Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 32

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Episode 32

“then. See you next time.”

“… … .”

Taehyun said nothing and got out of the car.


Yoo Ah-young couldn’t say anything.


The man who watched the entire process from the driver’s seat waited for orders.

He dared to harass the heads of the four major guilds.

Considering Yoo Ah-young’s personality, it was natural to think of an order to capture him.

Of course, all of this was possible because I didn’t know Taehyun’s potential.


Ayoung, who took a moment to control her emotions, did not meet those expectations.

“Whoa… “Please leave.”


“I want you to leave for the guild.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Hearing Ahyoung’s nervous voice, the man hurriedly stepped on the pedal.


The large sedan rolled smoothly and passed Taehyun.

‘Yoo Ah-young, come to your senses. What is this to a kid who is not even 20 years old? .’

Taehyun’s gaze was indifferently looking outside the window.

Her face turned red once again.

* * *

Taehyun entered the house after seeing that Yoo Ah-young’s car had completely disappeared from sight.

As soon as I open the door, my aunt, uncle, and Jaeyoung rush over to me.

“Tae, Taehyun, that person just… .”

“brother! You’re Yoo Ah-young, right? Night Walker Guild Leader!!”

Taehyun nodded, looking at them with their eyes shining brightly.

My body, which had received the S-class skill, was too sensitive to answer my questions.

“aunt. I’ll go in first and rest. “I’m tired.”

“Yeah, yeah… i get it.”

“Huh… .”

“Jaeyoung Hwang. You know I didn’t train today? “Finish and sleep.”

“Ugh… .”

Jaeyoung immediately avoids gaze.

Taehyun smiled and entered the room.


Taehyun locked the door and sat cross-legged on the floor.

First of all, I felt like I needed to calm down my heightened sensitivity.

‘It’s Yoo Ah-young… ‘That’s fun.’

Yoo Ah-young, leader of the Night Walker guild.

In the new Korea, the heads of the four major guilds were as famous as President Ji Ji-hee.

In particular, Yoo Ah-young was popular not only in New Korea but also overseas due to her celebrity-like appearance, intelligent image, and skills.

She was interested in herself.

So much so that he personally came to me and offered to scout me.

It was a moment where I realized how much my existence had grown through the player test.


‘Nightwalker isn’t enough.’

If I had been in a past life, I would have thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But even before taking the player test, Taehyun’s mind was made up.

To become the best player in the world, surpassing national power.

Because that dream is never small.

Taehyun had no intention of joining any of the four major guilds, let alone Night Walker or Alchemist.

“Whoa… .”

The sharp sensation has subsided to some extent.

Taehyun took off his shirt and started doing push-ups.

The number of beads of sweat forming on the forehead increased one by one in proportion to the number.


One by one, I thought about the things that would happen in the future.

Pressure from world powers and New Korea’s response.

Gate breaks and dungeon breaks are increasing for no reason.

Simultaneous terrorism by demons and the rise of malicious guilds.

Even the countless sacrifices that come with rapid change.

In his previous life, Taehyun was just a small dot in a changing world.

‘Not now.’

In less than half a year since his return, he has become a promising prospect that New Korea is paying attention to.

It was as if the verification of one’s own potential had come to an end.


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‘We should keep the predation as secret as possible.’

The source of Taehyun’s growing strength.

That unknown power was not something that could be considered a single skill.

Even more so if the nature is something other than the standard that takes something from someone else.

It was obvious that those who were obsessed with the value of justice would criticize it.

That was why Go Tae-wook did not talk about predation even though he was a trustworthy person.

‘It won’t take long.’

After meeting Yoo Ah-young a little while ago, my thoughts were confirmed.

Even the S-rank ‘Amazone’s Awesomeness’ could not break through the predatory defense.

This means that anyone who is not at least SS level will be able to recognize Taehyun’s characteristics.

Even if it is not an item returned to Go Tae-wook.

It wouldn’t be difficult to hide one’s identity in the new Korea.


After finishing his thoughts, Taehyun stood up.

As my whole body was soaked with sweat, all my distracting thoughts disappeared.

“I just got a new skill, so I guess I’ll try to restrain myself for a while.”

While wiping my sweat with a towel, I saw my face reflected in the mirror.

A charm stat that only happens to celebrities who have awakened to a high level.

Is it because that number has soared?

Even though I saw him every day, he looked particularly handsome today.

“hmm… “Is that why?”

Suddenly, he remembered the two women blushing in front of him.

“They are Lim Ah-young and Yoo Ah-young.”

Future SS-rank player and head of the four major guilds of New Korea.

The relationship between those two comes to mind.

Taehyun’s expression became bitter.

* * *

click. click. click.

Camera shutters exploded here and there.

Reporter Kim was the same way.

He pressed the shutter without stopping.

Since all the prominent applicants had been rejected for interviews, the idea was to get at least a photo.

It’s already been an hour since we arrived at the player license testing center.

As was the case a week ago, he was feeling skeptical about his career as a reporter.

