Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1110

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Necromancer School’s Summoning Genius Episode 1111

Feeling the sensation in her body disappearing, Laura quietly looked up at the ceiling.


-Here! here!

When I was young, I dreamily remember playing with Tenerife in the grass.

Somehow, I am still seeing this scene even as I am dying.

I remember this scene when my memories were taken away by Serne Eindarc, when I was caught in Merida Hugh Ickel’s sleep, and even now, right before I die.

‘… … under.’

Now I had no choice but to admit it.

This is ‘lingering regret’.

Even in the midst of anger and stubbornness, this emotion remained vivid and did not fade until the end.

He must have been adopted from the beginning as a double for the princess.

What kind of life would you have lived if you were faithful to what you have instead of being greedy for what you cannot have?

Such regret.

‘It’s ridiculous.’

He became obsessed with desire, developed hatred, and became a monster. Why was I so obsessed with princess-like things?

It was a meaningless, twisted life.

“… … .”

Simon and Merida were watching Laura from a little distance. As a result of using forbidden magic to harden her body, her body was finally breaking into pieces and disappearing.

Simon didn’t feel much sympathy. Because he was a villain who killed too many people for that to happen.

“It’s a shame we couldn’t get more information out.”

Merida muttered and Simon nodded.

Still, the fact that I survived today is important. Finally, relief flows through my entire body.


Simon turned his head because he felt a presence behind him. Dabi, the princess candidate, is seen shivering while hiding behind a pillar.

“It’s over now, Dabi.”

Simon continued speaking with a smile on his face.

“It’s dangerous here, so I told you to stay in any room on the first floor.”

“Oh, that’s… … !”

Dabi pointed to the far end of the hallway with a frightened expression. Simon and Merida walked towards it.

“… … !”

From here, there was an open key to go to another ghost palace room. The bird-shaped statue changed from green to red and was dripping blood-like liquid.

[Hehehe! This is serious!]

Peer also said something. Simon quickly looked at Merida.

“It’s Mary. This… … !”

“Because Tenerife took a hand in suppressing the Ghost Palace. “The number of red rooms has increased to its limit.”

Merida explained in a calm voice.

“It won’t be long before a ghost stream occurs.”

“We have to stop it now! “You know what to do, right?”

Merida, now the new Ghost Princess and Dungeon Master of the Ghost Palace, nodded.

“We have to go back to the 5th floor where Tenerife was earlier.”

“Let’s hurry.”

Merida’s ‘Dream Yudowondo’ is not over yet. She quickly repaired the track and created the toy train once again.

As Simon and Merida got into the front seat side by side, Dabi jumped into the back seat.

“Please take me with you too! I was trained as a princess candidate to help with shedding! “It will definitely help!”

“It might be dangerous, but are you okay?”

“Sure! “It is the duty of the people of Sofria to protect the Ghost Palace!”

Dabi’s eyes sparkled as he said that.


The young necromancer still felt proud of those words, which in some ways may have felt oppressive. Simon felt fortunate.

Meanwhile, Merida started the toy train. The childish train sound chirped a few times.



The train accelerated to an unexpected speed and was sucked into the open key.

* * *

The toy train carrying everyone reached the 5th floor in the blink of an eye.

I went back up the railroad tracks that brought Laura down to the first floor. The three people quickly got off the train, and in front of them, Tenerife was seen sitting on the floor, panting, as if he had regained consciousness.



Simone and Dabi quickly ran out and supported her from both sides. Tenerife spread her palms, saying it was okay, then raised her head and looked at Merida.

“… … I’m glad you became the princess and not Laura. “Hugh Eckel, junior.”

Merida got down on one knee, made eye contact with her, and nodded. Tenerife looked like she was about to cry.

“And I’m sorry, I entrusted such a big burden to you who had nothing to do with the Ghost Palace.”

“are you okay. “If it weren’t for this power, I would have died a long time ago.”

Merida said quietly.

“And actually, I became a princess, but I don’t feel anything. “She doesn’t feel too bad.”

“… … “Thank you for saying that.”

This time, Simon lowered himself and opened his mouth.


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“Tenerife, we don’t have time. All the rooms in the Ghost Palace I’ve been to so far were ‘red’. “It must be chaos outside by now.”

“Yes, we should at least block the ghost stream.”

Tenerife reaches out to Merida.

“Can you help me?”

Merida held his hand.

“Yes, of course.”

Merida’s true debut as the Ghost Princess has finally begun. Sitting on the very chair where her main body of Tenerife was, she closed her eyes and began to draw on her strength.

“Take slow, deep breaths and feel the beating of your chest.”

Merida did so, following Tenerife’s instructions. Then, a blurry spirit dress appeared on her body, and the tiara appeared on her head once again.

“That beating is the power of a dungeon owner. “In order to connect with the dungeon owner and the ghost palace, you have to be in a state of complete immersion.”


“Dabi, if Merida seems to be tired, give her spirit right away.”

“All right!”

While Tenerife, Merida, and Davi were once again trying to suppress the rampage of the Ghost Palace, Simon was watching from a distance.

[Hehehe! Why but boy?]

‘… … There’s something that bothers me a little. ‘Laura wasn’t the only savior who came over to cause this situation, right?’

Simon closed his eyes with an uncomfortable expression.

‘There will still be one savior out there. ‘I’m more worried about the situation outside than Ghost Stream.’

[Hehehe! Didn’t they say that the Ghost Palace requested support? Necromancers from all over the kingdom, including Kizen, must have arrived by now!]

Simon bit his lip slightly.

‘Yes, I hope that the savior is not the same guy I know.’

