Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 33

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Episode 33

‘Knight King’s spirit’ is a technique that unleashes magical power to inflict damage on the opponent.

Although it is similar to the one used by Go Tae-wook against the chairpersons a while ago.

Its power was on a different level.

‘I think this is similar to Yoo Ah-young’s guild leader’s ‘Amazonian spirit’… Is this a hidden skill?’

Go Tae-wook, who was watching from the stands, was quietly surprised and thought.

Taehyun’s potential and improvisation were tongue-in-cheek.

As soon as the game started, he went from being the top eliminated candidate to the winner.

The situation was turned around with just one skill.

“ruler. Shall we start the fourth exam?”

Taehyun’s voice rang through the speakers and into the audience.


Everyone’s eyes were focused on Taehyun’s next move.

* * *

Taehyun looked around at the five survivors who were guarding him.

Like Shin Yun-bok, each and every one of them is an S-class awakened person who will make a name for themselves in the future.

In most S-class skills, power beyond imagination was dormant, and awakened people also had extraordinary growth rates.

Therefore, Taehyun was not surprised when he endured the new skill ‘Knight’s Awesomeness’.

Rather, what was surprising were the five survivors.

“Kim Taehyun… .”

“I got stronger… ?”

“hey! “Isn’t this a joke?!!”

“Lim Ah-young!! Let’s join hands with us too!! “I can’t defeat that guy alone!!”

“… … .”

Four survivors offered an alliance to Lim Ah-young.

Although the offer has already been rejected once.

This is because I thought that her thoughts would have changed after experiencing this extra-standard power.

But Lim Ah-young had different thoughts.

‘Can we win if we hold hands?’

Certainly, if Taehyun was the same person he was during the second test, he would be confident that he would win if he fought again.

After going through the third test, it seems like they have grown one step further, but the gap is clearly not that big yet.

That was why I rejected alliance offers from other S-class candidates.

‘Kim Tae-hyun… The strength so far… Was he hiding it?’


I felt such a gap that it was difficult to say that I was the same person as I was during the second test.

It was similar to the pressure of being a top ranker that she could only feel from her older sister Yoo Ah-young.

“What more can I show you?”

Taehyun asked, disabling the stealth skill.

It was a clear provocation to ask them to come in if they wanted to.

As for S-class awakened people, there were three in their teens and two in their 20s.

“You bastard!!”

The first to fall for the provocation was a man in his 20s.


[Skill use has been detected. You are under the Earth Curse (S). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

A gap that appears the moment you use a skill.

Taehyun, aiming for that gap, quickly rushed in.


A fist strengthened with ‘Stone Skin’ hits the chin.


The man fainted helplessly.

“Just one thing for now. “Who’s next?”

Because I know the meaning of Ji Jin-hee’s involvement in broadcasting and media companies and setting the stage for them.

Taehyun was in no hurry.


[Skill use has been detected. You are affected by the spirit of a wild beast (S). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]



[Skill use has been detected. Avoid the Kwaedo Rampage (S).]



[Skill use has been detected. Avoid Burst Hands (S).]

Wood clack!!


Taehyun, who defeated four people in an instant, looked at the last remaining one, Lim Ah-young.

“Class monitor. What do you want to do? “If possible, I recommend abstaining.”

“Kim Taehyun… .”

Ahyoung’s eyes wavered.

This is because I realized that there was no point in playing any longer.


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Rather, like those who fell, he will become Taehyun’s victim in front of everyone.

“I… .”

The moment Ayoung opens her mouth.

“If you want, we can do it again like we did for the second test.”

at the same time.


‘Ice Age’ was activated and ice pillars rose up around the Colosseum.

* * *


Taehyun looked down at the unconscious Ayoung.

“Whoa… five. “As expected, you are the pickiest.”

Breath leaked out as the temperature dropped rapidly.


At the same time, the ice picks that had risen here and there above the ground of the Colosseum broke down.

The caster fainted and the skill was naturally canceled.

When Taehyun was clenching and opening his left hand, which had been frozen by Ayoung’s attack.

[The 4th test has ended. The person who passed this exam at the top of the class is… This is candidate number 9200, Taehyun Kim. Congratulations.]

After a moment of silence, cheers erupted.

It was Taehyun’s unrivaled one-man show.

* * *

After the formal awards ceremony.

“Sit down, Taehyun.”

Association President Ji Jin-hee got out of the car and offered Taehyun a seat.

“Congratulations on passing your senior year. “I hope the cold goes away a little after drinking this tea.”

Lim Ah-young’s ‘Ice Age’ is at a level that even active players are reluctant to play.

Taehyun’s body temperature, which had been confined just a moment ago, had dropped significantly.

“thank you.”

“I never thought the 4th exam would end so quickly. No, is it natural for you to have blocked the dungeon break as well? ha ha ha.”

“That’s too much praise.”

When Taehyun spoke humbly, Ji Jinhee’s eyes lit up.

‘The more I look at him, the more I want him. It’s hard to believe he’s a teenager.’

It is not easy for skill and personality to be proportional in any field.

Even more so if that person is a top-level awakened person called a superhuman.

Is that why?

