Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 27

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Episode 27

The dungeon grade is determined by the number and level of monsters inhabiting it, and the strength of the boss monster that dominates it.

The dungeon’s grade as initially measured by the Association and Nightwalker was D.

But in the case of the double dungeon Apocalypto.

It was a place that deserved to be rated S due to dozens of Death Knights and Death Knight Lords.

The number of objects is at least 30.

Although it was a small number compared to lower-level dungeons, it was a level of difficulty that required at least one S-level person and at least ten A-level people to clear it.

Is that why?

Magohak, who had checked dozens of Death Knights, was visibly embarrassed.

Although he said he had been a player for over ten years, he had never had any experience hunting S-class monsters.

Especially from the Death Knight Lord visible in the distance.


I felt an energy that he, a grade A, couldn’t touch.

Unlike the magician who was unable to move properly due to his stiff body, Taehyeon woke up the three test takers who were brought along with him.

This was because even one person’s power was precious.

“Ugh… .”

“Kim Taehyun, you bastard… .”

“What did you… .”

“Let’s first understand the situation. “Look ahead.”

Taehyun pointed forward, ignoring the rolling eyes.

Countless Death Knights lined up and Death Knight Lords reigning like kings.

“W-this place… .”

“W-what kind of energy…?” .”

The test takers trembled.

I was overwhelmed by the magic power emitted by the A-class monster.

Although he has awakened to a high level, he is still a young chick with no experience in conquering the Abyss or dungeons.

It wasn’t revealed in the lower level dungeon, but now they are facing a being that is at least equal to or better than them.

This skill was clearly revealed.

Taehyun grinned at the three frozen test takers and the magician.

“congratulations. “Because this is the place you all wanted to come in.”

At that time, the two stone statues shook as they recognized the intruder.

The two Death Knights, who had regained their original bodies, took a step forward with their red eyes flashing.

Crash. Crash. Crash. Crash.

The sound of creaking armor echoed through the hall, as if the frozen body had not yet completely relaxed.

Taehyun and Magohak shouted at the same time to the spectators who were dumbfounded and watching the scene.

“Everyone, come to your senses!!”

“Prepare your skills right now!!”


Quad deuk.

Magohak’s hands were imbued with wind attribute magic, and Taehyun used Stone Skin.

The other three people came to their senses and prepared their own skills.

Crash. Crash. Crash. Crash.

When two Death Knights approached 300 meters away.

The magician gave a signal.


A total of four magic skills were used along with the shout.

A magical wind cutter with extremely high cutting power.

Earthquake, a skill cast by Applicant 1, a Grade A awakened person.

Skill chain lightning cast by Candidate 2, a B-class awakened person.

Skill Fire Wall cast by Candidate 3, a B-class awakened person.

Huh. Huh.


Fazizik. Pajik.


The eyes of the two Death Knights flashed at the oncoming magic.


As the long sword was swung, the skills were canceled out.

Only Windcutter, unable to block the attack due to the shaking ground, cut off one guy’s arm.

Seeing the Death Knight gradually increasing his walking speed, Magohak shouted again.

“The fire wall blocks the view!! Control the scale!!”

“Reduce Earthquake’s range!! Are you planning to involve the others as well?!”

“Chain Lightning is a waste! “Unless you can control it with lightning, save your magic!!”

“Yes, yes!!”

“All right!!”


It finally looked like a party.

Taehyun, who was watching, took a step forward.

“I will interfere. “Control your skills during that gap.”


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Taehyun used stealth and took out the dagger he had prepared from his pocket.

One of the basic weapons given to candidates prior to the third exam.

The grade was normal, but in the current situation, it was better than nothing.

Taehyun quickly returned and aimed at the death knight.


The dagger struck the Death Knight’s armor, but it was not a fatal blow.

‘As expected, I can’t subdue it with the skills I have now.’

Death Knight. A knight who became dead.

The standard strategy is to destroy it with magic with overwhelming firepower, or to crush it with weapon skills of Grade A or higher.

‘The only thing here that can exert that level of power is magic.’

As it happened, the skills of Candidates 1, 2, and 3 were used in perfect harmony according to the magician’s instructions.

Taehyun, who went to the side, watched the result, but it was as expected.

Skills other than magic were not working properly.

‘If it’s these two guys, I’ll handle it somehow… .’

Taehyun glanced at the monsters in the distance.

Only their eyes glowed, and they did not move.

‘Is there some kind of rule?’

It was a dungeon that was broken before a complete strategy was developed.

The article only reported that there were countless victims before Park Seong-jin cut down the Death Knight Lord.

No details were revealed about the dungeon.


The Death Knight, who lost both arms to the magician’s Windcutter, roared.

“Now is the time!! “Concentrate your attack on that guy!!”

While Magohak was dealing with other Death Knights.

The three skills exploded.


At the same time, Taehyun blocked the Death Knight’s long sword aimed at Magohak.

Although the normal grade dagger broke in one go.

Shuung. Wow.

In that gap, the Wind Spear of Sorcery pierced the Death Knight’s head.

