Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 329

Episode 329: King Muyeong of the Black Sea (4)

-<Oil paper bag that does not dissolve well in water> / Pouch / D

A pouch that is quite tough and does not dissolve well in water.

The word ‘not soluble in water’ also means that it is soluble in water.

Bikir sucked air into the bag and waited for it to melt.

A pouch that dissolves slowly, slightly sticky, like a lump of starch thrown into water.

It was being released under the heavy water pressure of the black water as time passed.

And after sucking up all the air, Bikir crumpled up this bag and threw it into the ghost ship. In fact, there was one more item loaded in it besides air.

A seed obtained from the corpse of the ‘Daylily of Blood’.

The pockets were filled with daylily seeds plucked with a hoe made from shrew teeth.

As a D-class japtem, the pouch did not last very long in the harsh environment of Black Water.

And the moment the bag was released and mushy, the seeds inside met the black water.

‘… … It was useful for an item obtained from a random box.’

Bikir thought as he looked at the seeds of the daylilies that were sucking up water and growing at a tremendous speed in the dock of the cruise ship.

Shu Woo-wook-

In the blink of an eye, the daylily seeds stretched out their stems and roots, and then hung down plump balloons.

The bloody daylilies that Bikir dealt with did not grow their air sacs properly due to the extreme dry season, but the daylilies that bloomed here in the black waters were different.

Once the daylily sucked in the water, it inflated its air sac at a tremendous speed, and inside it was filled with gases that were light enough to gain sufficient buoyancy even in the water of black water.

‘Even though it won’t grow much because it’s seawater, but it will grow safely enough to create air sacs.’

[…] … is it. Indeed! This is the Black Sea, full of heavy cold salt water. Even daylilies will not grow to dangerous levels. I’ll grow just enough to use it. The location selection was good.]

While Dekarabia exclaimed in a rather chatty tone, Bikir was rising to the center of the deep sea.

at that time.

… Tuong!

The boat suddenly jerked sideways.

Bikir, who was clinging to the anchor line that hung down under the dock, was also about to fall.

Intercepting Device Geek-

Uncomfortable groans can be heard from the entire body of the ship.

The player leaned sideways and the objects inside poured out.

Heavy cargo such as chests, oak barrels, knives and caltrops that fell overhead sank above Vikir’s head.

Bikir swung the blade with an aura and skimmed off debris that fell like snow.

[There’s something up there!]

Dekarabia shouted.

Vikir also nodded.

‘I am the King Muyeong of the Black Sea. It must have come up and blocked the ship.’

The reason the floating ship stopped was probably because a huge jellyfish obstructed its course.

But it didn’t matter. It was rather what Bikir had hoped for.

Climbing up holding the anchor line, Bikir ran over the mast of the ship and jumped over the watchtower.


Then, he slashed dozens of times at the body of the jellyfish, which looked like a mass of darkness.

[…] … ! … … ! … … !]

King Mu-yeong of the Black Sea was startled by the tingling sensation and turned back.

But it’s already too late.

‘It was good to leave an extra.’

Bikir’s awl-like slash penetrated deeply into the jellyfish’s limp body and at the same time planted the seed of a daylily deeply in it.

Soon, the seeds that sucked up the moisture began to germinate.


The roots that grow inside the body pierce through the mushy flesh of the jellyfish and take root firmly.

And the stems that grew out of the jellyfish’s body formed a cluster of air sacs with extremely strong buoyancy.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

For the first time, King Muyeong of the Black Sea began to show signs of bewilderment.

The air sacs that have grown outside the body are buoyant and soar upward.

The roots firmly embedded in the body were connected by air sacs and tough stems.

King Mu-yeong of the Black Sea struggled with his tentacles, unable to control his body that was forcibly floating upward.

However, due to the physical characteristics of jellyfish, fast and strong swimming is impossible, so the upward flow itself could not be stopped.

Also, hiding in the darkness with a translucent body was useless.

It was because the air sacs and roots of the daylily clearly showed where the body was located.

Coo Goong- Coo Goo Goo Goo-

The boat, which had stopped moving for a moment, began to rise again.

This time, King Muyeong of the Black Sea was also with them.

Bikir who brings the entire ship and King Moo-young of the Black Sea to the surface!

However, King Muyeong was not alone either.


It stretched its tentacles even more ferociously and aggressively than before.

Even right now, he was in the mood to entwine Vikir’s body and make a basratril.


… Puff!

The tentacles that approached Vikir’s eyes burst out at the moment due to an unknown force.

So did the other tentacles.

pop! Puff! bang!

