Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 371

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Episode 371: Solitary Confinement (1)

solitary confinement. The corporal punishment of being alone in a room.

In general, being alone in a prison cell is considered a major punishment.

You may wonder why using a room alone is punishment, but if the size of the room is so small that it defies common sense, you will understand.

The commonly known concept of solitary confinement is a perfect closed room with nothing to see or talk about in a small space that is less than half a pyeong.

However, this is the definition of solitary confinement in ordinary prisons, and solitary confinement in New Wave is much harsher.

‘… … I heard that.’

The punishment of 3 months in solitary confinement for refusing to work and confronting the jailer.

Now, Vikir will experience firsthand what ‘solitude’ is, which leads to the harshest punishment after execution even within the New Wave.

creak- creak- creak-

Bikir, beaten by Dordium and covered in blood, was transported by one of the guards.

He said in a low voice as he pulled the cart.

“From this time on, you will be confined to solitary confinement. You can come out in 100 days.”

Bikir raised his head, removed the blood scab, and opened his eyes.

Then I saw a guard with a familiar face.

<Garm Nord>

What was written on the name tag was a name that I saw quite often.

“Did you get hit again?”

Bikir asked, and Gareum smiled bitterly.

“no. This time I volunteered.”

“… … Why?”

“It’s to get you relatively safely to the solitary confinement.”

Gareum said that there are often evil guards who kill prisoners who have become super-death swords just for fun.

So he volunteered to ensure that Bikir did not suffer any disadvantage other than the punishment prescribed by law.

Bikir tilted his head.

“Whether I die or not, what does that have to do with you?”

“… … I just did it because I was grateful.”

“Thank you?”

“yes. Because you didn’t kill me.”

At Gareum’s words, Bikir was silent for a moment.

It was a riot that was calculated in many ways, so there was no need to increase the work more than necessary.

So, Bikir deliberately worked hard to ensure that no deaths occurred, but Garm seemed to have misunderstood something when he saw that.

The moment Bikir was about to tell the truth, Garreum continued.

“and… … Most of all, thank you for returning Kirko safely.”

Kirko? Bikir tilted his head for a moment.

And soon, Vikir recalled the face of the brave girl jailer whom he had briefly confronted before fighting Dordium.

‘He was a very good friend. It’s a waste to rot in a place like this.’

After a short flashback, Vikir glanced around again.

The ears of Gareum, who was pulling the cart in front, were slightly red.

“The other guards all had crushed noses, broken teeth, and splintered limbs… … Kirko didn’t have any injuries. So I am grateful.”

“Why are you thankful that the woman was uninjured?”

“That, that… … .”

Gareum was embarrassed and tried to answer something, but soon kept his mouth shut.

Seeing this, Bikir seemed to understand why Garum was despised by his fellow guards and prisoners.

‘It’s too ordinary. It’s a personality that can only be looked down on at the bottom of this hell.’

Gareum was an ordinary late-teenage boy.

So, in unusual places, of course, there was no choice but to be disadvantaged.

As a result, Gareum was ostracized by fellow guards at the dorm and became the target of contempt by prisoners at work.

He seemed to be despised even by his girlfriend, whom he had a crush on.

‘It doesn’t suit Nouvelle Vague in many ways.’

Bikir gave an evaluation of Garum.

Nature seems to be good, but in Nouvelle Vague such things are of no use whatsoever.

at that time.

Gareum opened her mouth.

“… … I am going to start solitary confinement from now on.”

“… … .”

“Before that, I recommend that you kill yourself by biting your tongue. Solitary confinement… … It’s really terrible.”

The so-called Gareum with good nature. It was advice that such a gareum gave with sincerity.

But Bikir understandably ignored the advice.

“I heard that kind of advice even when I was just escorted to New Wave.”

“Ha, but solitary is on a different level! It’s so terrible that it can’t be compared to escorts or entrance ceremonies… … !”

however. Gareum couldn’t finish his words.

Suddenly, a long shadow began to cast in front of the cart.

“Hohoho- Oh my God? Who is this? Have you had a guest for a long time?”

A woman’s voice resounded in the dark red cave.

The moment he heard that, Gareum’s body began to stiffen.

“Yeah, then I’m here. I wish you luck.”

