Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 330

Episode 330: King Muyoung of the Black Sea (5)

Trident of the Baskervilles.

The triplets, Hive, Middle, and Low, who had sworn allegiance to their half-brother Bikir, were now standing idly by the beach.

While looking for Bikir, he was hugging the whining young madam.

“Master’s level… … Are you number 1?”

“that’s right. You have become 100 times weaker.”

“But you can fight like that?”

Bikir’s body movements, which sometimes even land on the surface of the water by moving his feet at an amazing speed on top of the bodies of ghost ships and jellyfish, are truly the god of battle.

It was like watching a fighting dog born only for battle.

The concentration of the aura, which seemed to be at least intermediate grade, and the Baskerville style, but the high level of swordsmanship was unpredictable.

Those who don’t know Bikir will be puzzled.

Why did Bikir become stronger instead of weaker than when he was outside the tower?

But the three Baskerville brothers knew.

That Bikir had already reached that level four years ago.

‘I’ll buy some time. good.’

A hound left alone to deal with the octagonal madam, the nightmare of flood damage.

How can we forget the sun-like aura that rose from the tip of the hero’s sword at that time?

That light changed everything. The triplets’ thoughts, actions, and even their destiny.

After that night, the triplets became tridents. It only moves according to Bikir’s orders.

Hivero said confidently.

“also. The lord was the Master.”

“You have mastered it.”

“You have mastered it.”

What kind of existence is a sword master? According to official records, there are less than 10 of them in the entire empire.

In Baskerville, the Iron-Blooded Swordsman, it is assumed that Hugo Les Baskerville, Cain Corso, one of the long-lost Seven Earls, and Osiris, the owner of the small house, will soon become masters, but it is not certain yet.

In such a circumstance, the fact that Vikir became a sword master was a fact that surprised the entire empire.

Needless to say, that’s not even the age of twenty yet.

Before long, the triplets’ gaze shifts to the side.

There, I saw a group of students from the commoners group, trembling and trembling.

In the meantime, their stats were quite meager because they had been driving stats to Dogma, and the commoner students who had become beggars from giving candy to Bikir earlier did not dare to meet the triplet’s gaze.

Hivero opened his mouth.

“… … See you guys later.”


The commoners’ students began to shudder.

This is because there is a record of treating and abusing the triplets like dogs.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything right now.

For the commoner students, even if Bikir fought that huge jellyfish and won, it would be despair, and even if he lost, it would be despair.

‘Anyway, it would be better for Bikir to win… … .’

The commoner students recalled what Bikir had said when he first appeared.

‘Raise hand. I am the 3rd reader. There are single mothers and single fathers to take care of. You have an old lover or are getting married soon. Or are you already married? Unless it is. ‘Humanly’, there is a reason why you shouldn’t be killed on the spot. Out on one side.’

I said this because at least he meant that there was something called warmth.

‘Now that it’s like this, I have no choice but to beg for my life from Vikir.’

‘There’s no way the Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro guys will forgive us.’

‘It will kill us. Even if I concede a thousand times, I’m sure they’ll cripple me.’

‘… … Let’s go to Bikir and pray as much as we can.’

When the commoner students are thinking about this and that.

… Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

A column of fire of tremendous height and thickness soared above the sea level.

It signaled the end of the battle and who the winner was.

* * *

King Muyeong of the Black Sea was still big and powerful even after he came up on the surface.


The tentacles scramble to stir up the water.

It seemed that he wanted to go back to the deep undersea valley of the deep sea.

Kku-guk-kigi-geek… …

It was impossible because the powerful buoyancy, which he had never experienced since he was born here in the dark water, was entangling his whole body.


It stretched out its tentacles and tried to cut off the air sacs and stems, but the Bloody Daylily is not easily cut off like an S-rank monster.

It was impossible to pull out the roots, which had already dug deep into the jellyfish’s flabby body, without tearing off the flesh.

“Although it is a freshly sprouted seed, its durability cannot be ignored.”

Bikir slashed off some of the tentacles and dried them off before standing on top of King Muyeong’s hat.

The body was so soft that it would go all the way to the thighs if you stepped on it, but Bikir managed to keep his balance on top of it.


Vikir pulled the daylily by the stem with a strong hand.

The air sacs that bloomed all over King Moo-yeong’s body are dragged like balloons hanging from a string.


Bikir tied together the tough stems of the daylilies.

In an instant, a mass of knots the size of a human head was formed.

