Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 373

Episode 373 Sucker Shark (1)

3 months later.

“Ho-ho-what is it? Were you alive?”

With Suware’s admiration, the concrete of the solitary cell shattered.

Fast- Fast! Woo support!

As the hardened mold shattered, Bikir awoke from within.

His body was so skinny that only bones and skin remained, but his eyes still had a clear vitality.

Suware stroked his mustache and said.

“What, if I had known you would be able to move like this, I would have taken it out about a month or two ago. It’s better to be in my room than solitary. yes? It happened that the nights were lonely these days.”

“No reservations.”

“Ho-ho-ho- you really are a cheeky kid. I liked it. Next time you come back to solitary confinement, I’ll take good care of you~ See you again!”

Bikir staggered out, being escorted by Suware.

I glanced back and saw a pile covered in countless piles of concrete and asphalt.

It was probably the solitary confinement of old Angajoment.

‘It was a terrible time.’

It was a noisy day because the old man Angajumang next to him kept demanding to do the rice paddy dance.

Bikir returned to the stone chamber of Level 9 where he was originally imprisoned with a skinny body.

Clap – bang!

As soon as the door closes, darkness falls.

Right away, a few hours later, at dawn, I had to be taken to the workhouse.

Bikir decided to reserve some stamina in preparation for that time.

Gee Ying – Thoo!

Decaravia spat out Andromalius’s ring from her mouth, not knowing where it was.

Since he had stored a considerable amount of food in it, Bikir took out food from it little by little and consumed it.

“I think I’ll live a little longer if I eat.”

Vikir looked down at Andromalius’ ring.

After making a big barrier at the academy in the past, the power didn’t gather well, so I can only use it for food or taking out little by little.

I regretted not being able to do that.

[human. What are you going to do from now on?]

“I have to do labor. Now I have an excuse to work hard.”

[but. Other humans will think that you work hard because you are afraid of solitary confinement.]

“okay. Level 10 construction should proceed as soon as possible. Only then will I find what I am looking for.”

At Dekarabia’s question, Vikir replied indifferently.

But today, Dekarabia had a lot of questions.

[By the way, what the hell are you looking for in such a deep seabed? Is there some treasure hidden under the already dead extinct volcano?]

“… … .”

Bikir was silent for a moment.

What Bikir is looking for.

It has a very important meaning now that there are only four left.

‘Three of the ten survivors joined hands. Then something strange will happen.’

There was a high possibility that they might hasten the era of destruction even if they were overdoing it.

If that were the case, no matter how much Bikir was, he would not be able to do much as long as he had one body.

A terrible war in which many people will die in the future. A war of annihilation will take place.

Now, the battle against Tensangsi has entered the final battle. Bikir also had to lose what to lose and gain what to gain.

‘Maybe we can end the fight once and for all.’

So, Bikir came down here to Nouvelle Bagh to find a weapon to fight the final weapon of the Ten Sangshis.

[This is the ultimate weapon of the Ten Commandments. It probably means ‘the monsoon of fear’?]

“I know you well.”

[Everyone knows. Because I was also once their colleague.]

Decaravia narrowed her eyes in agreement and continued to ask questions.

[…] … However, did the human side have a weapon that could counteract the ‘rainy season of cowardice’? As far as I know, no.]

“The demons know that.”

Bikir continued with his eyes shining.

“But there is. In the depths of the Nouvelle Vague Volcano, where even the devil’s eyes can’t reach… … .

An ancient weapon that modern humans do not even know of its existence, ‘the one that shakes the earth with a roar’.

“‘Poseidon’ definitely exists.”

The final weapon of the demons, ‘The Rainy Season of Fear’, and the only thing that can suppress it is the final weapon of mankind, ‘Poseidon’.

Bikir had personally come down here to New Wave to find it.

Even while stripping away all the bonds he had built up with his friends.

‘Anyway, it’s just a school friend I passed by for a year or so when I was a teenager. People like me will soon be forgotten.’

Bikir briefly recalled the faces of Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair, but they quickly disappeared.

The important thing now is the daily life in Nouvelle Vague. The construction must be carried out as quickly as possible so that it will not be behind the devil’s steps.

‘The ones holding hands must have been Cimmeries in the fourth, Andrealphus in the third, and Flauros this time, right?’

That guess was the same result as what was said from the mouths of the demons who were tortured before entering New Wave.

Cimmeries, who seems to have melted into the Donquixote family, Andrealphus, who seems to have melted into the Usher family, and Flauros, who seems to have melted into the Leviathan family.

‘Is the last one still in the imperial family?’

From the 7th family until this division was born, the emperor who did not even show his nose is suspicious.

