Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 34

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Episode 34

Taehyun was reading the latest article in the Alchemist Guild VVIP Lounge.

‘Kim Tae-hyun player. Announced intention to participate in Asian Player Friendly Tournament.’

‘The selection process for the representative of the association is no different from before. ‘Selection will be based on merit.’

‘Will New Korea become the world’s safest zone? There are more than 10 fewer dungeons compared to last year.’

‘Rookie’s Rebellion. Kim Tae-hyun is currently ranked 130th in public scores.’

‘Kim Tae-hyun. ‘A new record is set at Korea’s largest blackhead training center.’

‘An unusual move by a malicious guild. The guild leader is still in limbo.’

“Gossip… “There are absolutely no celebrities.”

At some point, Taehyun got used to having his name mentioned in the media.

After all, there are only twelve S-rank players in New Korea.

This is because, compared to other S-ranks in the Abyss, Taehyun’s actions in New Korea are easily noticeable.

“Well, I don’t have any regrets.”

Taehyun thought of the other test takers who had received licenses with him.

This year, candidates of all ages, from teenagers to people in their forties, were issued licenses… .

Only Taehyun had an S-class license.

‘What is that guy doing right now?’

Taehyun thought of Lim Ah-young, who stood on the podium with him.

In my past life, the principal was Lim Ah-young, and the second honoree was Lee Jeong-jae.

However, in a regression, the senior position changed to Tae-hyeon and the secondary position changed to A-yeong.

Lee Jeong-jae couldn’t even take the test.

‘no way. ‘The future won’t change that much, right?’

It is a future that can change little by little depending on one’s actions.

What results will these minor changes produce?

Taehyun, who was worried, shook his head.

“Well, it’s better than starting from scratch.”

Just as awakening levels and skill levels are assigned differently, it is natural that licenses are given according to skill level.

The player world is not easy so that even S-class awakeners start with a B- or C-class license.

More than anything.

If you want to be a representative in upcoming friendly matches, an S-class license was essential.

‘It’s a friendly match… It will be quite a sight.’

The Asian Player Friendly Tournament is scheduled for two months from now.

As its grand name suggests, it is a game in which 50 players selected from as many as 10 countries participate.

It shows that justice has not yet died in a world where monsters and demons have begun to run rampant.

‘It’s a kind of sport.’

Taehyun slurped down his coffee and searched for items related to friendly competition.

Pictures of demons and monsters captured by representatives of each country were floating around.

In addition, the video and social media reactions were notable.

[I heard there is a friendly match in two months. What is this? For your information, I am entering elementary school this time.]

[Elementary school girl. You don’t need to know that stuff, so read more textbooks.]

[Your words are too harsh. I think elementary school students have the right to know. And if you haven’t entered elementary school yet, you’re called Yuding.]

[I guess it’s because the level is high in the eyes of elementary school students. To be honest, it’s a friendly fight, but it’s no different from legal murder.]

[Supervisor. If you knew what the atmosphere in society was like before the friendly match, you wouldn’t be able to say that? At least something like this has been created so the general public can stop being anxious.]

[ㅇㅇ That’s right. You are at least in your forties.]

[Anyway, I’m looking forward to this Asian player friendly match. It’s a lot of fun to watch star players.]

[Is Kim Tae-hyun appearing this time?]

[no way… Still, Kim Tae-hyun is not yet at the level to be included here.]

Various friendly competitions that have become world festivals.

Are these types of things morally right or wrong?

There was a lot of controversy going on on social media about such things.

The scene of hunting monsters and demons is broadcast on TV.

The reason was to give hope to the people of their country.

This was something that many countries, excluding New Korea, had already signed agreements with broadcasting companies.

Player friendlies only added to the competitive spirit between countries.

‘I also took care of it a lot.’

Taehyun’s expression became bitter as he recalled his helpless past life.

In particular, the ‘Asian Player Friendly Tournament’, one of the five major player events, was held in two areas.

Monster hunting and demon hunting.

From as few as dozens to as many as hundreds.

Bounties are placed on demons and monsters, and the rankings are determined by adding up the representatives of each country.

This event, which is held every year, is an opportunity for countries to show off their defense capabilities and for individual players to make a name for themselves.

“see… This year’s participating countries… .”

Taehyun used the tablet provided to search the list of participating countries.

[Participating countries in this year’s Asia Player Friendly Tournament:

New Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Taiwan, Qatar, Singapore.]

The only three countries that regularly participate every year are New Korea, China, and Japan.

The other seven countries changed every year according to the sum of player scores at the end of the year, and this was because seeds were not easily given just because they were in Asia, considering the level of the competition.

‘Should I meet with the president of the association?’


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Taehyun thought for a moment and composed himself.

A trick using personal connections without even starting.

That didn’t fit Taehyun’s personality.

Wouldn’t it be better to build public value through tricks?

‘Building public value through tricks…’ .’

Taehyun’s head turned quickly.

‘The method of selecting the New Korea national team is through the player’s public service activities. My ranking now… .’

