Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 308

Episode 308: Naraksu (2)

The fairy said in a grotesque tone.

[One first-come, first-served basis from now on to the bottom?]

And mechanical voices rang in succession in my ears.


[The rules of the tower apply]

[‘Level 1 Warrior’ Vikir has been incorporated as part of the ‘Leveling System’]

[Status window powers are unlocked]

Bikir nodded.

‘This is why Naraksu didn’t block the appearance itself.’

Before long, Bikir opened the status window.

Inside this tower, one’s body is digitized and visualized with numbers called ‘stats’.


-LV: 1 (%)

-Name: (None)


↳Strength: 178

↳ Agility: 203

↳HP: 207

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

The level of combat power was displayed at a glance, like a character from a popular TRPG board game in the zodiac.

Among them, Bikir paid attention to the item called ‘level’.

‘They say you can’t fully demonstrate the power of reality inside the tower. The extent to which it can be demonstrated is about 1% per level… … However, when the level rises and approaches 100, the power of reality can be used as it is.’

The important thing is that if you return to reality, the power you additionally acquired here will be added as a bonus perk.

in other words. If you take level 10 here, you can demonstrate about 10% of your power in reality, and if you escape the tower and return to reality in that state, in reality you will be about 10% stronger than before entering the tower.

Likewise, if you hit level 100 here and return to reality, you can get a 100% power-up.

This means that the fighting power is doubled.

‘It means that it will be possible to forcibly break through the stationary period in reality.’

Vikir recalled the door of the Type 8 that he had been forcibly punched through by Dolores’ buff not too long ago.

If you can get out of this place safely, you will be able to get to Type 8 without Dolores’ buff.

‘First, I’ll have to leave this room and go downstairs. There was a saying that it was first-come, first-served basis.’

Vikir found a long, winding hole in the black floor that went down.

It looks like a bizarre looking slide.

If you ride it down and go down, you will see a slightly more spacious ovary.

Unlike the rooms upstairs, it wasn’t empty.

[Kiik- Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa key!]

Several angry monsters were roaming around the ovary at high speed.

Bikir immediately recognized the identity of the monster.

<The rat ‘Norvegicus’>

Hazard Class: F

Size: 50cm

Found in: all continents

– A mouse that has been stricken with demonic energy and has turned ugly.

A grown-up adult has the intelligence and size of a small dog, so it is an object of disgust for women and girls.

After removing the intestines, it is surprisingly edible if you bake it well over a fire or boil it well in water.

A tutorial monster.

Ordinary students at the academy would find it difficult to properly respond to this monster’s attack, bewildered by the sudden location change and the body weakened 100 times.

… … But it wasn’t Bikir.

Even if Bikir, who was a sword master even before being sucked into the tower in the first place, has weakened 100 times, there is no way he will be defeated by a rat.

Wood deok! Woodeuk-

Bikir stretched out his hand and snapped the necks of all the rats that rushed at him, killing them.

Then, for the first time, he saw that the ceiling above him was slowly coming down.

Device device device gig… …

The ceiling is coming down very slowly.

However, if you stay here, you will one day be crushed by that ceiling and die.

‘No matter what, I can’t stay in this room forever.’

It’s not just this floor, but all the floors in the tower.

There must be some kind of device so that you can’t just stay in the room because you’re scared.

You can’t feel safe at any moment, and you can’t feel comfortable in any place.

A world where you have to run until you die. If you stay still, you will be weeded out in an instant.

This tower was such a heartless world.

… Pudeuk!

The moment Bikir just snapped the last rat’s neck and killed it.


The alarm sounded again in my ears.

[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting the first ‘F-Rank monster Norbekkus’ in the tutorial zone!]

[Rewards for ‘rare’ achievements are given!]

The monstrous flesh fairy from before reappeared before Vikir’s eyes.

He shook the wrinkles all over his body to an unpleasant beat, and at the same time opened an embarrassing hole to call it his mouth.

[oh ? Is this the first time I’ve been through so fast ? good job ? Shouldn’t there be a reward for a student who does well?]

After speaking, the request widened the hole through which the voice came out and began to spit out vomit that looked harmful even at first glance.

… Cheeky! Smack! Crunchy! Guess-

Most of the disgusting vomit that flowed from the fairy’s mouth was blood and pieces of internal organs.

However, among them, there were also strange orbs that occasionally shimmered.

Bikir bent down and picked them up with a thoughtful expression.

Normal people would have been hesitant to touch it because they felt bad, but Bikir didn’t even hesitate.

Chii Iik-

When I touch the vomit, my fingertips burn.

It was extremely acidic, and as soon as it touched your skin, you felt a fierce pain.

But Bikir steadfastly shoveled through the vomit and picked out the marbles inside.

