MEMORIZE Chapter 451

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00451 Great War, a reenactment of that day. ————————————————– ———————-=


In an instant, a huge amount of magical power began to flow like crazy through the floor of the central square. At the same time, the wall, which was once only white, began to turn blue in an instant. no. When I looked closely, I saw that the wall was not stained blue, but that the letters engraved on the wall were glowing.

Eventually, the light from the wall spread out in a circle as if wide, illuminating the slightly dark central square. The light was not shining on us. To be precise, it focused on the four statues standing nearby.

“what… . Things happen, right?”

Someone’s absent-minded muttering.

Buzz buzz buzz!

Then, at some point, the color of the wall, which had been emitting blinding light, gradually began to fade.

But it wasn’t over yet. Soon, all the letters on the wall seemed to come out into the air, like fingerprints, and then they began to randomly mix together at a speed that the eye could not follow.

And after a while, the letters rearranged themselves and stopped moving. Then, the flow of magical power fluctuated once again, and the arranged letters suddenly split in four directions and rushed in.

The direction was exactly towards where the statues were standing. The letters, which were still blue, soaked into the statue as soon as they touched it, like water meeting cotton, and the same blue energy began to rise like a haze from the statue that absorbed the letters.


Soon, an enormous amount of magical power encompassing this vast area slowly rises.

I was finally able to come to my senses. I tried to draw my sword without thinking, but stopped moving for a moment. This is because Ansol squeezed my arm.


I called his name, but Ansol shook his head. Just when I was having complicated thoughts about what to do, I suddenly saw dark purple hair fluttering in front of my eyes.


The user who ran with a brief burst of energy was none other than Heo Jun-young. With a snarl, Heo Jun-young pulled out a long sword and swung it with all his might towards the nearest statue. It seems like he, like me, felt something was wrong and was planning to stop the statue by splitting it into pieces.


However, the powerful blow left only a hollow sound of iron the moment it touched the statue. I looked at the statue in disbelief. The old statue that looked like it was about to fall down at any moment was gone, and all I could see was a shape with soft light flowing through it.

That was when two blue eyes flashed on what was presumed to be the statue’s face.

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!

As a powerful and solemn shout rang out in the air, the blue light of the statue moved to the ground like water flowing down. The number was so great that it was impossible to count them.

The beam of light that soon fell to the ground filled the central square and spread out in all directions.

Partschut! Partz tsk tsk!

Partschut! Partz tsk tsk!

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!

And then again, a majestic voice that shook your eardrums.

The voice was loud enough to echo through the air, but the words were completely incomprehensible.

Rattling rattling! Rattling rattling! Rattling rattling! Rattling rattling! Rattling rattling! Rattling rattling!



At that time, sounds, as if solid objects were colliding and shaking, began to erupt from all directions. Clan members were seen here and there groaning loudly and covering their ears with frowning faces. I don’t know if it’s just a little bit. It was painful to my ears as what seemed like hundreds, if not thousands, of sounds flowed at the same time.

What on earth is happening in this fortress right now?

I took my eyes off the wall and the statue and stared in the direction we had come from. And the moment I looked at it, I locked eyes without realizing it.

The bones were rising.

It was literally like that. The bones we had passed through so far were floating in the air above the Ususu tree, clattering as if they were hitting something. At the same time, the blue light that was coloring the ground surged and began to slowly surround the bones floating in the air.

Soon the bones were completely covered in blue light. Like gentle waves gently undulating, a wave of flowing blue light filled my field of vision.

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!

And, at that moment, the statue’s voice rang again.


With a vibration so strong that it made my whole body tremble, the light surrounding the statue became a pillar and soared as if it would pierce the sky.

A pillar of light combining white and blue steadily emits a flow of terrifying magical power. The force was so strong that I thought that not only my hair but also the equipment I was wearing would be ripped off. Soon my vision turned white, as if I was going blind, and I closed my eyes tightly, hugging Ansol tightly.

Gooooooooooo… .

So, how much time has passed?

The majestic voice that echoed in the air and the loud sound that shook the eardrums were slowly fading away.

Feeling that the flow of magic power was weakening, I slowly opened my eyes. And I could see a blue pillar quietly scattering light around the statue. It left a strong lingering feeling in the air and then disappeared like an afterimage.

“oh my god… . What the hell is that… . what… ?”

It was then.

A dazed sigh escaped Vivian, who had already fallen to the floor.

Vivien’s eyes are looking straight ahead. So, the moment I followed those eyes and looked straight ahead, I felt my whole body stiffen.

