Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 309

Episode 309: Naraksu (3)

After dealing with all the miscellaneous monsters that appeared later, a new space appeared.


[Leaved the ‘Tutorial Zone’ on the 1st basement level]

[Reward will be paid]

[‘The main game’ has started]

[Enter the ‘Familiar Land’ on the 2nd basement floor]

Bikir picked up a piece of old parchment that fell in front of his eyes.

-<Return Order> / Order / Grade: ?

A scroll that allows you to return to the tutorial zone only once.

‘Lord, where are you going?’ The answer to the question is written.

※When used, the level is reset

Vikir put the order given as a reward for clearing the tutorial in her arms.

Perhaps this is an item given to all participants as something that can only be used once in a moment of crisis.

Before long, Bikir came down to the second basement floor.

There was a fairly familiar landscape.

Colosseo Academy. This is the interior of the academy where I have been for the past year or so.

A street with residential-commercial complexes lined up below where lecture halls, gymnasiums, and dormitory buildings rise.

The garden made of bricks, the trees lined up at a certain distance, the square under the central clock tower and the fountain were also the same.

… … The problem was that the facilities of this academy were already in ruins.

Bikir quietly looked around.

The facilities of the school, such as classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias, are as they were before they were trapped in the tower.

However, there were parts that were subtly twisted.

For example, the praying angel statue carved in the fountain has been replaced with a statue of an angel who has been torn to pieces, or the paintings symbolizing the runes are all painted upside down.

What’s more, what happened is that the surroundings are all on fire and destroyed.

Even the time had passed, and the dust was piled up.

The perfume shop, which was always crowded with female students, was covered in dust with broken doors and windows, and the signboard of a famous restaurant was rusted.

Inside, only the stench of rotting meat emanated.

At the separate collection point where the benevolent guard grandfather always greeted, it is seen that only unknown bloodstains are scattered.

everything is in ruins

[Amdusias devours parts of the world and makes them food for the Naraksu. The world swallowed up like that becomes part of the world view inside the tower. It seems to have swallowed part of the Colosseo Academy.]

Dekarabia, which had been hanging around his neck, opened his mouth for the first time.

The young madame also moaned anxiously.

Bikir sat in front of the torn angel statue and waited quietly.

I had to go any further, but I couldn’t go any further because it was blocked by a translucent wall.

The world devoured by Amdusias seemed to extend to the commercial and commercial district of the academy.

at that time.

“… … !”

Bikir felt a presence.

Different students started to walk out of the dormitories, classrooms, and shops in the ruins ahead.

“shit. What has become of this world?”

“Are you trapped in a dungeon or something?”

“Damn it. Where did you think it was a fairy?”

“Damn it! Give me back my power, you demons!”

Students of the Colosseo Academy. They gradually passed the tutorial and started entering the main game.

Before long, 108 students gathered at the central fountain with the statue of an angel torn to pieces.

Some are confused, while others are calm, as if they have already adjusted to some extent.

Bikir sat still and scanned their faces.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Sinclair, Dolores, and other familiar faces are not visible.

Most of them were seniors, and there were often assistant professors among them.

‘Most of the levels are 1, stats are about 1-3.’

Of course, the students’ level is 1.

And the stats such as strength, agility, and stamina seem to vary from 1 to 3.

Occasionally, a single stat exceeded 5 was seen, but it was a very small number.

‘Compared to my stats, the reduction rate seems to be out of balance.’

However, since the stats do not fully reveal a person’s combat power, and there were also unresolved stats, it is still difficult to make a judgment based on the status window alone.


While Bikir was immersed in thoughts, the students began exploring the ruins of the academy.

The seniors became the leaders, the sophomores took on middle management, and the first-years took on miscellaneous tasks.

What stood out among them were the students of the aristocratic faction and the noble faction.

“damn. what the hell are these ruins Let’s try to find something useful.”

“be careful. Also, that fairy or something might appear and give you a mission.”

“Let’s take care of things that will help us as much as possible. Whether it’s food or weapons.”

