Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1116

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1117

A private, secret meeting room within the neutral zone.

Two women were sitting facing each other.


One person elegantly lifted a teacup filled with black tea. He thoroughly enjoyed the aroma of the tea and took it to his mouth.

Clap clap clap!

The other person was sitting on a high chair, shaking his legs and licking ice cream. It was a relatively majestic sight, but it wasn’t all that strange because of the young girl’s appearance.

“That’s unexpected.”

The first to speak was Israfil, the saint of Shinhae.

I heard a gentle voice and the sound of a teacup being lowered.

“I didn’t know that Nephthys, the head of the Dark Alliance, would personally come to the neutral zone.”

“I’m sorry about this!”

Nephthys, who had eaten almost half of the ice cream, said with a smile.

“I was looking forward to seeing the Pope’s face after a long time!”

“Please forgive me. The opposition from the archbishops was extreme. “There are still many people in Sky Castle who hate talking to necromancers themselves.”

Israfil smiled brightly.

“And ‘normal’ doesn’t usually come to things like this. “I thought I would see you, Jane Olivia.”


Nephthys screamed.

“When Jane comes out, I have to work!”

“… … “Sometimes I don’t understand the unique way of thinking of necromancers.”

Israfil drank a cup of tea again, and Nephthys moved her mouth to the bottom of the ice cream.

There was still plenty of time left to discuss.

“I heard that the Ghost Palace has been stabilized. congratulations.”

Israfil cried out.

“We are always keeping an eye on that problem.”

“Well then!” “Ghoststream is a continent-wide disaster!”

“I heard that the commander of the 7th Corps was especially active in this case.”

As soon as the topic was brought up, Israfil’s voice became lively.

“He seemed like a very nice young man. “It was such an impressive performance that I couldn’t understand why he was tied to the Dark Alliance.”

“of course! “I worked hard to raise it for two years!”

Nephthys pretended to be tired and pounded her shoulder with her small fist.

“Enrolling them in Keygen as a special treat, guiding them to the ruins to form an army, secretly helping them acquire other Ancient Undead, protecting them from gangs and hostile army commanders, and even changing people’s perceptions! The last assignment was especially difficult! Anyway, since I raised him to the highest grades, I am happy and rewarded for accomplishing such a great task!”


Israfil raised his eyes with an exasperated expression.

“I think he is a young man who would have grown up on his own even if it weren’t for Nephthys’ help. “When I read the Union newspaper article, I saw that his personality was great and that, unlike other corps commanders, his performance for the people was impressive.”


Nephthys also opened her eyes wide with an angry face.

“Why are you praising my child?”

“Don’t fall for the illusion and bragging that you raised others carelessly. “What are you talking about when there is someone else who gave birth to you, raised you, and raised you?”


The gazes of two people who didn’t know why they were fighting lightly collided in the middle. Nephthys hissed and leaned back deeply against his backrest.

“Now that I think about it, Shinhae, you said you were acquainted with Anna? “He’s strict.”

“That child had to be raised as a priest.”

“Before that, I went and hit the player first.”


Seeing Nephthys showing off with her tongue sticking out, Israfil’s forehead grew tense, but then he sighed as if to calm his anger.

“Then would you like to get to the point?”


The real story began.

Meanwhile, the Dark Federation and the Holy Federation discussed and brought out the contents that had been buried beneath the surface. In fact, after spending a long time building walls against each other, there were definitely times when both sides needed each other’s strength.

The Dark Alliance had major purification and medical issues. Even for illnesses that priests could treat relatively easily, the Dark Alliance developed somewhat extreme treatments, such as cutting off limbs and attaching chimeric prosthetic hands, so cooperation was necessary.

The Holy Federation had a big problem with undead and monsters. The Dark Federation was able to control the population of these monsters and undead living across the continent quite wisely using black magic or curses to prevent damage, but the Holy Federation had to defeat them with all their might coming to the city center. There were not enough priests to fight.

It seemed like a strategic partnership would take place in areas where both sides needed each other. Both sides had put up an extreme wall and were quiet, but when the mood for reconciliation appeared due to the common enemy of death, they planned to deal with the accumulated problems as quickly as a crab turning a blind eye.

“Let’s also suggest sharing portal technology.”

Israfil continued speaking as he looked through the documents.

“I heard that the Coalition is looking for a way to go to the organization’s headquarters by imitating the portal, the organization’s main means of transportation?”

“lol! “I know everything.”

“The Holy Father said that if you share that technology with us, we might be able to help in the battle to clear out the stronghold.”

“Necromancers and priests are polar opposites from their very origins.”

Nephthys shook her head.

“We only have a negative influence on each other. The divinity purifies the pitch black, and the jet black rebels against the divinity. Cooperation is extremely difficult. It would be more advantageous for all of them to become Necromancer members, so why bother?”

“It’s a shame if you really think that way.”

“More than anything, you are also interpreting the Gospel of Bachum and assembling the womb of God. “Is it still shameless to ask for a portal even though you are preparing to go beyond space?”

Israfil laughed.

“You know everything about our situation.”

“Isn’t it obvious what cards each person is holding in their hands?”

“Then let’s talk about something non-obvious now.”


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Israfil opened his palm.

“Actually, there is something more important than those things. “It’s a question of ancient civilization.”

“lol! You know that’s non-negotiable, right? “Even if I wanted to make concessions, internal opposition would be fierce.”

“I see.”

Israfil nodded.

“But I don’t think there’s any reason to keep carrying this burden on one another. Let’s make a rational decision about which way to go. “A result that can be accepted by both the people of the Federation and the Union.”


