MEMORIZE Chapter 477

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00477 Now that I think about it, words aren’t enough and I think I’ll have to take it in stone. ————————————————– ———————-=

There was silence for a long time. I wonder where the initially angry face went, but after checking the video, Lee Hyo-eul showed a calm expression the whole time.

After some time had passed, Lee Hyo-eul, with her eyes narrowed, finally opened her mouth.

“Do we really have to do this? “Do you have to see blood to relieve your anger?”

“Didn’t you learn that if you get caught messing around with your head, you’ll bleed?”

“Kim Soohyun!”

“haha. Guardian of the Northern Continent, tell me to calm down… . “No, no.”

I waved my hand three or four times to tell him to calm down, then clasped my hands together and gently tilted my upper body. And he continued speaking like that.

“hey. User Lee Hyo-eul.”


“What happened and what we had to go through in the mountains where the dragon sleeps. “Do you know?”

“that… .”

“Merchantary has completed the conquest of the Mountains where the Dragon Sleeps. Do you think that if I announce this, it will be the end? Are you not even thinking about that process? It’s just a ruin. “Do you think they rushed in like this and roughly killed a few monsters before coming out?”

“… … .”

Lee Hyo-eul closed her mouth for a moment, as if she was at a loss for words. She will have no choice but to do so. There may be no way to know, but you must have already heard of the notoriety of the mountain range where the dragon sleeps.

“… Was it that hard?”

“It wasn’t that difficult. I had to overcome the risk of death several times because of the monsters that appeared constantly. It’s not just this. You know it’s God’s shield, right? Hangyeol’s soul was completely ripped out and she was on the verge of death, but she was finally able to get her body back. And he’s recuperating now. “If you listen to the priest, he said there is a high possibility of suffering aftereffects, that is, mental illness.”

“I’m mentally ill?”


Secret classes and rare classes are users who are classified as important resources because they are rare in number. You’ve probably heard the name once or twice. I nodded my head and continued talking.

“There are still some left. In some areas, the rescue team was on the verge of collapse due to the field effect, and Ahn Hyeon, who was somehow able to be saved, was found to be a mummified body. He was on the verge of losing his breath. “If it weren’t for An Sol, he would have died on the spot.”

“… … .”

“We have overcome all these hardships and returned to the city. So don’t tell me to just ignore it like I did before. “When I first saw this video, I barely stopped myself from trying to kill them all, so I came here.”

“no. I know what you mean, but… .”

Finally, the moment when Lee Hyo-eul began to speak carefully. In the end, I couldn’t overcome the irritation rising inside me and I ended up getting angry.

“I understand, de, de, de! That damn thing! You don’t understand a word of what I’m saying! “If you know, don’t say things like that!”

“It’s a surprise! hey! Look at reality! Does the Koran Union look so easy? no! “If you’re not going to listen to me in the first place, why did you come here?”

“Then shall we go back like this? The Union, as you say, and its affiliated Clans. Should I gather all my workshop alliances and stick together properly? ah. I think there will be quite a few clans in the eastern part that will respond well. “If we come to the forefront.”

“You really… !”

Lee Hyo-eul, who was about to say something, looked at me once and kept her mouth shut. The sound of heavy breathing can be heard, making it seem like he is trying to calm his stomach somehow. I also silently took out a candle as a way to calm my slightly agitated heart. Soon, he quietly lit the candle with the sound of hissing as accompaniment.

After some time had passed, I shook off the half-burned tobacco and opened my mouth.

“that’s right. “I didn’t come to talk, I came to give notice.”

“… “Notice?”

“okay. Notification. As I said, Mercenary goes all the way. But he’s just trying to destroy the alliance, and he’s not saying he’s going to mess with the affiliated clans… . “I’ll give you one last chance.”

“One last chance?”

Am I dumbfounded or am I out of my mind? Lee Hyo-eul was just asking questions like a parrot. Anyway, I washed my hair after completely oxidizing the tobacco.

“okay. Of course, it’s called notice, but it’s also a choice. If I finish everything I have in mind now, I will be satisfied with that and walk away. In other words, I am willing to accept appropriate mediation. But without arbitration… . “I interpret it as saying I don’t care.”

“… Ha~ah.”

Soon, when their eyes met in the middle, Lee Hyo-eul let out a deep sigh, as if she thought there was no way to do it. Then he fell down on the chair and spoke in a dazed voice.

“This is really troublesome… .”

“You’re in trouble?”

“… Steel Mountains. Now the North Continent must also prepare to attack the Steel Mountains. Since I failed once last time, I have to somehow succeed this time. Even if it takes all the power of the Northern Continent.”

“What does that have to do with this?”

Then Lee Hyo-eul lowered her eyes from staring into space and spoke softly.

“Why doesn’t it matter? Based on user information alone, the Koran Coalition is a valuable force. But if the alliance is shattered because of you, what will we do with the vacuum? Who will fill it? huh?”

