Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 364

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Episode 364: Ghost Castle in the Deep Sea (2)

#1st Entrance Ceremony: <Belongings Inspection>

The admission ceremony consists of a total of three steps.

Until it began, the prisoners did not realize the seriousness of the situation.

The inspection of belongings is a matter of course, and the second and third health examinations and baths are unexpected luxuries.

Therefore, the prisoners were generally happy.

“What kind of idiot would bring a weapon while being locked up in a place like this?”

“I don’t have anything hidden, so it won’t be a big deal.”

“Oh, I want to take a bath soon.”

However, Bikir did not believe at all what was written in the entrance ceremony schedule.

‘For those who were dragged all the way to New Wave, they’re naive.’

The prisoners who don’t lose their smile even though they are being dragged while being tied up next to each other, how long can their expressions be maintained?

Eventually, the prisoners, including Bikir, came out to a large square, guided by the guards.

Only then did the prisoners’ expressions change.

“… … uh?”

“what? You said you were inspecting your belongings?”

“But why go to a cliff like this… … ?”

The scenery that unfolded before my eyes was quite bleak.

A sheer cliff. And another cliff can be seen over a distance so far away that it can be seen as a dot.

And the sharp-forged blades were connected between the cliffs.

… … It wasn’t even that.

Above the huge bladed bridge connecting the cliffs, huge iron balls that could be used for demolition at a construction site were swinging from side to side like a pendulum on a clock.

“Hey, what is this? You’re not telling me to cross here, are you?”

“It’s the best day of the year, this is it!”

“What are those ironsmiths doing?!”

The complexion of the prisoners turns white in front of the terrible sight in front of them.

‘I knew it.’

Bikir nodded.

Nouvelle Vague’s word of mouth can’t be ordinary.

It was disguised as everyday words, but the reality must have been terrible and cruel.

… … like right now


Finally, the guards revealed their true colors.

They stabbed the prisoners in the back with knives, clubs, spears, and batons.

If he didn’t go over the bladed bridge, he was going to kill him like this.

In the end, the prisoners cried and put their feet on the blade to eat mustard.

You have to walk over hundreds of meters worth of small blades barefoot.

If you lose your balance even for a moment and fall, you will fall down a bottomless cliff.

One prisoner shuddered and asked.

“What if I fall down there?”

“… … I leave it to your imagination.”

Lieutenant Gareum, who was guiding the prisoners, replied in a businesslike tone.

Before long, the prisoners stood in a line and started walking on the cutting edge.

The extremely sharp blades pierced the bare feet of the prisoners with every step.

The flesh, cut even once, cracks deeper and deeper because of the weight.

The cold jakdu blade cut the soles of the prisoners’ feet again and again, and eventually cut them off.


The prisoner, who had collapsed while spurting blood, collapsed in front of him and his whole body was torn apart.

Patter- Patter- Patter-

Red blood and flesh fell down.

Seeing the prisoner in front of them fall into a state of misery in an instant, the other prisoners tensed their toes even more nervously.

Giving great strength to the big toe and the ring finger, holding the blade with only the strength of the toes and walking slowly.

That was how the prisoners could move.

… … However, it was really just a way to get around.


A huge iron ball passed in front of a prisoner’s eyes.

The iron balls moving section by section on the bridge boasted tremendous weight and speed.

If you get hit even once, you have no choice but to be thrown down the cliff with your whole body crushed like fish meat.

“Haha- idiots. If you go like this, you won’t get hit by an iron ball!”

A prisoner was crawling like a c*ckroach, holding the blade with both hands and feet.

Although his limbs were already bloody, he was still quite stable, crawling on his legs.

A huge iron ball was also passing over his head, so there seemed no danger.

… … On the surface, it was once.

However, there was something the prisoner failed to grasp, and that was the material of the iron ball.


An iron ball that passed once and returned.

As it approached, the prisoner bowed his head.

It was to pass safely over your head.


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“… … uh?”

The prisoner immediately felt his right hand lift up by itself.


Suddenly, the right hand, which was lifted up into the air, was caught by the swinging iron ball.

“Hee!? magnet!”

Yes. Each of the iron balls that passed over the bladed bridge had strong magnetism.

The prisoner, whose right hand had an iron core embedded in his finger, felt his right hand move freely by a powerful magnet.


… Boouk! Wood deok!

I had to witness with my own eyes how the iron core stuck in my finger was ripped out of the skin and pulled out and stuck to the iron ball.


The prisoner whose finger had been cut out of nowhere screamed and lost his balance.

His toes and fingers, which were holding the blade leg, gave up, and he collapsed on top of the blade, his body splitting vertically and falling down the cliff.

Similar things were happening one after another on the bridge on the last day.

The swinging iron ball absorbed everything.


The prisoner who had secretly hidden the file knife in his anus was torn apart with a terrible look.

The prisoner, who had blade shards stuck in his wounds long ago, fell down the bridge of the jakdu blade with horrendous wounds.

The same was true for those who wore prosthetic arms or legs.

In addition, there were quite a few prisoners who fell down the cliff because the iron ball, which had strong magnetism, moved back and forth once.

Prisoners who had not yet climbed onto the bridge could only tremble with fear.

“Hey, what is this! What is the word of mouth! It’s just dog death! Isn’t it a virtual execution ceremony!”