Israfil smiled.

“We are reviving the Rune League. “The winner decides.”


Nephthys burst out laughing.

“Are you confident? “As you said, Simon Pollentia is over here?”

“This is Lethe Chardena.”

Israfil did not lose and smiled.

“It will probably be good competition and stimulation for both.”

* * *


Simon, who was studying for an exam in an empty classroom, inhaled the smell. Kami Varez, who was sitting across from her and studying with her, opened her eyes wide.

“Simon! Are you okay?”

“Oh, yes.”

Simon shook his head as if coming to his senses.

‘I feel like someone is talking about me somewhere.’

“Aaaah! it’s tough!”

Dick, who had been studying with his textbook and notes spread out, pulled out his head and hit it on the table. And then he suddenly raised his head.

“My head doesn’t turn anymore! “Let’s play for a while!”


Meilin, who was studying well, got angry and shouted.

“It’s only been an hour!”

“There is research showing that human concentration is maximum at 30 minutes.”

“Who said that!”

“Dick Hayward Official Findings.”

He sighed heavily, as if it was a waste to deal with Meilin.

“Okay, let’s take a break.”

Simon also agreed with Dick.

The midterm and final exams of the third year will be replaced by DMAT. However, the problems that were written almost entirely in a language I had never seen before were extremely difficult. Even the problems I already knew took a considerable amount of time to interpret because the DMAT language was used.

Almost everyone was whining while studying. Cami Varez flapped her wings.

“But Simon! “Even though I joined late due to a mission, the progress was quick and I had fun!”

“Ah, I’ve already prepared for the Summoning Department in advance.”

In the case of the Summoning Department, the situation was better than other departments because I had studied the DMAT language to some extent in order to build a Behemoth battleship.

Dick clapped his hands as if he had said something well.

“hey! I was already going to tell you, but the Screaming Jungle route is officially opening next week! “Because you left the Behemoth battleship in the jungle of screams, it was calmed down in an instant!”

“I’m glad.”

“Next time we’ll attend the opening ceremony together… … .”

“During exam period! Work talk! don’t do it!”

When Maylin screamed, Simon and Dick quickly lowered their heads and looked at their textbooks.

Meilin sighed, ‘Ugh.’

“Yeah, I lost all focus too. “Let’s take a 10-minute break.”

Simon and Dick looked up, their eyes shining.

“Thank you Meilin!”

“I got caught, I got caught! “I was aiming for this!”

It was Dick who called for fists even if he said the same thing. Meilin stomped over and gave her a few blows to the back before coming back.

Dick was right, but he laughed at the thought of taking a break now.

“Guys, everyone knows, right? “This is a cooperative operation between the Dark Federation and the Holy Federation.”


Simon answered. Maylin brushed her hair below her ear.

“Right now, everyone at school is talking about the Ghost Princess and Merida, but outside of Kizen, that seems to be more of an issue.”

“But according to the rumors-”

Dick put his hands together and made a serious face.

“They say the Rune League might be held for the first time in 80 years.”

“Rune League?”

Simon had heard a story.

This was what I saw in Lethe’s letter.

-There may be big news soon. Rune League may be held.

Simon crossed his arms.

“What on earth is that rune league?”

“To put it really, really simply, it’s an exchange battle between Keygen and Afnel.”

Maylin said.

“Originally, it originated from a proxy war where people fought over interests, but it became what it is today when opinions were reached that it should be done in a way that would cause less damage instead of a war. In the past, the strongest heroes of the time fought against each other, but now it has become a kind of competition where 10 people from each faction’s most prestigious schools, Kizen and Afnel, are selected to compete.”

“An exchange war between the Union and the Federation! “I can’t imagine!”

Camivarez said.

Dick rubbed his chin.

“No, but if we open the Rune League now, will the Holy Federation be our opponent? “We now have three corps commanders!”

“Merida can’t come.”

Simon shook his head.

“It’s been a while since I became the Ghost Princess, so the Ghost Palace isn’t completely stable. I can’t be away for a long time. “She has to go back and forth between the school and the palace to calm the palace down.”

“That’s a shame! But what-”

Dick clicked his tongue and crossed his arms as he waited.

“If we are delusional on the assumption that the Rune League will be held, won’t the top 10 Golden Generation 3rd graders that Keygen boasts go to? Imagine! Just a quick look: Simone, Eisel, Chatel, Hector! How are you going to stop this lineup? “There are two corps commanders.”

“The problem is that there are two saints in Afnel.”

Meilin received the word.

“In particular, I heard that the student council president of Afnel is an active saint, and I heard that she is incredibly strong. What was her tinnitus… … ? “Is she a star saint?”

“ah! “I know!”

Camivarez flapped his wings.

“I heard you are a very, very scary person! He catches any enemy with his fist, and it is said that anything that gets hit by his fist flies away and becomes a star in the sky!”

“and! It’s scary! Are you majoring in sexual combat?”

Dick agreed, and Simon lightly stroked his forehead.

‘What are you doing on a regular basis, Lethe?’

There was a debate among the members about which side was stronger.

Keygen wins by a landslide. Afnel has a better compatibility, so it is not easy. While various opinions were being exchanged.

“Then rest is over!”

Meilin clapped her hands.

“Let’s study for the test again!”

Dick, who was full of energy talking about the Rune League, suddenly collapsed like a withered flower and fell on his desk. Maylin says ‘Hey!’ He shouted and got up from his seat.

And next week.

They had no idea that Rune League notices were actually posted on the bulletin board.

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