Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 26

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Episode 26

“uh? “Is this already the exit?”


Toward the woman approaching the gate.

Taehyun shouted without realizing it.

It was human survival instinct in the face of disaster.

“W-what is it?”

Candidate 1, who was taken aback by the sudden shout, asked that question, and the rest of the test takers and magicians did the same.

An expression that seemed to ask why he suddenly came forward after being quiet the whole time.

Taehyun realized his mistake late.

This is the first time a double dungeon has been discovered.

It was natural for them to react this way.

“Ah, I was telling you to stop because it’s dangerous unless you know what it is.”

“Hey, candidate Taehyun Kim. “Do you know what this is?”

Taehyun smiled awkwardly in response to Candidate 2’s question.

“no. I don’t know exactly either. There’s nothing wrong with being careful, right? Dear Magician player. “Wouldn’t it be better to tell others?”

While saying that, I glanced at the gate in question.

At first glance, it was an ordinary warp gate.

Fooled by its ordinary appearance.

Many people from previous lives lost their lives.

This is because double dungeons always bring blood and wind.

Taehyun hoped that Magohak would make a wise decision.

No matter what anyone says, he was the leader of this party.


Magohak felt the magic of the gate and responded with interest.

‘This guy. ‘Are you worried?’

Taehyun’s eyebrows twitched at a reaction different from what he expected.

Just because you’re at a party doesn’t mean your opinion is absolute.

Especially if you are an active player who is responsible for the safety of the test taker.

Not Taehyun’s standards.

Even by player standards, it didn’t make sense.

‘no way… This magician guy… Are you concerned about your own public value?’

Public value.

Achievements that are quantified to improve performance bonuses and player ratings for active players.

Since the achievement included exploration of the Abyss, even dungeons would be no different.

Taehyun belatedly realized that Magohak was a greedy player.

The corners of the magician’s mouth raised as he looked around the gate.

“It’s not too late to report later. “This might be some kind of test, so let’s get into it first.”

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous?”

“Definitely in the test…” “It’s included, right?”

The magician straightened his shoulders in response to the concerns of the test takers.

“Everyone, it’s been over 15 years since I was a player. It is not for nothing that they are called A-grade players in New Korea, where licensing is difficult. furthermore.”

The magician took a moment to catch his breath and smiled.

“Have you forgotten? In this test, points are awarded based on your achievements in the dungeon. If you do your exploration properly, you can get a better score than others. “In the opposite case, it may be you.”

Magic studies emphasized the minus.


Taehyeon noticed that the magic school was cleverly deceiving the candidates for its own benefit.

If it continues like this.

It was obvious that we would all enter the double dungeon and die instantly.

“Player. I have a bad feeling. Wouldn’t it be safer to contact other parties first?”

Taehyun expressed his opinion once again.

The magician’s forehead twitched.

“Candidate Taehyun Kim. I am the head of this party. “Have you forgotten?”

Magohak beat his chest and spoke for emphasis.

An overbearing attitude, as if confirming the difference in status between the supervisor and the test taker.

‘This bastard is really… .’

Taehyun turned his head to persuade the other test takers.


“I will follow the opinion of the magic arts player.”

“This is why low-level awakened people can’t do it. “I’m too scared.”

“That’s right. “Anyway, you beat S-rank in the first and second exams with dirty tricks, right?”

“… … .”

Two sons and one daughter glance and talk, and a middle-aged candidate who stays silent.

Jealousy when your life is at stake?

Taehyun let out a laugh as he realized that his two sons and one daughter were keeping him in check.

“They are real kids.”


“Hey, candidate Taehyun Kim!”


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“What did you just say?!!”

In response to the response that did not disappoint, Taehyun opened his mouth once again.

“I mean, keep your head straight. You bastards of this age. “Don’t just think about getting points by impressing the supervisor.”


“Are you crazy!!”

Ignoring the test takers who were swearing, Taehyun turned his head to Magohak.

“Magic player. The same goes for you. “It would be troubling if the party leader came out like this because he was blinded by personal gain.”

Magohak’s face was distorted by Taehyun’s unrestrained factual assault.

“Candidate Taehyun Kim. I dare you now. Are you ordering me?”

“You know very well that this is advice, not an order.”

“Ha, that’s funny.”

There was silence during the brief standoff.

Nevertheless, when Taehyeon did not back down, the magician shook his head.

He pointed to the gate and opened his mouth.

The tone of speech had changed.

“Everyone listen carefully. I don’t feel any magical power from what appears to be this gate. “As an A-level player, I can be more confident about that than anyone else.”

“It is not a matter that can be asserted so easily.”

Taehyun sighed.

One of the characteristics of a double dungeon is that you cannot feel its specific magical power until you enter it.

‘They say an ignorant guy is brave if he has faith.’

On the other hand, since no double dungeon has ever been discovered, it is understandable that they are so confident.

“Candidate Kim Tae-hyun’s skills would be Stone Skin and Stealth, right? “What are you talking about when you’re not even from the magic world?”


Someone swallowed dry saliva due to the tense tension.

