Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 28

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Episode 28

It was a temple-shaped dungeon.

30 minutes for Taehyun’s party to walk past the hall.

During this time, not a single monster appeared.

It was strangely quiet.

Only the sound of Taehyun and his group walking echoed in the dungeon.

Suddenly, two paths appeared.

“Go this way.”

The magician said calmly.

“All right.”

“I only trust the party leader.”

The magician nodded to the two test takers’ answers.

He came to his senses belatedly and was leading the party with a sense of responsibility.

At least it seemed that way on the outside.

“Is there any magical response?”

“Luckily, I don’t feel it. “All I can feel is the remnants of the warp gate’s magic.”

In response to Taehyeon’s question, the magician explained in more detail than before.

It was an attitude that would have been impossible just an hour ago.

But no one here found fault with that caution.

This is because Taehyun was the first to talk about the dangers of double dungeons and the one who disarmed the illusion trap.

Jealousy and greed.

They were later regretting having pushed themselves into the abyss.

“We should hurry. If things continue like this, I’ll have to pay the bill before I even find the gate.”

“eww… Cough… .”

At that moment, the man who was being carried by Taehyun moaned.

A stream of fresh blood flowed from the mouth.

Although it is an illusion, it is an attack from a being made of magical power.

The wound was by no means light.

‘At most it will be four hours.’

Previous life as a porter.

While exploring the Abyss, I witnessed countless deaths.

The crisis was overcome with the intermediate healing potion that Magohak had.

For complete healing, at least a B-level healer seemed essential.

That was why the group was looking for the exit gate instead of waiting for rescue.

Players are explorers.

Silently abetting the death of a colleague was an action that could raise doubts about a player’s qualifications.

“don’t worry. Because the gate reaction can be felt not far away. “Everyone, please stay calm.”

The magician who spoke calmly took the lead.

A dungeon has an entrance and an exit.

The established theory is that its shape appears in the shape of a gate.

It’s a low-level dungeon, so entry and exit is free, so you don’t have to worry about the exit route.

In the case of top-tier dungeons, it was often difficult to escape once one entered.

The proof was that the entrance gate that had swallowed up the group had disappeared.

Fortunately, Magohak was able to sense the gate flow, and the party was moving in search of the exit gate.

Taehyun walked along with the magician and glanced behind him.

They had exhausted a considerable amount of their magical energy and seemed to be having a hard time keeping themselves alive.

‘Maybe I should have used the monarch’s heart instead.’

A skill registered by preying on Lee Jeong-jae.

If you have a party system now, you will be able to fully demonstrate its effectiveness.

Taehyun weighed the pros and cons for a moment and shook his head.

‘There’s no need to expose your bottom line to these guys.’

Now, we are moving with one mind and one intention again.

These are people who have a history of attacking themselves.

All four party members.

To Taehyun, he was like a potential enemy.

‘I will keep the basic principles. If it is unavoidable, it must be thrown away.’

The moment of choice came soon.

A large hall similar to the one we first arrived at.

There, they found a gate that appeared to be an exit.

the problem is.

“shit… . After all, it’s the boss room… .”

It was the same as the illusion trap.

Death Knights lined up tightly around the huge hall and the Death Knight Lord sitting on the throne.

One difference.

‘These guys are real.’

I felt a sense of intimidation that could not be compared to an illusion.

The life of an A-class monster that I experienced in my past life.

Dozens of such things are staring at the group.


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The sound of dry swallowing could be heard here and there.

Taehyun was the same.

At that time, the Death Knight Lord shouted.

thud. thud. thud. thud. thud.

Thirty Death Knights pulled out their swords and started pounding the floor.

Everyone’s red eyes flashed.

“Fuck… “What are these?”

“Well, what are we going to do?”

“… … .”

It was a language of monsters that humans could not understand.

But why?

Taehyun could understand what they were trying to say.

That’s right.

It was a duel.

* * *

“It seems like he wants a one-on-one duel.”

A Death Knight aiming a long sword at a woman.

Taehyun said without taking his eyes off his cool eyes.

“Fuck… On the subject of monsters… Are you trying to imitate a knight?”

“I-I…” I can not! There is almost no magic power!! “I’d rather go to the first place and wait for the rescue team.”

The woman who shouted turned and started running.


I was so scared that I lost my senses and my back was defenseless.

Out of extreme fear, I did something I would never have done under normal circumstances.

“Hold on there… .”

Before Taehyun could finish speaking.

Wedge. Suddenly.

The flying sword energy split the woman’s body in half.


There was no screaming.

The body, cut in two, made an unpleasant sound as it made contact with the ground.

thud. thud. thud. thud. thud.

A loud sound echoed through the hall.

The Death Knight’s longsword was aimed at another candidate.

“Fuck you!! This monster bastard!!! “Come on, I’ll kill you!!!”

The excited man prepared the skill ‘Chain Lightning’.

