Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 328

Episode 328: King Muyeong of the Black Sea (3)

[The long-standing confrontation between the stag beetles and beetles has resulted in numerous casualties. We gathered the remains of the dead and built a ship, which was light and strong enough to sail on the surface of the Black Sea. After a dispute over ownership, she was sunk, but… … ]

‘Why exactly did it sink?’

[That, that… … One day, a group of Chungwangs abruptly took a boat and started sailing… … Stop while crossing the middle of the Black Sea… … ]

Bikir recalled the conversation he had with the kings.

Before diving into the abyss of the Black Sea, the Chungwangs gave Bikir a few requests, which he would not have believed if he were an ordinary challenger.

[I met a monster.]

‘You guys are monsters too.’

[‘It’ wasn’t quite like that. An ancestor creature that has been brought here for a very, very long time… … As long as it stands at the bottom of the deep sea, it will be impossible to cross the Black Sea no matter how good the ship is.]

Apparently, the fact that the people of Chungwang were trapped in the Black Sea on the 4th floor underground was not simply because of the storms surrounding the area.

And now Vikir was confirming with his own eyes that those words were true.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… …

A huge darkness hung in front of Bikir’s eyes.

It seems as if a part of the abyss has come off like a lump and is swimming on its own.

However, if you look closely, you can see that it is actually a translucent mass that penetrates the darkness on the other side of the room.

A hemispherical lump with an unimaginably gigantic diameter.

It had a translucent and limp body and was approaching this direction with countless tentacles hanging from the bottom of the mass.

An existence that floats aimlessly in the darkness of the deep, deep sea, unable to see an inch in front of it, with its body dyed in the darkness of the deep sea.

<King Muyeong of the Black Sea>

Hazard Class: S

size: ?

Discovery site: Polar Hell 5 Oceans “Black Sea” Extra-deep part “Great Deep Sea”

-Aka ‘King Muyoung of the Black Sea’

A large jellyfish living in the Black Sea, one of the five oceans in the world.

It is an ancient monster that lives in the deep sea area of ​​the ultra-deep layer, where even high-ranking demons are reluctant to enter, and its ecology is thoroughly hidden in the unknown.

Even where this creature came from, where it goes, and why it floats in the empty void is also unknown.

‘King Muyeong of the Black Sea’

The sense of intimidation emitted by this gigantic jellyfish is as menacing as that of the ‘Octagonal Madame’ who faced the enemy in the waters of the Black Mountain.

‘… … Hmm, this guy can’t be controlled even with the power of Amdusias?’

Bikir pondered for a moment.

The daylily of the blood tree that I faced in the previous stage was in a deteriorating state from being starved for a long time.

In addition, since the demon Amdusias itself is friendly to plants, there would not have been much difficulty in catching and manipulating the bloody daylily.

However, King Moo-yeong of the Black Sea in front of him is different.

He is an absolute strong on a level similar to the Madame Eight Legs he fought before, and even if he is a monster with low intelligence, at this point there will be no one-sided manipulation by the devil.

In other words, this giant jellyfish in front of you is an ancestor creature that lives here independently without being controlled by Amdusias.

Therefore, even if caught, there was a high possibility that there would be no reward.

at that time.

Shiriririk… …

In an instant, Bikir’s cheek felt tickled.

Instinctively tilting her head back, a translucent tentacle flickers past in front of Bikir’s eyes.


The tentacle seemed to cling to a rock helplessly, but then broke it with a tremendous grip.

‘It wouldn’t be fun if I got caught.’

Bikir quickly stepped back and at the same time drew out the demonic sword Baalzebub.


When I wielded the sword randomly, there was a feeling of hitting in several places.

I saw three tentacles cut off and falling to the floor.

‘Did it wind around without a sound?’

Plus, it’s translucent, so it’s hard to see.

Bikir tightened his eyes.

Then I saw three tentacles with their ends cut off, stealthily retreating back.

Noob, noob… …

A new tentacle sprouts from the tip of the tentacle that was cut off.

It seems to have the ability to regenerate.


Bikir energized the tip of Baalzebub.

… Sprout!

One of the tentacles that was stealthily aiming for the back was cut off by Vikir’s slash again.

However, the tentacle that was cut off this time did not regenerate.

The tip of the tentacle seemed to be drying up, but then rolled back and forth.

Seeing this, Bikir thumped the blade of the demonic sword, Baalzebub, once.

‘It’s worth writing right now.’

