Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 24

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Episode 24

Quad deuk. Crack.

Taehyun forced his frozen body to move and stood up.

Every time I moved, the ice pieces stuck to my body broke with an eerie sound.

‘I almost died.’

Taehyun stopped shoveling the ice block and exhaled.

I could tell how much the temperature had dropped.


[The enhancement of skill Paralysis (C) has reached its limit.]

‘Well, enough is enough.’

The skill ‘Paralysis’ was used on the ice block.

The ice block was melting and being steadily injected into Ayoung’s body.

3 seconds.

No, even if it had been two seconds later, it would have been me who was down now, not Ayoung.

I felt a chill later.

‘Lim Ah-young. Were you hiding this much power even in your past life?’

At this time, I thought she was simply one of the promising stars.

This means that full-scale growth would not have occurred.

Taehyun had no choice but to admit that he had been looking down on him.

“you… uh… . energy… womb… tongue… .”

Lim A-young is paralyzed and unable to move.

She forced her stiffening mouth to move.

It seemed like he had already lost feeling in his limbs.

The eyes that were glaring were aimed squarely at Taehyun.

“… … .”

Trying to ignore that obsession.

Taehyun looked at the electronic display board.

As the result of the game was declared, boos and cheers of unknown origin were erupting.

‘They’ll mind their own game. ‘Why is everyone looking here?’

It was the moment when I clicked my tongue and was about to leave the cage.

[It gave a fatal shock to the opponent’s mind. Charisma increases by 3.]

An unexpected message came to mind.

‘Fatal shock?’

At those words, I looked at Ayoung’s face once again.

A bright red face came into view along with a deathly look.

The fact that the corners of his eyes are shaking is a bonus.

‘They say that if a woman harbors resentment, there will be frost even in May. It will stand… ‘Oh, why is it so cold all of a sudden?’


Against will.

Taehyun bent one knee and touched the floor.


[My physical strength has reached its limit. Vision becomes blurred.]

[My physical strength has reached its limit. Movement is restricted.]

[Fatigue has reached its limit. Skill use is not possible.]

… … .

… … .

… … .

Countless messages rang in my ears.

Each and every one of them was unwelcome.

‘shit… .’

My vision darkened and sounds began to feel distant.



yet again.

It was Taehyun, wrapping his body around Ayoung.

* * *

Taesan Group has numerous affiliates.

Lee Jeong-soo, the vice president of Taesan Group and the president of Taesan Electronics, the core company.

He threw down the newspaper he was reading.

[New Korea player test begins. Where is the eldest son of S-class awakened Taesan Electronics?]

‘Where is Taesan Electronics’ eldest son?’

Lee Jeong-su’s face twitched at the article that shouldn’t have happened.

He pressed the call button.


“hey. “Call the editor-in-chief of Koryo Ilbo.”

[Uh, how should I tell you?]

Lee Jeong-su screamed at the voice coming through the receiver.

“Tell them to catch the bastard who wants to write in today’s newspaper! “I can’t figure that out on my own!!”


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[Ah, I understand. I will tell you right now.]


“Tsk. Such idiotic things. There isn’t a single guy I like. “If you take it and eat it, you have to pay for it.”

The reason Lee Jeong-soo is so excited is his son, Lee Jeong-jae.

It wasn’t just because my son, who was on probation for a humiliating incident, was mentioned in the media.

In any case, very few people know that Lee Jeong-jae was hospitalized at Taesan Hospital.

He even ordered someone to silence everyone involved.


Even if it’s just a small news story.

Lee Jeong-su did not allow Taesan Group’s name to be tarnished.

‘How is it that none of the children like anyone? I was wondering if a guy who looks like me has appeared for the first time in a while… . ‘Tsk, you pathetic bastard.’

Lee Jeong-jae is the youngest and third of one son and two daughters.

Unlike the previous two daughters, she inherited Lee Jeong-su’s blood and was born as an S grade, the golden spoon of golden spoons.

Is that why?

As my expectations were high, so was my disappointment.

“It’s Taehyun Kim. “You little brat is getting on my nerves.”

On the table, a pile of documents related to Kim Tae-hyun caught my eye.

This was data reported a month after the Black and White Brothers failed their mission.

A thorn in the eye that couldn’t be dealt with because the association players were protecting it.

It was like a reef that appeared in a plan that was proceeding neatly.

“If I had known this would be the case, I would have established a separate school.”

Lee Jeong-jae collapsed and the plan was progressing slowly.

Jeongsoo Lee felt frustrated and muttered nervously.

Originally, Lee Jeong-jae would acquire the player license in a flashy manner.

The plan was to naturally recruit talented students entering Konkuk High School into Taesan Guild.

“f*cking the ducks and foxes, and now they are hindered me.”

Ji Jin-hee, president of the New Korea Players Association, and Yoo Ah-young, head of the Night Walker Guild, flirtatiously next to him.

Lee Jeong-soo gritted his teeth as he remembered the two people’s checks.

No matter how much he controls Taesan Group.

This is because it is not easy to blatantly ignore the checks and balances of the player association president and the guild leader of a large guild.

at that time.

“Vice Chairman. “I’m going in.”


Even though there was no answer from Jeongsu Lee, a man came through the door.

