Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 365

Episode 365: Ghost Castle in the Deep Sea (3)

All word of mouth has ended.

The bodies of the dead prisoners were thrown like garbage down the cliffs in the crater.

No one cared about the plight of the prisoners, who were not officially ‘executed’ and would still be reported as ‘alive and imprisoned’ on the registers above.

They will remain locked up on paper in this prison for eternity, even after death.

On the other hand, prisoners who survived the entrance ceremony were assigned floors and rooms.

Bikir, who not only came here after being sentenced to more than 3,000 life sentences, but also showed a nonchalant attitude in the inspection of belongings, health checks, and disinfection work, was naturally ‘Level 9’, the 9th floor judgment.

… Chunk!

Bikir was confined to a cramped room. Level 9 was basically a solitary confinement system.

The atmosphere in the room was surprisingly normal.

A stone chamber built with large black bricks. Iron bars made of BDSM, a substance that absorbs mana and physical power, were attached to the entire stone chamber.

“This way, I can’t even dig out bricks with a spoon.”

The BDSM bars were not only closely spaced, but also covered the ceiling, walls, and floor, making it impossible to escape from the prison.

In the first place, it is meaningless to dig a hole because it is the seabed 10,000 meters below the deep sea, even if you have to go outside through the wall or floor.

Again- Knock-

Cold drops of water fell between the bricks.

It was a prison guard with extremely concentrated salt.

Indeed, a tremendous amount of moisture clings to the entire body.

A dark, cold and damp energy filled not only the solitary room but also the entire hallway.

There was nothing inside the stone chamber.

It’s just an empty cube space with nothing like common bedding or dishes.

However, Bikir’s evaluation was quite generous.

“It’s a decent place to live.”

Compared to the days when I rolled countless times on the battlefield with demons, I can say that this situation is comfortable.

The moment Bikir muttered quietly to himself.

… thud!

The heavy iron door over there rang loudly once.

Intercepting Device Geek-

The door was so heavy that it took more than a hundred guards to open it.

It was opened and the prisoners originally imprisoned here were seen entering.

Perhaps it is the way to return from forced labor outside.

“Huh! Kheuheouk! gurgling-”

“Ugh… … .”


The conditions of the prisoners who returned from forced labor in the workshop were all miserable.

Vikir recalled the information he already knew.

From level 1 prisoners to level 9 prisoners, all the prisoners in New Wave have to go out to the workhouse every morning to do labor.

The labor was to dig down the inside of the extinct volcano where the New Wave is located.

It can be said that it is an extension construction to increase the interior space of Nouvelle Vague.

Even though it is an extinct volcano, it is still a volcano, and the tremendous level of geothermal heat stored inside does not fade no matter how long time passes.

That is why the prisoners are boiled, burned, and dried every day, digging again and again.

“The new convicts are also put into work starting tomorrow.”

A voice came from beside the cage where Bikir was standing.

The guard I saw earlier, Second Lieutenant Gareum, was standing next to me before I knew it.

he said as he walked beside a row of prisoners suffering from burns and exhaustion.

“I will wake up at 4:00 in the morning and work non-stop until 1:00 in the afternoon. Lunch time is 10 minutes. After that time, the labor continues until midnight again. After that, I will go back to my room and have an hour of prayer and repentance, and then I will go to bed at 1:00 am.”

In other words, you have to go to bed for 3 hours a day, eat once a day, and eat a bad meal like black bread or a piece of beef jerky within 10 minutes.

Not to mention the rigorous, high-intensity labor work that continues every day.

Gareum’s voice resonated even upwards due to the nature of the New Wave, which has a vertical panopticon structure.

Bikir was able to sense the overall structure of New Wave by hearing the waves created by Gareum’s voice.

‘… … A large cylindrical structure. It looks like prisoners’ rooms are arranged in a circle on the wall, and there is a workshop in the center of the 9th floor at the bottom.’

The strong prisoners close to level 9 seem to be doing the work of breaking rocks and digging down the ground in the central deep part of the 9th floor underground, and the weak prisoners close to level 1 seem to be doing the work of carrying piles of dirt and rocks from a distance and throwing them out. .

Prisoners placed in the middle are divided into work areas according to the level of the floor where they are imprisoned, and they do the labor of moving piles of rocks and piles of earth.