“that… That drama… .”

Wow. Wow. Wow.

The Death Knight stopped moving only after being hit by three wind spells.

Cooung. Cooung.

The sound of two Death Knights falling rang through the hall.

Two A-class monsters were defeated without any significant damage.

With only one A-grade player and four player test takers.

“Sssssssssssssssssssssssssss… .”

“Try again!”

“A, A-level monsters are no big deal… .”

The morale-boosted candidates looked down at the defeated Death Knight and shouted.


Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

This time, four Death Knights moved.

“Shit… .”

Magohak cursed and prepared his skills.

‘This… ‘Something’s not right.’

Taehyun’s eyes twinkled quietly as he watched all of this.

* * *

“No more, no more…” can not… Magic power is low… . ha… .”

“Pfft, player… I have to go back quickly… .”

“Huh… Huh… . Cough… Save me… .”

‘Damn it.’

The magician frowned.

It was because of the test takers sitting down.

The four Death Knights we faced earlier.

One candidate was seriously injured after being stabbed.

I faced six infamous Death Knights.

Although this level of damage can be considered a good save, it was a test that was not expected to cause casualties in the first place.

Currently, with the exception of Taehyeon and the Department of Magic, everyone was virtually incapable of combat.

at that time.

This time, eight Death Knights moved and approached.

“her… .”

The magician’s expression began to turn into resignation.

For a magic player, he didn’t have a lot of magic power.

Therefore, even though three attribute magics can be used.

When dealing with Death Knights, only wind spells with high cutting power were used.

‘But is it still like this?’

More than half of the magic power was consumed just to deal with the six weapons.

In common sense, it was impossible for just two people to deal with eight Death Knights.


In hindsight, I felt resentful of my own judgment.

If only I had given up on my greed for public honour, if I had given up on my sense of inferiority towards S-class and Park Seong-jin, this would not have happened.

Magohak glanced at Taehyeon.

The candidate was looking calmly at the approaching Death Knight.

‘What on earth is that guy?’

Taehyun Kim.

The lowest level awakener among your party members.

Incongruent with the grade.

Not only can it hold the feet of A-grade monsters, but its physical strength and magic control are also top-notch.

He is rational and cool-headed, worthy of being an active player, and is not afraid of monsters.

‘What is this guy really doing?’

When Magohak was thinking like that.

Taehyun opened his mouth.

“Magic player. “Something is strange.”


“Have you ever dealt with a Death Knight before?”

“… does not exist.”

“As far as I know, Death Knights are not this weak.”

“… … !!”

At those words, not only the Magohak but also the two fallen candidates raised their voices.

“Fuck, what are you talking about now!!”

“If what we defeated wasn’t a Death Knight, then what is it?!”

“So, I’m going to check it now. “Just shut up.”

Taehyun picked up the long sword used by the Death Knight.


The body disappeared along with the hiding.

It was an instant.

I passed the eight approaching Death Knights and arrived in front of the Death Knight Lord.

Taehyun swung his longsword with all his might towards Rod.



The sound of metal clashing against metal echoed through the hall.

at the same time.

Slurp. Sreuk. Slurp.

The Death Knights with shining eyes began to disappear one by one.

“Fuck… What the hell is this… .”

“ring… award?”

“It’s an illusion trap. “It must have been created to disempower intruders.”

Taehyun, who had already returned, looked at the magician and said.

The look in your eyes as if you hadn’t even noticed this.

“movement… Let’s do it. “Get ready.”

The magician turned his head, avoiding those eyes.

‘shit… .’

Magohak blushed as memories of the past came to mind.

It was a look in my eyes that I could never forget, something I had experienced before.

By Park Seong-jin, who casually hacks up dozens of Class A monsters… .

so that.


‘I can’t forgive.’

Taehyun takes the lead first.

The magician’s face was distorted as he looked at his back.

* * *

“ha… ha… .”

A middle-aged man was running through the dungeon alone.

He was the fourth candidate from the party that Taehyun saved.

‘The gate. It’s definitely not unusual.’

He is 40 years old.

This year was the third time I advanced to the player test after completing 20 moves.

Even test takers who were half-crippled survived for 20 years in the exam, which is frequently given.

He was confident that his crisis instinct was more developed than anyone else.

‘Why is a low-level dungeon so large?’

I’ve been running for over 30 minutes and haven’t found another party yet.

However, looking at the corpses of monsters lying all over the place, it seemed like contact was not far away.

just as expected.

After running for another 10 minutes, I was able to find the party taking a break.

“What are you?”

A woman who appeared to be at the party looked at me with suspicious eyes.

The man who checked the woman’s face breathed a sigh of relief.

This is because I know that she is a B-level player with radio wave skills.

“Player! “Wow, we’re in big trouble!!”

The man told what he had seen.

The woman used her skill to hastily contact the other party.

“Exams are suspended!! From now on, the search for Party 19 will be our top priority.”

Unlike the future Taehyun experienced.

The third test was canceled ahead of schedule.

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