Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 29

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Episode 29

Taehyun’s eyes turned red after using Predation.

Quad deuk. Crack. Quad deuk.

An eerie sound rang out.

A grade A monster, Death Knight.

The body of the guy classified as a high-level monster began to distort.

Like a lion chewing up a rabbit and swallowing it.

There was no mercy in that power.

Taehyun looked around.

The Death Knight, who had been moving one by one, revealed his true nature.

They all rushed towards Taehyun.

An unidentified roar struck my ear.

It was clearly a moment of desperation.



The corners of Taehyun’s mouth rose.

“Have you finished imitating humans? Damn you monsters.”

Towards the Death Knight that approached first.

Taehyun used predation once again.


[Please select the part you want to feast on.]

Is there a need to show mercy to monsters?


The answer was already decided.

“Eat it all!!”

Taehyun shouted as he watched the bodies of the Death Knights turning red one by one.


Predation opened its huge maw.

One Death Knight was chewed up and swallowed.

Hearing a familiar sound, Taehyun jumped forward.

It takes about 20 seconds to consume one Death Knight through predation.

‘I have no intention of relying solely on predation.’

Following Predation, there is ‘Stone Skin’, ‘Stealth’, and ‘Paralysis’.

When four skills were used simultaneously, magical energy was consumed at a rapid rate.

I felt dizzy.

That too for a while.

As soon as the Death Knight’s predation ended, the lost magic power was replenished.

‘It’s worth a try.’

Taehyun took one of the longswords and slashed the body of one of them.


It is a method of using a weapon that feels like swinging a blunt weapon rather than cutting.

The effect was excellent.

The Death Knight’s back was bent by the long sword that hit the armor.

An additional paralysis skill was added and the guy’s movements stopped.

Without missing the opportunity, he cut off his head with a long sword.


The result of the bulging arm muscles and stone skin overlapping.


It appeared as a crushed Death Knight head along with a helmet.

It was an obvious instant death.

It was a strength that could not even be considered a C-grade awakened person.

‘It wasn’t in vain either.’

Taehyun caught his breath.

Special training at Blackhead Training Center.

The physical stats I raised during the player test.

In addition, the stats increased due to the effect of the wise man’s ring.

All of this is starting to take effect.



Taehyun blocked the longsword aimed at his neck.

Taehyun continued his explosive movements without stopping.


Prey on anyone who blocks the longsword.

While Predation is in effect, a long sword with three skills stacked on top of each other.

The number of Death Knights rapidly decreased due to the skills being used non-stop.

As the situation became like this, the movements of the Death Knights also changed.

The nine Death Knights narrowed the siege using only their senses.

Taehyun, who was hiding, quickly moved his feet.


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Around that.

Nine longswords filled with murderous intent were swung.

‘Thank you for coming here like this.’

Now that the predator has tasted blood.

Taehyun also had no intention of sticking to one-on-one.


Dark red magical energy spread around Taehyun.

Nine Death Knights gathered together.

The moment everyone comes into range.


[Specifies multiple enemies. Transforms the form of predation.]

Hehehe. Hehehe. Kirilik.

Crash. Crash. Cheolgak.

It was almost like a swamp.

The magic power that clung to the ground began to attract the Death Knight.

The monsters twisted their bodies around due to the sudden situation.

The magic of predation did not let them go.

Crack. Quad deuk. Quad deuk. Quad deuk.

As if to relieve the sadness that had been sealed up until now.

Nine Death Knights were chewed up and swallowed in an instant.


[Magic power increases by 1.]

[Magic power increases by 1.]

[Magic power increases by 1.]

[Magic power increases by 1.]


It was excessive use of skill.

I couldn’t bear the load and my nose bled.

‘not there yet.’

Taehyun didn’t care and specified his next target.

It is common sense to win the game in an instant once you have the momentum.

Taehyun quickly approached the Death Knight, who was throwing sword energy.

It was time for the dark red magic to open its huge maw.

nettle liquid.

A sword energy that was on a different level than before flew toward Taehyun, who used stealth.


The long sword he was guarding was cut off and Taehyun was thrown away.


“Tsk… !!”

With recoil.

Taehyun was thrown against the wall.

Stoneskin and hiding were canceled due to a shock that seemed to pierce the brain.

[human. [You really use an interesting power.]

Death Knight Road.

The king of the Death Knights and a monster rated as S-rank.

The guy swung a long sword.

A bundle of sword energy imbued with murderous intent flew in to cut Taehyeon to pieces.

Avoiding it seemed impossible.

‘Tch. All you have to do is feast on it a little more.’

Taehyun hurriedly unleashed his predatory powers.

That’s it.

Predation, which turned into the maw of a wild beast, blocked the rod’s sword energy.


After a brief struggle, each other’s skills canceled out.

[It’s quite good. human.]


Taehyun cursed and hurriedly ran away.

The same sword energy as before passed through that spot.

The current Taehyun was a force that could not be stopped without predation.

[Where did the momentum from a moment ago go? Try struggling a little more.]

It was a voice like scraping metal.

The language of monsters.

I’ve definitely never learned it or used it.

Taehyun could understand the meaning.

Rod’s eyes flashed.

[Can you still hear me?]

nettle liquid.

The situation has turned around.

Taehyun dodged dozens of sword techniques and grasped the situation.

The remaining Death Knights are open.

We captured dozens of Death Knights in just a few minutes.

It was a great achievement, but the situation was not good.

