Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1114

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1115

The progress of work is as follows.

During the decisive battle with Laura that took place on the 5th floor of the Ghost Palace, the zombie butler and Mako, who were sucked into the whirlpool-like technique created by Laura, desperately held on by maintaining their forms.

This technique was close to ‘instant death’ for normal creatures, but Ancient Undead could survive even if their whole body was torn to pieces as long as their core remained.

However, Mako’s core was damaged while she was trying to protect her body, and the zombie butler opened his core to help her as she was on the verge of extinction.

The two held on by touching each other’s cores, and were finally able to survive.

“… … therefore.”

Simon pointed alternately at Zombie Butler and Mako with a puzzled look on his face.

“What happened?”

[I can’t help but sigh at the owner’s low level of understanding because he can’t understand even if I explain it kindly.]

The zombie butler grunted but did not forget the explanation.

[To put it simply, the two of them have become one Ancient Undead.]

“… … ah!”

The two ended up partially sharing one core, and no matter who had the core, they would be unable to move if they got too far away from each other.

In other words, one of the two must leave the corps they are in. But fortunately, Tenerife and Mérida allowed Marco to go to the 7th Legion. The 7th Legion provided great help to the Ghost Palace, and above all, it was possible because the Ghost Palace regained greater stability than before after Merida became the Ghost Princess.

[Would it be inconvenient for me to be in the 7th Legion?]

As Simon looked worried, Mako lowered his shoulders like a puppy caught in the rain and said,

[I am confident in everything from cleaning, laundry, eating, and housework in general. If only you would allow me to stay with you… … .]

“What are you talking about. “I am very welcome.”

Simon said with a big smile.

“The 7th Legion was weak in the flying and ghost parts, so your presence would be of great help. “Please take care of me in the future, Mako.”


Mako looked at Simon with an impressed face. Then she looked at the butler, and the butler nodded gently.

[Then please take care of me. master.]

“Please take care of me.”


From the thoughts in my head, I can hear the sound of Peer running wild with excitement. Simon, whose head was pounding, held his head with a bitter smile.

‘ah! Come to think of it, Nephthys’ ancient undead, Lin and Professor Rune, were also twin undead. Was this what it felt like?’

If I get a chance later, I have something to ask.

When Peer’s laughter disappeared, Simon spread his palms.

“So, now that you two have become one, has something changed?”

[of course.]

The zombie butler continued speaking, raising his monocle.

[Thoughts can be shared through meditation, and technology has also become a joint tool. Just like this.]


The zombie butler spread a white puddle on the ground, like spilled milk, and large white ghosts came out of it.

Up to this point, it was the zombie butler’s ability, but when Mako waved his hand, a package of cleaning tools, including a huge rolling mop, was placed in the hands of the white ghosts.

The white ghosts were now swinging their push mops with the familiarity of experts. Mako’s ability to wield a special cleaning tool remained the same.

Simon clapped his hands.

‘It’s the joint technique we saw before Laura! Good?’

It feels like ‘utility’ has been added to the white ghosts who fought simply relying on their size.

In the 7th Legion, the use of the zombie butler, who was a somewhat ambiguous position due to his overlap with the prince, has increased significantly. In addition, since Mako can lead a ghost unit, he could create a new unit.

The strength of the new legion was added, and Simon changed the distribution of the legion within the Ghost Palace to be more efficient. Just like that, each day passed by.

* * *

Finally, the promised end date of the mission arrived.

Although the molting of Tenerife itself was a non-event, a new ghost princess appeared, and as a result, the results went beyond the stabilization of the ghost palace, so the Kizen headquarters officially declared the mission a success.

Simon thoroughly wrote a report on the alliance between the 1st and 4th Corps, which Kizen was concerned about, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Since it was revealed at Kizen headquarters that Tenerife had no intention of betraying them, they decided to move on. There was an opinion from one of the elders that she should be punished since it was true that she had contact with the 1st Legion, but as a ghost princess who devoted herself to the continent, unless there was a major problem, she tended to be overlooked.