An ability that made the jellyfish’s tentacles dry up. It was a relatively recent technology.

<The gluttonous fly ‘Baalzebub’> / Awl

-1 slot: Deadly Poison – Madame Eight Legs (S)

-2 slot: Impossible – Basilisk (S)

-3 slot: Famine – Daylily of Blood (S)

The ability of ‘starvation drought’ obtained by catching a daylily of blood.

Baalzebub’s sword, which gives dry air through the ability of drought and starvation, evaporates a large amount of moisture whenever it brushes against the jellyfish’s tentacles.

The tentacles of the jellyfish sucked in moisture and rolled back as if they had been roasted.


King Muyeong of the Black Sea did not try to approach Bikir, but began to stir up a huge storm with his tentacles.

‘Did this guy make the waves on the surface?’

The mighty current of water spewed by the gigantic jellyfish rides the twisted tentacles and spurts out, creating a whirlpool.

The water flow, heavy like molten iron, was spinning, creating an effect like a saw blade.

… Puff! Woojijikjik!

Bikir’s skin bursts.

My whole body was bruised, as if it had been cut by countless blades.

However, Vikir recovered most of his body thanks to the ‘invulnerable’ ability extracted from the corpse of a basilisk.

Also, the large amount of blood poured out by Bikir immediately turned black and then flowed around the Black Sea’s King Muyeong.

As Madame Eight Legs’ blood containing ‘deadly poison’ spread around, even King Mu-yeong of the Black Sea couldn’t help but be startled.

In the meantime, Bikir took out Decarabira’s shield and used it like a surfboard.

… Kurrureuk!

Bikir burning on top of the raging current.

Bikir was swimming toward the sunken ship at the bottom of the sea.

Dekarabia asked curiously.

[human! There is no chance against that jellyfish! It’s impossible with the current body!]


[If you know, you should run away, why are you heading for that ship! It is impossible to salvage with your own strength now!]


A huge ghost ship in front, King Muyoung of the Black Sea in the back. Vikir’s power can’t do either of these things.

The ship was so heavy that it was impossible to even dare to lift it alone, and King Muyeong of the Black Sea was also a superpower that he could not face alone.

But Bikir was unconcerned.

‘There’s still a little time left.’

Bikir pulled out a bag of air from his bosom and inhaled the last bit of air it contained.


Eventually, the air in the pocket became empty.

-<Oil paper bag that does not dissolve well in water> / Pouch / D

A pouch that is quite tough and does not dissolve well in water.

It has the power to block moisture, so it’s good to put something in it.

Bikir crumpled it once with his hand and tossed it into the hole in the hold of the sinking ship.

shudder… …

Even at that moment, King Muyeong of the Black Sea was casting countless tentacles towards Bikir.

Dekarabia spoke a little more urgently.

[human! Isn’t everyone flocking from the direction of Oman! I don’t want to be buried in a place like this!]

‘Me too.’

[Then what are you going to do! The escape has already been made! Now I have no choice but to salvage that ship! But you have no choice… … ]

However, Dekarabia could not push Bikir to the end.

… coo kung!

With a heavy noise, the ship that had been sunk deep in the deep sea began to shake.


While Dekarabia rolled her eyes in bewilderment, the ship slowly began to rise from the bottom.

coo cooo coo… …

Rocks and mud pour down from the bottom of the ship.

The ghost ship, which had been sunk for a long time at the bottom of the deep sea, rose by itself and was heading to the surface of the Black Sea without any buoyancy.

‘It’s about time.’

As if waiting, Bikir grabbed hold of the anchor line that was stretched under the dock of the ghost ship.

Then, following the ship, it began to rise towards the surface at an astounding speed.

Tsu-oh oh oh… …

The tentacles that were entwined towards Bikir stumbled and lost their way.

[Uh, what happened, human? Why does this ship float on its own?]

Dekarabia, with her only eye wide open, approached Vikir for an answer.

But soon, Vikir didn’t even have to answer.

It was because the answer was unfolding before Dekarabia’s eyes.

… Phew!

The one protruding out of the hole under the dock of the ghost ship.

It was like a huge balloon.

Those things are filling the inside of the stomach and pushing it up!

Dekarabia was able to quickly notice the identity of the balloons that filled the inside of the ship.

[…] … Air bag!]


It was an air sac built into the body by aquatic plants such as the water hyacinth to create buoyancy.

‘Daylily of Blood’.

Its seeds are now germinating in the belly of the ghost ship!

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