Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 363

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Episode 363: Ghost Castle in the Deep Sea (1)

It is the coldest, hottest, roughest, filthiest and harshest place in the world.

God removed only that place and separated it forever from the sunlit world.

A hell that no one can imagine is right there.

No text or illustration in the world can fully express the fearsomeness of New Wave, and its unique and grotesque atmosphere can only be felt by breathing the air there.

People of the world, please do not sin. If you have already built it, find a way to repent as soon as possible.

The Great Prison of the Deep Sea, Nouvelle Vague, awaits the payment of your sins with its mouth open at the bottom of the deep abyss!

* * *

The bottom of a deep, deep trench in the ultra-deep sea.

An old castle rises high above the languid forests of long black seaweed.

Yellow and bluish lights glowing eerily like the luminaries of deep-sea fish on the peaks of extinct volcanoes.

It was the nature of the old and old citadel built by stacking huge cube-shaped bricks, the ‘New Wave’.

… Tuong! thud!

The coffin containing Bikir fell over the top of the castle, over the huge circular iron gate.

A ghost castle in the deep sea. The inside of it has dug to the bottom of the social mountain.

Bikir looked at the scenery outside through Dekaravia’s eyes.

‘… … This is the gate of good and evil.’

The huge circular iron gate reached tens of meters in diameter alone.

The material seemed to be an alloy of adamantium and orhalcon, like a bourgeois safe I had seen before, and I couldn’t even imagine how thick and heavy it was.

Left is white, crying is black. This confrontational arrangement of colors means only one thing.

‘The Gate of Good and Evil’. The final boundary between good and evil.

It was the main gate and symbol of New Wave.



The door slowly began to rotate 180 degrees.

Like a manhole cover, the open door slowly turned upside down and sucked the coffin containing Bikir into the castle along with the seawater.

Underneath the gate of good and evil, there was an unknown sticky film of mucus, which seemed to block the inflow of sea water.

The windows throughout the castle were also lined with this transparent slime film.

Kwak! … slam!

The coffin containing Bikir fell to the hard floor along with a heavy stream of water.

By that time, the state of the coffin had already been distorted to fit the size of Bikir’s body, like a suit made of iron.

Before long, Bikir felt violent hands twisting open the lid of the coffin.

“… … Arrived.”

As soon as the lid of the coffin was opened, Bikir poked his head out.

Then, the inside of New Wave’s nature comes into view.

Dark blue floors, walls and ceilings all over. It was cold, damp and gloomy, befitting a fortress built in the deep sea.

Guards in black uniforms were sending sad eyes from under the brim of their hats.

“… … ‘Night Hound’. Is this the last inmate?”

I heard the shaggy-haired guard in the front muttering.

On the chest of this jailer, who had a large burn scar on his face, was a name tag that read ‘Gareum Nord’.

Judging by the one diamond drawn on the epaulet above the shoulder, the rank seems to be second lieutenant.

The so-called ‘Garm Nord’. He looked down at Bikir and said.

“An announcement will be made soon. Get ready after you recover.”

At those words, Bikir raised his head.

Sure enough, there were several more prisoners gathered in the waiting room ahead.

All of them wore prison uniforms with crossed black and white stripes, and wore BDSM restraints on their wrists and ankles.

Before long, Lieutenant Garreum spoke in front of Bikir and other people waiting for admission, who had changed into prison uniforms.

“I’m sure you all already know this, but I’ll briefly introduce the system here.”

The New Vague looks like a castle on an extinct volcano, but in fact its interior is much larger.

A huge, vertical underground space created by cutting down the bottom of an extinct volcano.

“This is divided into a total of nine districts.”

Ensign Gareum attached a simple picture prior to the explanation.

First floor. aka ‘Level 1’.

A space where guards live and at the same time all events except execution ceremonies, such as entrance ceremonies and promotion ceremonies, are held.

It is also a space where criminals with the lowest sentence of less than 3 years are imprisoned.

Second floor. aka ‘Level 2’.

It is a place where criminals with a sentence of less than 5 years are imprisoned.

One year in Nouvelle Vague is equal to 10 years in other prisons on the ground, so if it was a normal prison, criminals with a minimum sentence of more than 30 years and less than 50 years are imprisoned here.

3rd Floor. aka ‘Level 3’.

It is a place where criminals with a sentence of less than 10 years are imprisoned.

In a normal prison on the ground, felons worth 100 years in prison are imprisoned here.

4th floor. aka ‘Level 4’.

It is a place where criminals with a sentence of less than 15 years are imprisoned.

From this floor, you can’t find common criminals.