The issue of the savior of the association has also been resolved. Laura’s body was safely secured in Kizen, but I was concerned that Kylovanian’s body was not visible. According to Azel’s report, it appears that Kylovanian created the gigantic ‘celestial body’ by sacrificing his own body. Keygen decided to investigate this further.

So now it was time to go back to school.

“Uhm-! “This long-term mission is over!”

Cindy stretched and shouted.

Cindy, Jamie, and even Elisa joined the mission a little late due to the crisis at the Ghost Palace. These three female students who were helping rebuild the city also decided to return to Kizen together. Cerne went to another place using the teleportation magic circle prepared by the Ivory Tower.

Simon has now taken off his goth-style suit and is back in his Kizen school uniform and student council president coat.

“Then, let’s say hello to the new Ghost Princess one last time and then head back.”

Everyone nodded at Simon’s words.

Perhaps because it was early in the morning, there were many necromancers going to work at the Ghost Palace. The four of us also waited leisurely in line. Due to the previous incident, the procedures for entering the Ghost Palace were a little more complicated, so it took some time.

“Simon! You didn’t eat breakfast, right? “How about the lemon cream bread that can only be tasted at Sofria’s Bakery?”

Elisha rummaged through the bag and offered a piece of bread. Cindy, who was standing next to her, giggled.

“When did you say you were done bringing bread to Simon?”


Elisha’s face brightened. She then lowered her head and spoke in a hushed voice.

“No, back then… … ! “Did you know it would end up like this?”

Simon politely declined Elisa’s invitation, and Cindy took her own way and took out a long piece of bread from the bag and put it in her mouth. Elisha said, ‘Spit it out!’ He shouted and rushed towards me, causing a fight.

“But guys.”

Jamie, who had been quiet, started crying.

“I don’t know how to treat Merida anymore when I meet her. Since she’s in public, shouldn’t you treat her like a friend? “When you meet her, you should bow your head and use her honorifics, right?”

“You are saying the obvious, class leader.”


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Cindy said, munching on her bread.

“It’s hard to think of her as Merida Hugh Ickel, who was still fighting in the same dormitory. She is now the commander of the 4th Legion, the Ghost Princess, and the ruler of Sophria. It escaped from our hands and flew away to a very distant place. Simon might not know, but we are still just students.”


Suddenly, Elisa grabbed her stomach and twisted her body.

Everyone turned to look at her in surprise.

“what’s the matter? “Elisha!”

“Is the bread at least bad?”

“My stomach… … !”

Elisha’s lips trembled.

“Merida, my stomach hurts so much because that little boy is doing well…” … !”

The classmates who heard those words burst into loud laughter.

Elisa flailed her arms.

“It’s the honor and power that I should have had in the first place! The 4th Legion could have been in my hands! Argh!”

“funny. “During the Tenerife interview, you ran away on your own.”

“It’s not a run away, it’s a political decision!”

“Stop fighting.”

After Jamie separated Elisa and Cindy, who were about to fight again, he sighed.

“I just. “I’m not ready to break up with Merida yet, but she feels like she’s gone too far alone and she’s just sad.”

Well, Jaime and Merida were in the same curse department. There must have been many memories that Simon did not know about.

The turn of the four people who had been waiting while chatting like that came, and one by one, one by one, they held hands that were sticking out of the ghost palace and entered the interior of the palace.

* * *

The interior of the Ghost Palace filled with twinkling and colorful lights.

At first he was overwhelmed by this sight, but now Simon felt at home in this place. When Simon appeared, the necromancers of the Ghost Palace approached from all directions, smiling brightly.

“7th Corps Commander! I owe you!”

“Good luck on your journey! “Please leave the task of protecting the Ghost Palace to us!”

Simon also greeted them with a smile. Now that everyone’s faces were familiar, we were able to exchange greetings.

Simon also introduced the three female students who were awkwardly following behind him to the others. When it was ‘social time’ for Elisa, she cocked her nose and raised her voice as if something was arousing her.