Although he literally passed through the door without opening it, Lee Jeong-soo was not surprised.

Rather, as if he had been waiting, he got up and greeted him.

He was a completely different person than before.

“haha. Sit down. “I was already waiting.”

“no. I will just report the results and give them to you. First, we completely erased any clues that the Vice President was in contact with Mine. “The association will not bother you any more about this.”

“okay. As expected, one thing is clear. “I should have asked you from the beginning.”

“This is too much praise. And the second thing you asked for was.”

The man frowned as if he was troubled.

Seeing that, Lee Jeong-soo asked again.

This is because he is not used to being dragged along like this.

“Has the elixir that can restore your son been completed?”

“The pharmacist has some more things to check, so he’s asking for some time. “It seems like there is something special about the skill you used.”

“Tsk. Are the skills he used that great? “Isn’t it only C grade?”

“Don’t you know? Among the skills that are not yet known, there are many that are beyond imagination. There can be many skills that transcend grade.”

Lee Jeong-su’s face stiffened slightly at the man’s words.

It’s a C-grade skill that goes beyond S-grade skills.

What kind of nonsense is this?

Normally, I would have already yelled at him and hit him a few times.

Lee Jeong-su smiled and showed an understanding expression.

“but. So, the black and white brothers couldn’t have been dealt with either. I understand. “I will follow what you say.”

“thank you. “I’ve caused you concern because of these low-quality guys.”

“haha. Wasn’t it thanks to that that I met ‘you’? “I want to raise the Taesan guild that I will establish in the future to be as powerful as your malicious guild.”

“It is an honor for the head of Daesan Group to say that. The guild leader also has high expectations for the vice president’s business. Additionally.”

‘Shadow’, the deputy guild leader of the malicious guild, took a moment to catch his breath.

His eyes changed.

“The recent movements of the Night Walkers have been unusual, so we are asking you to refrain from excessive actions.”

“Don’t worry. I have eyes like that too. How about a meal plan with the guild leader? “I think it would be good if you could give me a leg.”

The guild leader of a malicious guild.

A mysterious being whose name and face are unknown.

Lee Jeong-su was now requesting a meeting with such a being.

Shadow nodded businesslikely at the suggestion.

“I will tell you. Then, I hope you have a relaxing time.”

Just like when you came in.

The man passed through the wall and disappeared.

A skill truly worthy of the name Shadow.

After a while.

Lee Jeong-su realized that he was nervous.

When was the last time he, an S-rank awakener and second-generation tycoon, was this nervous?

5 years? No, 10 years?

Laughter flowed out of satisfaction that exceeded expectations.

“Hehe. Is the malicious guild finally moving? “It’s going to be fun.”

After a bloody storm, there are bound to be winners and losers.

Lee Jeong-su sensed that there were not many days left for the Taesan Guild to be launched.

* * *

‘It’s warm.’

It was the first thought that came to mind when I regained consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a white ceiling.

“hmm… .”

It didn’t take much time to realize that the place I was lying in was one of the treatment rooms.

Taehyun struggled to get up and got off the bed.

I clenched and unclenched my fist.

‘Luckily, I guess I didn’t get frostbite.’

The body is still heavy.

However, the wounds from the second test were not visible.

Next, the moment when Taehyun tried to check the status window.

“You finally woke up.”

Go Tae-wook opened the hospital room door and came in.

He came within 3 minutes of receiving the report from the nurse.

“Did I faint?”

“I passed out. “And very flashy.”

When Taehyun expressed doubt about the subtle nuance, Ko Tae-wook burst into laughter.

“don’t worry. Because I definitely passed the second test. A 5-game winning streak. “It’s an incredible number.”

“More than that… How much time has passed?”

“Two days. “The second test ended yesterday.”

Taehyun breathed a sigh of relief at Go Tae-wook’s words.

I know that two days of rest will be given as soon as the second exam ends.

At the same time, the third test will be held tomorrow.

“The last one you used was the ‘paralysis’ skill, right?”

“Have you been caught?”

Taehyun frowned when he asked that.

This is because only Stone Skin and Stealth are entered in the submitted documents.

Although hiding skills is not illegal, it was difficult to avoid additional investigation and explanation.

Especially when considering the rarity of the item being used.

I didn’t even know that Go Tae-wook’s name would have to be mentioned.

‘I refuse to cause trouble… .’

Contrary to Tae-hyun’s worries, Go Tae-wook was relaxed.

“You don’t have to worry too much. “It seems like I’m the only one who noticed.”

“… … ?”

“I don’t think everyone thought it was a skill because the impact was so strong. “Wasn’t that what you were aiming for too?”

“ah… .”

Only then did I understand the shouts before I fainted.

“Oh, by the way, candidate Lim Ah-young also passed the second test.”

Ko Tae-wook smiled mischievously and gave information that was not asked.

“That’s a good thing.”

“Well then, I’ll just go. People around you may misunderstand that the supervisor and the test taker are having a private conversation. “Do your best for the third test tomorrow.”

Go Tae-wook disappeared just as quickly as he came in.

Taehyun was left lying down on the bed.

“It’s the third exam… “Is this a party play?”

The next thing that came to mind was a series of dungeon breaks.

When I thought back to my past life, the corners of my eyes frowned again.

“A lot of people will die this time too.”

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