MEMORIZE Chapter 478

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00478 Operation name: Clown Play. ————————————————– ———————-=

The streets at night, where users’ dark desires come true, are always lively. Even if it is a space where inhumane acts that go against the normal way of thinking occur, there is nothing to hesitate about in the Koran, which has been almost officially legalized.

“uncle! “I’ll take you with me today too?”

“Now, wait a minute! Sis, I hate it! Store owner! Store owner!”

A childish scream echoed weakly in the surroundings. He was still a young boy with a pretty face and beautiful features for a man.

But no one cares. Everyone here is just wandering the streets of the night in silence, looking for their own purpose. This was especially common in red-light districts lined with commercial establishments.

Soon, two platinum coins fell into my plump hands with a jingling sound. The fat man handed the boy over to the woman without saying anything.

The face of the boy in the woman’s arms was quite a sight to see. The face I was secretly looking forward to was nowhere to be seen. All I could see was a terrified expression, like a livestock being dragged to a slaughterhouse.

Seeing the woman humming and leaving and the boy being hurriedly dragged away, the fat man spat and turned around.

And after a while.

A man suddenly appeared on a slightly quiet street. Her face was hard to see because she was covered deeply in faded robes, but she was as tall as she was tall.

The man looked around for a moment, then quickly followed the fat man into the building he had entered. As soon as she stood at the entrance, loud music and cheers rang in her eardrums, but she paid no heed to the man and went straight to the counter.

However, the moment he reached the counter, the man had no choice but to stop.

“… … .”

The counter was empty. She doesn’t see anyone, let alone the woman who greeted her with her old business smile.

The man lingered in front of the empty counter for a moment. Then, she suddenly looked around once more, carefully went inside, and looked at the counter.

Eventually, the man who had been searching the counter for a while quietly slipped out. And then she quickly took her steps and climbed her stairs. Before she knew it, the man’s sweaty hands were gripping something tightly.

The hallway on the second floor was quiet. There were no faint moans heard, and the subtle craze that always swirled around was not visible as of today. There was only an unknown silence lingering in the hallway. The man hurriedly crossed the hallway, even though he felt a bit of anxiety rising.

The man’s steps stopped in front of a door. It was the third room from the left end of the hallway. The man put his cupped hand on her doorknob. It was a gesture that seemed urgent.


Soon after hearing a small noise, the man opened the door and went inside without delay. And almost at the same time, it quickly closed.

After a while, I heard the door close completely. And when she looked in front of her, not her man, but Park Hwan-hee, was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Ha~. Hi, you were there. older brother.”

“Why am I your older brother?”

The gruff voice returned, but Park Hwan-hee did not erase his smile. Compared to the inexplicable anxiety that had taken over her body a moment ago, she felt a sense of relief at the fact that the man she called her brother was in this room.

Park Hwan-hee continued to pat her chest and walked in front of the man.

“older brother… . Ah, I see. Mercenary Road.”

It was like that. The identity of the man facing Park Hwan-hee was none other than Mercenary Clan Lord Kim Soo-hyun. I had promised to meet Park Hwan-hee early this morning and was there in advance.

When Park Hwan-hee quickly corrected her words and sat down, Kim Soo-hyun immediately held out his hand. Park Hwan-hee reflexively put his hand into her arms, and then she suddenly smiled bitterly.

“Isn’t this too much? “Still, I thought you’d at least ask me a question or two about how I’m doing.”

“Well, did something special happen?”

“It’s not that big of a deal… . “The person who always stood at the counter was nowhere to be seen today.”

“iced coffee. “He went missing.”

“… yes?”

“He went missing.”

For an instant, Park Hwan-hee’s face stiffened. However, compared to that, Kim Soo-hyun’s face is very calm.

Park Hwan-hee felt dazed for a while. However, when her outstretched hand moved a couple of times as if asking for something to hurry, he hurriedly reached into her arms and took out her thick record. Kim Soo-hyun took it as if he was snatching it away, and then quickly rolled his eyes and began to look through her records.

In that state, silence fell for a moment.

fluttering… . fluttering… .

It was then. The hand that was quietly turning over the records suddenly stopped. At the same time, Kim Soo-hyun raised the corners of his mouth and opened his mouth in a shocked voice.

“You did quite a bit. “It’s really amazing.”

“… “Isn’t it the same everywhere?”

“That’s right. Anyway, it’s none of my business, but okay. “This should be enough.”

“Aren’t you going to say a word about your hard work?”