Taehyun, who was wearing ‘Stone Skin’, also activated ‘Heart of the Monarch’.

It was no longer the time to worry about revealing the bottom line.


[Skill Lord’s Heart has been used. All party members’ abilities increase by 3.]

“I used a buff skill. “The lasting effect does not last long.”

“good!! “Let’s give it a try!!”

“This… .”

Unlike the man who excitedly fires lightning bolts at the Death Knight.

The magician wiggled his eyebrows after checking the message.

‘Kim Tae-hyun. No way, this kid… A triple skill awakener?’

Even though he was only a C-rank awakened person, he had three skills.

Is this even possible?

The idea of ​​witchcraft did not last long.


Even though my physical abilities have improved.

This is because the man’s body was split in two by the sword.

It was not at a level that a single B-level awakened person, not even a player, could deal with.

This time, the tip of the sword pointed to magic.

“under… haha… dare… “On the topic of monsters!!”

Was that anger at the monster mocking them under the guise of a duel?

Is it anger at the patheticness that brought the party to the brink of extinction?

It didn’t matter anything.

Magic power worthy of an A grade soared from the body of the enraged magician.

It was an instant.

The forged blade tore apart the Death Knight’s body.

* * *

‘They say it’s okay even if it’s rotten. It’s quite good, magic.’

A grade A awakener and an A grade player belonging to the Association.

Although his luster faded due to greed, his skills were clear.

Rather, his magic power control seemed to surpass that of Seolhundo, who was called the Force Magician.

Suddenly. Suddenly. Suddenly.

All of his abilities increased by 3, and he caught the second Death Knight.

The surrounding Death Knights slammed their swords on the ground, and a new Death Knight stepped forward.

‘If this continues, it will only be a matter of time before I die.’

No matter what your level of magic skills is.

There were too many.

It was an absolutely disadvantageous fight, with fatigue increasing every time a skill was used.

‘I guess I have 20% of my magic power left.’

The longer you use magical power, the higher your fatigue becomes, and as your fatigue increases, your skills become weaker.

just as expected.

The third Death Knight’s sword struck down the Sorcerer’s Windcutter.

Then he cut his leg.

“Ugh! “You bastard!!”

The magician who fell backwards quickly fired ‘Wind Spear’.

Three Wind Spears were embedded in the Death Knight’s face, chest, and shoulders.

Lastly, a fist-sized ‘wind bolt’ pierced the Death Knight’s face.

thud. thud. thud. thud. thud.

The Death Knights who were watching struck their swords once again.

The fourth Death Knight stepped forward.

Taehyun shouted hurriedly.

“Magic player! Any more is dangerous. It would be better to launch a diversionary operation… .”

“shut up!! On the topic of low-level awakened people!! “Don’t look at me funny!!!”

Three attribute magics were mixed in the hands of the magician who shouted.

Wind. Brain (雷). Fire.

Elemental Burst, a wide-range magic that condenses elemental magic and explodes it.

Realizing that there was no chance of victory, he chose to self-destruct with his remaining magical power.

‘You rotten bastard. He’s going to kill me too.’

The magic power gathered in the hands of a magician was powerful enough to destroy an entire area.

The seriously injured man who was watching from one side looked helpless, as if he had prepared for death.

at that time.



The Death Knights began to laugh strangely.

Even though he wears a knight’s armor, he is ultimately a monster.

It is a laugh at the sight of humans struggling.


The moment when Magohak, who knows its meaning, is about to explode the concentrated magic power.

nettle liquid.


It was a sword technique on a different level than before.

The sword energy flew at an unbelievable speed and decapitated the magician.

It’s so fast that even Taehyun can’t react properly.



The magician lost his life without even being able to scream.

It was natural for the skill to be cancelled.


The Death Knight Lord sat down with his longsword in its scabbard.

With a sinister smile, as if to continue the entertainment.

thud. thud. thud. thud. thud.

It felt like a festival was taking place.

The Death Knights’ swords began to pound the floor frantically.

All that remains is Taehyun and the seriously injured man.

The Death Knight’s sword was raised.

It was to nominate the next opponent.

But before that.


Taehyun, using stealth, approached the magician’s corpse.


Without hesitation, I took the ring off my hand.

Unique grade item.

It was a wise man’s ring.

‘This is the only way to survive now. Please wake up.’

Taehyun casually put the wise man’s ring on his scarred hand.

at the same time.


[You are wearing the item Sage’s Ring. All physical stats increase by 10.]

[We have made up for the lack of physical abilities. Predation skill is activated.]

The corner of Taehyun’s mouth rose at the expected message.

A skill I had missed and had not been able to use for over a month was awakened.

Taehyun activated his unique skill.



[The unique skill Predation has been used. The target is determined based on the user’s perception.]


Taehyun’s eyes turned red.

at the same time.

Dark red magical power began to engulf the Death Knight.

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