At least city-level terrorism and war criminals involved in mass genocide or worse are confined and suffering here.

5th floor. aka ‘Level 5’.

Even criminals with a sentence of less than 20 years are imprisoned here.

It is a space to confine those who cause great damage to the country by plotting national level terrorism, civil war or rebellion.


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It is also the place where the lodgings of high-ranking officials at the level of the prison guard are located, and there are also several special facilities such as a ‘breeding ground’ and an ‘execution ground’.

6th floor. aka ‘Level 6’.

It is also a place where criminals sentenced to life imprisonment are imprisoned in Nouvelle Vague.

It is a layer created for the purpose of permanently cutting off dangerous molecules that can overthrow the state from the world, and the prisoners here are treated as ‘monsters’ rather than human beings.

7th floor. AKA ‘Level 7’.

Even in the same life sentence, the degree and weight are divided.

According to Imperial law, when it is judged that a simple sentence of life imprisonment cannot be pardoned, the judge can repeat sentences of life imprisonment several times. .

8th floor. aka ‘Level 8’.

Prisoners sentenced to less than 1,000 life sentences are imprisoned here.

9th floor. AKA ‘Level 9’.

… … .

Second lieutenant Gareum finished the explanation by pointing at the picture with the three-tier stick worn around his waist.

Right before entering the prison, each of the prisoners giggled and chattered.

“I was sentenced to eight years here. It’s terrible.”

“shit! I got a 13 year sentence. It means that if you are on the ground, you will have to rot in bread for 130 years! It’s better to come out here after serving a short and thick sentence.”

“Ku-k-k-k-k-k-k-k… … I am sentenced to life imprisonment Damn, to spend the rest of my life in a F*cking place like this?”

“They are new chicks. Did you know that there are times in life imprisonment? I was sentenced to three life sentences.”

The prisoners were engaged in a war of nerves, comparing each other’s strength and brutality.

Among them, there was one in particular that drew attention.

A huge man with dark red spots covering his entire body and devil-like features.

There was no one among them who did not know him.

‘Sakkuth de Leviathan’. His nickname when he was on the ground was ‘Plague Leper’.

A vicious criminal who was expelled from the Leviathan family due to excessive human experimentation and whose bounty amount once reached a whopping 11 digits.

He grinned, showing sharp teeth.

“My dear ones. Have you ever heard of the plague called ‘the red death’? It was made by this body.”

Recognized for its danger by the Seedy Empire, he was sentenced to life imprisonment a whopping 666 times and imprisoned here in New Wave.

Currently, he is staying at ‘Level 1’ to wait for the entrance ceremony, but he is not originally a person to be here.

When I opened my mouth, the mouths of the prisoners around me closed all at once.

As if enjoying the heavy silence, he continued to grin.

“I’ve finished all the clinical trials on the natives of the flood. Out of nowhere, religious chanters intervened and messed things up. iced coffee… … It’s a pity. It was an opportunity to see the epidemic pandemic that is spreading all over the world. Kkeuk! Kkeuk! Kruck!”

cool There was one more peculiar thing about him besides his appearance and profile.

The point is that I came here by surrendering myself.

“Kurrure! I came here on purpose to meet ‘him’. That’s why it’s different from the minions like you who were forcibly dragged.”

Not only the prisoners who were going to have a clean entrance ceremony together, but even the guards were being ignored.

However, none of the guards stepped forward because the spirit he exuded was so ferocious.

Everyone just keeps a distance from each other in case they’re concerned about the plague germs that might spread.


Second Lieutenant Gareum briefly explained the procedures for the upcoming entrance ceremony.

“The entrance ceremony, which will be held from now on, consists of a total of three procedures. First, inspection of belongings. Second, health check. 3rd, bath. That’s it.”

Then the prisoners showed a surprising reaction.

“Isn’t there a particular need to inspect belongings or remove weapons? You can’t come here with a weapon in the first place.”

“You say you do a health checkup after measuring your physical fitness? Is the medical service great? It is not a welfare facility.”

“In addition, they disinfect and bathe you! Haha, New Wave is also a more comfortable space than I thought.”

“Ugh~ I want to wash quickly. I’m going to die because of the salty salt of the seawater!”

Contrary to rumors, New Wave was quite well-off.

All the prisoners seemed to be at ease, thinking that the news coming soon would be insignificant.

… … but.

‘It’s started.’

Bikir knew.

The word of mouth mentioned here does not really simply mean the word of mouth.

And how terrifying this series of events is, wrapped in everyday words like ‘belongings inspection’, ‘health checkup’, and ‘bathing’.

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