Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 307

Episode 307: Naraksu (1)

A giant tree that swallowed the Colosseo Academy.

It was of enormous size and height, unimaginable in diameter.

It was to the extent that it could be seen even in a city far away from the ecliptic in the administrative district.

The roots that drooped around the academy climbed up like teeth on the outer wall of the academy, making it look like a huge monster lying down with its mouth wide open 180 degrees.

And in the center of the roots, there was a hole so big that it might lead directly to hell.

abyss. Abyss. A grotesque hole in the center of the teeth, like a throat.

“What the hell is this!? What have you done to my son!”

“My daughter! Give me back my daughter!”

The roots did not budge even though the strong men who had risen to the highest level, the spear king Cervantes and the nobleman Rodric, attacked with all their might.

Even more so, there was no way to do anything about the hole that was drilled deep in the center.

A hole of unknown depth and unknown identity. And the huge plant that forms the hole.

No one knew the identity of this giant plant that swallowed all the students of the Colosseo Academy.

… … no. only one person.

“Isn’t this a Naraksu?”

Morgue Camus. she said as she looked at the black roots in front of her eyes.

“Daughter of Morgue. Do you know anything?”

Osiris, who was next to him, asked.

He looked a little more impatient than usual.

“The ‘four brothers’ were taken away right in front of my eyes. If you know anything, please help.”

Then, after Osiris, Cervantes and Rodric also clung to him.

“My son! My son was also taken! oh hey! How could something like this happen!”

“daughter! I must save my daughter! Hey, what the hell does that mean!”

Then Camus waved his hand as if it were annoying.

“It’s not that the men are in a hurry. No, but thinking about it makes me mad? why didn’t i catch it? Is it because you haven’t registered as a student yet? Oh, I should have received it when the admissions office gave me a bracelet in advance.”

It was my pace that other people were anxious or not.

at that time.

“If you know anything, I would appreciate it if you could cooperate… … cow.”

An awkward disapproval was heard.

Where Camu turned his head, he saw a familiar face.

Morgue Banshee. Principal of the Colosseo Academy. Current principal’s deputy.

Seeing his cold face, Camus immediately straightened his posture.

Morog Banshee, younger brother of Morgue Snake.

In many ways, his appearance, voice, and accent reminded me of his master who passed away first.

“… … yes. Well, I don’t know too much.”

When Camus, known for being stubborn and selfish, obediently complied with the request, Professor Banshee let out a sigh of relief.

No idea why she suddenly became cooperative.

well anyway Camu’s words were quite surprising.

“This plant is a magical tree that first appeared in history books under the name of ‘naraksu’. It has been recorded under various names depending on the time period and region, such as ‘Inverted Chaos’, ‘Piercing Tower’, ‘Passage to the Underworld’, and ‘Reverse Babel’.”

“How did you know that? These are records that I couldn’t find in the history of magic I studied?”

“It must be so in the sorcery history recorded from the point of view of the Empire.”

When Banshee expressed her doubts, Camus lightly dismissed them.

Then he remembered the face of his childhood friend and first love who had brought him a strange tree with one root and old books of unknown authorship.

“This tree appears in the legend of a tribe of shamans who have long been rooted in the Red and Black Mountains. According to records, it is said that it has the characteristic of spreading its roots in the ground, sprouting underground, and growing backwards.”

At that, everyone half-opened their mouths.

A common tree grows upward, rooting below the ground and extending its trunk above the ground.

However, this Naraksu seems to grow downward, raising its roots above the ground and extending its stems below the ground.

… … As the name suggests, deep enough to reach the ‘Nara’!

Camus continued his explanation.

“This tree is only about the size of a city on the outside, but it’s different on the inside. It has the property of overlapping and distorting multiple spaces, so it is close to impossible to accurately estimate the width of the space inside the tree. It is literally a demon tree.”

Compared to the Wraith Tree, it’s an insignificant level of monsters, but it’s still threatening enough if it’s grown to this size.

I didn’t even dare to imagine what kind of suffering the children were going through when they were dragged into the abyss in the tree.

At that time, the window king Cervantes asked.

“That’s enough, how do I get through this goddamn tree and get the kids out of there?”