Using the knot method used in the field, even such thick and strong ropes can be tied tightly in an instant.

Bikir stepped on the lump of knots, jumped to the stem on the other side, and pulled it with his body weight, moving across the mushy floor.

Then, the thick stems on the other side are gathered together, tied, and knotted.

Eventually, the stems tightly tied to each other took on the appearance of tying King Mooyeong of the Black Sea with a rope.

“done. At this point, if one explodes, the others won’t blow away.”

Bikir moved zigzag to avoid the flying tentacles.

Numerous stems are entangled like a honeycomb, forming a knot, so if you slide under it, the tentacles cannot approach you.

Percussion! Whirly Rick-

One of the flying tentacles gets caught in the net of the #shaped daylily stem and gets entangled.

It was a soft tentacle, so I couldn’t properly untangle the tangled things.

From this point on, Bikir also did not cut off the flying tentacles.

It just gets caught in a net made of daylily stems and induces them to become more and more entangled.

Eventually, Bikir arrived at the tip of the gat and jumped to the surface with a small air bag in his hand.

… with a plop!

At the same time, Bikir vigorously kicked the flesh of the jellyfish.

Splash- Splash- Splash-

You should stay as far away from King Muyeong of the Black Sea as possible.

“Let’s pull! Wow!”



Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro, who caught Bikir’s hand signal with good timing, pulled the thread that stretched from the tail of the young madam.

It was connected to Vikir’s waist from the beginning.

Chow ah-

Bikir cuts through the current and distances himself from King Moo-yeong of the Black Sea.

And soon, the ember that Bikir had left in the center of King Mu-yeong’s body finally moved to the air bag at the far end.


The blazing fire that clung to the outer surface of the air bag eventually engulfed the entire air bag.

… Puffy! … Puffy! … Sponge!

Before long, the air sac that had been swallowed up by the fire showed a reaction because it could not shrivel.


What was inside the air sac of the daylily was a toxic gas, a dangerous gas that exploded out of control when caught on fire.

When the first bubble explodes, the aftermath causes all the other bubbles to flutter in the gale.

However, the air sacs did not fly away because the stems were already tightly knotted.

The air sacs, which moved for a while, are soon pulled by the knot and cling to King Moo-yeong of the Black Sea.

And again it became firewood for a storm of gas and fire that spread through the atmosphere.

… Kwak! … bang! … Cuckoo! … Bababang! … Roaring!

A chain of explosions and flames began to burn King Mu-yeong of the Black Sea in earnest along the air sacs connected by knots.

A red-hot fire burning above the black sea surface.

King Moo-yeong of the Black Sea wants to go down to the bottom of the sea, but it is impossible because of the still remaining airbags.

In the end, it is doomed to be exposed to poisonous gas and flames floating on the surface of the water, and to slowly ripen.

And Bikir was watching it while riding on a small airbag on the surface of the water a little far away.

‘The scale is different from the daylily I met on the previous stage.’

The daylily I met on the 4th basement level was an individual that was exhausted from starvation and could not grow its air sacs properly.

So, since the air sacs were spread out like leaves and not like balloons, no one knew that there was a deadly poisonous gas in them.

But, of course, Bikir was already acutely aware of that fact.

‘Before returning, there was a person who organized the daylilies of the Blood Tree like this.’

Bikir once worked as a special operations team for the monster task force.

At that time, there was a time when a unit in danger had to secretly run away from the devil army, and these daylilies were blocking the escape route.

At that time, the leader of the unit was Bianca, the eldest daughter of the Usher family.

Using her unique archery skills, she hurled powerful fiery arrows and detonated all of these grotesque plants.

By doing so, they secured a retreat and saved the lives of many people, including Vikir.

“… … You owe Bianca.”

Bikir nodded as he watched the firestorm raging and creating a tidal wave.

and by then


A loud alarm sounded in my ears.

[‘Level 1 Warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting ‘A+ Rank Mine’ for the first time!]

[Rewards for ‘Awesome’ Achievements!]

[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting the first ‘S-rank monster, King Muyoung of the Black Sea’!]

[Rewards for ‘impossible’ achievements are given!]

“… … Is it over?”

Bikir let out a sigh of relief.

at the same time.

… Pop!

A lump of rotten flesh appeared in front of Bikir’s eyes.

A fairy characterized by always splitting with a bizarre smile.

… … But for some reason, this time is different.

He was almost crying as he looked at Bikir.

[ What are you ? Why are you doing this to me ? ]

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