As someone who doesn’t like to talk back, he brought out his true feelings.

“Kim Tae-hyun. “If a license is officially issued, won’t you work for the association, or for New Korea?”

A scouting offer from Ji Jin-hee, president of the New Korea Players Association.

If you just grab the hand he holds out, your solid status as a player will be guaranteed.

Who could really refuse Ji Jin-hee’s offer?

Nevertheless, Taehyun had no choice but to ask.

“If I were to refuse. “Is this affecting the protection I am currently receiving?”

Taehyun asked, remembering the players operated for his aunt’s family.

Even at this moment, the high-level players in the association would be watching the movements of the magicians.

Ji Jin-hee, who had already been briefed by Go Tae-wook, shook her head lightly.

“It’s not like that. “Protection of civilians by demons is a natural duty of the association.”

“then… sorry.”

Taehyun politely bowed his head and expressed his refusal.

Ji Jin-hee made a bitter expression at the somewhat expected answer.

The Players Association has enormous power as it is a national institution.

Ultimately, what moves people is money.

There was a large difference in the salaries of players belonging to associations and guilds operating for profit.

That’s why skilled players choose guilds over associations.

“is it… “Is there a guild you have in mind?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Hmm… So are you planning to set up a guild? “If you want, I will support you.”

“Not even that. Well, I might build one someday, but at least for now I don’t plan on doing that.”

“Then why…” ?”

“This is because once you belong to somewhere, you cannot act as you please. “Whether it is moral or efficient.”

“So, belonging to one of the four major guilds or associations is more inefficient than moving on your own. “Is that what you mean?”

“That’s right.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Ji Jin-hee burst out laughing at Tae-hyeon’s bold spirit.

“Oh, that was rude. “I’ve seen a lot of players so far, but this is the first time I’ve heard an answer like yours.”

“… … .”

“ha ha ha. I understand. “This year’s senior should have that level of ambition.”

Ji Jin-hee said that and opened the display case.

From there, he took out a sharply forged dagger.

“It’s a congratulatory gift for the senior. It looks like he enjoys hand-to-hand combat. and… .”

Ji Jin-hee’s eyes turned to the wise man’s ring on Tae-hyeon’s hand.

“Thank you for the double dungeon, let’s say you turn a blind eye to the ring on your hand. ha ha ha.”

The corner of Taehyun’s mouth rose at the not bad suggestion.

“thank you.”

“The license will be issued as S grade. I hope that the license will help you in your work.”

“It will be of great help.”

Taehyun’s eyes sparkled as he held the hand that Jinhee Ji gave him.

‘Of course, to the president of the association.’

* * *


Class A monster Salamander.

Fire spewed out from the guy’s mouth.

“Noisy lizard.”

Taehyun, who easily dodged the attack, stretched out his hand, and the magic of predation enveloped the Salamander.

After a while.

Quad deuk.

Without even trying to resist.


[Magic power increases by 1.]

Salamander, the boss of the A-grade dungeon, has reached his end.

“Too salty for a boss.”

Is it because he gained power equivalent to S rank?

After the player test was over, Taehyun’s growth was progressing slowly.

“Do we have to enter the Abyss soon?”

It’s been a month since the license was issued.

Taehyun wandered around the dungeon without stopping.

Normally, you would have to form a party and wait for the official process, but… .

“I heard that’s why S-rank is good.”

From the moment I became the twelfth S-rank player in New Korea, there was no need for that.

That wasn’t all.

With the association’s policy allowing teenagers to take the player exam, there are a number of benefits available to currently licensed teenagers.

That was the reason why Taehyun was able to focus on conquering dungeons instead of going to school.

One month like that.

Most of the dungeons in New Korea have been taken over by Taehyun.


The break began when the boss who maintained the dungeon died.

Because they devoured everything, leaving no remains behind, there were no magic stones to collect.

* * *

“Uh, uh! “It comes out there!!”

“Kim Tae-hyun player!! Did you succeed in conquering the dungeon alone this time?!!”

“You have conquered the last dungeon of New Korea! “Please tell me your thoughts!!”

Dozens of reporters who were waiting for Taehyun to come out took pictures and turned their cameras.

Kim Tae-hyun is currently the hottest player in New Korea.

This is because just publishing an article related to it guarantees explosive views and viewership ratings.

‘Tsk. ‘Now that I’m famous, I feel uncomfortable about this.’

I was thinking about waving to reporters.

“I am the youngest S-rank player in New Korea!! Do you have any complaints about the current ranking?!!”

“There is a rumor that Yoo Ah-young and the guild leader are in a romantic relationship. Is this true?!!”

Many questions arose.


Watching these people just talking about what they wanted to do made me miss the Salamander I had just dealt with.

At that time, a reporter’s shout reached Taehyun’s ears.

“Player Kim Tae-hyun! There will be a friendly match for Asian players in two months!! Are you participating here?!!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Taehyun’s mouth.

‘Now that I think about it, it’s about that time.’

Taehyun’s head turned quickly.

The answer to this type of question does not need to be long.

“If there is a call from the country. “You have to participate.”

Asian player friendly match.

Taehyun smiled meaningfully as he recalled an incident from his past life.

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