In other words, the closer you get to level 9, the more you work in the deepest, hottest, and most dangerous place in the workplace, and the closer you get to level 1, the more you work in a relatively shallow, less hot, and safe place.

It may sound complicated just by looking at the description, but it was a very easy and simple structure when you look at the picture.

Lieutenant Garum said.

“You are currently doing the glorious work of expanding the Great New Wave. I hope you will work hard with pride.”

Expansion of the New Wave.

To put it in more detail, they were in the process of creating an area even deeper than the ninth floor underground, called ‘Level Nine’.

A large-scale construction to create the 10th basement floor, also known as ‘Level 10’.

Since the 10th floor is being dug down, it is only natural that the workshop is on the 9th floor.

“In the newly created area Level 10, we plan to transfer vicious criminals who cannot be imprisoned even in Level 9. If the complainants also think about their own safety, it would be wise for them to actively cooperate.”

There was some truth in Gareum’s words.

Occasionally, even in New Wave, unruly criminals would go on a rampage, but whenever that happened, it was always the prisoners who died first and the most.

So, from the prisoner’s point of view, it was advantageous in the long run to send the more dangerous prisoners downstairs as soon as possible by participating in the construction the weaker they were.

Vikir also nodded.

‘but. There are many non-standard monsters in New Wave.’

There are quite a few criminals that Vikir knows who are currently locked up in Level 9.

‘Cistus Ent Megidio’, ‘Sir Griffin’, ‘Sleeping Forest Aurora’, ‘Snow White of Salbu’, ‘Cinderella of Glass Heel’, ‘Marquis de Sade’… … .

Monsters that were so powerful that each one of them could destroy a nation alone.

When they were on the ground, they were sentenced to life imprisonment alone more than 5,000 times and imprisoned here, it seems that even the Level 9 floor of New Wave couldn’t handle them.

“By the way, if you refuse to work or don’t obey the guard’s control, you will be sent to solitary confinement. Don’t think there can be no more terrifying floor than Level Nine.”

Gareum opened her mouth as if aiming at Bikir.

Hearing that, Bikir nodded slowly.

The solitary confinement that the jailer is referring to now must be a completely different concept from the solitary confinement Bikir is in.

‘It’s solitary. It’s a terrible place. I heard that once you’re trapped in a place, it’s hard to come out alive… … Did they say that there was only one prisoner in New Wave that could survive there?’

When Bikir was recalling this or that information he had heard before returning.

“… … omg!?”

“Oh, come! They are coming!”

“Everyone get out of the way! If you don’t, you’ll be eaten!”

The prisoners on the low-level floor, who had returned from their labor, stepped back left and right in fright.

The guards were also staring at the other side of the door with their weapons in their hands with a tense look on their faces.

Before long, black shadows stretch over the horizon where the flames overflow.

Big or small or terrifyingly large shadows.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

They were the inmates of Revel Nine who had returned from work in the heart of the labor yard.

When all eyes are on the returning prisoners of Level 9.

Bikir turned his head away as if he wasn’t interested and opened his mouth in a nonchalant tone.

“Hey, jailer. Do you have any newspapers or something?”

Then Lieutenant Gareum, who was sweating and nervous, turned his head.

And then he replied in awe.

“newspaper? Why are you looking for such a precious thing in a prisoner?”

“Was the newspaper valuable? I didn’t know that.”

“Whatever the cultures of the outside world are, they are precious. Especially when dealing with information like a newspaper. Newspapers are not easily accessible even to guards and can only be read by the warden or a few privileged people.”

The connection with the outside world is just as precious and dangerous.

At least that’s how it worked in the New Wave.

Vikir clicked his tongue in regret.

“It’s like a prisoner or a jailer to be imprisoned here.”

Gareum put his hands on his waist as if he was absurd.

However, Gareum did not bother to pull out the three-piece stick worn around her waist.

‘… … Tomorrow, that leisure will be gone.’

No matter how much a demon was trapped in Level 9, once he tasted the labors of New Wave, he would have no choice but to faint.

This prison is named after the volcano ‘New Wave’, which was once hotter than any other volcano.

It has become an extinct volcano now, but the geothermal heat, which is still trapped inside and unable to escape, is as hot as hell.

Gareum expressed his condolences in his heart to Bikir, who had to dig down there from tomorrow, especially the deepest and hottest area.

This is because even the demons of Level 9 often die there.

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