Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 25

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Episode 25

After meeting Taehyun.

The place Go Tae-wook visited was the association president’s office.

“okay. Deputy Director Go. Taehyun Kim, the student you recommended separately. “He woke up?”

“Did you know?”

Ko Tae-wook smiled awkwardly at Ji Jin-hee’s question.

He is the president of an association who is particularly interested in talented people.

That he’s showing interest.

It also meant that Taehyun was no longer at the level to be classified as a test taker.

From underdogs to prospects the president of the association is interested in.

I became that kind of person with just two tests.

“Kim Tae-hyun, that kid. I looked into it and found that there were many interesting parts. “Deputy Director Go clearly has an eye for talented people.”

Yoo Ah-young, who was next to me, said with shining eyes.

Inside the association, Deputy Director Koh Tae-wook, and outside, Guild Director Yoo Ah-young.

It was a publicly known fact that the two were Ji Jin-hee’s henchmen.

“I am still just a student taking the test. “The exam isn’t over, so you have to watch it until the end.”

“That is correct. Well, now that Deputy Director Ko is here, let’s continue the conversation.”

Yoo Ah-young nodded at Ji Jin-hee’s words.

Go Tae-wook sat next to him.

“The last exam starts tomorrow. “How much of a backlash is expected?”

Ji Jin-hee looked at the two people and asked.

The first to speak was Yoo Ah-young.

“We have recruited enough reporters. The article will be published as soon as the exam is over. “The priority should be to finish without any injuries.”

Yoo Ah-young quietly passed the ball to Ko Tae-wook.

“We have also thoroughly speeded up the recruitment of players participating in the exam. Not only are there Park Seong-jin players, but there are also quite a few A-grade players… Unless a special incident occurs, there will be no casualties. “If it ends safely, as guild leader Yoo Ah-young said, favorable public opinion will spread.”

The answer was as expected.

“So far, things are going well. It is no exaggeration to say that this player test was planned for the third test, so please give us a little more strength until the end.”

“All right.”

Unlike Go Tae-wook, who lowered his head, Yoo Ah-young smiled brightly.

“Oh my, are you worried?”

“haha. It would be a lie to say otherwise while sitting in the chair of the association. Ah, I showed myself weak. “Please forget what I just said, Miss Ayoung.”

“Well, is there any need to forget? “I’m joining the association because I like that kind of attitude from the president of the association.”

“you’re right. It’s a low-level dungeon, so you don’t have to worry too much. “Nightwalker and the Association have confirmed this several times.”

The third test is a practical test in which 500 test takers and 100 players take on five recently discovered unofficial dungeons.

All five places were enormous in scale, but they were still D-grade dungeons.

Unless a major accident occurs.

A level at which everyone can pass safely.

“More than that, what do you plan to do with those who fail the first and second exams?”

Ayoung hinted at Ji Jin-hee’s thoughts.

We already know that they were transported via association vehicles.

The fact that Ji Jin-hee decided to give a chance to those who were eliminated in the first and second rounds due to the skills of the candidates who were more capable than any previous jockey.

However, I wouldn’t know the specific method unless Ji Jin-hee told me.

It was the same for Go Tae-wook.

Ji Jin-hee belatedly laughed heartily.

“Talented people need a wide range of opportunities and support. When the third test begins, we will invite them in and conduct a new extra test. “If you pass, I plan to issue you a temporary player license.”


Yoo Ah-young let out a small exclamation at the mention of a temporary player license.

I thought I knew what Ji Jin-hee was drawing.

Ko Tae-wook also seemed to understand the intention.

“As expected, you two are quick-witted. “I plan to create a system where monsters and demons can be converted into public values ​​and converted into official player licenses.”

“You’ve finally made a decision.”

Implementation of a new system involves numerous trials and errors.

Many lives are directly related to the trials and errors of the Players Association.

Ji Jin-hee paid particular attention to increasing the player’s survival rate by increasing the difficulty of the test.


The system of temporary licenses and public ownership was a departure from the method that had been followed so far.

“A lot of people said that. They say New Korea’s player test is too strict. It’s not wrong. “Not everyone who has a player license can explore the Abyss.”

“But it looks like you’ve finally changed your mind.”

“As you all know, the world has been changing rapidly for the past few years. The movements of the mines and the movements of the guild. The uncertainty of the Abyss. In this case, if the association does not play its role properly… “In the end, the people will see the damage.”

Ji Jin-hee was criticized for being an idealist.

“It is my belief that it is for the safety of the people. “You can change it at any time.”