And after hearing this, I was finally able to smile a little. Actually, I didn’t understand Lee Hyo-eul’s reaction at first. Even though he is no longer a guardian, he gave off the nuance of overly taking the side of the alliance.

But it wasn’t about taking sides, it was about the Steel Mountains. In other words, if it weren’t for the Steel Mountains, Lee Hyo-eul wouldn’t have opposed it so much.

Feeling a little relieved, I opened my mouth in a soothing voice.

“Now that this has happened, let’s think positively. No. If, as you said, you are going to use all the might of the Northern Continent to attack the Steel Mountains, wouldn’t it be better to support me instead? I don’t think the current South will follow what the East wants to do. “It would be better if there was dissonance.”

“… … .”

“Don’t worry. If you just do what I ask, we will end it on the lines of unity with the mercenaries. And actually, that’s correct. This, this crystal ball. What do you think if I show it to the Goryeo Clan? Are you going to rush in with a smile on your face? In other words, my sister is good and my brother-in-law is good.”

“… “I mean.”

The voice was still rough, but it was no longer white. I thought I understood enough by this point, so I slowly got up. Now that we have finished talking to the central management body, there is nothing more to see or worry about. All that’s left is to wait.

After a while. I walked right in front of Lee Hyo-eul and tapped the crystal ball on the desk.

“I’m leaving now. And I’ll leave this behind… . After 3 days? Please explode it around that time. “Don’t explode right away.”

I said this because I needed that much time to carry out what I had in mind.

Lee Hyo-eul did not answer. He just lifted his shoulder once, nodded as if he had no strength, and slowly lowered his head. After seeing that reaction, I turned around and walked towards the door, feeling satisfied.

It was then.

“Kim Soohyun.”

Eventually, I reached the door and was about to open it when a low voice suddenly came from behind me. I half turned my head to look at Hyoeul Lee.

Then Lee Hyo-eul, who was staring at me blankly, soon opened her mouth with a look of disgust on her face.

“you… . It’s really a dog. ”

“You’re a big bitch too.”

I responded with a grin. And without delay, I opened the door and went into the hallway of the building. Then, with the sound of the door closing, I quietly fell into my thoughts.

This secured the justification. There was a video for recording, but as Lee Hyo-eul said, it would be highly unlikely that the Koran Coalition would remain silent.

However, the story is different when a central management organization is involved. As it is currently the most influential organization in the Northern Continent, no matter how much the Federation plays with the media, users consider the words of the central management organization more credible.

Then, there is only one thing left to do.

Create a situation.


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Certainly, looking at the current situation alone, it was the Union’s fault, but if you think about the media as a whole, Mercantile was not that advantageous. The reason is simple. Lee Hyo-eul’s statement that the clan is the most popular these days was not an empty statement. As it is doing well, there are countless people who are jealous and envious without any reason. It was a shame because he had some strength, otherwise he would have already been under a lot of pressure.

Anyway, I set up the shield of a central management organization, but I felt that this alone was not enough. We need a situation that is a little more favorable to us. In other words, in this incident, the Mercantile Party must become a complete victim, and the Union must go beyond being a criminal and become a complete bastard.

And I endured it. Mercenary, who tried to find a good solution no matter what anyone saw, eventually couldn’t hold back and exploded. If things can progress this far, it would be safe to say that everything will be smooth sailing from then on.

I roughly organized my thoughts and looked up. Before I knew it, I had come down all the stairs and was on the first floor.

“Are you finishing your visit now?”

“yes. I had a great time.”

“Confirming Mercantile Road’s departure. thank you.”


After completing check-out procedures, I came out and saw the endless blue sky. After admiring the cloudless sky for a while, I walked out of the entrance at a brisk pace. Then, he went to a place with few people and took out a round bead from his pocket. It was a crystal ball for communication.

Immediately after applying magical power, Seungwoo Cho’s face was reflected on the surface along with a weak noise. He had probably been waiting since he left in the morning.

(I was waiting for you. Clan Lord.)

“yes. We just finished talking. “We got what we wanted, now all that’s left is to implement it.”

(Congratulations, Clan Lord.)

“Congratulations. It’s not over yet, but now we have to actually start making contact. Anyway, by the way, are you ready?”

Seungwoo Cho thought for a moment, then shook his head weakly.

(We are currently looking for the resident named Helena Lu Ajens you mentioned. Ah, but they say they have already traced her, so they say she will bring her back tonight at the latest. The Shadow Queen.)

“is it so? If Go Yeon-joo is like that, then it must be like that. “Then what about Taejin Park?”

(You just need to send a messenger. We’ll make an appointment for tomorrow and I’ll go.)

“What about users Lim Hanna and Seon Yuun?”

(We’ve already finished talking. You’re ready at any time.)

“okay… . “And finally, what about him?”

(That guy? Ah, I already wrote it down. I conveyed exactly what you said. Perhaps you will be able to meet there with the Queen of Shadows in the coming dawn.)

