MEMORIZE Chapter 476

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00476 Now that I think about it, I think words aren’t enough and I’ll have to take it in stone. ————————————————– ———————-=

“Then I will come back.”

After finishing speaking, I turned around and saw Seungwoo Cho with a faint smile on his face. At first, I thought he was more nervous than I thought, but as a few days passed, he seemed to be much more adjusted. In fact, even now, compared to when Hayeon was around, he doesn’t feel that big of a gap. Seungwoo Cho may have his own abilities, but I also thought that humans are animals that adapt to the environment.

“Haha, Clan Lord. “It seems so hard to see faces these days.”

I knew how to tell jokes like this. Oh, you’re not kidding?

I’ve definitely been shooting around a lot these days(?). But what should I do? I’m not just walking around to have fun, I’m walking around because I have something to do.

“The cries of the clan members now sound like cries. It looks like he wants to check the results as soon as possible. ha ha ha.”

“Hmm, what should I do with this? I’m having a hard time finding time until this is over. “Then tell them to open it on their own.”

“no way. “How can you do that when you don’t have a clan lord?”

“Then why don’t you wait a little longer? “Anyway, I’ll put the communication through the crystal ball when it’s over.”

Seungwoo Cho bowed his head, still smiling. After giving a brief reply, I immediately turned around and left the first floor entrance.

The sky at sunrise was so clear that not a single cloud could be seen.

The employees who were gathered in the garden in small groups were chatting loudly, but as soon as they saw me, they quickly dispersed. Then, I started taking care of the garden diligently, such as trimming the grass and changing the water in the pond.

I crossed the line of employees without saying anything. In any case, my relationship with my employees is nothing more than a contract, and I don’t have any desire to tighten it just because I’m flirting with them for a while. If the severity is severe, other clan members will take care of it.

With that thought in mind, I left the front door and entered the street. And then he started walking quickly towards the warp gate.

The place I will visit today is the great city of Barbara. Among them, it was a central management organization, a representative organization of the Northern Continent that was newly established two years ago with a purpose. In other words, if the representative clan managed the city, the central management organization could be seen as one large union organization that managed the northern continent.

Although it was an organization that was launched with a very grandiose cause on the outside, if you look at the inside, it was actually a somewhat, or rather, quite funny organization.

After the war and restoration work was over, the most important topic that emerged was Barbara. This is because after the fall of the Golden Lion, there was a debate about who would take over the empty city. At that time, I observed the situation carefully.

It was similar in the first round. The dispute over Barbara’s ownership provided a clue to the coming of the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Therefore, it was necessary to make some preparations depending on how the situation unfolded.

However, the outcome of the situation unexpectedly went in a different direction from the first episode. In the end, it was the same as not being able to reach an agreement, but in the end, it could be said that an agreement was reached in a strange direction.

To top it all off, Barbara has become a jointly managed city. As there is a starting inn and a user academy, the focus will be on helping the chicks adapt and become active, and it will be jointly managed by renowned clans in the North Continent in case something similar to a war occurs in the future. In addition, there was talk of mediating unnecessary disputes, etc., but the cause is good anyway.

What I thought was funny was the distribution of each clan appointed to the central management organization. Looking at the composition, half of the members are from the Eastern Clan. And the other half was divided among the West, South, and North. In other words, the clan that could exert the greatest influence on Barbara was Eastern.

One day, I thought like this.

The future has changed. But it didn’t change.

Although this is my personal opinion, I think this rule applied equally to the situation at that time.

At that time, I thought I would just ignore it. However, as some time passed and stability began to emerge from the chaos, the South began to openly express dissatisfaction with the treatment of the East. Wouldn’t it be better if they were divided exactly in half? They participated in the war from the beginning along with the East, but they could not stand the fact that they were treated the same as the West or the North.

But the eastern part was not without something to say. It was the East that suffered the most damage in the war, and it was the East that contributed the most. I took that into account when organizing personnel, and I also thought that since it didn’t take up too much of Barbara, what was the point of dissatisfaction? In the end, here too, a difference of opinion arose between them.