It was a truly sad voice. Then Kim Soo-hyun, who was putting her records into his chest, glanced up and stared at Park Hwan-hee.

“Why are you like this today? “Do you really want to be praised by me?”

“no. That’s not necessarily true… . Still, I have lived in tension these past few days. Wouldn’t it be okay to just say “good job”? ha ha ha.”

“well. Aren’t we close enough to pat each other on the back for our hard work? It’s just a relationship where you give what you have to give and take what you get. “It’s okay.”

“That’s so cold… . “Oh my.”

Park Hwan-hee, who had been speaking sadly, closed his mouth as something flew towards him. She barely took it and found that she had a bag. It’s also a fairly heavy bag full of things. When she raised her gaze to ask what this was, Kim Soo-hyun nodded and continued her words.

“Take a look. And now I’m going to tell you the plan, so listen carefully. “Look and listen.”

In some ways, it was a tone that could have sounded coercive.

But after that day. So, ever since being saved from despair, Park Hwan-hee has always done as Kim Soo-hyun tells her. In fact, it was a job that did not fit her personality of liking to get out in front, but she has never suffered a loss by doing as she is told. Knowing that well, Park Hwan-hee meekly untied the strap of her bag and listened to her.

Kim Soo-hyun’s story has begun.

As time passes by and the story progresses. Park Hwan-hee’s face showed various changes. She took something out of her bag and nodded, raising her head in surprise and then furrowing her brows.

By the time Kim Soo-hyun finished talking, the last face Park Hwan-hee made was one of boredom.

“… “It’s scary.”

“hmm? “Did I hear something wrong?”

“No, no. therefore… . “I remembered it all.”

“Then that’s it. “Put back what you took out.”

Park Hwan-hee let out a long sigh. She clicked her tongue inside her at the same time. How can she be so calm while this man says these things? If she makes a mistake, her life could come and go.

But I didn’t say those words out loud. From the moment we started talking, the planning also began. If you didn’t know it before, if you cry from now on, you will be the one to lose.

The reason why Kim Soo-hyun sacrificed himself was because he was useful somewhere, and he was currently fulfilling that usefulness. As such, the moment he becomes even the slightest bit useless, his life may be in danger, let alone his health.

Thinking like that, Park Hwan-hee stuffed it into his bag and quietly looked ahead. Kim Soo-hyun was standing up and stretching as hard as he could.

At that moment, Kim Soo-hyun suddenly looked down at Park Hwan-hee, and Park Hwan-hee had no choice but to make eye contact. Her steady hand movements suddenly stopped.

And at that moment, Park Hwan-hee opened his mouth without realizing it.

“Merchantry Lord. “I have one question.”

“Why did you save me? “If this question is asked, let me know that this is the third time it has been asked.”


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“I know. “That’s not it.”

“okay? then?”

Kim Soo-hyun opened his eyes wide as if asking him to say something. For a moment, numerous thoughts passed through my mind, but it was just spilled water. Trying to control her breasts that began to pound, Park Hwan-hee quietly opened her mouth.

‘if… . ‘Have you ever thought that I might betray you?’

“if… . Is Hangyeol okay? “I heard you’re very sick.”

However, what he ended up saying was completely different from his original intention. As I looked at those eyes, where no trace of emotion could be found, I couldn’t find the words I wanted to say.

Kim Soo-hyun chuckled. Then he shrugged his shoulders once and calmly opened his mouth.

“If you’re really worried, go visit the hospital. Of course, after this is over.”

“… yes? Go visit the hospital? “Do you mean me?”


“but… . Don’t you know? “I have a lover.”

“Don’t look down on me. Hangyeol may be quiet on the outside, but he is strong on the inside. He understands this world almost as well as you do, except he’s being needlessly driven by emotions. “If you go, at least they won’t make any noise.”

“So, does that mean you completely forgot about Yuna? Doesn’t she even wonder what happened to Yuna now?”

Although I changed the topic, this was also a surprising fact. Park Hwan-hee’s voice became noticeably louder.

However, Kim Soo-hyun did not reply any further. He just lifted his shoulders again. It was as if he wanted you to find out for yourself. Park Hwan-hee, who was moistening her parched lips with her saliva, suddenly felt a hand brushing through the air. Before she knew it, her bag was bulging again.

Soon, Kim Soo-hyun walked to the door and calmly muttered into his ear.

“Then everything I wanted to say is over. Now I have to prepare to escape… . Oops, Park Hwan-hee. Now that I think about it, I still have something left to say.”