So, on the day Bikir escaped from Nouvelle Vague, he planned to infiltrate the imperial family.

‘If it’s necessary, I’ll have to slit the heads of all members of the imperial family… … .’

at that time.

There was a voice that broke the thoughts of Bikir, who was casually plotting a traitor.

“All wake up! It is labor time!”

It was Lieutenant Colonel Bastille’s cry to wake up.

* * *

All the prisoners in New Vague work from 4:00 in the morning.

There were no exceptions, even for convicts returning from solitary confinement.

… kang! … Fuck! … Quasac!

Bikir was pickaxing while wearing several layers of BDSM handcuffs and shackles.

The guards whispered as they watched Bikir digging the ground without stopping for a moment.

“I’ve never seen a prisoner at Level 9 work so hard.”

“Aren’t you suspicious of something? Could it be that they have other intentions?”

“What is the intention? That guy was suppressed by the Dordium Warden and taken to solitary confinement for refusing to work the other day.”

“Oh right. Hadn’t he been confined to solitary confinement for three months? But did you come out alive? He’s a big guy.”

“I came back alive, but… … After that, you keep your mouth shut and just work hard.”

“Really, solitary confinement is scary, isn’t it? Level 9 monsters also have a human side.”

“It’s just scary. In the past, a guy was confined to solitary confinement for only half a day, but when he came out, his hair was all white. The one who was locked up for half a day died of a heart attack and came out.”

Neither the prisoners nor the guards thought it strange that Vikir was working so hard.

From then on, Bikir became known as an outlier who worked harder than anyone else on the theme of being an inmate at Level 9.

“ruler! It’s meal time! 10 minute break!”

Eventually, when lunchtime came, the guards everywhere shouted to stop the labor.

Bikir slumped in his seat and ate half-smoked sardines and stone-hard black bread.


The black bread, which was hard enough to break one’s teeth, did not crumble even when it was hit hard against a rock.

The sardines, despite being heavily salted, gave off a sour stench.

However, the prisoners ate even this garbage-like meal reluctantly.

As much as that, the completion of Level 1 was a arduous labor.

As if someone called this place an extinct volcano, if you dig a little into the cooled strata, terrifying heat will explode.

The scorching sun, which dried up everything, was constantly pouring out of the lava waterfalls that flowed everywhere.

If you stay here, you will feel like you are turning into jerky alive.

A normal person would not be able to last even a few seconds.

I turn my head and see some prisoners peering down into a pit of lava.

He probably got tired of pickled sardines and hard black bread, no different from bricks, and was looking for something else to eat.

“… … Are you there?”

“there is. I just saw a shadow.”

“Let’s catch it.”

“Pull before you get on the string and needle!”

Before long, the prisoners fished up something with chain fishing line and hook hooks made from work tools (losing the death penalty).


It was a lava shark that lived in lava, a monster with a body length of 8 meters and a weight of over 1 ton.

“Got it!”

As soon as one prisoner shouted, the prisoners around him woo-ran and rushed.

The lava shark, which had nothing to eat because it had only bones and skin, was quickly cut to pieces by the hands and teeth of countless prisoners.

Prisoners were looking for other food besides that.

However, in the first place, this New Wave was not an environment suitable for hunting creatures, so the prisoners, who were blinded by hunger, had no choice but to look elsewhere.

“… … Heo-eok, hee-eok.”

Bikir watched a prisoner sitting in the distance, gasping for breath.

His skin was pale and soft, and he was fat and plump, not befitting a harsh labor camp.

Other prisoners are seen taking care of the prisoner so that he does not work.

“You don’t work. We will do everything for you.”

“Don’t even move. Just lie down.”

“Uh huh, don’t you want to move? You lose weight.”

And soon, the most influential prisoner in the room approaches the fat prisoner with his mouth watering.


The prisoner eats the prisoner’s flesh.

The prisoner whose flesh was bitten and eaten screamed in pain, but soon gave up and only swallowed the tears.

“Heh heh… … treat this child It takes a long time to eat.”

“It was good that you twisted the ointment.”

“Tomorrow is me.”

“This kid needs to heal quickly.”

When exploiting someone else, we often use the expression ‘rip and eat’, but here in the New Wave, this literal thing was commonplace.

Of course, Bikir had a lot of food stored in Andromalius’ barrier, so there was no reason to jump into such a disastrous food war.

“… … They live very hard.”

Bikir admired.

At this point, you don’t know who is human and who is demon.

Right then.

“… … !”

Bikir saw a third way for prisoners to get food.

It is neither hunting nor cannibalism. Surprisingly, it was the most normal and common sense method.

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