Skeletons, or rather dead people, were standing there. It’s not just one group, it’s an uncountable number of dead people.

I turned my head around, trying to stay calm.





It’s crowded. There is no other way to express it other than that.

Before we knew it, we were surrounded by skeletons surrounding the central square, each holding a weapon. Just counting the things that can be detected by magical power, there are easily over hundreds.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me. Perhaps, the owners of the bones we have been treading on so far may be those skeletons.

Even though countless years have passed since their death, the momentum each one gives off is impressive. It felt like it was suffocating him as it squeezed and tightened in all directions at the same time.

I had a hunch. The skeletons standing here now are residents who fought a battle with the dragon in mythology.

I shook my head violently. And for a moment, I stared at the sight in front of me with a feeling of clarity.

The skeletons were watching us with blue lights flashing around their eyes. The eyes do not look very friendly.

The surrounding clan members stood blankly. Everyone was at a loss for words. It was the same for me too. I was at a loss for words when what I thought about when I came in became a reality.


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‘perhaps… . If you blocked it earlier… .’

I gritted my teeth. I had a strong desire to yell something, but now was not the time. Soon, I felt a hint of movement among the skeletons, so I shouted without delay.

“Everyone prepare for battle!”

One by one, the clan members came to their senses, but then they hesitated and looked back at me. Everyone seemed to have no idea what to do, as if they had no idea what to do with the current situation. Of course, it was the same for me too.

But, I can’t die like this.

“Vivien! Summon the best demonic army you can. One is a corps that can protect, and the other is a corps that has strong penetration power!”

“Ah Okay. ───. ───. ───.”

The instructions just meant that they would use the demonic beast army as a shield to penetrate this place. After checking on Vivien, who immediately entered the spell chanting, I gave additional instructions to the remaining clan members.

“I will take the lead. Heo Jun-young, Nam Da-eun, and Cha So-rim move to the left, right, and rear, respectively. Lee Yoo-jeong and Woo Jeong-min are asked to immediately provide support if there is an opening in the direction, while the rest are unconditionally gathered in the center. Never even think about attacking. Always use defensive spells… !”

– Drrrr… . Ea – Yaal!

But I stopped mid-sentence. Even among the skeletal dead, a voice as if it were grinding iron came out and I stopped talking without realizing it.

After a while.

The blue light that covered the skeleton’s eyes flashed for a moment, and then they began to move their bodies slowly. Sword and shield held forward, spears and arrows aimed at us, staff held high in the sky. Then, along with a humming sound from the raised staff, colorful colors begin to gather.

I quietly closed my eyes. The noise of weapons being lifted and bones grinding, and low voices muttering spells were still flowing into my ears. They are ominous noises, as if they are singing a chorus of death. In the meantime, a thought suddenly occurred to me and I busily looked at Ansol.

Ansol was crying. She was crying breathlessly, a single tear falling from her eye. However, I am not sure if he is crying because he is just sad or because he is afraid of death.

‘Is this your choice…? ? Ansol?’

I wanted to scream, but I barely managed to compose myself. What would be the point of fighting during an expedition or before a battle? I don’t know how things got to this point, but it’s important to get out somehow now.

“───. ───. ───. after.”

At that moment, Vivian’s spell chanting ended. When Vivian looked back at me, clutching the Ordo of Order tightly, I felt that the time had come and gathered my courage. The skeleton men also stood quietly, each with their weapons pointed at us.

‘Once the summoning is made, it goes straight ahead.’

In the tense atmosphere, I quietly nodded my head.

Starting with that signal, Vivian raised the Ordo of Order high in the sky and parted her lips.

And, it was that moment.


“come! Pierre… . Wow!”

Just as I was about to recite the summoning spell, a ripple large enough to shake the fortress rippled across the floor. Everyone’s bodies, including Vivien and I, were greatly shaken by the wind. The worst thing was that the statue, which was standing upright, fell to the ground and the ground it was standing on shook.

thud! bang! thud! bang! thud! bang!

Quick! Absolutely!

no. Instead of shaking, it broke. A series of thudding noises are heard from below, and the ground cracks and debris begins to fly out. The shaking was so strong that it seemed like this might be the source of the earthquake.

Some clan members couldn’t stand it and fell, but I was barely able to keep my balance.

However, it is still too early to be reassured.