* * *

Outside the Ghost Palace.

Necromancers and people who had just arrived from outside after receiving a request for support from the Ghost Palace could not help but be shocked.

“… … “That’s a ghost palace?”

“It looks like the end of the world has arrived.”

The Ghost Palace had simply turned ‘red’ like blood, without any light or shade. The sight of countless ghostly undead pouring out of this haunted palace dripping with blood was truly reminiscent of hell.

“Stop it!”

Necromancers from the nearby Kingdom of Dresden, as well as necromancers from the Dark Alliance and Kizen, all flew to the Ghost Palace.

Vector, the crow agent in charge of the scene, whose lower body had changed into that of a horse, frowned and shouted.

“The situation is more serious than expected! “Additional power support from headquarters is needed!”

-The current number of dispatched personnel is the limit!

“This is a continent-wide crisis! “If there is no one at headquarters, send all the remaining third-year command students here!”

-The command department and core students have already gone there!


Necromancers were jumping out from all over, spreading barriers or throwing curses or necromantic magic to block the spectral undead.

However, despite their efforts, ghosts were constantly pouring out of the Ghost Palace. Vector said, holding up another crystal ball.

“What about communication from inside the Ghost Palace?”

-Still no response! There seems to be no one left in the main hall. It looks like there is chaos inside as well… … !

“Damn it!”

If contact with the Ghost Palace has been lost, all they can do now is stop the ghosts pouring out of the Ghost Palace.

But the problem seems serious. The fact that the Ghost Palace has now changed like that clearly means that something is wrong with the safety of Tenerife.

-Don’t move too hastily. vector.

At that time, an elderly man’s voice was heard through the communication port.

-Didn’t you say that the commander of the treacherous army was in there, and no one else? The 7th Legion only has eight Ancient Undead. If his army can’t stop it, the same will happen no matter who goes.

“Is it true that you are still waiting quietly like this?”

After responding like that, Vector turned his head. Next to him was a signalman who was communicating with a mat spread out and several crystal balls floating in the air.

“You said the necromancer of the spinning wheel is here, right? Contact him.”

“yes! for a moment… … !”


But then I heard the sound of one of the communication crystal balls breaking.

“Necromancer of the Spinning Wheel, no response. I guess… … “It looks like he was killed in action.”

Jang! Jang!

Several communication crystal spheres broke one after another. The signal soldier spoke urgently.

“The western defense line is collapsing at a rapid rate!”

“Is it because of the ghosts?”

“I’ll try to contact you there!”



-This is C-6! Request support right now! A human in a white coat attacks us… … ! Argh!

Contact was suddenly lost.

Vector’s expression became serious.

“no way… … !”

The ghost wasn’t the problem.

There is a terrible and powerful enemy.

* * *

Western defense line.

Amidst flames and smoke billowing everywhere, a man in a white coat without a speck of dust was walking languidly.

“… … So, really.”

Around him, necromancers from countless kingdoms lay cold corpses.

The man kicked the fallen necromancer in the face with his low-heeled shoe as if to vent his anger.

“I told you not to disturb the rotation. “Let’s be nice to each other.”

His identity is Savior Kylovanian.

He scratched his gray hair, as pale as the old moon. While waiting outside the Ghost Palace, he felt something was wrong when the Ghost Palace was turned into a toy castle. He tried to retreat belatedly, but had to face countless necromancers from the Kingdom and the Dark Alliance who flocked in after receiving a request for support.

Of course, there was no way the Necromancers of the Dark Alliance would just let him go as he was a member of the Order.

“Over there!”

“Guess the man in white!”

A magic circle flashed across the sky, and all kinds of elemental black magic poured out. Kilovanian clicked his tongue and began to move his body.

“It’s over there!”

The witch doctors waiting on the other side of the hill fired curses. However, the curses that were shot in a black straight line did not reach Kylovanian’s body, but instead swung around him and flew in the opposite direction, hitting the casters, the masters.

“Are you a Kylovanian?”

This time, a female necromancer flying on a broom stretched out her hand and started pouring out black bullets. Each one was a powerful black magic, and the area where Kilovanian was was immediately devastated and smoke billowed out.

“Finally a savior… … !”


Before the woman could say anything, her abdomen was pierced by the black bullet she had just fired. She stumbled and fell off her broom.

“Use your skills well.”


Kilovanian jumped around like he was flying and fired the Necromancer’s black bullets in all directions. The Matu Necromancers who were charging for close combat exploded with holes in their bodies.

It was incomparable in speed and precision to the first launch.

“Even if the scum attack me, they won’t be able to defeat me. “Aren’t Vice Chancellor Jane or the Commander of the Betrayal Corps here?”

Kilobanian quickly moved into the air and broke through the defense line at once. Then, they found the necromancer who told them the location of Kilovanian using field curses and radio waves.

“Huh, huh!”

“You were revealing my location.”

Kilovanian spread his palms. The necromancer who was communicating trembled and shouted.

“Save me… … !”


The body, with its head blown off, fell to the floor. All of the surrounding magic circles disappeared with their lights turned off.

“It’ll be quieter now.”



Something was flying through the wind. When he looked up and looked at the sky, a black cannon ball was right in front of his nose.


Intense explosions poured out one after another, changing the terrain where Kilovanian was located.

That attack is heavenly. Countless ghost ships floating in the moonlit night sky were pouring out cannonballs.

“This is Elisa Seline of the Ghost Fleet, head of Kizen’s Command Department.”

Elisa boarded the ghost ship, waving a long jacket reminiscent of a uniform, and raised the communication crystal ball.

“A suspect presumed to be the savior has been found. We will respond!”

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