Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1108

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Episode 1109

‘I can’t believe it happened like this!’

Laura gritted her teeth.

To her, the situation was clear. Simone Pollentia has unleashed the power of her Ghost Princess imprisoned in her sword, and her Ghost Court has chosen Merida Huyckel as her Ghost Princess rather than her own.

I don’t know when it was planted, but it was also significant that Cerne’s feather got stuck in my chest and my strength momentarily weakened.

“Merida Hugh Eckel!”

Laura glared at Merida with wide eyes.

There was no doubt that Merida’s injuries were serious. She is all but dead and is left standing with the power of the ghost princess, so what needs to be done is simple.

“I will kill you and reclaim your place as princess!”

Laura tore off part of the top she was wearing with her hands. A disgusting, forbidden magic circle was drawn on his body, and even the death’s mechanical equipment was attached to his body. She held in her hand something that looked like a zipper hanging next to her abdomen.


I grabbed him roughly and forcibly lifted him up.

The more I pulled the zipper, the more the inside of my body moved in one direction, as if it were being torn apart, as if some organ or bone was connected to it. The physical form was falling apart.

Merida frowned involuntarily at the sight, which was so terrible.


The worst black magic among the golden magic engraved on Laura’s body was activated. The form of her body collapses and she begins to rise from her curled body, shedding human flesh and her bones.

Parts of the body peel off like skin and fall to the floor, and a body that looks like a mixture of black wastewater and the night sky arises from within.

A sight as if a ghost had gained a physical body.

The taboo of giving up one’s human body and given lifespan and forcibly acquiring a transcendent body for a short period of time.

Laura’s eyes flashed. The outline of the face, which still maintained its shape, also became blurred, and the horns on the scalp grew even larger.

[Now there is nothing that can stop me in the Ghost Palace.]

Her voice rang out. The shadow beneath her feet expanded widely, sucking in any ghosts or wisps from the Ghost Palace.

[The princess’s place is mine!]

The situation is progressing with unexpected developments. At that time, Merida, who had become the ghost princess, was slightly frozen.


Simon walked over and stood next to Merida, holding the Great Sword of Destruction on the ground.

“Can you keep fighting? Junior.”

A question that seems to be thrown casually. Merida opened her bunny eyes in surprise, but then she smiled faintly.

“… … Are you already a senior?”

“I wanted to try it at least once.”

Tension is gently relieved.

Merida turned her head again, looked at the powerful enemy in front of her, and created a pitch black spirit.


The three horns of the tiara on top of the crown sparkle and create light.


Simon also raised his sword of destruction and breathed reverently. Most of it has fallen to Merida, but the remnants of the ghost princess still remaining on her sword are fluttering and blooming along the tip of her sword.

Needless to say.

Now we must do everything in our power to get rid of it.

“Let’s go, Merida.”




Simon and Merida raised the corners of their mouths and jumped up at the same time, stepping on the jet black. Laura spread her arms.

[My power is the ghost palace itself!]


A large magic circle unfolded in front of Laura’s body, and countless goldfish poured out. All of those are not summons, but ghost transformations.

“Then this is with the power of the Dungeon Master!”

Simon ran with the great sword of destruction on the ground.

The floor scraped by the Great Sword of Destruction slowly began to rise like a castle wall. Soon, Simon powerfully swung his great sword to the side, and the floor of the dungeon along the sword marks was completely spread out.


Then Merida jumped forward and placed both hands on the wall. The castle walls turned into a toy house, colorful windows appeared, and toys such as wind-up dolls and cotton dolls poured out from the cracks in the doors.

Laura sneered.

[I tried to do something with the power of the princess and ended up in the same ‘dreamless state’!]


Merida raised both hands.



Suddenly, ghosts poured down like rain from the ceiling of the Ghost Palace.

The ghosts began to dwell in the doll. The eyes of the dolls, which had been moving without souls, suddenly became alive and began to scatter or jump in all directions.



The toys and dolls began to break through, crushing and breaking the goldfish as if they were alive. Laura opened her eyes wide.


A combination of Merida’s power and the Ghost Princess’ power.

The Ghost Palace itself was transformed as if Merida’s dream had been turned over. And in the ghost palace that has become a world of dreams, the most powerful person is Merida, the owner of dreams.


The dolls that had acquired their souls attacked with brutal force and struck Laura’s body, which had grown enormous.

[no use! My body has surpassed the limits of living things!]


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She opened her mouth and smiled like a demon. She was confident that no attack would work against this body.





The teddy bear’s attack left clear marks like green footprints. That wasn’t all. Traces of countless attacks from other toys were engraved on Laura’s body.

“It’s not physical force.”

Merida raised her right arm.

“All my summons’ attacks are converted to sleep.”

The moment she snaps her fingers.



For a moment, Laura’s vision became extremely blurry.

A flower field appeared.

We see Laura and Tenerife as children in the flower garden, cackling with each other, weaving flowers and putting wreaths on each other’s heads.


Laura woke up from her slumber with a blow to her own body.

A sleep so powerful that it forces the concept of sleep to one’s body, which has become a transcendental entity limited to the Ghost Palace.

[Kizen’s necromancers are disgusting to the end!]

When she raised her fingertips, the goldfish floating in the air clumped together, creating the shape of octopus legs. These legs started knocking away dolls and toys.


Simon was running towards that very place. He looked like he was trying to cut off an octopus leg with his great sword of doom.


When Laura used black magic, the shapes of all octopus legs became ghosts and their physical power disappeared. The moment the octopus legs passed Simon and were about to aim for Merida.

Suddenly! Suddenly! Suddenly!

Simon swung the Great Sword of Destruction and cut it like a strip. Laura’s expression distorted.

[How can I get a spirit body?]

“New power given to the great sword.”