‘thank god. It was recovered before it melted.’

The identity of these was candy. If you were hesitant about the fairy’s hideous appearance, the power of its vomit, and even the toxic energy that would burn your fingers, these candies would have just melted away.


“hey. Give me the things that get stuck between my teeth. That is my reward.”

Bikir grabbed the fairy as it was about to disappear and opened her mouth to take out all the candies that were stuck between her pointy teeth.

[…] … Are you frugal ? ]

The fairy stuck out her tongue as she watched Bikir collect all the debris that was stuck in her teeth.

Soon after, the fairy suddenly disappeared as it had appeared, and Vikir checked the contents in her hand.

Bead-shaped candy. They were red, green and blue.

-<Strange Candy> / Strength / Red

A candy that increases the strength stat by 1.

It tastes salty.

-strength +1

-<Strange Candy> / Agility / Green

A candy that increases the Agility stat by 1.

It tastes bitter.

– Agility +1

-<Strange Candy> / Stamina / Blue

A candy that increases the stamina stat by 1.

It tastes astringent.

– Stamina +1

‘… … Is this stat candy? It looks exactly as I heard.’

Candy that can be obtained as a reward concept as you clear the floors of the tower.

Consuming this will increase your body’s abilities.

It can be raised simply by taking it, and it is treated separately from the increase in combat power due to level, so the more you collect, the better.

Of course, the increased stats due to candy are also applied outside the tower, so in some cases, it is possible to seek a truly enormous increase in combat power.

In addition, this candy also functions as currency in the later stages, so the more the better.

‘Maybe this tower is not an ordeal, but an opportunity.’

Amdusias built this tower to give trials to humans, but it is the result of not understanding the human race deeply.

Some humans even become stronger by preying on trials and tribulations.

Humans are the only creatures that turn crisis into opportunity.

Perhaps this is the land of opportunity for life-changing opportunities for those who are unlucky enough not to have been born with the talent, who have not had an early advantage in the races they were born into.

Right now, Bikir’s innate talent isn’t that great. He has come this far only through constant effort and practical experience.

‘I was able to handle the difficult schedule because I received the blessing of the River Styx.’

However, it’s not like I’ve never thought, “It would have been nice if I had been born with talent in the first place.”

If there was something more innate, wouldn’t it be higher than now?

‘I’ll check it here.’

Vikir put the candy she got into Andromalius’ barrier.

Available mana was reduced to 1/100 level, so it could only be used to store things.

But where is this? Not having to carry heavy equipment around is a great perk.

‘… … There are 3 types of candies for the current stats.’

These are strength, agility, and stamina. The most basic core ability in this tower.

However, there were other types of stats besides this.

Bikir checked the status window once again.


-LV: 1 (%)

-Title: ‘The Rat Hunter’ (NEW)


↳Strength: 178

↳ Agility: 203

↳HP: 207

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

A name came into being.

-Title: ‘The Rat Hunter’

↳ Inflicts small additional damage to rat-shaped monsters.

Ailments such as Taunt, Confusion, Blindness, Bleeding, Burning, Deadly Poison, etc. last slightly longer.

Perhaps, when catching a monster in the shape of a rat, a small ability that can deal additional damage will be granted as a perk.

But the important thing was the words ‘Unlocked’ in the stats section.

Other stats other than strength, agility, and stamina.

These are the ‘three major stats’ that cannot be obtained in the ‘Tutorial Zone’. I need candy to unlock and raise those stats first.’

It was most likely given as a reward for completing a slightly more difficult task.

Bikir recalled before returning.

‘… … Most of the heroes who played an active role in the Age of Destruction were from this Naraksu.’

Among the students who were trapped in Naraksu and played survival games, there were some who became exceptionally strong.

They later rose to the ranks of great heroes through the levels and stats they gained here.

Familiar names such as Tudor, Bianca, Sancho, Dolores, and Camus belonged to this case.

Of course, the same was true for the triplets, Hive, Middle, and Low.

And Bikir in this life was aiming for more than that class.

‘The fact that Kamyu couldn’t enter Naraksu is a variable. But she’s already strong enough that she doesn’t need Naraksu.’

As long as she has absorbed the power of the demon lord Seere and acquired the sacred tree of Morgue, her potential will already be comparable to that of her prime before returning.

It will probably become stronger as time goes on and surpass the level before the return.

You don’t have to be sad for a long time because you’ve become strong enough that you don’t have to enter Naraksu.

‘However, before the return, Kamyu destroyed Naraksu and saved everyone. I’ll have to play that role in this life.’

As the existence that destroyed Amdusias’s plan before returning was Camuini, Bikir had to replace it well.

Through her memoir and the reviews of many others, the strategy was already clearly understood.

Now all that’s left is to keep moving forward.

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