Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1115

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1116

After saying goodbye to Tenerife, Simon and his companions left the Ghost Palace with Merida.

“thank god!”

Jamie hugged Merida with tears in her eyes.

“I thought I would never see you again, Merida!”

Whether Jamie was thrilled or not, Merida was lying limply in his arms with her typical sleepy expression.

“Are we still going to be friends from now on?”


When Merida moved her head, Jamie was moved and said, ‘Merida!’ And I hugged him stronger.

On the other hand, there is one person walking next to me.


Elisha was holding the boat on the way back to Kizen.

“Merida, no matter how much you become a ghost princess! “I hope you stop showing off so much at school!”

“Oh! Come to think of it.”

Cindy suddenly interrupted.

“Now that we have a ghost princess in our school, don’t we have to replace the Command and General Department? From Elisa to Merida.”

“what? Oh, no!”

Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter at Elisa’s reaction, as she sat down as if she had lost her country.

Only Merida, still looking tired, replied, ‘I’m not really interested.’

“By the way, where did you install the teleportation magic circle?”

“It’s in the middle of the princess’s garden. It’s a short walk from here.”

The three people, who naturally walked quickly, chatted loudly, and when the surroundings became quiet for a moment, Merida turned around and looked at the Ghost Palace.

“That’s surprising, Merida.”

Simon said, matching his pace with her.

“No matter how much the Ghost Palace chose you, becoming a princess wouldn’t have been an easy decision. “I didn’t know you could make a decision so quickly.”


“It’s not like you were forced or anything, right? “Is this really what you want to do?”

Merida quietly closed her eyes after hearing Simon’s words.

It was still vivid in my memory.

Her childhood was the most important period in building her sense of self.

I sat alone in front of the lake and played with my older brother, Phantasus. Only Phantasus was her companion, Phantasus was her only playmate.

Then one day, Pantasus read a storybook.

-So the princess waited in the palace for a long time until the prince returned. end!

-really? Is that the end?

A heartbreaking romance story about a ghost princess that everyone on the continent has read at least once.

At first, Merida did not like this book because the ending did not directly lead to love, but Pantasus said with a smile.

-It’s up to us after this.

-Our share?

-The good thing about this book is that the story ends the way we imagine! Just imagine the scene when the prince returns to the ghost palace to meet the princess!

-huh! Imagination!

Even when Merida took a nap and when she was left home alone because Pantasus was working in the village, she imagined it and waited.

A princess trapped in a palace, but eventually a prince comes and love comes true.

After finishing her recollection, Merida slowly opened her eyes.

“Yes, it’s exactly what I want to do.”

Simon grinned after hearing the answer.

Well, when I first suggested the Ghost Palace mission, it was Merida who answered, ‘I’ve wanted to go there at least once.’




She yawned long and slowly moved her head.

“If I’m at the palace, will you come visit sometime?”

Simon laughed softly.

“of course.”

“… … .”

The corners of Merida’s mouth, who was walking ahead, went up slightly.

Cindy waved in front.

“Simon! Merida! “I found the teleportation magic circle!”

“Yes, I’ll be there soon.”

* * *

So the five of them returned to Kizen using the teleportation magic circle.

Simon, who returned to Rock Island, first stopped by the ruins of Peer and released the legion of undead who had suffered, and then told Mako about various things necessary for daily life.

I didn’t have to worry too much because the manager, Pier, or the senior, Erzsebet, would tell me well about the rules of Rock Island and the ruins.

After that, I decided to leave the ruins and stop by the student council room. Since you’ve been away for so long, you probably have a lot of work to do. Simon arrived at the student council room at a flying pace.

“Hey guys!”


Simon opened the door and went in, but there was no one in the student council room today.

There was almost no accumulation.

After briefly signing a few documents, Simon thought it was strange and headed to the dormitory.


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The Kizen second- and third-year campus was strangely quiet. All the lights were on in the building, but the atmosphere felt somewhat subdued.

It was the same when I arrived at the Summoning Department and dormitory.

‘Where has everyone gone?’

The lobby on the first floor of the dormitory, which was always a meeting place, was empty. At that time, Simon was looking around her with a puzzled look on his face.

“Uh, Chairman. “Have you returned to duty?”

A third-year classmate from the Summoning Department waved his hand and pretended to know. Simon also greeted him warmly.

“I just arrived. But why is the school so quiet?”

My friend let out a small laugh as if the question itself was absurd.

“It’s midterm exam season.”

It rattled.

Simon’s heart fell into the bottomless pit.

“So the school library is open until dawn. All the kids who went on missions came back and it was hard to rent an empty classroom. “The study room in the dormitory is also full.”

‘no wonder!’

Simon touched his forehead making a sound.

If you are a third-year student at Keygen, you should have calculated that the midterm exam will come after the transfer season and club season.

“Do you remember that this midterm exam is taken through DMAT? It’s a hell beyond what you can imagine. “Everyone’s eyes are going out.”

My classmate said that and went up the stairs, saying that he was also going to study.

Simon’s fingertips trembled as he saw him off.

‘Starting tomorrow, I’ll have to ask Meilin to wear a study bag.’