“great. All right. So I’ll spend some time here and then move on to the Koran at night. “I heard the street there at night is so amazing, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

I liked the way he answered without hesitation, so I kept a slight smile on my face. Then Seungwoo Cho, who was also laughing heartily, suddenly opened his mouth with sparkling eyes.

(This really reminds me of Operation 007. Hahaha. Clan Lord. Is there a name for the operation?)

“like. I think you’ve gotten used to it to some extent now. “You know how to say things like this.”

(I’m sorry. If I offended you, I won’t do it again.)

“… pooh.”

Seeing Seung-Woo Jo’s expression on his face for an instant, I couldn’t help but laugh. If this was also a joke, it worked. Because it was a little funny.

I laughed under my breath for a moment. And then he let out a soft sigh and looked up at the sky for no reason.

“Ha~. well. It’s the name of the operation… .”

Then, a thought suddenly crossed my mind, and I looked down at the road crystal ball. And then he smiled softly and continued speaking.

“Playing like a clown. This is good. “The name of the operation will be Clown Play.”


Southern small city Koran.

Nambeol Clan.

“Take your turn!”

“You need to bring evidence, evidence! Confirmation of user academy or clan registration, etc.! “We will not forgive users who try to obtain equipment for free when they are not even acquaintances!”

The Nambeol Clan was having a busy time. On one side, there is a mountain of equipment piled up and users are busy in front of it. And on the other side, it was crowded with users trying to get their equipment back or pretending to be acquaintances and getting the equipment for free.

And on the other side, there was a man and a woman quietly watching the scene. They were Nambeol’s Clan Lord Shin Hyeok and Artemis’ Clan Lord Woo Seol-hee.

Shinhyuk’s face was dull. no. If you look closely, it looks expressionless, but there are dark shadows around the eyes, whether you know it or not. The forehead was frowned as if it were invisible, and the eyes were full of doubt. It was a face that I didn’t like very much.

Shinhyuk watched the scenery for a while and then quietly opened his mouth.

“… Strange.”

“huh? What’s strange? self?”

Woo Seol-hee quietly crossed her arms and asked a question. However, when Shinhyuk moved her arm away in a slightly annoyed voice, Woo Seolhee tasted her again and asked back.

“What’s strange? Everything is going well, right? As promised, Mercenary announced what they had promised us, handed us the equipment, and officially gave up on Halo. “Now all that’s left is to get over Park Tae-jin at the meeting in three days, right?”

“No, no.”

“So what’s strange? “It’s working so well.”

“That’s what’s strange. For a crisis that came so suddenly, the situation turned out very well. Even if I go back, it goes well… . “It’s definitely suspicious.”

It was like that. Shinhyuk was feeling strangely suspicious of this situation. This was due to Shinhyuk’s unique cautious personality, and was a type of intuition that played a significant role in putting him in the position of second-in-command within the alliance.

So far, this feeling has never gone astray. It’s a problem if things don’t work out too well, but it’s also suspicious if things work out too well.

In fact, it was strange from the first time I heard the details from Woo Seol-hee. Even though we didn’t actually say anything, did we talk about Halo first? And it scratches the itchy area like this?

Wouldn’t it be better if I just said it and didn’t keep it? Kim Soo-hyun really kept his promise. This kind of behavior made it seem like he was fully aware of his situation within the coalition. Thinking that way, Shinhyuk felt his suspicions growing even more.

“hyuk. Don’t think too hard about it. “If you’re feeling uneasy, should we at least send the kids to guard duty?”

“no way. Now that Go Yeon-joo is back, I’ll stick with it. Rather, there is a possibility that we will be tracked.”

“Heh~. Is she that amazing? Rumor has it that she is a shadow wh*re, or the queen of wh*res… .”

“Woo Seol-hee. Shut up. “There are more than one or two users who said that before and ended up making a mistake.”

“tooth. So what should I do? It’s already happened. “You can’t come and redeem it now.”

“So shut up. “You said you were thinking about it.”

Because his tone was so serious, Woo Seol-hee immediately shut his mouth.

Shinhyuk closed his eyes. Then he lazily stroked his chin and lost himself in his thoughts. Many complicated thoughts swirled in Shinhyuk’s mind. Due to his nature of knocking and crossing stone bridges, he could not attend a meeting without confirming something exact.

After a long time had passed, Shinhyuk’s eyes finally opened. At the same time, the tightly closed lips finally opened slightly.

“That guy. “I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on him.”

“You mean him?”

“Hey. “The guy that the Mercenary side put in the numbers.”

“ah… . Park Hwan-hee?”

Then, just as Woo Seol-hee moved her head as if she understood, a glimpse of Lee Chae passed by Shin Hyuk’s eyes.

Eventually, Shinhyuk nodded his head and quietly opened his mouth in a cold voice.

“okay. If you can’t monitor Kim Soo-hyun, you can just monitor him. There is no other way. This is best. So from now on, report his every move to me. No, right now!”

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

Shin Hyuk is also a good guy with good sense.

However, there is a saying like this.

Even if you jump, you’ll be within the palm of Buddha’s hand.


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