‘There is no chance of winning in a head-on confrontation.’

It was only for a moment that Rod drew his sword.

Nonetheless, the gap was felt.

The stats rose rapidly and the power of predation was regained.


I still couldn’t reach the being in front of me.

[You’re looking away.]

Huh. Huh. Huh.

While Rod’s sword energy is putting pressure on Taehyun.

Sadly, the body of the candidate who had fallen was cut up.

Rod let out a bizarre laugh.

[human. I will ask. Who gave you that power?]

Taehyun, ignoring Rod’s words, used predation once again.



It was a sight I didn’t want to believe.

The predator that tried to devour Rod’s body.

It was easily canceled by the sword he swung.

‘Grade C is not enough.’

For the first time, I had no choice but to acknowledge the limits of predation.

This great power too.

I can’t control myself in front of that fearless monster.

That was why Taehyun changed his target.

The closest Death Knight was swallowed up by the predator.

[Are you looking at me like this? human.]


The Lord’s sword broke the stone skin and cut deeply into the shoulder.

Without even having time to moan, Taehyun rolled over.

Suddenly. Suddenly. Suddenly.

Every time I rolled my body, the floor was cut away.

It was a cutting power that could not be endured by anyone other than an S-rank player.

[Ha ha ha ha ha.]

Lord’s deceitful laugh echoed through the hall.

[I was hit by the Knight King’s Roar (S). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was partially successful.]

[I was tricked by the King of Knights (S). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was partially successful.]

Partially successful resistance means that not all of it was prevented.

Blood leaked from Taehyun’s nose, eyes, and ears after allowing the mental attack.

‘The only one I can trust is you!!’

Taehyun, who went behind the rod, poured all his magical energy into activating the predation.

A runaway that does not simply activate the skill, but maximizes its range and power based on the user’s will.


The huge hall was surrounded by dark red magic.

Not just where you step.

Predation spread everywhere, including walls and ceilings.

There wasn’t much time.

Taehyun shouted harshly.

“Eat it up!!!”

Magical power that travels through the ground, walls, and falls from the ceiling.

It attacked all of the remaining Death Knights and the Lord’s body.

Crack. Quad deuk. Quad deud deuk.

When the Death Knight cannot endure it and ends his life.

Only Rod was still the same.

[You’re showing off a strange talent.]

The eye light flashed and the magic power surrounding his body was cut off.

A longsword filled with vicious magical power was aimed at Taehyeon’s neck.

But this time.


Taehyun blocked the Lord’s sword with his long sword.

[Does the bug struggle until the end?]

That’s it.

The Lord did not hide his malice and put all his strength into his longsword.

That’s it.

Even though the Lord’s sword approaches like a guillotine.

Taehyun was smiling.

It was because of the message that appeared before my eyes.

[It has been graded B. The skill level increases.]

[It has been graded B. The body’s abilities increase.]

“Hey monster.”


Taehyun’s longsword deflected the Lord’s sword.

“This power. “You were curious, right?”


The two longswords clashed once again.

Neither side was pushed aside, and sparks flew.

[Do you dare to cross swords with me? On human subjects.]

Rod revealed his ugly teeth.

Taehyun was also the one who revealed this.

“Not human.”


He grew to B rank and his magical power became even stronger.

The magical power of predation consumed Taehyeon.

“It is the power of the king.”

[…] … !!]

Dark red magical power once again.

Devoured the Death Knight Lord.

* * *

The entrance to the dungeon where the magic party went missing.

Hundreds of association players gathered there.

“What happens to the remeasured horsepower?”

“S… “It’s a grade.”

“You call that a horse?”

Ko Tae-wook raised his voice in response to his subordinate’s report.

A dungeon that was D-rated suddenly became S-rank.

The gap was too large to be considered a measurement mistake.

“Whoa… “Who are missing?”

“There are four magic players and test takers.”

Go Tae-wook’s expression became distorted.

It was because he knew that Taehyun was included in the magician’s party.

At that time, the dispatched gate expert came up panting.

“Deputy Director. The dungeon encroachment is beginning. At this rate, the break is likely to occur within two hours. The world’s first… “It’s a double dungeon.”

Double dungeon.

It was a hypothesis that was only mentioned in academic circles.

At that time, the player dispatched with him muttered quietly.

“Still, I’m glad. “If the report had been just a little late, everyone who went in would have died.”

Only S-class players can deal with S-class monsters.

Park Seong-jin is the only S-rank player currently participating in the test.

Even he had been assigned to another dungeon and was coming here.

The players who were watching the situation opened their mouths one by one.

“I hate to admit it, but I guess we can all assume they’re dead.”

Everyone had a negative opinion.

Go Tae-wook ignored their words and concentrated on understanding the situation.

“When will the other S-ranks arrive?”

“They say they are preparing for warp right now. I think it will take 30 minutes. A total of three people… .”

at that time.

The player who was reporting pointed behind him in surprise.

The dungeon that was being invaded was shaking.



“no. “This is not a brake.”

While the players were panicking, the gate expert spoke in a panicked voice.

Go Tae-wook hurriedly shouted.

“A-grade player forward! Prepare for the break!!”

“Yes, yes!!”

“All right!!”

Five Grade A players stepped forward.

After a while, the gate to the double dungeon opened.

“Uh, that… !!”

“what… !!”

“does not make sense… !!”

What came into their panicked field of vision?

It was Taehyun, whose entire body was soaked in blood.

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