Simon also went up to his treehouse room first. Even if I run now, I don’t know where the student council members are, so I thought I should go to my room, take a break, and start studying for the test.

When I arrived in front of the treehouse door, several newspaper articles delivered by the dormitory were piled up in front of the door.

Simon went inside with the newspapers, took off his outer clothes, sat down on a chair, and checked the most recent newspaper first.

“The Ghost Palace incident will definitely be on the front page.”

Simon opened the first newspaper, hoping that his face would not be pictured.



Another incident was on the front page. The incident at the ghost palace where Simon went was pushed to the second page.

It was unexpected.

There was a more important event than the crisis at the Ghost Palace and the almost-occurrence of Ghost Stream? Simon quickly checked the first page of the newspaper.


Near the border between the Dark Federation and the Holy Federation.

To be precise, a dungeon was opened within the front lines of the Holy Federation, and a terrible situation occurred in which the people around them were turned into piles of vines.

This phenomenon was making people from both factions sick at the same time, and surprisingly, it was said that a joint operation between the Dark Federation and the Holy Federation was carried out.

<Cooperation of the century! Joint operation for the first time in 50 years!>

I immediately realized why the Ghost Palace was pushed to the second side. The photo was so provocative.

That’s because it was a sight where the Dark Federation’s Crow Agent and the Holy Federation’s Arch Paladin were holding hands.

<After conquering the dungeon, we will even eliminate all nearby terrorist organizations!>

<We decided to divide the wealth secured in the dungeon and the bodies of the members of the organization.>

<Dark Alliance! Achieved higher results than the Holy Federation in the dungeon! It’s a thing of the past that pitch black is inferior to divinity!>

<50 years since the Dead Sea disaster! A new exhibition system to deal with public enemies!>

<Interview with a high-ranking priest who opposed the Efnel war.>

The stories were so amazing that I completely forgot about the midterm exam.

Still, I thought it was a good stance in this situation. Nephthys is currently targeting only organized crime as its enemy.

A new neutral zone agreement was signed with the main enemy, the Holy Federation, and in peacetime, the 1st Corps, which calls itself the ‘Emperor’, would have been thoroughly punished, but it is also putting all its efforts into eradicating them, even delaying its attack.

Perhaps that result was revealed in this case.

Of course, the perception of the Holy Federation among the people of the Dark Alliance will not change significantly due to this incident alone, but looking at public opinion, the Dark Alliance is superior to the Holy Federation in joint operations! It contained a lot of provocative content comparing the power of the two forces.

Simon, who had been reading the contents frantically, put the newspaper down on the desk to take a breather and quietly thought.


At that time, I saw a letter stuck in the window.

Simon quickly got up, opened the window, and took the letter. There was something that looked like a package attached to the bottom of the letter. Simon first looked at the letter.


It was a letter from her, although the name and address were not written properly.

A letter that can be opened using divinity. Simon quickly turned to the priest, raised his spirits, unsealed the letter, and read its contents.

<Hello, Simon. how have you been doing? I told him to reply to the letter quickly.>

Lethe asked briefly how I was doing and started nagging me from the first word. Simon smiled bitterly and read the following.

He told me various stories about his daily life, the recruits he met on Sky Island the other day, and the story of Lisara, who became a saint. It’s busy, but everyone seems to be doing well.

Then we come to the main point.

<You must have heard the story. This joint operation between forces.>

Simon concentrated and scanned the contents with his eyes.

According to her, surprisingly, the Pope was satisfied with this achievement, and Israfil, a moderate and anti-war opponent, was encouraged to speak out. and.

<Big news may spread soon. Rune League may be held.>

‘what is that?’

This was Simon’s first time hearing this story.

I wish there was more explanation, but unfortunately there was no further explanation.

<I thought I would have to wait until next vacation, but the time to meet may come sooner than expected. Whether it’s pitch black or divine, it would be good to train properly. Because in the meantime, I have become much, much stronger.>

So do i.

Simon muttered that and opened the package attached to the letter. There were cookies with a slightly burnt smell.

<… … I made it during baking time, but I can’t eat it or not.>

Simon laughed and put a cookie with a slightly burnt end in his mouth.

<This is a recipe that teacher Anna made a long time ago, and I tried to remember it as best as I could. If you say it’s not tasty, I’ll kill you.>

It looked ordinary compared to the sumptuous desserts I ate at the Ghost Palace, but somehow this one tasted better.

That’s how the letter ended.

Simon sat down and put another cookie in his mouth, lost in thought.

“Maybe we can see each other again? “I wonder what happened.”

* * *

Neutral zone.

Secret meeting room.

On one side, priests and paladins dressed in pure white priestly uniforms and armor were lined up.

On the other side stood necromancers wearing black robes or capes.

And carriages were arriving from both sides at the same time.


The carriage stops, and then long legs step on the ground, and sea-green hair flutters.

“It came just right.”

It was Israfil, the saint of the New Sea.

Soon the door of the black carriage on the other side opens.


The small feet fell and soon a person who appeared to be a young girl stretched out.

“long time no see! “The saint of Xinhai!”

“Long time no see. “Death Witch.”

After a bit of nervousness ensued with his eyes, Israfil spread out his palms with a kind smile.

“Shall we go? “To the conference room.”

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