“Look! Search all over! After all, this place is ruins! The one who picks it up first wins!”

The students started robbing all over the shopping district.

The quick-thinking man robbed restaurants and grocery stores for canned food and water.

However, most of the canned goods were gassy and bloated, and the water was contaminated.

Students who could not find food no matter how much they searched, robbed other stores in desperation.


An aristocratic female student broke into a shop window and shouted excitedly.

“and! New Beatrice Newell! This is a very limited edition perfume! I couldn’t find it because there weren’t any celebrities who said they were the emperor!”

She sprayed a lot of the new perfume all over her body and shuddered in ecstasy.

“I was annoyed by the smell of sweat, blood, and rats in the tutorial zone. Great!”

On the other hand, the barbarian male student who broke into the store door laughed as if he had made a fortune.

“Hey, this is a tobacco shop. High-end cigarettes piled up. Oops, isn’t this a cigarette you couldn’t smoke because it was a waste?”

Oddly enough, the necessities were gone, but the luxuries were left untouched.

“Well, isn’t it to relax for a while before entering the main game?”

Students who were not normally interested in perfume or cigarettes also flocked to the perfume and tobacco shops, as if they wanted to enjoy luxury to their heart’s content.

… … but.

‘You’ll realize soon.’

Bikir thought.

This tower is a creation of the devil, inside the body of a plant native to hell.

Everything that exists is not just unkind, but harbors a grievous malice.

‘Leave only luxuries such as perfume, cigarettes, and cosmetics. It’s quite intentional.’

It is something to be wary of, but it is rather helpful for survival in this tower.

Right then.

… gurgling! Gureuk! Puffy!

Something popped out of the air with an unpleasant noise.

A piece of meat that looks like it’s been rotten. It was a fairy who was the guide of this tower.

[How are all the 1 0 8 participants? Is your little fairy appearing ? ]

He was still chattering in a bizarre tone.

It’s a pity that I’m 100 times weaker, but my growth here is maintained even outside, that I can acquire talents that I wasn’t born with later, and that it’s an opportunity to turn my life around by obtaining unique artifacts… … There were all sorts of pretentious consolations and sweet words.

However, the words added at the end of all these premises immediately shattered the students’ illusions.

[But that’s the story when he left the tower alive, right? ]

If you die or can’t leave the tower, it’s over. You will have to spend your whole life here.

In the chilling silence, only the sound of swallowing dry saliva is noisy.

At that time, one of the seniors in the senior year gathered up the courage.

“Guys! Let’s not be intimidated! In a way, this is an opportunity! If we can only get out of the tower, we can become much stronger! Let’s raise a lot of levels here, collect a lot of stats, and go out! Also, it looks like you can get rare items here!”

Those words gave the other students courage as well.

“Oh oh! That’s right!”

“Let’s do something!”

“Either the devil separates! Come on!”

“I will become a hero here and go back to my family!”

“Start the mission quickly, you devil!”

The students, whose morale had risen in an instant, began to point fingers at the fairy.

… … but.

[ Ah hee hee hee? Good , good , so good ? Is that too ex-spiritual? Then can we start right away ? ]

When the fairy saw the courageous attitude of the students, she began to like it to the point of being strange.

Saliva drips between the exposed teeth due to the lack of lips.

As they stretched out their short hands so long, their skin was torn apart, and despite the flow of blood and pus, the students were fed up with the sight of them clapping their hands like crazy.

At the very moment when the enthusiasm of the students cooled down in an instant, the fairy trembled with joy and spoke the last line.

[ Is the second floor mission simple ? ]

At the same time, more than a hundred black holes appeared behind the fairy all at once.

And an unpleasant sound started to come out of it.

[Grrrrrr… … ]

The growl of a ferocious beast.

Before long, monsters emitting red flames from their eyes and mouths began to crawl out.

One hundred ‘Hell hounds’ that just crawled out of the realm.

The fairy threw the final mission while watching the students’ expressions distorted with despair and fear.

[Are you alive? ]

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