Simon, who had cut off all of the octopus’ legs, fixed the Great Sword of Destruction and swung it.

“Now I can kill all enemies that are in spirit form.”


A huge sword wound was left on Laura’s shoulder as she was caught off guard. She stumbled under her pain.

“Good job, Simon.”

Merida did not miss this opportunity and used a new black magic. All the surrounding walls turned into doors and toys poured out. These were all toys with souls.

Soon Laura’s gigantic body was covered with toys, and through repeated disassembly and assembly, they began to assemble a large toy tower that imprisoned Laura.

[Slip is-]


Goldfish created in the air exploded all at once, ripping off the toys covering Laura. Soon Laura crawled out with her normal self and stretched out her arms towards Merida.

[I would have said it wouldn’t work!]

Just right.

Merida snapped her fingers right before she was grabbed.

The bear paws and traces from the dolls on Laura’s body exploded, and Laura’s body twisted and made a gurgling sound. Laura let out her scream of pain.

“The Haunted Palace is my world.”

Merida said calmly.

“If sleep doesn’t work, I’ll apply new rules to this world.”

Beyond trance, dream-like dreaming is a technique that adds rules to the world of dreams.

And the rules applied this time are as follows.

All types of attacks caused by the Ghost Princess are converted into ‘sleep’, and enemies who do not sleep due to sleep are converted into mental and physical damage equal to that amount when the sleep is canceled.

[Don’t be funny!]

Laura planted her arms firmly on the floor and tried to pull the giant goldfish’s flesh out of its mouth.

But this time.


When Simone clapped her hands, the large sword image on her body disappeared and her whole body twisted with a crunching sound.

[Why you too… … !]

“You said it was an attack by the Ghost Princess, right?”

Simon calmly grabbed the Great Sword of Destruction that had been placed on the floor for a moment and took a stance.

“The power contained in the Great Sword of Destruction is also the power of the Ghost Princess.”


Laura’s body, now a transcendental body, is constantly repairing its physical wounds every second.

However, Simon and Merida continued to lose their stamina faster than it was being refilled.

Laura summoned goldfish and poured them out in all directions.

Merida went into a tunnel in the floor and came out through a toy door a long way away. She then sent an army of soul-filled toys to attack Laura.



Needless to say, Simon Pollentia, commander of the 7th Legion, wielding the soul-cutting great sword of destruction, was overwhelmingly powerful.

Moreover, in this world of dreamland, Simon’s sword strike is treated as an attack by the ‘Ghost Princess’.


The moment Simon, who swung the great sword in one go, placed the handle on his shoulder and clapped his hands, Laura’s head tilted back sharply and a loud roar erupted.

Laura tried to force herself up.


This time, Merida released the stack and struck.

It was such exquisite breathing.

‘As it is!’

Laura felt threatened. Victory should have been confirmed the moment Souling Metamorphosis was used in the Ghost Palace.

However, it was Laura who was facing threats to her life.

Not to Tenerife, but to those newbies.


She greatly increased the range of her attacks. She balled up the goldfish and hung them on her own arm, and then she swung them around.

It’s Merida. All you have to do is catch and kill Merida.

Then she becomes the ghost princess, and the whole situation turns around. The risk of Soul Ring Metamorphosis, which would inevitably result in her losing her life, could also be alleviated somehow.


But that was just Laura’s ideal, and Merida was adapting differently to her new abilities minute by minute.

Merida avoided all of Laura’s attacks, such as crossing a storybook floating in the air like a stepping stone or flying on a blanket.

At the same time, he lifted the magician’s hat that had fallen on the floor, took out huge toy cannons from it, and bombarded Laura.

Playing cards dance and swirl in the sky and land on Laura’s shoulders and forearms.

All attacks are converted to ‘1 stack of sleep’.


The moment Merida released her slip, a powerful blow came in. Laura stumbled, vomiting blood from her mouth.

But the trickiest thing is.



Natural enemy, commander of the 7th Corps.

Simon, who created a purple thunderbolt from his fingertips, began pouring out Chaos Spears like crazy. Merida, seeing this, confused the trump cards falling from the sky by changing them into the shape of a Chaos Sphere.

A combination attack from two people. Purple rain was pouring down and I was in a daze.


Although she had endless stamina, Laura felt that her strength was rapidly decreasing.

‘Change your thoughts.’

Simon Pollentia will never allow attacks on Merida.

The formidable enemy is not a newbie who has just become the Ghost Princess, but the real corps commander Simon Pollentia, who has been killing every single thread of her life for two years.

The author is the problem.

When she pressed her palm, the bottom turned into a lake, and golden goldfish bounced on the surface and flew towards Simon.

At that time, Simon quietly grabbed the stone and muttered.


Before we knew it, the Grim Reaper was standing behind Simon’s back as if it were a huge scythe.

‘It’s a powerful technique, but I’m not satisfied with this anymore.’

Simon closed his eyes.

Experience is my strength. When I came to the Ghost Palace, I remembered what I learned from Tenerife and added to the composition of the magic circle. Then the shape of the Shinigami changed. The shape grew even larger.

The body made of robes disappears and darkness unfolds. Only Tal remained, frozen in the darkness, and a larger forearm emerged from the shimmering darkness, holding a scythe.

New technology.

The sight of the gigantic Shinigami lifting the scythe with his only remaining arm was like the darkness itself lifting the scythe.

The Chaos Spears stuck in all directions rose up and gathered around the scythe, and the shape of the scythe became even more complex and gigantic.

Simon lightly draws his hand in the air.


The Shinigami swung his sickle and cut the space. All the goldfish around were destroyed, and at the same time, a huge sword mark was drawn on Laura’s body.



Laura’s transcendent body split wide from the neck to the shoulders and down to the waist, spilling out the ghosts inside.

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