Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1109

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Episode 1110

Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1110


A strong roar erupts, and the floor shakes from the wind pressure of the battle.

Tenerife, who had fainted on the floor after receiving a great shock, suddenly opened her eyes. For a moment, I couldn’t remember the situation just before, but suddenly the scene from before flashed through my mind.


She quickly raised her head and looked at Laura. Laura was fighting, turning her body into something like a ball of energy.

‘Souling Metamorphosis!’

As a fellow necromancer, I knew what technique that was. A forbidden black magic that allows you to obtain a transcendental body for a certain period of time in exchange for burning your life.

But it was strange. There is no sign that Laura has now received the princess’ powers. If you received the princess’s power, there would be no need to push yourself like that.

Then her gaze turned to the side. Simon can be seen chopping up goldfish while freely wielding a large white sword, and Merida can be seen sending out dolls and toys filled with souls.

At this time, Tenerife’s eyes brightened.

Merida’s body was covered in a dress made of spirits, and on her head was a tiara symbolizing the princess and a three-horned crown.

‘thank god.’

Merida, not Laura, became the princess.

As she felt mentally relieved, her eyes slowly closed.

‘I’ll ask you later. ‘Polentia junior, Merida junior.’

Laura frowned deeply at the increasingly strange situation.

Simon and Merida’s joint attack.

His body is currently made up of ghost energy that is constantly supplied from the Ghost Palace. Although it was a transcendent body that could not die, the two people were persistently trying to wear down the body with attacks.

‘What a foolish decision.’

Laura’s eyes flashed.

To describe it, this body is like a huge lake. No matter how many stones are thrown at it, the surface of the water just moves and the lake remains the same.

Because this body regenerates infinitely within the duration.

‘Let’s hold on.’

Souling Metamorphosis lasts two hours. No matter how much of a corps commander they are, their stamina and pitch blackness have limits. There is no way that an offensive of this level can be maintained for long. Even threatening skills like the Ripper from before were used a few times before being released.

‘I will accept any number of attacks! But if you see a gap… … !’


Merida, who felt dizzy from maintaining her dreamy stance, stumbled. Spotting her in the loop, Laura opened her mouth and shot an elongated sea serpent with a goldfish’s head down her throat.

‘Simon Pollentia is far away! ‘This works!’


However, someone stepped in front of Merida and blocked the attack just now.

‘Cleaning tools?’

The person who suddenly came in front of Merida, holding only a dustpan for cleaning, was Mako, an ancient undead from the 4th Legion.

“Did you think we would suffer that much?”

And right in front, the zombie butler approached without leaving a trace and struck Laura straight with his white-gloved hand.


Laura’s face was distorted and her body rolled across the floor.

‘Ancient Undead! Was he alive?’

Laura once again sent countless goldfish flying out of the air. At that time, Mako approached the zombie butler, who lightly shook off his gloves. The two held hands and used black magic at the same time.

Coo coo coo coo!

Due to the zombie butler’s skill, one side of the floor turned white and giant ghosts suddenly emerged from within.

This time Mako used a technique. A large rolling mop was held in the hand of the white ghost. Baekgwi frantically swung his pushing stick and swept away the goldfish around him.

“Nice butler!”

Simon shouted brightly.

“Were you safe?”

[An Ancient Undead does not disappear with that much damage to its body. Furthermore-]

The zombie butler grabbed the back of Mako’s hand, lifted it up, and kissed it lightly.

[It seems like we have reached a new level.]

[…] … .]

Mako blushed slightly and turned his head away as if embarrassed.

Simon, who was watching, let out an absurd smile.

‘What happened in there?’

Anyway, thanks to you I bought some time.

Simon took a moment to catch his breath and looked around.


thud! thud! thud!

White ghosts carrying cleaning tools were running out and beating on Laura, soul-possessed dolls and toys were launching an all-out attack, and playing cards and play props were falling like rain from the sky.

A war in a strange country.

This engagement at the Ghost Palace seemed like it would remain in my memory in many ways. In any case, it is clearly visible that Laura’s regeneration is gradually slowing down.