Gareum left a last word of thanks to Bikir.


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Then, after giving a strong salute to the other side, he turned around and ran away.

“… … .”

Bikir raised his head.

Then, you can see the mountain peaks rising up like an awl. Its appearance reminds me of the ‘Red Awl Castle’, the domain of the House of Morgue.

Ah, there was a woman walking with a bleak background behind.

A tall, slender body, a voluminous body full of flair, and even a mustang full of flair.

A woman with a thick mustache beneath her sunglasses was looking down at Bikir.

Bikir guessed her identity at a glance.

‘… … Colonel Souaré.’

Known as a mixed blood of a dwarf and an elf, she is one of the five chief wardens representing New Wave and was considered one of the most influential next prison wardens along with Colonel Dordium.

Inheriting dwarven blood, she grew a beard despite being a woman and had a natural talent for handling minerals.

“Hmm~ Let’s see. Are you the new prisoner who fought Dordium? Be lively, too.”

Suware looked down at Bikir and grinned.


Suware crushed the cart by stepping on it with the heel of her high heel, and lifted Bikir’s neck with his hand.

“Let’s see~ Which cell should I put you in?”

Suware shook Bikir and said in an alluring voice.

Bikir frowned.

There’s nothing around that could look like a room, so what are you going to do?

… … However, Bikir’s doubts were quickly dispelled.

“okay. Shall we mix asphalt, concrete, and BDSM powder to form it?”

Before long, Suware rolled his foot on the floor once.

Then an amazing thing happened.


The ground at the place Suware hit with his foot melted away, and soon it boiled, emitting red light like lava.

It soon became a thick liquid like molten metal and began to change its appearance according to Suware’s will.

“I’ll make you a solitary cell that’s just the right size for you.”

Suware grinned and set Bikir on the floor. And he put a big tube in his mouth.

“This is your breath. Don’t miss it.”

As soon as Suwareh finished speaking, concrete and asphalt from above began to cover Bikir’s body.

Bikir’s body was soon swallowed up in a mixture of concrete and asphalt and became like a chrysalis.

Hot lava flows over it.


The mold was hardening.

Bikir had to close his eyes at the unbearably high internal temperature and feeling of exhaustion.

‘… … This is the solitary confinement of New Wave.’

Solitary confinement was so terrible that even Bikir in the world felt somber.

I could see why prisoners fear solitary confinement as much as the death penalty.

He was sentenced to as much as 100 days to avoid solitary confinement, which usually lasted for a day or two, and even a week in extreme cases.

‘Put him in solitary confinement. The period is three months, no, to fill 100 days.’

‘yes! One hundred days in solitary confinement would be a de facto ‘execution’.’

It seems now that he understands why Lieutenant Colonel Bastille, who had heard Dordium’s orders, treated Bikir as a death row prisoner.

‘Still, I’m glad he gave me a tube in his mouth.’

Water and food will come in here, and breathing will be possible anyway.

However, since I couldn’t do anything, it was a waste of time for the diligent Vikir.

‘… … I’m going to take this opportunity to give my body a little rest and organize my inner self a bit.’

It’s been a while since I’ve been running forward, so it’s important to stop and look back.

However, I couldn’t help but feel that the place was very unpleasant.

Vikir decided to avoid solitary confinement no matter what happened in the future.

Three months and ten days ahead.

Bikir intended to train his mind through meditation and, at the same time, put together information from before returning to plan how to act in the future.

… … .

If it hadn’t been for a sudden voice from an unexpected place, he would have done just that.

“Pusssss… … A young friend came in this time?”

The voice of a man who seemed quite old.

“It’s nice to have a solitary friend in my later years. Young man, please live long. That way, you can talk to me and do that.”

It was a very painful voice, as if scratching a glass plate with a nail.

“Who are you?”

Bikir spoke briefly, pushing the hardening concrete with his lower jaw.

In the meantime, I had to be careful not to drop the stick in my mouth.


“… … .”

No answer was heard for a while.

By the time the silence slowly hardens like concrete.

“Pusssss… … .”

The unpleasant laughter continued for a long time.

And soon, the person locked in the solitary cell next to him revealed his identity.

“Just call me ‘Angajument’.”

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