Suddenly, an incomparable burst of drinking shook my whole body mercilessly. It was a sound that was several times louder than when the thunderbolt using his brother’s Thunder God struck the area around him. The noise grew exponentially in size, and the tinnitus that previously felt like my eardrums were tearing continued to echo in my ears.

What is this? How is things going now? What is happening in this fortress? Complexity swirled in my mind. In the midst of all this, I managed to pull out my sword and stab it into the ground. As I barely held on using it as support, I felt the vibrations slowly subside again.

But immediately, this time, I could hear a loud, non-human voice roaring from afar.

That’s right, that’s right, that’s right!

A roaring sound that sounds like a howl.

A huge explosion came from somewhere, not here.

And the strong wind brushing past my skin.

Flap! Huh!

Flap! Huh!

I swallowed my saliva without realizing it. This was clearly the sound of huge wings flapping.

‘Come to your senses, Kim Soo-hyun!’

okay. Hasn’t she been through something worse than this?

So, I turned my head around to take a look at my clan members.

And at that moment, I had to see it.

A frighteningly large shadow slowly covering the ground.

‘… … .’

Slowly, very slowly, I lifted my head and looked up at the sky.

Eventually, when I fully raised my head, I was finally able to confirm.

The first thing I encountered was the wide open eye sockets and the red light shining from the inside. Two horns protruding from the skull and huge wings made of bone that were large enough to cover the entire fortress… . no. The entire body, even the long tail, is made of bones.

Flap! Huh!

Flap! Huh!

Now circling in the air above the fortress, flapping its bone wings, it looked like a bone dragon from legends.

‘wait for a sec. horn?’

For a moment, I thought it was a familiar figure.

– Mageuna… .

– kareuta… .

– Mageunakareuta… .

– Mageunakareuta… .

But immediately, unintelligible words started muttering from all directions. I reflexively lowered my gaze towards the dead. And I could see it.

The dead people’s gaze was no longer directed at us.

Everyone was looking up at the sky with their eyes shining brightly and muttering unintelligible words one by one.

– Occidite Eos!

And the moment we heard the voice that shouted at us earlier once again.

Shoo shoo shoo! Shoo shoo shoo!

Pubububung! Bubble bubbling!

A grand binge.

At the same time, hundreds and thousands of magic and arrows flew into the sky all at once, fluttering in brilliant colors.

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

『Off The Record.』

(Three men are shouting loudly with white bands tied tightly around their heads.)

Marvolo de Illite: Nerf Hwajeong! Nerf it!

Simon: Nerf it! Nerf it!

Nergal: Nerf it! Nerf it!

(At that time, a huge shadow approached the three men.)

Giant Shadow: Over there… . Hello… .

(Marvolo de Illite, stopping his protest for a moment.)

Marvolo de Illite: Huh? Who are you… . omg! Hey, it’s a dragon, right?

Giant Shadow: Ah, don’t be too surprised… . It’s called Magna Carta, the dragon of the end.

Marvolo de Illite: What’s going on here with such a great dragon… .

Magna Carta: Oh, it’s nothing else… . Is this the site of the Memorise protest?

(Simon nods his head loudly.)

Simon: Yes. you’re right. They don’t even pretend to hear… . What’s going on here? This protest is a gathering that wants to nerf Hwajeong… . Are you also in Hwajeong?

Magna Carta: Ah… . That’s not a spoiler yet… .

Simon: Hmm. So what brought you here?

(Magna Carta suddenly starts crying.)

Magna Carta: That’s… . As soon as I appeared, I was greeted by Daguri… .

(The three men protesting sigh simultaneously.)

(Marvolo de Eilite places his hand on the shoulder of the crying dragon.)

Marvolo de Illite: Didn’t you show up to see something?

Magna Carta: Yes, yes! That’s right. So I had very high expectations… . Ugh. Beep-.(Avoid spoilers.)

Marvolo de Illite: I see… . Since something like that happened, of course I would be sad. But don’t be too sad. Now, look over there.

(Magna Carta, Marvolo de Eilite looks towards where he is pointing.)

(There, a man holding a black spear is sitting down and crying.)

Magna Carta: Why is that man acting like that… ?

Marvolo de Illite: It was just okay up to Part 1, but when Part 2 started, the author’s trick made him into the most evil person in the world. I’ve been getting a lot of swear words these days. Don’t you still have some sympathy?

(Nergal intervenes like a tentacle.)

Nergal: That’s not all. She was just wondering if she could find a lover, but she said he had to keep her virgin. So she will be a eunuch forever.

(Magna Carta looks at the man who fell alone with pitiful eyes.)


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