King Muyoung of the Black Sea causes explosions everywhere in his body and flounders like a marionette with a string cut off.

Dekarabia asked in surprise.

[human! did you do it?]


Bikir shook his head.

What is currently breaking the body of that huge jellyfish is ‘water pressure’, the difference in pressure that has dramatically decreased as it rises from the deep sea near the coast.

If you come up too quickly from a deep place to a shallow place, various bizarre phenomena occur due to the difference in pressure.

This is why most of the deep-sea fish brought to the surface by fishermen are swollen in strange shapes.

In addition, the ‘diving disease’ that kills divers is also a phenomenon that occurs due to this pressure difference.

Bikir managed to suppress the tingling and dizziness in his head.

The protection of the River Styx, the use of mana, and the regenerative power of the basilisk were protecting Bikir from the diver.

However, molluscs, which are already sensitive to water pressure and air pressure, could not properly adapt to these sudden changes.

King Mu-yeong of the Black Sea tried to return to the deep sea trench where he had been, but it was impossible because of the daylilies that had already bloomed all over his body.

at last.

… Perong!

The sailing ship and King Mu-yeong of the Black Sea broke the surface at almost the same time, no matter who said it first.

In the sky where the sea breeze blows, you can see the island where the three brothers of the Baskervilles and the loyal kings are waiting.

“hurray! The master has salvaged the ship!”

“He did!”

“He did!”

The triplets are seen waving.

[Oh oh! The boat is finally back!]

[at las! I can finally get out of here!]

[Escape from the island by boat, our mission, is no longer a dream!]

The Kings of Chung also seemed to be very thrilled.



The appearance of a jellyfish that was huge enough to fill the entire surface of the water turned everyone’s cheers into astonishment and silence.

King Muyeong of the Black Sea.

As soon as it was pulled out of the water, it spread its enormous body on the water surface.

As usual, when a jellyfish comes out of the water, it spreads like pancakes, so it was the same with him.

… … if anything else.


Unlike ordinary jellyfish, which become lethargic the moment they are pulled out of the water, King Moo-yeong of the Black Sea began to stretch out its tentacles in a much more aggressive manner.

Every part of his body exploded and became tattered with the explosion, and the seeds and roots of the daylily were embedded in the place, but he didn’t care and attacked Bikir.


King Muyeong of the Black Sea chased Bikir with his hat covering his body.

Hundreds of huge eyeballs, like the eyes of a corpse, were glaring at Bikir in unison.

Dekarabia asked.

[What are you going to do now, human? I think it’s best to run away right now?]

If you fight like this, you will surely lose.

The difference in size was too great, and the location was not so good.

If he was outside the tower, he would have been able to fight across the sea using his master’s unique solid aura, but now that is impossible.

Besides, since I already had a boat, there was no need to risk my life to gamble.


“I do not do anything without certainty.”

Bikir seemed unwilling to back down.

“Drive the boat!”

Where Bikir threw the order, there were Chungwang people.

They flew through the sky and approached the ship, clinging to the mast and sail one by one.

[I will push the ship like this!]

[To the island! Let’s go to the island!]

[The storm is over! Ride the wind!]

According to Bikir’s order, the people of Chungwang drove a boat and headed for the island.

The mission on the 4th basement floor given to them was ‘escape from the island by boat’, so they were quite desperate.


The interrupter of the mission, King Mooyeong of the Black Sea, tried to catch the people of the Chungwangs by extending his tentacles this time as he did in the distant past.

Snip- Snip- Snip-

Bikir slashed and cut off all of King Muyeong’s tentacles.

The graduate-level aura was a bit weak to cut off King Mu-yeong’s tentacles, but thanks to the starvation ability she stole from the blood-beasted daylily, its power was multiplied.


The blurry eyeballs under the cap of the jellyfish all turned bloody.

King Mu-yeong of the Black Sea peering in here with roots and air sacs hanging all over his body, and the far-off murderous thing that he spewed out, even the kings dragging their boats and flying away fainted for a moment.


Bikir’s answer to that hot gaze was also quite hot.

… Roaring!

A single ember bloomed on Bikir’s finger.

-<Fire of inferiority complex ‘Fire’> / Flint / A+

A stone that allows you to get hot embers anytime, anywhere.

It burns as firewood with an inner sense of inferiority deep in the heart.

-Hotness +1,000

※ Depending on the degree of inferiority, the temperature may be higher or lower.

The last flame left behind by Dogma, who became a demon.

Bikir held it in his hand and was digging into King Muyeong of the Black Sea.

“Where, let’s see how well the fire burns.”

Heading towards the air sacs of the daylilies that have taken root in his body.

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