“If that was the case, I did it, mister.”


Camus clicked his tongue.

“This tree is impossible to intervene from the outside. It is only possible to break through from within.”

“Where is that!”

“Where is it, here it is. It’s not just a plant, it’s a tree that only grows in hell. Besides, I heard that it is a fairly rare species even in that hell.”

After all, it is said that doing something outside is impossible at all.

… bang!

Professor Banshee gnashed his teeth and punched the root of the Narak tree next to him.

“Shit! It’s my fault. If only I had been a little more careful… … If only I had one more doubt… … I wouldn’t have put my disciples in this situation… … .”

Winston’s bracelet, mana stone maintenance, greening project, parents’ observation classes, unconditional tolerance for Professor Sadi… … There was nothing that wasn’t award winning.

Even though he knew it, he couldn’t stop it, so Professor Banshee felt a deeper sense of responsibility.

Like this, parents and professors were deeply despairing and screaming in front of Naraksu.


“What are you worried about?”

The only one who is unconcerned.

Only Kamu was watching as if he couldn’t understand those who were crying.

“They didn’t get caught, they must have entered on their own. Isn’t it like that because everyone has thoughts?”

At her words, everyone’s eyes were stained with wonder.

People who have stopped crying flock to Kamu with a feeling of grabbing at least a straw.

“What do you mean? Do you have any thoughts? go in yourself? Who?”

Then Camus answered very calmly and as if it was natural.

“Who is that, my fiancé?”

* * *

Bikir woke up in a black room.

black room. It was a space that could only be described like that.

This empty space seemed to be used to store something, but now it is faithfully fulfilling its role of confining Bikir.

It feels like being inside an ovary inside a giant seed.

‘… … It’s just what I heard.’

Bikir had never personally experienced this space, but he knew it indirectly through the memoirs and memoirs of great heroes from the academy who had experienced this space earlier.

Tower of Babel extending underground.

This is the result of Amdusias’ psychic ability to ‘take away the firstborn’ to the limit.

‘As it was originally, only the first born had to be taken away… … In this case, I guess I just took all of my ‘children’.’

Bikir was left alone in the confined space, thinking.

This is an underground tower built by Amdusias.

The more you go down to the bottom, the more bizarre ecosystems, traps, and various bizarre ancestor creatures are located.

The weaving of all worldviews. That is the identity of this eerie tower.

Bikir closed his eyes and recalled the internal structure of Naraksu, which appears in the memoirs of great heroes.

‘Ghosts of an ancient civilization that were captured and subjugated a long time ago, undead in ruins that have lost their sense, monsters swimming in the void, tribes armed with golems and magic weapons… … A place where the world views of the desert, sea, volcano, and snowfield coexist layer by layer.’

In this space where numerous multiple dimensions are overlapped, distorted, or refracted, like the Magic Tower or the Tomb of Swords, common sense and laws do not work.

‘It would be difficult to trample on all the outstanding sprouts of the academy, so they must have tried to lock them up inside.’

In fact, before Bikir returned, when Naraksu appeared at the Colosseo Academy, countless young heroes almost met a miserable end.

If you die or retire in this tower, you will immediately become the devil’s nourishment.

However, if even one person is able to leave the tower alive, those who have died or retired will also be revived.

Amdusias before the return also built this tower and was confident that no one would leave this place alive… … The plans of the demons were foiled because an out-of-standard figure who was so genius in his previous life escaped from this tower.

In fact, since Vikir knew the future, he could have prevented the tower itself from appearing… … .

‘There’s a reason I didn’t do that.’

When Vikir was thinking about this and that in her mind.


A strange sound came from the darkness.

A sound that seemed to resonate directly in my head, not through my ears.

Before long, something suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

It was flesh and organs dripping from his twisted features, chunks of meat flapping ugly dried wings.

[hello ? I am the ‘fairy’ who served as the tower’s guide?]

Bikir nodded, looking at this bizarre-looking mass of flesh called a self-proclaimed fairy.

‘… … Because of this.’

It continued with a grotesque pronunciation and tone, accompanied by an unpleasant flapping of its wings.

[One first-come, first-served basis from now on to the bottom?]

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