Taehyun checked the player rankings that were changing in real time using the tablet provided to him.

“125th place… “It’s far from enough.”

Considering that it has only been a month since I started playing as a player, it is a ridiculous increase in ranking… .

In order to qualify as one of the five selected representatives, one had to be in at least the top 10 to secure stability.

Even that ranking is at this level because Taehyun went through the dungeon and conquered it.

It did not seem easy to enter the top 10 during the month remaining until representative selection.

At that time, an idea passed through Taehyun’s mind.

In addition to clearing dungeons, an efficient way to gain public value is through demon hunting.

In order to hunt demons, it is essential to understand what they are aiming for and where they appear.

It was nearly impossible for an ordinary organization or individual, perhaps a guild as high as the Night Walkers, to collect such information.


‘It doesn’t apply to me.’

Time is running out, but there is power and information.

Raise your public score ranking to 10th within a month.

‘It’s worth a try.’

It didn’t seem impossible.

Taehyun, weighing the possibility, checked the time.

The location was also the building of Alchemist, one of the four major guilds.

Without hesitation, Taehyun pressed the call button.

* * *

An hour later.

Warp zone located in the basement of the Alchemist building.

Taehyun was standing in front of the small warp gate, waiting for permission to move.

In the meantime, he looked at the list of people who would compete with him for the position of representative of New Korea.

‘They all have great names.’

Players like you that you wouldn’t have dared to dream of meeting in your past life.

Only by exceeding the public achievements they have accumulated can they be selected as a representative for a friendly competition.

In fact, just a day ago, Taehyun wasn’t seriously thinking about participating in a friendly match.

Just like the player test, incidents and accidents are constant in friendly matches as well.

In addition, this friendly match is on a global scale with as many as 10 countries participating.

Rather than getting caught up in an international incident, it was decided that it would be more beneficial to slowly grow one’s power in the new Korea.


‘The level of predation is not as high as expected.’

Taehyun opened the status window.

Name: Taehyun Kim

Age: 19

Grade: B

Strength: 107 Stamina: 105 Speed: 103 Horsepower: 160 Charisma: 30

Fatigue: 40%

Remaining horsepower: 160/160


Predation (B) – You can prey on the desired target. Horsepower: 40

Stone Skin (B) – Can strengthen the body. Horsepower: 30

Stealth (B) – You can hide your body. Horsepower: 25

Paralysis (B) – Restrains the subject’s body. Horsepower: 20

Lord’s Heart (B) – Increases party members’ abilities. Horsepower: 30

Knight King’s Awesomeness (B) – Designate an opponent and overwhelm them with your agility. Horsepower: 35

Predation, which was always expressed as a percentage, was now displayed as a B grade.

There is a world of difference between knowing how much experience is left until the next level and not knowing.

That was why Taehyun, who felt frustrated, preyed on monsters to the point of giving up the magic stone.

Nevertheless, only the magic stat rose slightly, and there was no change in relation to predation.

My physical form has long since surpassed the days when I was a porter.

I was realizing that it was no longer easy to raise my stats through training alone.

‘Undiscovered dungeons may still be occurring… ‘It’s not very efficient as most of the low-level dungeons are.’

The first thought that came to mind was to enter the Abyss and feast on top-level monsters… .

However, there were too many opportunities scattered throughout the Abyss to live in the Abyss right away.

Opportunities that contain infinite possibilities that Taehyun, who has returned, can seize first.

‘It’s never too late to go slowly in the Abyss. Before that, we must obtain everything we can on Earth.’

That’s why Taehyun’s heart was inclined toward participation.

Even if ‘that incident’ happens.

At that time, the person in charge who was waiting came.

“Player Taehyun Kim, you have waited a long time. “Because so many expensive items are being released this time, it is not easy to issue passes.”

“no. There is a set procedure, and of course you have to wait. Thank you for your hard work.”

Taehyun smiled kindly.

“Thank you for saying that. As I spoke to the person in charge, there is no need to present a separate ticket. “Is there anything in particular you would like to purchase?”

“If there’s anything good.”

“Then, all profits and costs generated at the auction house can be directed to our Alchemist. “We will settle the matter later.”

“thank you.”

Taehyun bowed his head and walked toward the glowing gate.

“Have a good time.”

Being seen off by a man.


Taehyun’s new model was sucked into the gate.

* * *

Shoo shoo shoo.

It felt like I was on an extreme ride.


Taehyun let out a small exclamation.

What was in front of him were dozens of small gates like the one he had just used, and a large man.

He could be considered a gangster.

A man with impressive knife marks on his face bowed his head to Taehyun.

“welcome. Player Taehyun Kim. “I received a call from head office.”

“Nice to meet you. “How long until the auction starts?”

“It’s in one hour.”

“It’s appropriate. “Can I take a look around?”

“haha. of course. “I will guide you.”

“thank you.”

Taehyun and the man walked towards the auction house building.

Thinking about the terrorist attack that will happen in a moment… .

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