As Dongbu said, it was a shame because things had been handled fairly so far and no major incidents had occurred, otherwise the Warring States Period might have really come. That’s why the current relationship between the eastern and southern regions was not good. It’s just that it’s not clearly revealed on the outside.

“Where do you want to go?”

As I walked and thought, I arrived at the warp gate.

“It’s Barbara.”

“It will be 2 gold~.”

After paying the fee to the user who smiled and extended his hand, I stood in front of the warp gate. And the moment the portal was activated, I threw myself in without hesitation.


After moving to Barbara, I walked to the former Golden Lion Clan House, where the current central governing body is located. As it was an institution representing the northern continent, it was not a place where anyone could enter, but I was an exception. This is because they have an established reputation and have already made an appointment. As such, I was able to enter the building right away after going through a simple identity verification process.

However, the moment I opened the door and entered the room, and the moment I saw the user waiting for me. I couldn’t help but pause for a moment.

“Come on. Mercenary Road.”

Contrary to his intelligent yet mature appearance, a thin, sharp voice like that of a child greeted me.

“Is this your first time at this place? Hehehe.”

“… you.”

The woman who was sitting on the soft sofa looking at me and waving her hand was none other than Lee Hyo-eul. And I had to feel dumbfounded. Because I never thought that Lee Hyo-eul would be in this building or this room.

Lee Hyo-eul is the guardian of the northern continent. In other words, it can be said that he is in a position where his identity should not be revealed. It might be better if it were just a low-level job like the one at the User Academy. Also, this room was located on the top floor of the building. It was obviously strange for anyone to see that such a large organization had a user who had no reputation (although his identity had been kept hidden).

No, wait a minute. The fact is… .

“Did you quit? tutelar.”

“yes! As expected, I thought you would guess it as soon as you saw it! Hahaha!”

Lee Hyo-eul stood up from the sofa, raised her arms and smiled cheerfully. I stared blankly and quietly opened my mouth.

“I don’t think it’s something to laugh about. A user who knows the situation might be able to figure out that you are a guardian. Like the godmother incident.”

Then Lee Hyo-eul stopped laughing and sat back down as if she was collapsing. And he smiled softly as he lifted the teacup with elegant movements. I clicked my tongue. I knew he had severe mood swings, but I thought he was a little mentally ill.

“I know, I know. “That’s why I’m here.”

“So Rani?”

“It’s very simple. Should I say that it no longer has any value once I stop being a guardian? But it’s not that it’s not very useful either. As you said, an incident like the one with Daemo could occur, so the country needs a shield… . Oh, but don’t call me stupid. “It was included in the conditions for quitting in the first place.”

“bruise… . Umm. I knew it would happen. Who told you that? “Don’t trust angels.”

“iced coffee. Dunno. I wonder if there is any significance to the fact that I just quit. Anyway, enough of the trivial stuff, what brought you here today? “The mercenary road is the most popular these days.”

“hmm. It’s not the best. No, rather, there has been a big incident recently.”

Lee Hyo-eul waved her hand excitedly and pointed to the sofa across from her. I thought he meant to get to the point, so I gladly put my butt down on the sofa.

Lee Hyo-eul said.

“If there is a big incident in the recent past… . Ah, the mountains where dragons sleep? “Oh-ho-ho.”


“You handled that cleanly, right? You’ve solved the quest, completed the strategy, rescued the users, and achieved great results, right? Oh, a cup of tea?”


“Okay. Oops. When I mentioned the performance, it occurred to me, do you think you’re cool? I read the record a while ago. I heard they decided to return the equipment of deceased users free of charge? And that too in collaboration with the Koran Union. Do you know how surprised I was when I read that? Showing the extremes of selfishness like you… .”

“Stop, stop!”