The magician grinned and spread his arms wide.

With respect, as if asking us to forget what we were like a moment ago.

“great. Let’s decide by majority vote. But keep in mind: This third test is a supervisor evaluation system. It goes without saying that the better your performance, the better evaluation I can give you. This unidentified gate that ‘does not feel any special magic’ may be a ‘bonus stage’ prepared by the association. “Then, if you agree to the expedition, please raise your hand.”

Three hands quickly rose.

There were two sons and one daughter.

Only the middle-aged man remained silent and gently shook his head.

When everything went as expected, the magician smiled in satisfaction.

The moment when the two sons and one daughter also applaud and celebrate the victory of false democracy.

Taehyun quickly used stealth.


“good. This is decided… . “Wow!!”

Candidate 2 fainted with a surprise sword strike.

And then turn around again.



Another one.

“Hey, you crazy guy!!”



Taehyun defeated three test takers in an instant, but the fourth attack was aimed at Magohak.


It was not successful due to the ‘Lightning Barrier’.

Taehyun’s hiding was broken by the electric current that splashed on his body.

“mister. I’ll be blocking this place, so find another player. A dangerous-looking gate was discovered… .”

Taehyun was unable to continue speaking and quickly lowered his head.

Something sharp grazed over it.

It was a ‘Wind Cutter’ created by Magic Studies.

‘Windcutter. That level of cutting power is dangerous even with Stone Skin.’

“Applicant Kim Tae-hyun. “Are you crazy?”

The Sorcerer asked, creating different magic in both hands.

The magic power of wind gathered in my left hand, and the magic power of electricity gathered in my right hand.

Skill ‘Fountain of Magical Power’.

A skill that activates magic designed by the user based on A-grade magical power.

‘The magic arts can use are wind, electricity, and fire. Three properties. It’s worth a shot as long as you’re careful of direct hits.’

After assessing the situation, Taehyun took a step back again.

Unlike the three fallen guys, a clumsy attack would not work.


With his eyes fixed on the magician, he shouted at the frozen man behind him.


at the same time.

Fazizik. Pajik.

Taehyun struck away the ‘Lightning Bolt’ aimed at the man with his fist.

Even though I was wrapped in stone skin, my hands were shaking.

It could be seen that the magic he envisioned was completely different from that of the test takers.

‘Fountain of magical power. It’s a coveted skill.’

A skill that can be either E-grade or A-grade depending on the user.

The magic that brought out A-grade power was certainly amazing.

If it were Taehyun, I was confident that he would be able to draw more power than that.

Of course, now I can’t use predation.

It’s just a life-threatening skill, but… .

pop. Puff. Fazizik.

I narrowed the distance between me and the Department of Magic by dodging the skills being fired here and there.

And smash from bottom to top.

A fist like a rock swung.

Of course, I expected to hear the sound of my jaw breaking.


“Are you surprised? “I, a magic awakened person, have excellent physical abilities?”

The magician who caught Taehyeon’s fist grinned.

A silver ring shined on his hand.

“Have you heard of the wise man’s ring?”

A unique item that increases strength, stamina, speed, and magic stats by 10 each.

‘Did magic have it?’

“A wise man knows how to respond to unexpected attacks. Applicant Kim Tae-hyeon. “I won’t kill you.”

The magician grinned, dodging Taehyun’s attack once again.

Taehyun also smiled.

“What’s funny?”

‘It’s a pearl necklace on a pig’s neck.’

Thinking like that, Taehyun widened the distance.

His magic skills were superior to what he expected.

The speed at which skills are activated is fast, and preparations for close combat are well prepared.

A skill capable of easily defeating the black and white brothers alone.

In a dungeon where movement is restricted.

Taehyun, whose predation has been sealed, is in a difficult situation to win.

‘There is no need to compete.’

Just stopping the activation of the double dungeon was enough.

The goal was achieved.

Magohak, who read that thought, let out a roar.

“Kim Taehyun! “I won’t kill you, but don’t worry about keeping your limbs intact!!”

He activated three elemental magics that magic is a specialty of.

Taehyun also activated two skills.

A feast of magical power spreads throughout the dungeon.

I didn’t even think about it at that time.

Ugh. Ugh. Wooooow.

The black gate responded to magic.

“What… !!”

For a moment, Magohak was taken aback.

The gate seemed to tremble, and black magic poured out like a tidal wave.

It happened in a split second.

A tsunami of magic engulfed the bodies of Magohak, Taehyeon, and the other fallen candidates.

When Taehyun opened his eyes again.

“crazy… .”

I saw stone statues of knights surrounding a huge hall in front of me.

No, it’s not like a stone statue.

Armed with a black helmet and armor, it is a being known to inhabit the depths of the Abyss.

“A-grade monster DeathKnight.”


The thing on the throne behind dozens of Death Knights.

The ruler of the S-rank dungeon Apocalypto.

A monster that slaughtered hundreds of players.

“S-class monster DeathKnight Lord.”

The magician recited in a trembling voice.


In a future that cannot be changed.

Taehyun cursed.

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