“It’s Mary.”

Simon turned his head.

“At this point, I think we’ve achieved our goal.”


Merida moved her head slightly and closed her eyes.

“I’ll proceed to the next step.”

[Up there!]



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Laura, who simultaneously poured out goldfish-faced snakes in all directions and destroyed the hundred demons, let out a roar with liquid dripping from her mouth.

[I am-!]



Before she could say anything, wires began to rise and wrap around Laura’s body.

“I’m not really curious.”

Merida clenched her fists. Laura tried to resist, but all of her energy was focused on regeneration and summoning goldfish, so she lost strength for a moment. In an instant, a chair was created for her and she was forced to sit down. Tracks were laid around it and a toy train was made.

[This is it!]


Laura inflated her body and forcibly destroyed the toy train to escape. However, as if Merida had expected her, she made a bigger track than before, constructed a larger body and chair for her, and put her back in her seat.


Smoke spewed out, and the toy train shot out like a beam of light along the tracks. Laura let out a roar of anger, but the train did not stop.


The toy train passed through the open key on the side and left the 5th floor. Then keep running. The scene in the room changes so quickly. We passed the ballroom, dance hall, wine cellar, kitchen, bathtub, and dressing room.

The tracks were laid not only on the ground but also in the sky. The speed of the train gradually increased, and as soon as it passed the open key, it passed the next open key.

4th floor. 3rd Floor. Second floor.

And finally.


A train appeared in the main hall of the Ghost Palace, smashing the open key of the bird statue.

The train hit the wall of the Ghost Palace with such force that Laura’s body was distorted by the impact.

The shattered train left the tracks and rolled around on the ground, burning. Laura, who was inside, also let out a gasp and raised her head.

‘here is… … !’

Main hall.

The place where you first came to the Ghost Palace.

Laura felt her body losing strength. The reason she was able to maintain her transcendental state was thanks to her ability to constantly absorb the ghosts and wisps that appeared in her ghost palace into her shadow.

However, this is the only safe zone in the Ghost Palace that is not a dungeon. The body is no longer infinite. Regeneration became impossible regardless of the duration.

Simon and Merida were aiming for this from the beginning. The goal was to relieve strength until it was possible to insert oneself into the first floor.

“excuse me… … .”

At that time, in the empty main hall, a girl wearing a white uniform peeked out from behind a pillar.

“Who are you? Are you okay?”

[…] … .]

It was ‘Dabi’, one of the princess candidates.

“I was shocked when everyone disappeared while I was briefly out running errands. Ho, are you a palace official? “What’s going on?”

[Yes, something happened.]

Laura grinned.

A princess candidate nurtured by Tenerife with great care. You can feel the rich pitch blackness and spirit. If she swallows it and makes it her food, she will have an easier time dealing with the enemies that will soon come after her.

[He entered the red room and was injured. Can you help me?]

Dabi nodded at her words and slowly approached.

[Okay, just a little more. That’s right.]

Laura raised the corners of her mouth.

Soon, Dabi gets closer and Laura stretches out her arms to grab her.

Dabi quickly used spirit transformation and escaped from Laura’s grasp. At the same time, she created a bomb made of spirit in her place.


Laura’s head tilted back sharply and she was caught in the explosion. Dabi, who was far behind her, screamed under her breath.

“Something seemed suspicious, as expected! You are the intruder of the Ghost Palace. yes?”

[This girl!]

Laura was furious and rushed at Dabi.


At this moment, Simon appeared like a thunderbolt on the stairs of the main hall and kicked Laura in the face. Laura fell screaming and Simon landed lightly on her floor.

“are you okay?”


At the same time, Merida arrived in a blanket.

“It’s safer in a room on the first floor than here. “Step back.”

“you are… … !”

Dabi’s eyes widened.

A crown was placed on Merida’s head. I don’t know what it is, but a new ghost princess has been born.

“Oh, I understand!”

The princess’s orders are absolute. Dabi hurried away, and Laura picked herself up from the dust.

[This guy and that guy look down on me!]