Was it really exciting to quit being a guardian? As he listens to the constant chatter, his head feels dizzy. He felt like he had a baby bird in front of him, chirping for food. As soon as she looked straight ahead, she saw Lee Hyo-eul looking embarrassed with her tongue slightly sticking out.

I touched my forehead for a moment and then took out the crystal ball that I had kept in my arms. When he threw it forward, Lee Hyo-eul deftly caught it with a yap sound. Then he looked around and opened his mouth with a curious look on his face.

“This… . Crystal ball for video recording? No, isn’t it? “I think the color is a little different.”

“no. that’s right.”

“aha. “Did you give this to me to see?”

“However much.”


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I answered calmly, crossing my legs. Then Hyoeul Lee immediately placed his fingertips on the surface. As soon as he channeled his magic power, a sudden light emanated from the crystal ball and at the same time, images began to flow. I watched Lee Hyo-eul’s face with interest.

(Hmm… it looks like everything is gathered together, so why don’t we get started now?)

(That’s right. Very smart. By the way, did everyone know that? Yes, that’s right. I led the Mercenary incident.)

As the video played, Lee Hyo-eul’s face also changed. His face, which had been so happy just a moment ago, has calmed down and become serious. Yeah, just like the old Guardian days. Thinking that it would be worth talking about now, I placed my clasped hands on my knees.

After a long time had passed, the light of the crystal ball finally went out. At the same time, Hyoeul Lee raised her head and sighed deeply.


“how is it? “I’m curious about how you feel about watching it.”

“… For now, I will take back what I said earlier. “I just said you were kind of cool.”


“They’re crazy, but you’re also pretty crazy. Was this what you were trying to do? “To get revenge?”

“haha. What kind of revenge is that? Anyway, that’s not important right now. is not it? “If you commit a crime, you must be punished.”

Hyoeul Lee stared at me with blank eyes. I felt like I was shocked to hear that it was just that much.

Anyway, I didn’t like the reaction, but Lee Hyo-eul is also quite good. This is because I figured out exactly what I wanted to do after just watching the video once. But as I just said, that can’t be the main thing of revenge. It’s just an appetizer. In fact, visiting this place today was part of completing the main event.

“Damn it. Still, I wondered how he could stay quiet… . Why is this happening now… . Oh, shit… .”

Lee Hyoeul muttered for a while. Then he suddenly looked at me and begged in a voice that was almost pleading.

“He’s a mercantile lord. this… . “Aren’t you going to just take it in stride?”

“Why should I do that?”

“that is… . Nothing good can come of this, right? “Fighting is also bad.”

“yes. Fighting is bad. But be careful not to avoid a fight that comes your way.”

Lee Hyo-eul said yes and covered her face with both hands. Soon, in that state, a slightly resonant voice flowed in.

“Merchantry Lord. I understand you’re upset, but… . To tell you the truth, even if you blow this up, it won’t be as effective as you think. Of course, the image of the union will fall and it will receive a lot of criticism. It will be difficult for those involved to avoid punishment. But, it’s only to that extent.”

“Why do you think that?”

“The Koranic Coalition is fearsome. It is not just one or two clans, but a huge alliance made up of eight large clans. If you add in the affiliated clans, the level is truly enormous. One of the reasons why even the East can’t mess with the South right now is not because of the Blue Wolf. It’s because of the Koran Union. “Do you understand what I mean?”

“iced coffee. i get it. But you don’t have to worry about that.”

“… “What does that mean?”

“I have no intention of stopping at just tarnishing the image of the union and causing criticism.”

Actually, this is exactly what I wanted to say today.

And it was that moment.


The hand that was covering his face fell on the desk with a loud sound. Lee Hyo-eul’s eyes were then revealed to be as big as a flower lantern. There is a look of disbelief in his eyes. Now that I’ve said this, I think Lee Hyo-eul also sensed my intention.

“you… . no way… .”


After quietly saying yes, I opened my mouth in a low voice.

“I, no, I am a mercenary. “I plan to go until the end.”

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