Then Lieutenant Gareum, who was next to him, shook his head.

“It can’t be. There is a separate ‘Execution Ceremony of New Wave’, and it is incomparably terrible. And if you look over there, there are prisoners who are going well.”

“… … What?”

At those words, all the prisoners turned their heads.

The precarious blade bridge and the magnetic ironsmiths galloping over it.

There was one person walking leisurely between them.

It was Bikir.

‘It’s fortunate that Baalzebub and Dekarabia didn’t get caught in the magnet.’

Bikir was just walking barefoot on the small ledge.

The calluses, which had been pierced through numerous training sessions, could push out this amount of blades without the need for mana.

If you avoid the iron ball that often ignorantly flies, you can go to the cliff on the other side without too much difficulty.

“… … What is that monster?”

“Yay! I go too!”

“Even a kid like that goes, but I can’t be scared!”

The other prisoners, too, emboldened by Bikir’s propaganda, began to jump.

#2nd Entrance Ceremony: <Inspection>

After the first inspection of belongings, the number of candidates for the entrance ceremony was significantly reduced.

Still, there was no annihilation like those who had completed their journey to the deep sea.

However, there were quite a number of people whose entire bodies were covered in blood.

“Okay, next is the health check.”

Lieutenant Gareum opened his mouth, but no prisoners believed his words.

And, sure enough, the prisoners were confined like lab mice in a narrow ravine.

“what? What are you trying to do here?”

“huh? uh!? up there! above!”

“Something is falling!”

One by one, the prisoners looked up.

I see something like black snow falling in abundance.

Looking closer, it was a sphere that looked like a rubber ball, slightly smaller than an adult’s fist, and had a tactile feel.

As soon as they fell to the floor, they revealed their true form.

When the rounded body was unfolded, the elongated oval body was revealed.

When the black body wriggled, sharp, nail-like teeth protruded from what was supposed to be the head.

“Ahh!? It’s a leech!”

Screams broke out among the prisoners.

Countless leeches were falling on the heads of the prisoners.

These little black vampires clung to the prisoners and sucked on anything they could find, but it didn’t seem like they were just drawing blood.

“Huh? It’s not their blood… … .”

“Bone! Bone!”

“They suck the skin!”

Shouts of terror erupted from among the prisoners.

What the leeches sucked varied.

Some leeches sucked blood as expected, some leeches bone, some leeches skin.

Watching the prisoners flounder in the swamp of leeches, the guards were writing things down on charts.

“No. 12 bone density normal… … ”

“Insufficient blood volume in number 36, I need to stop fasting.”

“Skin condition 43 is good. No hindrance to work.”

“Report to Lieutenant Colonel ‘Black Tongue’.”

The health checkup was just using the taste of the leeches.

The fact that leeches actively attack means that there is no major abnormality in the prey’s body condition.

Right then.


The leeches that had clung to one prisoner all showed symptoms of paralysis and began complaining of pain.

“Kkeuk! Kkeuk! Kkeuk!”

Creepy de Leviathan.

A wicked person who was expelled from Leviathan, an extremely poisonous person, saying that he had a mental problem.

The leeches that clung to his body and sucked his blood, bones, and skin looked stiff, and then they all came out and fell.

Perhaps there was poison in the blood or bone marrow.

‘… … There are many problematic elements.’

Vikir, who had been quietly entrusting himself to the spiders and giving only things to give, thought as he looked at the smiling calmly from a distance far away.

‘It’s a good thing that there are many problematic elements.’

I thought that if I did well, I might be able to use him to my advantage.

#3rd Entrance Ceremony: <Bath>

The prisoners who had climbed up from the leech’s swamp lay exhausted on the ground.

Bone density, muscle density, and blood reserve were in a state of drastically dropping, so everyone was barely alive.

… … Now, the only gateway left is ‘bath’.

However, no one had the look of anticipation before the entrance ceremony.

Those who survived were taken into an empty circular plaza, where they found eerie things.

It was a bunch of skeletons.

Human bones, only bones, were rolling around here and there, but if you look closely, there are many strange parts.

“Are there any small holes in your bones?”

“It burned or melted.”

“What the hell… … What else are you going to do?”

The prisoners looked around with anxious eyes.

And this time, too, a terrible disaster struck them.


The boiling yellow underground water burst from the ceiling.

The acrid smell seemed to contain a large amount of sulfur.


Prisoners scrambled to avoid the brimstone pouring down from above.

But bubbling brimstone soaks everywhere evenly and evenly.

Push Sis Sisik-

The prisoner, with small holes pierced all over his body, eventually fell to the floor.

Then, the prisoners who had just been flustered by the side quickly jumped up and crawled under the body of the dead prisoner.

It was to avoid a sulfur shower.

“Hey, come on! It’s my umbrella!”

“shut up! He’s been my friend since he was on Earth!”

“Give it up! It’s mine!”

Prisoners fought fiercely with each other, tearing apart the bodies of dead prisoners.

In the process, the dead prisoner’s body was torn to shreds and turned into countless umbrellas.

yet. The shower of sulfur water that had been pouring down for several hours was all over.

Guards in gas masks entered through the thick yellow steam.

Ensign Garm Nord. He looked around him and nodded his head.

“All prisoners are disinfected. From now on, we will proceed with the floor assignment.”

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