“It’s over now, Laura.”

Simon shrugged his shoulders with a relaxed expression.

“It looks like the damage from the princess candidate’s explosion just now isn’t being regenerated properly. “Is there anything more we can do?”

[of course!]

She put her hand on my body. The zipper she had pulled up earlier popped out on her body and was caught in her hand. The zipper that was currently up to her chest was pulled up past her chin and up to where her brain was.

[I am a being on a different level from you, a savior!]


Jet darkness and spirit once again burst from her body. Even more empowered, she stretched out her arms, and immediately a huge goldfish fell and exploded on top of her Simon’s head.

She laughed evilly when she saw Simon coughing up blood after being attacked.

I thought I definitely caught it.


The pain occurred not in Simon’s, but in his own shoulder.

Before she knew it, Simon, who looked fine, was passing by with his hand on her shoulder. Her zipper didn’t make it all the way up to her chin, getting caught on her bone where Simone had blown it.


Everything from zipping up and attacking was a dream. I was only thinking in my head, but my body was not moving.

Simon slipped on the floor, kicked the floor once again, and rushed forward. She also fired her goldfish once again, although Simon was pushed back to block it.


It was a dream again this time. Pain woke her from her dream, and she saw Simon lightly slitting her waist and walking past her. As she launched, her goldfish accidentally hit a wall and exploded.


“It looks like we are no longer free from Phantasy-type sleep.”

Simon grinned and muttered.

Beside him, Merida was muttering with her eyes closed. Laura felt her heart sink.

‘Is that woman dreaming about my next move and predicting it to the 7th Corps commander?’

Now even foreknowledge through dreams.

Merida’s potential was rising to the limit.

“Let’s finish now.”

Simon spread out his hands and held them together.

Coo coo coo coo coo!

A huge whirlpool began to form in the center of Simon. Laura’s expression became sharp.

‘A secret technique that distorts space. If you fall into that place, it’s the end.’

At a time when Laura was extremely alert and was raising her spirit in place, Merida, who had closed her eyes and muttered, opened her eyes and looked at Laura.

Immediately, he grinned.

Laura, instinctively horrified, quickly came to her senses.


The moment I woke up from my dream, the distortion had already begun.

Simon, who came from behind, took the whirlpool and threw it at Laura.


Laura was sucked into the whirlpool with no time to escape. Her dizzy scream was distorted, and Simon, who stepped behind her, created a spear of chaos in both her hands.

“Now! “It’s Merida!”



Simon was frantically creating the Spear of Chaos and throwing it into the distortion.




As Merida touched the floor and pretended to lift it, all kinds of toy stores started pouring out from the ground and being sucked into the distortion.

She is literally pushing countless toys into there as if she is pouring out her resentment.

‘haha… … !’

Simon let out an exclamation without realizing it. Sparks flew, full of distortion.

Now the distortion is over.


“Leave it to me.”


Simon adjusted the Great Sword of Destruction and distorted it with all his might. Then the distortion split apart and started pouring out everything.


The remains of all kinds of toys and broken dolls were falling everywhere, creating a mess. Even Laura, who was in the gap, would not be safe.

[It doesn’t end like this!]

Nevertheless, the savior is still the savior. Laura, shaking with all her limbs torn apart, stretched out her long arms towards Merida.

But at the same time, Simon and Merida moved. Simon spread his arms together and Merida prepared to flick her right hand.




With the sound of a palm being struck and a finger snapping, the darkness that had formed Laura’s body was shattered and scattered.


A major offensive that shakes the entire Ghost Palace. And in the gap, Laura, completely helpless, fell to the floor, and the chandelier pulled from the ceiling fell below her. Laura collapsed, foaming at the mouth with whites showing in his eyes.

The rigid body state was completely released and he returned to the appearance of a red-blooded person with his skin peeled off. Simon dusted his palms, and Merida yawned.

“Nice, Merida.”

“great job.”

The two people’s palms touched with a loud sound.

The 7th Corps Commander and the Ghost Princess.

It was a complete victory for the first joint front.

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