura who is eager to bully others. of this mismatched pole. perverse integrity.

I now understand why this old man is so far removed from mankind, confined here in the New Wave, in the deepest and harshest of them all.

[You are crazy. Regardless of whether they are demons or humans, they are the type that should never be involved.]

To the extent that Dekarabia, who was once a demon, said something like this.

At that time, old Engajumento smiled and said,

“Having a non-sword with you like this makes me slightly motivated? It makes me feel a little bit younger.”

“I’m glad I was helpful.”

“That was a huge help. ah! I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve felt this way. Ever since Winston and Orca. Umm, before that, it was also time to fight the Seven Earls of the Baskervilles.”

“With the seven counts? Boston terriers, great danes, people like Isabella?”

“who? I don’t know such children. Not the Seven Counts of today, but the Seven Counts of the previous era.”

Well, to guess the old man’s age, you’d have to go back at least two generations.

Old Engajument asked Bikir.

“Who is the head of the Baskervilles now?”

“Hugo Les Baskervilles.”

“Hugo… … Hugo… … Who is it? It must be that an unheard-of, unheard-of guy is doing it. Why didn’t that old Cane Corso inherit the headship?”

“… … Do you know Cane Corso?”

“Cancer, you know. He was a strict and picky nobleman. When I was young, I messed around without knowing anything and suffered a lot.”

Old Engajument muttered in a faint tone, as if recalling childhood play.

“When I think of that slash, my flesh still trembles. Pusss – Are you dead now? Well, a lot of years have passed, but it might be natural. Maybe he was possessed by something and chased the fantasy of the grave of the sword or something. Like an immature fool.”

“… … .”

Bikir shut his mouth.

It was a fact that there was no need to tell them that a place called the Grave of Swords existed, and that Cain Corso became a Death Knight and rose to the ranks of Type 9.

… … And apart from that, Bikir thought he might know the identity of old Angajumant.

Prior to their return, the guards of Newvag had declared that they would not engage in the war between demons and humans.

But that’s the story of the early days of the War of Extinction.

As the War of Extinction reached the latter half, the guards of New Wave also came to the surface and began to fight the demons, but it wasn’t just to protect humanity.

The collapse of the New Wave.

Since the place itself, Newbagra, had disappeared, the guards and prisoners had no choice but to come up to the surface.

‘At that time, the person who collapsed the prison called Newbagra was Orca himself, the prison director.’

Why did he, who was a symbol of the New Wave, take such an action?

Opinions were divided about the story behind it.

But one of them was quite convincing.

It is said that an escaped prisoner tried to go to the ground, and the warden Orca took extreme measures to prevent it.

You can’t even imagine how dangerous he must have been if he had collapsed the entire New Wave prison to prevent the escape of just one person.

As for who the escaped prisoner was, the experts were divided in their opinions… …

‘Perhaps it’s this person.’

If so, Bikir knew exactly who the old Angagement was and what his real name was.

And considering the fact that he knew the long history of the Nongeombimu and the Baskervilles from a while ago, it was all the more certain.

Bikir was confident in his guess.

And I came to a conclusion.

‘… … A person who should not be entangled if possible.’

A human even more terrible and terrifying than the devil was right next to him.

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