“This is Elisa Celine, heir to the Celine family and daughter of Chancellor Celine! “You know the Celine family, right?”

“i look forward to! A friend of Commander Simon!”


The people here only wandered around the Ghost Palace and Sofria, so they were not familiar with the world situation. Cindy covered her mouth and laughed as if she were embarrassed.

Right then.

“The ruler of the high-ranking Ghost Palace and Sofria, commander of the 4th Legion, and the 11th Ghost Princess Merida Hugh Ickel Echeverria is entering!”

In an instant, silence fell to the point where not even a sound of breathing could be heard.

In the very center of the main hall, up the luxurious carpeted stairs, Merida was walking, wearing a tiara, the symbol of a princess, and wearing a spirit dress. She looked young and beautiful, probably because she had put on a little bit of makeup.



All of the necromancers in the Ghost Palace bowed their heads or waists deeply with their hands on their chests, showing the utmost respect.

As everyone did that, Cindy, Jamie, and Elisa, fellow third-year classmates who were just watching anxiously, had no choice but to lower their heads.

‘The person looks different.’

‘You have become a true ghost princess.’

And Elisha was muttering to himself with a red face.

“I don’t bow to people, I just bow to power. “I don’t bow to people, I just bow to power.”

While everyone was paying respects, only Simon, the equal commander of the corps, was looking up at Merida with his arms crossed and a wide smile on his face.

Just like that, Merida came down the stairs and stood in front of Simon.

At that time, everyone was waiting for the first word from the ghost princess.


As always, it started with a yawn.

Merida opened her mouth wide as if she was struggling to breathe and said, rubbing her eyes.

“Why are you inside? “Wait outside.”

“I just wanted to say hello and leave.”

Merida tilted her head and walked away as if it didn’t matter.

“Then let’s go back to school.”


That moment.

The spirit dress Merida was wearing disappeared as if melting snow, revealing a familiar outfit.

Black blouse, red tie, and gray skirt.

It was the Kizen school uniform.


Everyone in the group suddenly raised their heads and looked at Merida.


Merida asked, looking at her other classmates. She said in a trembling voice as Jamie carefully raised her head.

“Remaining in the ghost palace… … Wasn’t it?”



She yawned again and said, rubbing her eyes.

“It’s enough to alternate this work with my studies.”

It was surprising to hear Merida’s words.

The Ghost Palace is always burdened by the Ghost Stream. One of the continent’s top 10 mysteries, known as a place where the Red Room continues to proliferate if you look away even for a moment.

However, Merida came up with a method of suppression that no previous ghost princess could have thought of.

She, who has the power of a dungeon master, puts a ‘slip’ on the ghost palace itself.

The effect was amazing. It did not completely stop the function of the Ghost Palace, but the frequency of ghosts’ appearance was drastically reduced by about 1/4.

In fact, this number was only possible with two or three Tenerife players.

“I decided to spend the remaining time half at school and half at the Ghost Palace.”

Merida continued speaking, rubbing her eyes.

“I just need to hang up the slip once every two weeks.”

“Merida is right.”

Jump and jump.

The students’ eyes widened rapidly as they turned their heads.

Tenerife, wearing a different goth outfit than usual, waved his hand with a smiling face. Of course, it was not a homunculus, but her original body.

“I will be in charge of the organization and management of the Ghost Palace until Merida graduates.”


She smiled brightly at the students and then approached Merida.

“There is no need to feel burdened with duty. Have a nice time at school, junior Merida. “Take care of yourself and have a good trip.”

Merida nodded.

Tenerife lightly hugged Merida and then looked at Simon.

“Thank you for saving the Ghost Palace once again, junior Pollentia.”

Simon grinned.

“Once again, I salute you for your duty. Tenerife senior.”

The two people exchanged brief greetings.

A new corps commander joined the 329th Kizen.

A completely new era was about to begin.

‘I want to go to school quickly and tell you.’

I was very curious about what everyone’s expression would be when they saw Merida, who became the commander of the 4th Corps.

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