Yoo Ah-young smiled at the thought of putting the people before her own safety.

That’s why even more so.

I was very excited about the results of this test.

* * *

next day.

The final hurdle to obtaining a player license.

The third test was conducted.


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500 people who passed the second test lined up following the instructions.

They listened to the supervisor.

[Did you guys rest well!! I passed the second test well. The third and final test is conducted in a practical format where you directly encounter monsters. The test location is… It’s a dungeon!!!]

Candidates whooped at the word dungeon.

The supervisor, anticipating the reaction, continued.

[Don’t worry. No matter what, it’s not soft enough to just put the little ones in it. An active player who has been elected as a proctor for this test will join you.]

Five warp gates opened ahead.

Each one was large enough for dozens of people to move at the same time, and could only be opened if at least five Class A awakened people gathered together.

[From now on, we will move to the third test location. Go through the gate right in front of where you are standing. The player in charge will be waiting there, so let’s hear the strategy directly. more!! Start moving!!!]

‘Am I this way?’

Taehyun, who was located last, walked slowly to the assigned warp gate.

Candidates were seen racing to cross the warp gate.

It was to secure an advantageous position.

‘There’s no point in going first.’

There were 500 people who passed the second test and 100 supervisors.

The party consisted of five test takers and one player as a commander.

‘The intentions are good, but… Well, what can I do?’

This third test was a little special, different from the existing method.

It appeals that even young test takers have the ability to confront monsters, and relieves the public’s anxiety caused by monsters and demons.

It is a strategy to use this as a stepping stone to strengthen the power of the association.

I plan to use this opportunity to deal with the five dungeons I discovered unofficially.

The intention is good, and the preparation is thorough.

the problem is.

‘Accidents are accidents because they always happen without warning.’

Taehyun recalled a loud accident from his past life.

Five lower-level dungeons where the third test is held.

One of them is a double dungeon, and both candidates and players assigned there face death.

Death of 100 test takers and 20 players.

There is no disagreement that this alone can be called a major incident.

But that wasn’t the end.

The biggest problem was that numerous undiscovered dungeons, starting with the double dungeon, caused a series of breaks.

Even if you tell them in advance, the association will not believe you or reveal the source of the information.

For that reason, Taehyun is just watching.

I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Taehyun shook his head.

‘Let’s focus. Even after receiving the license, there is a lot of work to be done.’

Before we knew it, we were close to the warp gate.

There was a time when I thought being a player was enough.

It was different now.

Life returned.

I wanted to be the best.

‘I hope it’s a good dungeon. The odds are one in five.’

Taehyun crossed the warp gate for the last time.


“This way.”

When I opened my eyes, a man in his late thirties was waving his hand.

‘That guy… .’

Taehyun frowned unconsciously as he remembered the man’s face.

Grade A player magic.

A veteran player of the Association who can use three attribute magics with the skill ‘Fountain of Magic’.

‘shit. Even if I make a party, it’s with this guy.’

Five dungeons.

One hundred supervisors.

Only one of them was chosen.

However, Taehyun’s mind was not at peace as he watched the magic arts.

That’s right too.

‘This is the worst.’

This is because the party he leads is wiped out in this test.

As the first discoverer of the double dungeon.

“good. Now that we are all here, I will explain the third test. Kim Taehyun, you too, come here and listen. The third test is a supervisor evaluation system… .”

The magician began to explain, but I could no longer hear anything.

‘The difficulty level of the double dungeon is S grade. Now that the predation has been sealed, it’s in my power… .’

While I was thinking about this and that, the short explanation of magicology ended.

“Now, let’s go!!”

Without delay.

The full-scale third test has begun.

* * *


Three orcs died.

It was due to the skill ‘Chain Lightning’ cast by the test taker.

“good. “It was a very appropriate use of skill.”

The candidate who had used the skill bowed his head in response to the magician’s praise.

The party was moving forward smoothly.

The size of the 120 people was so enormous that it seemed comical.

The level of the monsters living there is also not high.

It is no wonder that the association gave a grade D rating.

Considering the number of people involved and the level of active players, it was definitely a level that was difficult to risk.

Only Taehyun, who knew about the existence of the double dungeon, looked nervous.

‘The break takes place in the form of encroaching on the dungeon.’

I thought of several cases.

‘If you step out for no reason, you may arouse suspicion. Should I get along first… .’

at that time.

“what? What is this?”

Tilting my head.

One of the party members ahead stopped walking.

It doesn’t match the cave-shaped dungeon.

There was an unidentifiable gate.


‘You’re out.’

It was a gate leading to a double dungeon.

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