“It’s the Colosseum… “The scale of the test is also grand.”

It was a more realistic Colosseum than the Colosseum in Rome.

A stage where 5,000 test takers fought to the point of bloodshed.

As I was walking around that bloody stage, I remembered the candidate I had interviewed a while ago.

Taehyun Kim.

Even though he was a C-class awakened child, his eyes were as good as S-class ones.

“ha… Damn manager.”

His hard-won interview was rejected by his immediate supervisor, the manager, and was ultimately not published.

Now everyone is paying attention to S rank.

The question was who would watch the interview of a C-grade candidate.

‘Kim Tae-hyun. Did that kid fall too?’

The association kept quiet about the exam that was held for a week due to its obligation to maintain confidentiality.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect secret.

It was a known fact to everyone that the third test was held in a low-level dungeon and that an S-rank double dungeon was discovered there.

‘If Park Seong-jin hadn’t stopped it, it would have led to a major accident.’

Of course, he also did not know that the information was spread by the association.

“Hey~ Reporter Kim. “Did you get some news?”

Reporter Song from the same small and medium-sized magazine approached me and said hello.

“no. As you can see, I’m broke.”

“haha. Quickly catch someone. There are only 500 applicants. “I’d rather have more reporters.”

“I agree.”

The 4th test was held for 500 people who passed the 3rd test.

It is unprecedented for the players’ association to conduct a test publicly, but it is attracting even more attention.

Of the 10 S-level applicants in the first test, only 5 survived.

‘Because what kind of test was held here?’

So, just like reporter Kim.

Reporters from broadcasting companies and media outlets who were invited were trying hard to take advantage of this opportunity and somehow get a usable number of cases.

The area outside the Colosseum was already filled with ordinary people.

At first glance, the number seemed to be in the thousands.

“I guess I have to move quickly too.”

“Okay, man. “Isn’t it true that a small magazine company like ours has to work harder?”

When two people are having such a trivial conversation.

A voice rang out from the large speakers installed in the Colosseum.

[The 4th test will be held shortly. We ask VIPs inside the testing center to leave the barrier immediately. The barriers installed outside the Colosseum may cause collisions with electronic equipment, so please maintain the indicated safety distance.]

The test room, which was already noisy, became even noisier due to the guide’s words.

“Get your camera ready!”

“Hey, don’t block in front of there!”

“Hey, which broadcaster are you from? “Can’t you see we settled down first?”

“It’s live, it’s live!! Let’s come to our senses!!”

Reporters Kim and Song hurriedly escaped from the Colosseum.

After a while, 500 test takers took the stage at the Colosseum.

“By the way, Reporter Kim. “Isn’t the atmosphere strange?”

“huh? “What do you mean?”

“The test takers. “Isn’t everyone just looking at one side as if they were kissing each other?”

Reporter Kim belatedly turned his attention to the Colosseum after hearing Reporter Song’s words.

Just as he said, hundreds of test takers were staring in one direction with faces full of determination.

At the end of that gaze… .

“uh… ? That kid… .”

Taehyun was there.

‘Well… Are they targeting low-level awakened people first? Even so, it’s cruel to target them so blatantly.’

When reporter Kim realizes the world of jungle.

The supervisor began with a brief introduction of the rules.

After a while.


The fourth round of player license testing has begun.

at the same time.


I don’t know what to do.



A jaw-dropping skill was unleashed.

Targeting only one man.

* * *

[Skill use has been detected. I am under mental restraint (A). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use has been detected. You have been affected by Body Corrosion (B). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use has been detected. You are suffering from bleeding (C). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use has been detected. I was struck by Insanity (B). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use has been detected. You are under the Earth Curse (S). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use… .]

‘It’s like this from the beginning.’

Taehyun moved his body around, ignoring the messages that kept coming up.

This is because even though predation blocks magic-related skills, it does not prevent physical attacks.

Those currently in the Colosseum are those who know Taehyun’s past activities.

Therefore, I thought that whoever eliminated Taehyun in the 4th test would receive a good evaluation.

the problem is… .

‘It’s already within the expected range.’

Taehyun also knows that.

Taehyun, using Stone Skin and stealth, eluded those pursuing him and headed to the very center of the Colosseum.



[Use the skill Knight King’s Tempest (B). 499 subjects were designated.]

Taehyun demonstrated a new skill in front of many people.


“Ugh… !!”

“W-I can’t breathe…” !!”


dump. dump. dump.

“That bastard… I can’t believe they’re using that over there… .”

Yoo Ah-young, who was watching quietly from the audience, muttered in frustration.

Although it is only for a moment.

It was a skill that threatened even the 10th ranked New Korea player.

There was no way the kids, who had not yet received proper training, could endure it.

The number of applicants from 500 was quickly reduced to 6.

The audience fell silent at this incredible sight.

Either that or not.

“ruler. Shall we start the fourth exam?”

Toward the five survivors who didn’t look good.

Taehyun made a predatory expression.

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