Hearing that he had nothing left to say, Park Hwan-hee hurriedly tied his bag. And just as she was about to get up, she suddenly realized that her body was not moving.

So, the moment I looked around to see what this was.

“Huh… .”

Park Hwan-hee could barely hold back from screaming. Because her own shadow on the floor was slowly rising and strangling her neck.

“It’s okay to betray. “If you want to.”

However, as soon as the cold voice flowed in without any hesitation, Park Hwan-hee was able to experience the phenomenon of his mind turning white. Her voice came out stammering.

“that is… . what… .”

“They told me at Salmun. Don’t trust you. Come to think of it, Shinhyuk knew your identity, right?”

“that… . Didn’t I tell you this before? No, rather… .”

“Who said anything? “I’m just answering what you really wanted to ask earlier.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, keep this one thing in mind. If you want to betray, do it. You can do it. Just remember this one thing.”

Park Hwan-hee swallowed his saliva as a cold feeling suddenly reached his throat.

Kim Soo-hyun took his face away from the door and slowly turned around. And looking at Park Hwan-hee, who was still sitting in her chair, she revealed her pure white teeth.


“If you’re going to do it, you’d better not get caught.”

The moment Kim Soo-hyun’s unique cold voice rang in his ears, Park Hwan-hee had to feel goosebumps like frost all over his body.


A user trudged out from the street, which was still illuminated with red light, and from the building that gave off a strange smell under the light.

The face cannot be seen in detail because the faded robe is covered deeply. The only distinguishing features are his large stature and the bulge in one part of his robe.

Soon the man, who was looking around his surroundings, took a step in one direction. Perhaps because I feel so good, my steps towards the corner alley seem infinitely light.

However, the moment he took a step into the dark alley, the man had no choice but to stop, regardless of his will.


This is because as soon as the man entered, someone violently swung a club and hit him on the head.

“100 million… ! town! Ugh!”

The man stumbled and raised his head, but he had no choice but to fall back when the club hit him again. At the same time, her hand, strong enough to break her jaw, covered her mouth, ending her man’s screams in one single word.

In that state, the beating with a stick continued several times. It looks like there weren’t one or two people waiting.

After several dull sounds rang out, the man’s body went limp.

And after a while, the man calmly disappeared into the darkness while being carried on someone’s shoulder.

The man came to his senses again when he was thrown into a dark space where he could not see anything. She frowns as if her head is pounding, and squirms as if her whole body aches.

It was at that moment that I realized I couldn’t move my body. She looked around her body as the man let out a wet moan of pain.

Both hands were turned behind and tied to strong ropes, as were the feet. There was also a gag tightly fastened in his mouth.

Only one eye was open, so the man had difficulty moving his head. And that was the moment when I followed my instinct and looked forward.

Suddenly, a harsh scream came from the man’s mouth.

“Huh, huh!”

A corpse was hanging in front of the man. It was also a badly damaged body with the head and body separated. The scattered hair was hanging somewhere, and the headless body was hanging right next to it, its entire body naked.

But there was actually a different reason why the man screamed.

The identity of the face with open eyes and tongue sticking out was the woman who greeted the man at the counter just a few days ago.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

I read through the comments from the previous episode. However, in this part, I saw a few people who had slightly different thoughts than me, and I felt sorry. Looking at the nuance, it was a comment hoping that the so-called Kim Soo-hyun would ‘get into trouble’.

But as I said before, this part is a shadow war. In other words, the focus is not on Kim Soo-hyun crushing his enemies with overwhelming power, but on using and manipulating the situation to achieve the results he wants.

haha. Actually, I really like kkeungpan too. It can provide a more refreshing development and catharsis that way, and it is also more comfortable from a writing standpoint. There is no need to deliberately trample on stories or ideas like this.

Nevertheless, if you ask why it went in this direction, it cannot be said that there has been very little content similar to the shadow war, but there has been a lot of content that Kim Soo-hyun pushed through with force in wars and other major events. Even in the mountains where dragons sleep.

Therefore, in this case, I wanted to make my own change by describing it in the opposite way, rather than the same way. (Of course, the result would be the same.)

As we have entered the Operation Clown Play part, you can say that this part has almost passed the ridge line. I think it would be very difficult to change the plan now. So, I will proceed with the story as planned, and ask for the understanding of readers in advance for this part.

thank you _(__)_

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6. Sex: Male (29)

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